Lash 411: Latisse vs Lash Extensions

Everyone woman wants long, luxurious eyelashes- that’s why we buy so many different kinds of mascara and wear false eyelashes.  Until recently those were our only choices, but now we have more options to getting those amazing lashes. Since I’ve had so many of you asking about my lashes, I wanted to do a 411 video explaining two methods I’ve experimented with:  latisse and lash extensions.  I’ll review both, so you can decide if you want to try either of these out :)


I used Latisse a while back and finally stopped because I didn’t see a dramatic difference in my lashes. I normally have long lashes and was hoping this would make them thicker and fuller. On their website Latisse claims “More than doubles lash fullness in 16 weeks”. The product comes in 3ml, which is a very small bottle, especially for the price. This will run you $120.00 USD which is outrageous! It does work, but for the price I don’t think it works well enough to justify paying the extreme price. The directions on this are that you use it every day for 1 month. I used it every other day to make it last longer which made this $60.00 USD a month. My overall experience was that it did make my lashes longer but it did not make them appear any thicker or fuller.


  • Made my lashes slightly longer after 2 months of use
  • Does not “ruin” your natural lashes


  • Very expensive
  • You get very little for the amount you pay
  • Did not add volume or fullness to my lashes
  • Is annoying having to apply every single night

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions is a great option if you want something low maintenance and easy to upkeep. The key to great lash extensions is finding someone that does them well!  I repeat:  DO NOT GO TO JUST ANYONE.  I stress this as I’ve had some really bad extensions before that I had to have removed (in the process, I lost quite a few of my natural lashes.  They grew back, but it took a month) Do your research and look for recommendations. Ask your friends and see if they know of anyone they could recommend.

The price of lash extensions will vary by where you live and where you go to get them done. For me, the initial cost is approximately $100.00 – $150.00 USD. These last 3 – 4 weeks at that time you will get the fillers done which cost around $50.00. The way these work is they attach the lash extension to your natural eyelashes with glue. Then, as you shed your eyelashes the extension that is glued on to it will also fall out.


  • More cost friendly
  • Adds volume, length, and darkness
  • Last 3 – 4 weeks and are easy to maintain
  • I don’t need to wear mascara all the time to have great looking lashes


  • You really need to find someone who is good at applying these, or it will be a nightmare
  • The initial cost is expensive
  • You cannot use makeup remover with oil in it, or it will remove the lash extensions

If I had to choose between these two methods, I would choose the lash extensions as long as you find someone who is really good at applying them. I love not having to wear mascara all the time, and it’s nice to be able to wake up to long, full lashes. The upkeep isn’t that expensive either.

I hope this review was helpful for all of you!  Post questions below, and I’ll do what I can to answer them :)

Have a great week, makeup geeks!!


In the picture below, you can see I have extensions on the outer half of my eye.  They are just slightly longer than my natural ones, so it doesn’t look obvious that I have extensions.  When they fall out, it looks much more “real” as well :)

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You mentioned in the video that the lady you go to is in the Sacramento area. I live in Sacramento and have been wanting lash extensions for quite some time, but I’m afraid to go to just anyone. Would you be willing to share the information about who does your extensions?

I also live in Sacramento and would like to know where you go for extensions if you don’t mind sharing. The last ones that I had done were painful with how she placed the glue on my real lashes. Thank you for the review! It was very helpful.

I had lash extensions last year, they were really badly done and too long for my eyes (I wasn’t given a choice) and they were really uncomfortable, the glue was kind of clumpy so hurt when I squeezed my eyes shut. I ended up trying to soften the glue to remove them (they tried at the salon and couldn’t get them to come off) so I ended up pulling them out, leaving me with bald eyes, I had no eyelashes left :( I bought some RapidLash serum and used that most days and they grew back really fast and were long and full, it’s much cheaper than Latisse and I can really recommend it.

Wow! Your lashes are long naturally already.. My lashes are wimpy and short but that is what God gave me so I will make do with them :)

I wonder if any Muggies here have had good experiences with the department store brands.

I know Tarte, Urban Decay, and some other brands have lash serums out now for less money.

Has anyone tried them? Do they work?

I have been using the lash serum from Loreal for a month, Im definitely impressed with the results. My lashes are a bit longer, but I have noticed they are a whole lot thicker. I think what its doing is making the lashes stronger, so they fall out less often and just keep growing. I got it for 15$ at Ulta.

I think thay applying latisse or any of these serums near your eye knowing that it can get into your eyes, especially with no long term studies done on possible side effects, is too risky. Personal opinion.

Then why are you on the makeup geek website? Not trying to be rude, just trying to understand your reasoning, as I believe it to be a little bias/judgemental.

I don’t recall judging anyone, I just feel that latisse, being a drug used for glaucoma, can have dangerous side effects. I look at things from a health perspective. I think temporary lashes are safer. The FDA questions Latisse’s misleading ads as well.

