Lipstain 411: Revlon and Covergirl review

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Josie Maran

These lipstains are super pigmented and glide easily on the lips, plus I LOVE the colors! The only problem is the price- at $19 a piece, it’s almost better to get a drugstore one…

Where to Buy: Amazon .  eBay .  Sephora


  • Product: 4 out of 5
  • Packaging: 4 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Price:  $19

Would I buy again? Maybe



These lipstains work well and come in 10 different colors, plus the price is great!  The only drawback is the size isn’t as large as the Revlon ones, and they seem to dry out faster than Josie Maran ones.

Where to Buy: Amazon .  eBay .  Most Drugstores


  • Product: 4 out of 5
  • Packaging: 3 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Price:   $7.99

Would I buy again? Maybe



These lipstains are my favorite!  They come in 15 different colors, are a good size, and have a lipbalm on the other end of the tube.  I love the variety of colors, and they don’t seem to dry out as quickly.  They aren’t quite as pigmented as the Josie Maran ones, but I’ll sacrifice that for 1/2 the cost.

Where to Buy: Amazon . eBay .  Most Drugstores


  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Price: $7.99

Would I buy again? Yes



These lipstains are very similar to the Revlon and Covergirl ones- the only problem is they come in just 6 different colors.  BUT, the price is the cheapest of all brands- I guess I can’t complain too much.  These do stain very well and are equally pigmented as the Covergirl ones.

Where to Buy: Makeup Geek Store


  • Product: 4 out of 5
  • Packaging: 4 out of 5
  • Quality: 3 out of 5
  • Price: $5.89

Would I buy again? Maybe


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Yaay 1st comment. I have been thinking about buying a lipstain for a while and wasn’t sure which one. I think I will definitely be buying the Revlon. Thanks so much for the review! I just gotta chose the color.

Hi Marlena! I love the idea of lipstains but I find that even on my 24-year-old, not deeply-lined lips I have a problem with the colours bleeding out – is there a way around that? And how does BeneTint measure up against these?

That’s a good question! I haven’t played with stains a ton, so am not completely sure but applying a bit of concealer around the lips *may* help. The Benetint works amazing and stays on longer- for me though, it burned my lips (not sure why) so I don’t use anymore :(

Thanks for the tip! I will also try Kayla’s solution. I also liked the staying power of BeneTint but the colour just wasn’t that flattering for my skin tone and it only comes in one colour. :( Will give your suggestions a try! I like CoverGirl, but I’ve found that Joe Fresh, a Canadian brand, carries a product almost identical, so that’s a good one, too! :)

Try using a lip scrub, it keeps your lips from letting the stain settle into the dry dead skin on the lips. Also the color will be applied more evenly and smoothly!

I hope that works, that’s just from my knowledge of working with stains

This is going to sound crazy, but mixing Benefit’s Posie Tint with their blue California Kissin’ lipgloss creates a nice, juicy-looking effect. (I liked it because I felt it toned down the pinkness of the Posie Tint.)

i feel like the revlon ones faded entirely too fast :( it was off of my lips an hour later! the smashbox limitless are great as are the ulta extreme wear lipstain pens :) i want to try the josie maran and tarte ones

I really like the Josie Maran ones- they stayed on a long time and didn’t dry out at all. Very pigmented too! The tarte ones really aren’t stains though- they’re like sheer lipsticks… It’s deceiving how they name them “stains” though :(

oh thanks for telling me! i didn’t know the tarte ones were more like those glossy pencil lipsticks everyone’s been doing. good to know. must get a josie one then!

Hi, i think my lips dont like lipstains, they get so botchy. 1 part of my lips may tend to be darker than the rest. is there a right way to put them on?

Have you tried exfoliating your lips before applying? The first time I applied lipstain, I had the same problem, and I find that putting on lipbalm 10 minutes beforehand and then gently scrubbing with an old toothbrush takes care of that problem.

another way of doing a lip scrub is just a little sugar on you moistened lips then rub it over your lips with your finger and wash off. Be sure to use a gentle but firm pressure though.

Thank you for this, Marlena! I’ve been thinking of trying out stains because I’m going to Asia so I wanted something that will last on my lips withstanding the humidity. I think I’m most definitely going to give Revlon a try =)

Hi marlena wow i’ve never tried a lip stain but now thanks to your video I will they look awesome. I think i’ll try the revlon. I was just wondering what color do you think would look nice im medium colored I am an nc42 im mac. Thanks hope u can get back to me :)

It would have helped if you could show us what it actually looks like on the lips, like temptalia would do. This is useless.

