How To Use: MUG Soft dome Brush

What is It?

A soft dome shaped brush that  is perfect for blending out the crease, softening any harsh lines, or even dusting set powder under the eyes. The hairs are super soft and gentle on the skin!

Why I like it:

This brush is an exact dupe for MAC 224 brush.  I love how it blends softly when I want a more natural smoky eye- I take my nude color eyeshadow and use this brush to apply under the brow bone.  My favorite use though is applying concealer under the eyes– the bristles are soft enough to give an airbrushed effect, which prevents that cakey loook under the eyes.

Here’s a few videos where I used this brush:   Flower Inspired Makeup,   Kat Von D Look,   Peacock Inspired Makeup

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store


  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5 out of 5
  • Price: $7.49

Would I buy again?  yep!

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Thank you Marlena! I recently bought this brush along with several others from your store, very helpful.

p.s. Would this be a good brush for just applying a single color on the lid? To keep the color looking soft and natural? Is it okay to wear eyeshadow like that? I just don’t want to over do it. I’m not used to wearing makeup everyday, but would like to start. I am 46, I’m thinking matte colors on the lid to start?

I love what you have on your eye in this video. Pretty blue and almost plummy purple? I would love to know what you used :)

No offense, but I bought this brush and I have owned a MAC 224 and I completely disagree that it is a dupe. Maybe I got a dud, but it is waaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than a MAC 224 and even smaller than my old Sonia Kashuk white handled blending brush (not the new shorter fatter ones). If you want a dupe, the closest I’ve seen is the new black handled sonia kashuk blending brush.

i think it depends on the eyes. I have smaller eyes and the MAC 224 is too big. i know that may seem weird but it almost takes over my entire lid and i can’t blend with it or do anything besides apply a single color to my lid. so if the makeup geek one is smaller, it may suit smaller eyed girls better…. i guess i’ll have to wait and see =)

Sorry to make another comment, but I just noticed the one you use in the video has brown bristles and the one I have and in the pictures has black bristles. The brown one in your video looks so much larger and fluffier than the black one I have which is the one pictured-I just ordered it a couple weeks ago. Just wondering if it’s a different brush?

I ordered the outer v brush and has a similar issue.
The one pictured in the video was not the one labeled “outer v” brush when i got my order.
I wonder is the person packing the orders is getting them mixed up.?.
I love Makeup Geek and Marlena..just wanted to give some feed back because its somewhat confusing.
*However, I do love all the mug brushes I have purchased :)

I have one request, when you post reviews could you put what makeup products you’re wearing in the info box? I love love love your makeup in your The Cheek Highlighter , and MAC Fashion Flower Haul videos, but I have no idea what products you’re wearing. That said, what makeup products are you wearing in this video? ;)

What is your hair color?? It’s sooo prettyyyyy, I’ve been trying to dye my hair that chocolatey-brown/auburn color for months and I just can’t find the right shade. Ugh, lol

@ Karah…try Garnier hair color in “Raspberry Truffle” Its very close to that, especially if you have any reddish highlights naturally.

Hi Marlena!!
By any chance, do you think you can get a few of your brushes that you love and sell them as a set?? I would love to purchase as a set since I’m so overwhelmed with all your favorite brushes…lol

I saw that Marlena commented on another post and said they were coming out with brush sets for the holiday season ;)

I would love a tutorial on the makeup look shown here!!!! Looks like your having a lot of requests for it so I’m looking forward to it :)

Hey Marlena!!!!! :) ?
i absoultly LOVE your makeup here you should do a tutorial!!!!! :) ? you rock keep making these great videos!!!!! :)

Very helpful! Always learn so much from you. Your makeup is beautiful! Hope you are happy and healthy as well!

have you ever thought of writing a book?? kinda like a how to book… you would have one buyer for sure!! :)

I also noticed that the brush in the video is different from the one in the picture. If we bought this brush which one would we get? They look like totally different brushes…

I absolutely LOVE your tutorials!!! By far the best that I’ve seen, and believe me I’ve seen tons. This is my new favorite website:)

I really adore this site, the tutorials, reviews, hauls everything really! I think Marlena’s personality is wonderfully engaging and energetic which is great for this type of site.
But… i’m a little confused as to why no one from MUG has responded to the concerns listed in the comments above regarding the quality of the MUG brushes or which brush people will get when they order, which colour bristles, what size brush etc.
I guess I have a weird expectation that if you promote a product, you respond to queries/concerns about it. I also am really concerned about the notion that these brushes are “exact dupes”. They’re clearly not from the comments above. Why promote as an “exact dupe” instead of “an affordable alternative to MAC”. I just think it makes the site lack credibility.
For the record before anyone eats me alive… I adore this site, I wish Marlena and the team all the very best and I will continue to be a strong supporter and a regular in the MUG store I just don’t want to see quality/standards and reputation affected by a few mediocre brushes when people expect MAC quality (because it’s supposed to be an “exact dupe”) and get something mid range in quality or below.
I’ve also read on the web that these MUG brushes are just Crown brushes with MUG stamped on them. Other beauty gurus have also promoted Crown brushes with pretty average results and feedback. If they’re not Crown brushes, I take that back!
P.S Marlena and the MUG team I hope you take this response as intended, constructively and know that I am a big fan!


I really wanna order this brush but i get really confused cause the one on the video is totally diferent of the one that is on the store! So im so confused? Witch one are you selling?

I just got my brush today! I haven’t used it yet (it’s drying) but I love the way the bristles feel!