Inglot Haul and Review

On my recent trip to Las Vegas, I came across a promising makeup store- Inglot Cosmetics.  I can honestly say I have not been this exciting in a long time over makeup!!  The quality of their products is amazing (comparable or even better than MAC), they have a massive array of products and colors, AND their prices are very good for the quality!

Single Eyeshadows

Yes I realize that every makeup brand known to man has their own set of eyeshadows, but I really love these shadows! Inglot’s eyeshadows are very similar to MAC’s in quality and presentation: single shadows that can be placed in a customized palette of your choice.  Their shadows are very pigmented, easy to blend, excellent quality, and come in a massive array of colors- over 100 colors!  The difference is the size compared to price- Inglot gives you more for your money vs MAC.  Also, they have the largest array of matte finish eyeshadows I have ever seen!  The most unique colors Inglot has is #372- a matte seafoam green color, #495- a shimmery coral red, and #379- a matte periwinkle.

The only downside I see to these eyeshadows is if you buy the single pots, they are very difficult to depot if you change your mind later and want to put them in a palette (the packaging is really sturdy and thick).  I have to admit that I’m favoring Inglot’s shadows a bit over my precious MAC ones *gasp*!

Price:  $12

Matte Eyeliner Gels

These super pigmented eyeliners are almost like cream eyeshadows- very creamy and rich in color.  They come in 20 different shades ranging from purple to orange to even white! You get a fairly decent sized pot and the packaging is perfect- lids that seal tight and are easy to open.

The gel formula glides really easily and doesn’t seem like they would dry out (I’ll keep you updated several months from now to see for sure ;) ) My favorite color is #87 which is a gorgeous deep teal color!

Price:  $12

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Body Sparkles

One word for these babies:  FABULOUS! I love these finely milled glitters as they come in so many beautiful colors and aren’t chunky like most glitters.  These should be safe to use on the face- just be careful around the eye area as they obviously will irritate the eyes if you get glitter in them ;)  ( I recommend using Too Faced Glitter Glue as it works really well!  )

My favorite colors are #65- a golden rose color and #64- a bronzey gold.


Pure Pigment Eyeshadows

Similar to MAC’s pigments, these loose powder eyeshadows are so rich in color, shimmery, and absolutely gorgeous!  They come in over 50 different colors- my favorite ones being #35 and #79 as they are different from what MAC offers.  I love the packaging on these SO much better than MAC- the clear jars make it easy to see what color is inside, and the lid opening is large enough to fit a brush into (unlike MAC’s skinny little jars *cough cough*)

The fun part with these is you can mix with clear lipgloss to create a custom lipcolor or can apply to the cheeks for blush- the possibilities are endless with what you can do!

Price:  $14


I have honestly never seen such a wide array of lipstick colors- ever! I give Inglot props to creating so many different colors and finishes!  My favorite thing about these is the packaging though- very sleek and clean looking.  The lipstick quality is very comparable to MAC- glides easily, richly pigmented, and last a long time.  I wasn’t fond of the shimmer finishes at all (um, can we say frosty lips?), but the matte and satin finish ones are really nice.  I picked up #419 as it’s a universally flattering deep rose color and #409 as every girl needs a deep berry red color ;)

Price:  $12

Sleeks Cream (lipgloss)

These fancy little tubes of lipgloss are so unique in packaging and so fun to apply! These come in over 30 different shades- some matte and some shimmery. The formula is smooth and not sticky, and they smell a little bit like vanilla and nutmeg (which I love)- it’s a faint smell so not overpowering.  I have to say my favorite part is the test tube like packaging- very sleek and easy to slide into your purse!   (I would have bought more than one if I haven’t spent so much on eyeshadows- haha!)

Price:  $10

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Matte Collection Lip Pencil/ Lip Crayons

These jumbo lip pencils are like lipsticks in a crayon form- very easy to apply.  The formula is a matte finish and the colors are very pigmented.  As with any matte lip product, they can be a bit drying so make sure to wear lipgloss on top or exfoliate well before wearing.  My favorite color is #31 which is a gorgeous purply pink color that is unique.  I would say the closest thing to compare these to are the NARS lip pencils or the NYX jumbo lip crayons.