Still am trying to figure which to purchase (Revlon) = fair, blue eyes, brown/red hair. Hard to pick one that I do not look like a cartoon character. :(

i sound like the same colouring as you and i used revlon flame which looked nice but it depends on the pigmentation of your lips too and whether your skin is yellow or pink based. guess its just trial and error. hope you find one you love :D xxx

Thanks so much for doing swatches, Marlena! It’s always so hard to tell what the color is based off the packaging. Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ !!

Hi there Ive been a long time lipstain user and when I first started I had some issues with feathering/bleeding and what I did was apply a nude lipliner that matched my skintone, just a hair past the edge of my lips it doesnt show n blends into the skin nicely I do this cause I found using it like a regular lip liner repelled the lipstain because of the wax in it, I hope this helps you! @Tina

Cargo makes a great product called reverse lip liner!! It blends in with your skin & doesn’t let your lipstick, Gloss, Or stain feather! I love it !

Marlena!!! Please please please share the color of your nailpolish with us in this video!! I luv it!

Hi Marlena, what’s the name of the lipcoulour which you are wearing in this video? It’s so beautiful!!!!!

See personally I’d give the Covergirl a 2.5 / 5 it feels super sticky and it comes off of my lips within an hour, Even though my go to is the Urban Decay Lip Junkie, It sure would be nice to have some more “natural” colors, I’ll be picking up some of the Revlon soon though!

Thanks for this!

If you have the money to spare, I highly recommend trying the Beaute Cosmetics gel stains. They’re pricey, but definitely the best quality. Of all the drugstore brands, I’ve had the most luck with Maybelline’s. I have tried Palladio, styli style, MAC, Revlon, Cover Girl, Sephora and Beaute. Honestly, the MAC one was the worst of all, and I decided not to purchase anything else costing more than $10 because of that purchase, with the exception of Beaute. Beaute blows the rest of them out of the water, but I find the less expensive ones perform nicely if you top them with a complimentary gloss. Its almost as if it locks the color in place.

Just my two cents.

The Maybelline ones are nice! I got the “Colorsensational” lipstain they have and it worked beautifully for my stage makeup! :] Speaking of, I was wondering if you know anything about stage makeup? I went out for my last production and did a TON of research and sampling for what products I could cry in, kiss in, etc… for the stage! Love to know your thoughts!
Much Love,

I bought the Cover Girl Lipstain and I’m not impressed. The lipstain dryed out quickly, after about only 5 uses, but it also took at least 15-20 swipes to completely cover the lips because barely any of the color was on the tip even after turning the bottom tons of times. I bought the colorsensation #45 Bitten Berry, I did not care for their product

Hi Marlena!

I realized that you’ve been using a different background, a clear, full of light, white background and, honestly? I LOVE IT!!

I have the kissink by Mark- sold by Avon in a pink shade. It works pretty good- but very drying to my lips even with lip gloss over it. I am a lipstick kind of girl.

Hi Marlena!
I have fair skin with cool undertones and I always have a hard time judging lip colors that will suit me. Which of the Revlon stains do you think would work for me? Thanks so much!

Marlena love ya and all and ur very very very very very very very VERY talented and gorgeous and fun to watch, but the videos lately have really been what Im not enjoying :( the lighting and backgrounds lately have really been unpleasant and bright and not as good and very difficult to watch and enjoy, i really hope u begin to do tutorials and reviews in front of the curtain with normal lighting again but still much love and keep going ur awesome <3

Wow, I could not possible agree with this any less. I think the recent videos are so much more polished, professional, and modern looking. I beg you please don’t go back to the old set up in front of the curtain.

I half agree with Rae about the new backgrounds in the videos. While the plain background DOES look more professional, the bright white is hard to look at and makes it hard to see what Marlena is doing/talking about. It’s very hard on the eyes, at least for me. Perhaps a more subdued background would be better? I find myself avoiding the videos because the bright white hurts my eyes. :(

Hi Marlena, I was wondering about yur makeup in this video.. ITS AMAZING and the perfect look for summer what products/colors are on your eyes and lips? Are your eyes the same as n the new Tequila Sunrise lip video? THANKS!!

Was wondering if anyone tried the ones by NYC? I saw them at target and they are $5.00. I was going to get one but scared i was wasting my $$.