I do not think you were being judgemental. totally agree with you on the health perspective.

I live in Sacramento as well. I’m curious if you have ever tried Revitalash? It works great and it lasts for about 4-6 months. I pay $90 for mine.

I second this. I had pretty long lashes. Somehow they broke (is that the right word?). Anyway, I got Revitalash and they grew back and then some. It did take a while to really see results. I’d say it was about 8-10 weeks before my lashes got really long. I’ve had it for about 4 months now and I still have plenty left in the tube. It’s hard to say how long one tube will last.

I love your makeup in this video! So natural and pretty. Could you please do a tutorial or at least comment with a list of products? I espcially ADORE your lip color!

I too live in Sacramento. Marlena are you a Sac girl too? I always thought You were down south. If you are and you travel up here every three weeks for refills, then she must be good! I would love to know who you go to? I would be interested in possibly trying out extensions.
Thanks for sharing your info with us!

Try Silk Naturals Eyelash Conditioning Gel, it’s waaaaay cheaper than Latisse and I’ve seen loads of positive reviews – it sure worked for me anyway! (I have nothing to do with the company by the way)

my mother lives in sacramento and she would like to know who you go too, she had a bad experience already so if you can provide her info, that be great.

Hi Marlena,
I also live in the Sacramento area and would love the contact info of the gal who does your lashes!
Thank you!

I just use false lashes everyday. since I’m Asian I have really short n straight eye lashes so I just throw some false lashes on everyday. it’s quicker that way then doing my mascara lol

i live in the sacramento area and would love to know who does your lashes.
Their beautiful :)

I live in Sacramento, and have been thinking about getting lashes done. Please mention who you go to, to get yours done. By the way I love all your videos :)

I have used Latisse and it worked wonders for me. I loved it. I think people who already have long lashes it is not going to make much of a difference but those who don’t Latisse will work if used as directed but if you don’t want to use a drug there are other products that work that don’t have those scary side effects. I have also used Revita Lash and it worked as well and so does LiLash. And they are both cheaper than Latisse.
I have done extensions and I could not stand them they drove me crazy and having to keep up the maintenance on them is not for me. So if you have short lashes and your don’t like the feel of extensions I think using RevitaLash or LiLash is the way to go. My Revitalash bottle has lasted a year.

Agreed on the Latisse – I used it for 6 months and while it DID make my lashes longer, I had to keep using the formula to keep that effect and it made my eyelids red and irritated.

As for eyelash extensions, I don’t know where you get them done for that price, but where I live in Los Angeles, they are considerably more expensive! For individual lash extensions (for example, Xtreme Lashes) they’re going to run $250-$300 for a full set and $80 for a fill. Also, even the best application can come with the risk of the weight of the extension causing growth issues with the natural lash beneath. Just FYI. :)

I agree. I am in Northern Virginia (right by DC) and it is over $300 for a full set and a refill is about $150. Those of us that live in more expensive areas don’t have the luxury of have 150 full and $35 refills! Wow, I wish!

I have used Latisse also known as Careprost for more than a year now. I started using it because my eyelashes and half my eyebrows fell out due to hypothyroidism. Aside from that, I have short, sparse lashes, so it has made a good difference for me, especially with the eyebrows.

I don’t pay the $120, that’s ridiculous, I get mine from All Day Chemist for $10.00 plus $25.00 shipping.

I tried the eyelash extensions, but they drove me crazy with all the glue. I would rub my eyes at night and wake up to lashes all over my pillow. I hated them. Took a couple months before they looked normal again.

That’s my 2 cents.

S Fla girl … I have alot of lashes.. but fairly blonde… so I have tried a few lash products. I definitely found Revitalash seemed to do a nice job. tried Smartlash ( so so ) & the 1 from Peter Thomas Roth (so so & expensive) I won’t try Latisse, because I have light eyes ( green) and they warn it can permanently change light eyes I actually found the conditioner from Dior, pre mascara gives a huge look once mascara is applied… and i think it keeps my lashes soft & full. Haven’t yet found the ‘miracle’ product …

Hi Marlena! looking beautiful as always…well since we are in the lash subject, can you recomend a really good mascara, I’ve been using Mac and love them but I tried to change and bought lash injection 3d by too faced and it I don’t really think it does what it promises and they price is not justified; I don’t have problems with mine just love the dramatic look and length; thank you!

Hi Susana. It’s funny you said something about mascara. That was purpose for actually reading through the comments after watching the video. If this helps I’ve had lots of problems with my lashes breaking from mascara, and clumping makes me pull at them so I’ve used just about everyone out there from drugstore to highend. One of the best I can reccomend to you is MaryKay girl (and I am not affiliated by the way). Anytime I try to use the newest one out on the market I always go back to Mary Kay one. Ultimate Mascara is the name. Hope this helps you out some. I know it’s about 12-18 dollars if I remember correctly but just try it and see if you like it!

