How To Use: MUG Outer V Brush

What is It?

A small dome shaped brush that applies color in the “outer V” of the eye, creating an artistic shading to your eye makeup.

Why I like it:

I love this brush as it creates an artistic shading in the outer V of the eye (that’s why I named it that :) )  The head is slightly larger than a pencil brush, so it’s perfect for creating sharp lines without being too harsh.  It also smudges really well under the lower lashline giving that softer blended effect.  The bristles are stiff enough to pick up color but not hard on the eyes.  The handle is the perfect length for holding- not too long, and not too short (said the pappa bear- haha)   I really do love this brush and use it almost everyday!

Here’s a few videos where I used the brush:  Marlena’s Birthday Look   and  Dramatic Bridal Look    and   Bollywood Style Makeup

Price:   $5.99

Where to Buy:    Makeup Geek Store

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hi Marlena, I’m wondering what eyeshadow you showed in the video. what brand/what shade was that? :)

I would really like to know the same, it is really a gorgeous and nice combination of colors. Please let us girls know *S*

Hey Lady, I know I’m not Marlena, and I could be wrong but I’m pretty certain the shadow she uses in this is Make Up For Ever’s #93 (it’s actually a blush according to them). She uses it for look #3 in her tutorial “5 Makeup Looks for Work”. I got both colors she uses there and i LOVE them! Beautiful colors that I would not have bought if it wasn’t for Marlena (LOVE her!) Again, I could be wrong but it sure looks the same.
I’m a HUGE fan Marlena, thanks for doing what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you.

I got married this past May, and did my own wedding makeup. I re-watched many of your videos and practiced for some weeks ahead of time, but it wasn’t until I got this brush (and the deluxe stippling brush) that my makeup finally started to look wedding ready. This brush is a magic little thing, and truly works wonders. Thanks so much!

Hi Marlena,

You are absolutely gorgeous!! I remember you being a bit heavier, then you had gone away for some surgery.. I think you dropped like 90 pounds, well done.!!

What size are you now, and your make up tips , are what makes up my face daily.

Be well,

This is great Marlena! I really wanted this but I didn’t get it because I had no Idea how to use it! Also, this looks like the Deluxe Outer V Brush, Which do you prefer? The deluxe or the regular one?

Love, Jess

PS- Thanks sooo much for viewing my Haul Video! I’m so happy you saw it :)

I’m a sucker for crease brushes! Guess I’ll have to add this one to my collection as it sounds like sheer perfection ;-)
Hope you are well, and thanks for the info!

Hi Marlena,
I just got the outer v brush in the mail today. ( A friend and I went in on an order)
I tested the brush and I love it!! It makes it so easy to apply shadow to the outer corner. :)
So i was thinking…It would be really great if you had a set of your brushes. Maybe for Christmas.?. They would make a great gift to myself and friends!
Just a thought. Thank you for all your videos and web site.

I am 57 years old and have tried the outer V . Due to my aging eyes I don’t think the outer V looks good on me . I guess I do the inner V — at the corner of the eye start the line angled up toward the crease doing the V the same way . It looks fantastic — I love it . Thank you for all you do Marlena ! You are so absolutely BEAUTIFUL and your wonderful personality shines through. Proper make up makes every woman more beautiful no matter what the age .