I purchased Revlon’s Just Bitten in “Gothic” and I have to say that I wasn’t a fan. The color was not as pigmented as I hoped for and barely lasted two hours. I loved the lip balm idea and it was very moisturizing but it took off some of the lip stain color. Overall I ended up using the lip balm and ditching the color. Kind of a bummer. :(

I would really like to try those Josie Maran ones though I’ve heard many good things about them.

i had just seen your make up tutorials that ara amazing, your way of description is very beautiful.and you are also so cute .actually i need a complete makeup kit for beginners kindly tell me the right products number and their company names i shall buy them from a near drugstore.and tese lipstains are amazing.plz kindly rpl soon.

hi marlena
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I’d never tried a lipstain before this video because I was nervous to. After I saw this review, I ran out this weekend and picked up the Revlon in Forbidden. I love it! Goes on so easily and the color looks great on my fair skin. I can’t wait to try more colors. Thanks for this!

I tried a lip stain a long time ago, and it turned out WAY too dark on my lips, probably because my lips are already a pretty dark shade of pink. And, I have light-medium skin. Any suggestions of what might work without looking too harsh?

Hi Marlena,

Can you do a video on how did your makeup in this video? If not, can you please tell me the color of your pink lipstick in your video?


My sister got the covergirl lipstain in a brownish orange color. It looks amazing On her but the color is t right for me. Im pale and have redhair and she’s tan and blond.

Sorry it’s me again I got cut off. So me looking like a completely different kind of beautiful, the covergirl didn’t work. So I got revlon. My favorite is passion because it’s more of a blue based pink that looks better on redheads. Not so orange. Plus the balm is an added bonus.

Hi Marlena,
can you do a tutorial on your make up in this video? I LOVE the eye makeup and was wondering if you achived the look by using pigments or not.
Thanks! :) You are great as always!

Hi Marlena,

I bought the Lipstains and loved the Revlon one in “Passion.” I did however try the Maybelline Color Sensational in #15 Wink of Pink and found that they apply better color then the Revlon ones. You guys need to try them.

Revlon has more colors out now! I just picked up “victorian.” It’s a pretty pink color.

Hi Marlena,
Can you suggest a way to hygienically use a lip stain on a client as they come in a felt tip applicator? Thanks :)

I have had one of the Covergirl lip stains for over a year and it hasn’t run out! it still looks just like it did the first day! after I watched your review I got Revlon’s Gothic, it is a really nice shade and was very pigmented! I wore it for more than 8 hours without having to reply (including lunch, and a dinner date!) and I had to use make-up remover to get it off! I didn’t use the lip gloss that comes with it though, I gave it about 30 seconds to dry and then topped it with chapstick and lip gloss. Thanks for the review!!!

Lip stains might be one of the greater ideas in cosmetics. I was curious, does anyone else have the issue I do with pen/marker style products? The colour is just fine on my lower lip, but when I apply to my upper lip, the shade isn’t as vibrant, almost as if it’s not coming out in the same way. I don’t have this problem with doe-foot applicators or rollerballs (the Just Bitten series was originally four Vampire themed shades in rollerball tubes. I was dismayed when they were re-released in marker form). Does anyone else share this experience, and if so, any tips on how to combat it? My colour selection is limited if I cannot use the pens and stains are a favourite of mine.

Sephora’s Lush Flush is a great stain by the way. I own both the Original Red Wine (a deep berry red) and the Pinot (a ripe cherry) and never fail to get compliments. They’re $12.00 apiece, but they last a long time and double as a cheek stain!

I have 3 of the covergirl lipstains,i love the colors,but i have to reapply very often,and with 2 licks of the lips,they’re gone…but i dont regret buying them,i’m waiting for the revlon lipstains to come via drugstoreDOTcom,lol

Marlena-What type of eye makeup are you wearing? I just love it! Will you or one of your staff members please reply and let me know? Thanks so much!

Hi Marlena-I bought Revlon’s Just Bitten Lipstain in Flame. I applied it and noticed that it set in darker on some places of my lips (all the way around the inner part of my mouth) . Do you recommend exfoliated/hydrating your lips before applying? Thanks so much!

I own a Palladio lip ink in Peach and I have owned it for over a year and it is still not dried out and the color is very pigmented I am very happy with my Palladio lip ink. Styli-Style also has great lipstains, but they do dry out a little bit faster than the Palladio. But both were totally worth the purchase. :)