One more thing about Latisse, if you stop using it, you will lose what has grown out so this is a lifelong committment. Also, it may discolor the white of your eye permanently even if you stop using it. Personally, I think $50 a month is too much to spend. That may be affordable for some, but certainly not everyone. Marlena is lucky to already have long lashes. Mascara is pretty cheap and I think I’ll just stick with it even if I don’t have long lashes. On the days I want that look, I’ll glue on false lashes and move on.

Those Latisse really work or have you try SmartLash. I heard and seen that if you use things to make your lashes Grow to put on your Lashes you get Dark Circles on your eyelid. Like a a Dark Circle line. Can someone let me know. Thank you

I had lash extensions applied for my wedding (4 yrs ago). I liked them but the person who applied them was relatively new at it and applied the glue a little thick. It was great for the honeymoon because I didn’t have to wear mascara!

This is slightly off topic… I just started using false lashes after watching some of your tutorials. I was wondering if you use them more than once? If yes, how do you care for them once they are removed to prep them for the next time? I used makeup remover to remove the old glue and washed them but didn’t know if that was what people do. Thanks!

Hi Tasha, I’ve been using the extensions for about 4 or 5 years now on and off because I love not wearing mascara but giving the impression of extremely dark velvety lashes. It is ok to use them over again. I’ve done it numerous times but only for myself because I know how I store them and all that. But if you are a MA I will never do this for a client who brings old lashes back to me because you don’t know what has happened to them once they left your sight you feel me? So I don’t want to be at risk for someone else getting an infection or anything of the sort. Also not only do I reuse the extensions, but I also apply them myself somtimes or my sister does it, and I also reuse falsies on the strip. Sometimes I’ve found that for specific looks they look better and more natural once they’ve gotten a little older and have tons of mascara on them. But as far as cleaning them, I soak them for a few minutes in a sensitive facial cleanser then set them out to dry naturally. Trust me it works if the hair is real and not synthetic. I don’t know if you’ve heard about them but I use Remy Hair which is real hair not synthetic. They’re so natural and real looking like Marlena’s. I hope this tidbit helps you some.

Hi Marlena! I love watching your YouTube tutorials, I’m alway so excited when a new one pops up. So I live in Sacramento and have had some bad experiences with lashes. I was hoping that you might divulge the name of your favorite girl and place so that my next experience be better. Thanks so much!

Thanks for the Lash 411! I wear Lavish Lashes that are applied by a certified Lavish Lash Artist.
I love my lashes!

I would LOVE to know anywhere in Northern Virginia where you can get a good set of eyelash extensions for $150!!! HAHAHAHA. I laughed when I read this. I’ve looked and it is no less than $300-$350 at a reputable place. It’s $150 for a refill. This information should be made available to those who live in very high cost living areas!

I live in Southwest Virginia and it’s very expensive here as well. I have called several places and they are all $300.00 – $350.00. I think it may because there are so few people here who do it they can set the prices as they wish and there is no competitors to challenge it. (Does that make sense?)

To Those Who Must Feel ‘Powerful’ on Forum Sites;

I like to read ‘everyone’s’ opinion on this topic. It is sad that there always has to be ‘someone’ who tells others not to be judgmental or bias when ‘in fact’ isn’t that what they are doing to the other ‘poster(s)’ who simply comment and gave their feelings,thoughts and opinion? That is what this site is asking all of us to do.

I clearly will never return to this ‘Forum’ as I will be bashed for simply adding my own opinion. Do not confuse someones comment as being bias or judgmental, learn how to accept all viewpoints. Practice simply being kind to others, always.

Personally, I have had the extensions. These were fairly popular about 25 years ago and I learned how to do them myself by attaching the tiny lashes ‘under’ my real lashes, just a bit of black colored glue held the fake lash to my real lash. Since I would place them under my eye lashes, no one could ever tell they were not my own lashes. I wore them for seven (7) years doing them myself the entire time.

Cathy, you are a breath of fresh air. I loved your post and often think these same things myself when reading other people’s posts. It’s never fair and I just can’t see myself ever bashing anyone for their personal opinion. Before reading your comment, I just was explaining to someone else that I do them myself sometimes, and they are under the lash so they’re virtually undetectible to the naked eye. I also use dark glue to achieve this look. Thank you for your commment because I learned something new-I didn’t know they were popular 20 years ago. That’s amazing. Isn’t that how the trends go? Thank you for your post, and I hope you get a chance to read this.

Eyelash Extensions are the way to go!
They’re flirty, fun and more sanitary than gooey mascara and strip lashes!! :)
I have been doing Eyelash Extensions in LA for almost 2 years and they’re only getting more popular and more affordable!

I can recommend 2 great Lash Artists in the Los Angeles area! ;)

I have used rapid lash, which you can find at CVS for $45 USD. There was one time I saw it for $30 at Hautelook. This product did work for me.

My lashes were falling and this product was able to make them grow again long and strong :)