Price:  $12

AMC Eye Pencils

These jumbo eye pencils are similar to NYX’s jumbo eye pencils but they don’t crease (although, neither do the Palladio Shadow Crayons)!  I love the formula on these- very smooth yet not greasy feeling.  The only downfall is there’s just 8 colors, but they are made very well with excellent pigmentation.  I picked up #81 as it’s a unique periwinkle color (perfect for summer!)

Price:  $11

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Soft Precision Eye Liners

I have tried just about every eyeliner out there- high end, drugstore, and everything in between.  What you want is something creamy that glides (who wants your eyeliner to pull out those wrinkles?!) yet something that stays put.  I feel that these eyeliners stay put really well and are richly pigmented, but they are too dry for my liking…  Plus you can find less expensive ones that work just as well (my fav “cheap” ones are the Milani Liquif’eye ones and Prestige Waterproof)

Price:  $9

Liquid Eyeliners

I‘ll admit that I don’t use liquid liners that often as they can be a pain in the booty to apply…  But I was drawn to these because of the unique colors.  They come in 29 different colors- some shimmery, some matte.  I picked up #27 as it is sheer and would add just a nice shimmer under the lower lashes, and #39 is a gorgeous teal (I’m such a sucker for teal)

The downfall with these is the packaging- nothing really fancy about them, and they have a brush tip instead of felt (I like the felt as you can be more precise)

Price: $10

Face and Body Illuminator

If you want that JLo type glow to your face, then this is the perfect product- a rich, creamy highlighter that gives you that summer glow.  I love how smooth yet pigmented these are!  My favorite is #62 as it is a golden color that is flattering on everyone- especially for this time of year.  They come in 8 different shades and can even be used as cream blush if you get one of the pink colors.  To apply, just use a cheek highlighter brush and tap very lightly on the top of your cheekbones- voila! Beautiful glow :)

Price: $15

I hope this was helpful in showing you a new makeup brand!  I’m pretty impressed with Inglot so far- great quality and fair price. All these products I purchased myself, so my review isn’t biased in anyway :)

Have a great week, beautiful makeup geeks!

Me swatching all the Inglot goodies ;)

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I luv ur video’s I truly trust ur judgement. I think u r 1 of the most honest people
out on YT. Thank u soooo much for being so truthful. Having a family of 6 I don’t
like to waste mt $$ on BS products!!

I agree with you. I do too have a family of 6 and I know what its like to spend money. Good Luck!!!

can you sell inglot in your stor for internatonal buyers? i shop from your stor all the time. im a makeup artist from israel and we do not have good makeup brandes her.

There are several Inglot stores in the Middle East; it seems to me it’d be easier, and likely cheaper, for you to go to or call one of them instead of ordering from the US.

I love your tutorials,articles and tips.What are your favourite Mac Pigments?I like neutral colors (brown, black…)Thank you. ;) YOU ARE THE BEST

Oh Marlena, I love how your excitement shows in your post. I felt just like you when I visited an Inglot store for the first time, like a little kid in a candy store :)

Here’s a tutorial on how to depot eyeshadows with a magnet:

I actually do this with the corner magnet on the lid or another Inglot palette like here:

Depotting’s actually very easy and now I wish Mac would also use a magnet instead of glueing their eyeshadows.

Great tutorial!
I’ve been waiting for you to “find” inglot. It’s my favorite brand.
Only thing i don’t agree with you is that I dont like the eyeliner gels because i think they are too try.
I’m really looking forward your next tutorial with Inglot!

Thanks so much for the inglot haul video. Can’t wait to see a few looks with them. I love everything you do here. Thanks for sharing your passion with us. <3

Thankyou soooooooooo much Marlena for reviewing Inglot makeup products ! so far i’ve only been buying their nailpolishes but never tried out their makeup products xP ! Ahhhh you make me wana buy the whole shop itself !!!! :P

Inglot’s eyeshadows have absolutely been my favorite since I’ve tried them. I will probably not purchase MAC shadows again! Believe THAT!

