The List of MAC Dupes for Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

While I’ve been using Makeup Geek shadows more often in my tutorials, I don’t expect all Makeup Geek viewers to have all the shades at their disposal — and even those that have bought some of the Makeup Geek shadows may still have some suitible colors in their MAC collection.

This list is for those of you coming from the MAC world and either want to migrate your collection to Makeup Geek, those that want cheap alteratives to MAC, or those that want to find alternatives to the colors I used in a video.

I think we did a pretty good job of listing dupes I was aware of, but if you see some that MAC dupes that are missing, please feel free to list them in the comments below and we’ll try to update this list.   Also, if you think the dupe listed isn’t close enough, or if you know of a better one, let us know as well :)   Thanks!














Mentioned Above:

Makeup Geek Appletini : MAC Swimming

Makeup Geek Boo Berry : MAC Naval

Makeup Geek Brown Sugar : MAC Twinks

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear : MAC Brown Script

Makeup Geek Corrupt : MAC Carbon

Makeup Geek Cosmopolitan : MAC Expensive Pink

Makeup Geek Crème Brulee : MAC Tete A Tint

Makeup Geek Drama Queen : MAC Beauty Marked

Makeup Geek Galaxy : MAC Black Tied

Makeup Geek Gold Digger : MAC Goldmine

Makeup Geek Graphite : MAC Night Divine

Makeup Geek Hipster : MAC Patina

Makeup Geek Ice Queen : MAC Crystal Avalanche

Makeup Geek Latte : MAC Wedge

Makeup Geek Lemon Drop : MAC Bright Future

Makeup Geek Mercury : MAC Electra

Makeup Geek Mermaid :  MAC Steamy

Makeup Geek Mocha : MAC Ground Brown

Makeup Geek Moondust : MAC Smoke and Diamonds

Makeup Geek Neptune : MAC Atlantic Blue

Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie : MAC Samoa Silk

 Makeup Geek Peacock : MAC Plumage

Makeup Geek Prom Night : MAC Satin Taupe

Makeup Geek Sea Mist :  MAC Aquadesiac

Makeup Geek Sensuous :  MAC Trax

Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma :   MAC Shroom

Makeup Geek Stealth : MAC Scene

Makeup Geek Twilight : MAC Shale

Makeup Geek Unexpected : MAC Quarry

Makeup Geek Unicorn : MAC Cobalt

Makeup Geek White Lies : MAC Gesso


Honorable Mention:

Makeup Geek Appletini :  MAC One Off    (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Bada Bing : none

Makeup Geek Bleached Blonde : MAC Gorgeous Gold

Makeup Geek BlingMAC Mylar

Makeup Geek Brown Sugar : MAC Mulch  or MUFE 312

Makeup Geek Burlesque: none

Makeup Geek Chickadee : MAC Rule    (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Cinderella :   MAC Jest    (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Country Girl : none

Makeup Geek Cupcake : MAC Perky or Soft Flower  or MUFE 112

Makeup Geek Dirty Martini :  MAC Velvet Moss  (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Duchess : none

Makeup Geek Envy : none

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear : MAC Brown Script

Makeup Geek Corrupt : MAC Carbon   (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Fairytale : MAC Purple Haze

Makeup Geek Fuji : MAC Bitter  or MUFE 171

Makeup Geek Galaxy : MAC Charred  (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Glamorous : none

Makeup Geek Gold Digger : none

Makeup Geek Goddess : MAC Coppering

Makeup Geek Homecoming : none

Makeup Geek Ice Queen : MAC White Frost 

Makeup Geek Last DanceMAC Folie

Makeup Geek Latte:  MAC Saddle

Makeup Geek Mandarine: none

Makeup Geek Mango Tango : MAC Firecracker (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Moondust :  MAC Patina  (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Neptune : MAC Cobalt   or MUFE 159

Makeup Geek Ocean Breeze :  none

Makeup Geek Poison Ivy : MAC Sumptuous Olive

Makeup Geek Poolside : MAC Cool Heat  (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Preppy: none

Makeup Geek Pretentious : MAC Romp

Makeup Geek Purely Naked : MAC Arena (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Purple Rain : MAC Indian Ink (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Razzleberry : none

Makeup Geek Shimmermint :  MAC Warm Chill   (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Stealth : MAC Print

Makeup Geek Taupe Notch: none

Makeup Geek Twilight : MAC Illegal Cargo (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Unicorn : MAC Parfait Amour

Makeup Geek Vanilla BeanMac Blank Type

Makeup Geek Wisteria : MAC Red Violet   (see swatch comparison)

Makeup Geek Yellow Brick Road : none

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Nice job Marlena and team!! Just a thought it would be great to post pics of swatches side by side…xxxx

We have some side by side swatches (still working on others)
Just click the links that say “see swatch comparison”

We didn’t want the post to be full of images though — we figured text with lots of links would be better.

