How to Use: The MUG Crease Brush


What is It?

A soft crease brush that blends eyeshadow flawlessly.  

Why I like it:

This is honestly one of my new favorite brushes!  It’s somewhat similar to the MAC 217 brush, but a little smaller so it gets in the crease without applying too much eyeshadow.  The bristles are soft enough to smoothly blend out the crease, but stiff enough to pick up enough color.  This brush is perfect for any eye shape, but especially works well if you have smaller eyes and find the stiff dome brush too big.

Price: $4.89

Where to Buy: Makeup Geek Store

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the MUG crease brush is one of my favorites. I purchased this few weeks ago (actually my hubby did and shipped it here in FL). And from then on, I fell in love with this brush, it’s soft and I have a little smaller eyes compared to Marlena so this one is perfect. It is good when you like to work with a color on the crease area and blend it out. Its just amazing!

Well Well Well…It is really awesome..but btw can anyone tell me how exactly to know where the crease is?Is it just above the eye socket or lil above that also..???HELP PEOPLE

I am Asian so I don’t usually put shadow in the crease. I say the crease is the space where your eye ball ends and you can feel the start of the eye bone (pretty much the socket).

I recommend you utilize the forum to post these types questions. There are MANY great makeup gurus there who can help you, and the MUG community is pretty quick in responding. :)

I love this brush! I am loyal to MAC, but also love my MUG fam. This brush will give you the precision that you can’t get with the MAC brush….I still love the MAC brush, but not for the same defining that this brush can do!

That’s cool. What eyeshadows, blush and lipstick did you use here Marlena? they’re lovely… love fron Australia :-)

i was debating whether or not to buy this brush for a few weeks now and now Marlena put the icing on the cake with this video so i had to buy it lol

Marlena …Can you please do a video on how to use the chisel shader brush? I’m sure its prob self explanatory but id still like to know how to use it.. thank u!! xoxo

i would love to know what fan brushes are for!! i’ve came across them a bunch of times, in the pro sets are included but i just can’t figure out how to use it!! help please :D

Marlena, I love your makeup in the video! Can you do a tutorial on that look? I’m ordering the brush today. Thanks for the review :)

This is my favorite brush that I own. I bought two a couple weeks ago and I’m going to buy a few more. I like it even better than the MAC 217!