Hi Marlena!
Loved your review on Inglot! I’m not sure if I missed it, but did you post where we can buy these products? I think someone else asked but will these be something we can buy at your store? I shop all the time at your store and love everything you carry! Thanks for spending the time doing the haul. :)

inglotusa(dot)com if you’re in the US; inglotaustralia(dot)com if you’re from “down under”.

Also see

Marlena, Can you please tell me what is the difference between #90 and #77 of the Matte Eyeliner Gels? Thanks!

They recently opened a store in Amsterdam and you can be sure I’m going to have a look.

Welcome to the world of INGLOT Marlena!! You are going to love the eyeshadows and the gel liners. That’s what they are know best for!

Really really pretty colors and super pigmented<3 I'll def try some products out, especially the eyeshadows and cream eyeliners. Thank you so much for this amazing review Marlena!

There is an Inglot store in Miami, Florida for all your fans in that area. As a chemistry major I tend to know weird facts, but Inglot is a Polish chemist and thats why his lipglosses are in test tubes. I think its kinda cute. :)

Hello Marlena.
I’m glad that your recommendations about Inglot are so good. I know this company for many years – I live at Poland, and Inglot is a polish producer – they still work on improvements for their products. Here you can see one of my makeup’s made with Inglot.
I read that you had some problems with changing the color of the pallets. Simply use the magnesium witch is attached to the cower (at each corner of it).
Best wishes

Hi Marlena, what kind of eye shadow are you wearing? Is that from the Mac Summer Stash? Thanks..

<3 you Marlena. thanks for doing a review on INGLOT. wish i could have gotten them at IMATS this year. oh well. will you be attending any IMATS next year????? I sooooo wannna meet you!!!!

Marlena, thanks so much for the great review! I have not yet tried their products but after this I think I will! There is an Inglot store right in Times Square for anyone in the NYC area too.

I do swatches too when I go to stores :) and it helps me test its quality and see which
Colors are best. Thanks for the review Marlena! I will definitely try to look into these now!

Awesome to know there is something out there similar to MAC. It would be great if you could sell these in the mug store!

Love you Marlena, you rock!

You can buy Inglot online at inglotusa(dot)com or inglotaustralia(dot)com (if you’re in the US or Australia, of course).

Or: to see if you can purchase it locally, or find somewhere close to you that sells it, call them, and order.

Love this brand it’s the quality of MUFE with MAC price and the color selection is amazing.
Thanks Marlena!

Marlena has found Inglot, and it is good! Hopefully you’ll get to have some fun with the Freedom System palettes in the not-too-distant future. (I still haven’t tried Inglot yet.)

Thank you for the review and the swatches !!

You look really gorgeous in this video : what meak up do your wear ?

Hi Marlena, thanks so much for this, very insightful!
Did you manage to try any of their brushes? If so, which ones would you recommend?

I bought Inglots while in NYC and I agree – they are a rival for MAC. I work 12+ hour shifts at a hospital and my eyeshadow is still there when I get home without creasescreases. I also bought 3 lip sleeks and they are beautiful by themselves or in combination with lipstick. I bought the Freedom system ( what they call their palettes) and if you have a small metal ruler, moving the shadows around is simple. (Also, they are magnetic) The only downside to Inglot is they have a few stores in a few areas. MAC is more readily available.

I am definitely a make up geek! I love your videos! They are always very truthful and informative!
I loved this one in particular because I live in Vegas and I recently went to Inglot and got tons of eyeshadows and I was just waiting to see when you would come up with new videos including this brand. They are definitely one of my favorites because of variety x price x quality x longevity.
You are doing a great job educating us! ;)

Hi, Marlena!! These products look great! Any ideas where Inglot can be purchased other than their store? Do you think they are available in Canada?
Hope your summer is going great! Your tutorials are helping me get through my summer lookin’ stylin’! ;)

I first saw inglot at the imats in NYC in april. The line for that station was insane!!! I never got my turn because waiting an hour alone for that was more than what I was willing to wait so I moved on. But quick glance by things looked amazing. Glad you did a haul to give us a li preview of what we can look forward with this great company. Love your videos!!!

I luv ur videos Marlena. You r just amazing !! I live in Melbourne and i dont get to see much of the brands that u recommend. It would be great if you could suggest some brands(other than revlon, maybeliene and MAC) that i can find easily in melbourne too :) :)

You rock !!!!!