Thank you so much for doing this! I was just curious if there was going to be a colour similar to MACs brule?

Thanks :)

Probably, but we have others in the pipeline first. Unfortunately, the development process for each color is a month or so sometimes, so it might be a while.

I agree that Brule would be a great color for MUG to dupe. It’s such a great matte finish highlighting color. *crosses fingers*

Hey guys,
I think the closest color to MAC’s Brule would be Makeup Geek shadpw in Vanilla Bean

MAC Mulch is listed twice both for Homecoming and Brown Sugar although these seem quite different from each other in the store. Is this intentional? xoxo

I completely disagree with a couple of these (I haven’t seen all these colors so I can only speak for the ones I know)- Mac shale is nothing like unexpected. I would say unexpected is much closer to Quarry, like a cross between quarry and haux. It’s more purple and more pigmented than quarry. In the pan it looks just like Haux. And satin taupe is nothing like taupe notch. Taupe notch is closer to something like cork with a little shimmer to it. It is a very brown color (unless the one I got was mislabeled), not silvery or taupey at all. I’ve used it on my eyebrows and I’m a red head. It’s that brown. I do wonder how close mac plumage is to mug peacock, does anyone know?

okay, here’s another one, I hate to be critical, but sensuous like beauty marked? beauty marked is almost black!

okay, I need to quit looking…I do love dupe lists and I’m very grateful for them, but I found another. Mac steamy looks much closer to mermaid than sea mist to me. I don’t know of a MAC dupe for sea mist. I swear this is my last comment. I really am grateful for the list.

So for MUG’s “Corrupt”, the picture shows MAC’s “Black Tied” when it should be MAC’s “Carbon” as listed.

hi! i saw swatches of eyeshadow ”lemon drop” and ”punkin”’ somwhere, but they are not here and i don’t see them at the makeupgeek store… am i just blind? so confused because i clearly remember seeing the swatches

Hi! Thank you so much for this list!

I wondered if Paradisco would not be the best dupe for Mango Tango? Is it possible?

I could be totally wrong, since I don’t have the MUG eyeshadow to compare side-to-side, but it seems like MAC’s Plumage would be a close dupe for the MUG Peacock.

They’re both a matte finish peacock blue. The MAC one may be a little darker and have a little more green in it, though. But online, they look pretty close.

Just throwing that one out there.


I have to say that after sampling the MUG eyeshadows, I’m not as happy with my MAC eyeshadows now, haha.

The MUG ones are SO pigmented!!!

Is there a MUG dup for MAC’s satin taupe? I have been looking for that dup forever! If not, is it something that can come out in the future? wink wink, nudge, nudge :P

Nick, when the descriptions of the individual eyeshadows say “shimmer”, does that mean there is glitter? Or does it mean there’s a sheeny, perhaps satin finish? I’m thinking of getting Sea Mist but I don’t like glitter.

Hi BooBooNinja,
I have sea mist, and it is a beautiful satin finish but NOT GLITTER so dont worry! ;)

thx for the dupe list that does help a gal out. (you did great job on these e/s girl~ oh can u still do a video(I know u mentioned doing it before) on a few looks using the maybelline color tattoo pots.( I got excited when u showed them and got all of them) could u show a few looks, i have never bought shadow creme pots before and I guess intimidated by them but excited. thank you and I know u get asked to do alot of videos and are a busy gal. ur my fav site and I tell all my other makeup artist buds about ur site! your very organized and easy to watch and listen and learn from(great teacher). thx again(stay happy and healthy) to you too.

Do you have any dupes for the Solar Bit colection from mac? Like the bronzescape the one I didn’t get. Darn. They ran out so quick.

Ladies + interested gents: Check this out. IDK whether or not the MUGs were swatched on a primer, + the MACs were not, but the skin underlying the MUGS look INFINITELY better than the skin under the MACs! Not only a better, more price conscious product, but arguably better for the sensitive eyelid skin! Many kudos; your team rules!

Thanks, that’s very fair that you still post dubs, even if you have your own Makeup-Line now! It’s nice to see that you still stick to the original idea and spirit of Makeupgeek. Was a bit afraid, that you will start to promote only your products now (I don’t know them & I’m sure they are good) .I’m watching your channel since 2009 now and will definitely continue to do so. What you do is great!

Any dupe shadows you could add to the list for the new MAC shop collection? I LOVE “call me bubbles”

I really like the swatch comparisons! Such a great resource!


Wish corrupt was compared to carbon instead of black tied though.

I received MUG cocoa bear today and it seems a good match to MAC’s Beauty burst from the barbie collection.

Also quick question, the information on the website says the mug eyeshadows are talc free but the packaging lists talc as an ingredient. Is that an error? Thanks
Great job by the way eyeshadows are way better than my MAC ones.

I don’t know… To me the swatches only prove that the MUG shaddows are NOT REALLY like the MAC ones. Some are really different, which makes me doubt all the other “dupes” that have no swatches.

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Hey! Love the list! But I was wondering if there is or is going to be a dupe for MAC’s dazzlelight? I really want it but its just so expensive!

If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of base did you use for these swatches? Or did you use them wet?

I only ask because, when I swatch my MAC shadows, they look nothing like the swatches up top. For example, when I swatch Patina, it is a lovely, sheer old-gold color that shines pink and gold. On these swatches, it looks like a matte brown. I know that colors vary by skin tone, but it is so drastically different I find it difficult to believe that it’s the Patina I know and love.

I always appreciate good, true-to-color swatches, and, as a beauty blogger, I know how difficult and time-consuming swatching can be. I really love MakeupGeek on Youtube and as a blog, but I’m confused as to why the swatches seem so different than what I see in person. It makes me wonder if what I’m seeing online is going to be what I get when I buy a product. I’m not trying to be rude or to insinuate that you guys are being dishonest (I know Marlena and the MakeupGeek brand would never intentionally do that), I just want to know why the swatches are so different than what I see in-person.

Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

Hi Marlena :)
I absolutely am in love with your MUG eyeshadows!
You’ve done such an amazing job with your makeup line! I love Cosmo and Simply Marlena! These are super pigmented, easy to apply and super long lasting. Amazing quality!
I am so grateful to you for bringing out less expensive eyeshadows with still the amazing quality of a more expensive brand!
Thank you so much! Keep up your amazing work! :) x

BEAUTIFUL! I own most of these colors with the exception of cosmopolitan as it’s new but I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!
If I can make a suggestion, the are some mac eyeshadows I have been wanting and would much prefer them in a makeupgeek shade.
Marlena, I would love to see:
soft brown,
signed sealed,
amber lights,
all that glitters (I know yours would be even better!!),
wedge (I love my latte but it’s just not quite light enough to be a dupe for wedge. Same for patina and hipster),
and texture.
As always, I admire your integrity, grace, dedication and beauty. I have been watching you since 2008 and I love you Marlena!! When I see other YouTubers using your products it brings joy to my heart. I’m your number one fan, lol. I can’t wait to see what else your makeup line has in store in the future;) so much love xoxo

Hi ! I have just noticed that there is a mistake in the swatches and comparisons. The MAC shade swatched under the name “Wedge” is actually “Patina” and vis et versa. I hope you would fixe it, so it would be more obvisous that “Latte” is an equivalent to “Wedge”, the same for “Patina” and “Hipster”.

By the way, I own Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I’m very satisfied with them. I think that “Moondust” is very close to “Smoke’n’diamonds” (I own them both). For me Makeup Geek eyeshadows are worth getting because althought I have some equivalent shades in other brands, they are unique.

I also wonder how you swatch the eyeshadows, since they really look much more.. vivid, I guess, and sort of wet. Also, I own both MAC’s Jest and MUG’s Cinderella, and in real life they are IDENTICAL, but in the swatch they don’t look exactly the same

I’m not sure as to where I post questions on this site…So, I hope someone sees this and can help! There are two products that I absolutely love, and cannot find them anymore (discontinued). I would love it if Marlena and the lab crew could concoct up these two items!!!!

MAC Eye Shadow – Warming Trend
Sephora Lip Attitude chic Lipstick – C09 (Talented Berry)


Now most of these are sold out. DANG IT! I got my hands on some of them though. I hope you restock soon!

can there be a MUG eyeshadow created for the dupe of MAC Cranberry? All the women in my family use this color & It looks amazing on brown eyes!
Please Consider?
Thank you so much for this list!

Yes for colour comparisons to the UD Naked palette, please. AND bigger question when are the supplies going to be restocked for the MUG shadows?

I wish there were a true matte navy blue in the MUG line. Boo Berry is a bit too blue to be comparable to MAC’s Naval (not Nable!) and Naval isn’t a very nice eyeshadow. Matte navy blue is surprisingly hard to find (I’ve looked, they’re all satin or shimmer in finish) and it’s such a nice twist on the staple black smoky eye…