I am so happy to find an inglot store in Chadstone, Melbourne.The mall is just 15 mins drive from my house…. :) :) Gonna try some new stuff !!!!!!!!! Thanks Marlena and shelly for posting the online site for inglot :) :)

You will LOVE it!! The chaddy store is one of the biggest in Melb from memory!
You’ll be in heaven when you walk in! Haha

Yes Lisa, i visited the Inglot store and i was running around like a crazy kidoo.. luv luv luv d store n d products !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I’m so happy that you discover a good Polish cosmetics :)! You can also buy single magnetic shadows for pallets (freedom system), it’s cheaper then. PS. I love your videos. Greetings from Poland ;)

I’m using Inglot all the time but as long as I’m watching Ur tutorials I was dreaming about buying MAC products (which are really expensive in Poland). Now,my brother go to US and I forced him to bring me some MAC palette.In this very moment U’ve notice Inglot and judge them to be comparable or even better than MAC :P Wow…I didn’t know we have such a treasure in Poland :) Best wishes for Poles here :*

As far as I know,Inglot is planing to open more and more shops around the wold,so be patient girls :)

Kisses for Marlena-You are the best !

hey marlena,
greetings.. it really surprised me, that you did a haul for Inglot cosmetics, i was thinking since quite sometime to suggest u, to look into this brand.. really affordable, and i have a lot of their brushes too.. very comparable to MAC ones, and cheaper too.. i have also been using their eye primer, mostly brushes..i really do love their collection as well.. thanks for this review, makes it easier for us to choose what we want.
thanks so much .., for putting in so much effort for your subscribers, no other channel or make up artist does that much … we learn so much from you every day..

OMG. FINALLLY! i LOVEEEEEEEEEEE INGLOT! I live in western australia, and i work in a phone shop, and i am a makeup artist on weekends. in my shopping centre we have an inglot and i am there at least once a week! the girls there know me on a first name basis! i have 8 of there 10 palettes, and 1 of there 4 blush pallettes, my kit mostly consist of inglot. Until maybe 6 months ago, Perth (the city im from) only had 2 mac counters in the whole city! and they were like… 700m apart from each other in our city! so very hard to get too. but recently they have opened one in my shopping centre. but it pains me to buy MAC in australia. Americans have it so good! for 1 MAC single eyeshadow, we pay, $32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $32!!! for one! can you believe it! for the price of 2 MAC eyeshadows, i can get a pallette of 10 inglot shadows…. what would you do/?? hahah , sometimes i pain myself and go and look at the US mac site and see how cheap mac is for you guys =[ garrr it kills me. it would almost be cheaper for me to buy a plane ticket and a hotel for the night and fly to the states and by a HUGE suitcase of MAC, then buying it from australia. I often hear you say great thing about the Stila Kajahl eyeliner in Topaz, which in US i have found it online for 12-18. In Australia, we can only get it from Mecca, and it is again, 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for an eyeliner! I just cant justify it. even if it is for my kit. I often speak to American Makeup Artists, and i rant to them about the cost of cosmetics over here, and alot of them say, they wouldnt be able to afford to be a Makeup artist over here! Marlena, i cant wait for your inglot tutorial! Thank you for doin a review on inglot! i love them <3. and end of rant =] sorry guys! hahah need to vent to fellow makeup geeks!

Haha OMG I totally agree!! WHY IS AUSTRALIA SO EXPENSIVE?!?! ahhhhhhhh!!!! It kills me! I see all this awesome stuff on the net and I go to buy it here and it’s at least 3 times the price!
But as for Inglot, I’ve actually banned myself from my local store! I think I’ve been keeping them in business! I’d buy inglot over Mac any day. MAC here is way too expensive and inglot have more of a range!

hahah i know! i spoke to mac reps here, and she sent me this huge excel spread of like cost of everything at mac. coz i wanted to do a huge order, for like 15 eyeshadow pallette. it was like 300…… yanno! like. i could 30+ eyeshadows at inglot for that price! and i mean, this could just be in my shopping centre, but the girls at the MAC counter, are quite smug, and you have to wait like 10 minutes for them to finish there conversation before theyll come help you, where as at inglot, there so friendly and funny. haha i got my foundation applied on there and it was a blast, the MA i got was hilarious. I love inglot. Actually. when i was in beauty school. on thursday night, we walked pass the Inglot counter, and it was the first time i had seen or heard of them, and i saw this BEAUTIFUL bright yellow colour, and like stopped and swatched it! the next day, i went to school, and was telling our lecturer about this brand, and my friend was like. OMG i saw them last night too! I tried this good yellow colour! and we both looked at our hands, and we had still like a little bit of the colour on our hand after a shower.. we thought it was soo cool how we had both tried the exact same colour the night before too! hahaha. i always think of that when i think of inglot

Aloud me please to be suppperrr exited!!!! in my area i tought there was no inglot store…well i went to their website and found out there was one in chicoutimi, which is 6 hours away from my place…but i need to drive my brother there tomoroow… i need to prepare my self for a big day of shopping!!! well i will go for the important stuff… i have to create a budget…top 50…or 60$$ topp since i have spend like 100…the other day at sephora…oh well can’t wait!!!

First of Marlene I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR RED HAIR i have been trying and trying to find a good pretty red to dye my hair and i just love your red hair it looks fabulous on you and you are SO PRETTY!! Do you know the name of this red dye by a chance love love it!!! Also wanted to tell you THANK YOU so much for always being so true and honest to your subscribers I trust you and everything you say 100%, i do not not no many true ful grues out there!! You Keep up the Good work Marlene I love you and your videos and your makeup looks you come up with the prettiest looks and i can’t wait to see some tutorials on these Inglot Makeup I know you will come up with the Prettiest looks b/c you always do!!! I have been wanting to try these Inglot Makeup but have been wantng for you to tell us what you think about them b/c i trust you, just like you said the jumbo pencils and lip pencils are great Formula but their packaging stinks b/c the cap falls off and the bottom fell apart on one of yours see your so true to us and i love that about you:) You also have a great Personally Girl come move next to me and be my Next store neighbor lol would love to be your best Friend you would be so much FUN to hang out with:P Do not ever leave YouTube please i have leaned so much from you and so many tricks and how to apply things and i have learned so much on products that are good and products that are not good!!! I have also learned sp many pretty looks from you, i have learned so much from you KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MARLENE YOUR AWESOME!!! YOU ARE SO PRETTY TOO INSIDE AND OUT!!!! Love you and your Videos Marlene
Jamie XOXO

You make me want to go makeup shopping ALL the time! Love your videos and truly appreciate the lessons for the masses:)

Hi there!
Glad you found my swatches useful and glad you liked Inglot! I love their roducts! :)

p.s. you didn’t get cream blush, it’s called AMC Face Blush (liquid blush). Cream blushes come in jars. :)

hey marleena,
i was wondering what you thought of the stick concerlers from inglot???? i can’t wait for your next tutorial

Kisses from Poland – great to know that american girl likes Inglot too :)

And of course, I`m waiting for tutorial with new cosmetics.

hello my lovely so glad you found out about this brand in the us here in europe its a must have ! as a make up artist i love their freedom system u make yourself the palletes and they are magnetic – space saver!
love your tutorials and u always an inspiration xx

Thanks for the great reviews, Marlena. I’d been hearing great things about Inglot but no one (I’ve seen) has done such an in-depth review as you. I hope to order some online soon (but first I have to recover from my nail polish buying spree).

Hey marlena! I have learned so much from you and all your awesome videos! I have a question for you! What make up would you reccomend for my skin? I have terrible skin with lots of redness in my t-zone and Acne around my chin and cheeks. And on top of that, I have extremely oily skin. I really need a professionals help because no matter what I try, it’s never works! Thank you soo much if you can answer this for me!!!

Thankyou thankyou thankyou so much for hauling Inglot! Some of us artists were getting a little tired of Mac as our go-to option… :D

I’m lucky to have an Inglot a few minutes away from me in Melbourne. I’d walked past the store a hundred times. If it wasn’t for YT I’d never have given them a try. Thanks for the review! I picked up a few of your suggestions today. Love the no 419 lipstick.

Glad you finally got to Inglot! My first visit was Cesars too!! I LOVE Inglot its my new favorite and here to stay =)

OMG!!! I’ve been eyeing this brand for some time now. All I’ve read is nothing but good things!!! i’m hopefully going to Las Vegas for my Birthday in Novemember and I”m saving up to hit INGLOT up woo hoo!!!!! Thanks for the review just makes me want this brand even more ;)

Rosie, when you head to Vegas (we just flew in) you will LOVE the store. Just steer clear of the assoicate named, “George”….he is the rudest sales associate I have EVER come in contact with!

That’s crazy! i love makeup geek because alot of my friends tease me about how obsessed i am with my makeup, so i love love love this! x

I love makeup geek because all of my freinds make fun of how obsessed i am with my make up and this website, as you say, really helps me embrace my cosemtic addiction! Marlena you are soooo pretty and i aspire to be like you and have your talent as a makeup artist. and p.s i have literally baught all of the things you have recomended! xx

I just wanna say i’m a big fan of this website. Your makeup ideas are the best! And am so proud that our Maltese products are in the U.S. Go Malta!!

I am very happy that you like Inglot. This is one of the first makeup brands that I’ve ever tried. I’ve been using it since my teenage years and I always got it in Poland.
The quality is amazing and in Poland the prices are even cheaper. They also have LOTS of nail polishes :)

I love coming to make up geek u have helped me so much. Now I really love makeup even more. :0)

I absolutely LOVE inglot! I’m from Australia and inglot is one of the best makeup brands available to us here. Almost every thing I own is from this store and I was SO excited when I saw that you did a review on their products.
I can’t believe how similar your opinions are of their products to mine! I laughed when the bottom of the lip pencil broke off because that actually happened to mine the day I bought it! Haha and the ee liner pencils are definitely very dry! BUT the quality and pigmentation of the eye shadows are just amazing! I’m definitely like a kid in a candy store every time I walk in and see the massive range they have there.
Their Make Up Base (Primer) is also very good, too. I use it every day underneath my makeup and it holds really well. It’s so soft on the skin and mattifies so well! I love it! You should definitely check it out when you go back.
Their brushes are also amazing… Ahhh I love Inglot!
Thank you so much for this review! I am so excited to hear all the wonderful things that you’ve said about this brand because hearing it from a guru like yourself only makes me happier to have purchased so many of their products :)
Stay happy and healthy! ;) thanks again!

I so disagree when you say they are “comparable” to MAC eyeshadows. Inglot are WAY better, MAC is not the holy grail!

Hey MUGS! Knowing my family and I were headed to Vegas for a little R & R, I was thrilled to see your review of INGLOT at The Forums. I was thrilled to find the store and begin checking it out. Everything was going great until I proceeded to purchase my finds. That’s when I encounted the RUDEST sales associate I have EVER seen, George. He needs to be taken to the side and have someone explain Customer Service 101 to him! He completely ruined the experience I was looking so forward to! A very nice young lady assisted me with my purchase and, in spite of George’s rude and completely obnoxious behavior, I am anxious to try out my purchase. I bought a couple of brushes – which I hear are amazing – and a few other items. BEWARE if you head to INGLOT in Vegas – George will ruin your expereince, if you allow him.

I love Inglot, especially their nail polish!! its sooooo amazing!
I’ve tried their product like couple of years back and I think it’s good!!
However, their gel eyeliner dried up and the thing go solidy and cracked ='(!!

Hi Marlena!!
I’m from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island (Spain) and I found out Inglot 9 months ago and I fell in love with the brand and I bought a few eyeshadows, but nobody talked about it I bought MAC, but now I’m going to buy everything!!!!!
By the by, you are very very very beautiful
Thanks for everything
Congratulations for your web!!!

Thanks for posting this! I immediately went to the Inglot store nearest to me in Las Vegas and am in love. I am truly amazed at the amount of products they have and the pigmentation of everything I tried. The girls helping me at the store were so nice too and gave me a free sample of the eye shadow pigment and primer. I highly recommend Inglot.

I love the makeup you had on in this tutorial!!! I tried to duplicate it and it went horribly wrong. May I ask what products you used?