High End Haul

Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzer

I love this bronzer because of its matte finish and its smooth silky formula. The four shades gives a nice bronze finish to the skin without looking orange.

Price: $74

(Amazon) (eBay)

Tarte Lock and Roll Eyeshadow – Burnt Bronze

Perfect for the woman on the go with an easy applicator. It gives a beautiful bronze look to the eye in one easy step.

Price: $17

(Amazon) (Sephora)

Stila Convertible Color Cream Blush – Peony

Natural looking blush that isn’t greasy or shimmery and gives a youthful glow to the skin.

Price: $25



Mac Cream Blush – So Sweet So Easy

I love this color because it’s perfect for Summer and gives a nice pink glow to the cheek.

Price: $19.50



Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector


Amazingly smooth primer that gives a natural glow to the skin. I picked this because it’s supposed to be Paraben free.

Price: $33



Dior ‘Diorskin’ Powder – Nude

My new favorite powder ever! I love this because it gives a smooth finish to the skin without looking cakey.

Price: $46

(Amazon) (Sephora)


Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #2

I love this because it gives a perfect glow to the cheeks without making me look like a disco ball!

Price: $59



LORAC 3D Liquid Lustre

This is such a unique product! Adds instant glitter to the eyes without creasing or clumping on the lids.

Price: $16

(Amazon) (Sephora)


Lancome La Laque Fever Lipgloss – Seductively, Plum Savvy, Spot Pink, Cyber Coral & Plum Wave

I love these because of their beautiful colors and triangle shaped applicator. These aren’t sticky or smell funny at all.

Price: $26.50


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Ohh Exciting ! I’ve been hearing a lot about the Stila convertible colors, especially Peony. I have very very very fair skin hehe, and I normally use the Maybelline Cream Blushes (my favorite Peach Satin, thanks Marlena !!!) Would Yuu reccomend using the Stila Convertible colors, MAC Cream blushes, or Maybelline Cream blushes for me ??
Thanks beautiful !!!

Wowza Now I DEFINITELY need to get some more $$ lol Guess this means more baby-sitting… oh well! I really want that MAC blush, so pretty! You look gorgeous as always. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

I’m so glad you included Stila Convertibles…they are my absolute favorite thing in the world. You should also try Camilla(kinda bronze) and Gladiola(a pretty orange that I mix with camilla).
You’re so awesome MArlena!!!

what a fabu haul…i am wicked jealous!

the lancome spotpink lipglass is stunning!

i also really covet the lorace liquid lustre…doesn’t cake? woohoo…

the guerlain bronzer looks like it should be mounted and framed as artwork…lol

and yep…you ARE a geek…in the most wonderful way, of course!


Wat a beautiful shade of that Guerlain bronzer, every time i see it in the perfumery am so delighted to see it , unlikely for me that is a high end product is at the pricy side for me. But I can imagine it gives a nice look and stays long and take care of your skin because it has moisturizers

Thanks for the review! I really want to pick up some of that Clarin’s primer now – I think it would look really pretty under my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation!! <3

Peony is a flower. You don’t pronounce it peOny like you did. It’s PEEony.

And please … go easy on the white in the corner of your eyes. SO distracting. Not attractive at all.

Why make a comment if you’re just going to be rude? Some things you should keep to yourself. Who cares if she pronounced the name wrong! No one is perfect and neither are you so just get off your high horse, K THANKS!

There’s this saying: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.” Ever heard of it? We all make pronunciation mistakes once in a while. Nobody’s perfect! Anyway, I think Marlena’s make-up is beautiful as always, she looks gorgeous. Thanks so much Marlena for sharing your fabulous self with us. You rock, girl!!! =o)

People can be so stupid with their comments, who cares about pronounciation! What I spell something wrong, are you going to criticize me because of my bad spelling! What it counts is her time and effort that she ALWAYS put in every video she does. Shame on you!!!! Marlene you looks gorgeous as always and you are such an inspiration for us. Thank to you I’m getting better with the way I do my make up. Kudos to you Marlene!

My mother’s British and they speak more eloquently that you/any American…and they pronounce it peOny :p

I totally agree with the Dior powders. I have been using them for a looong time now and totally love it. It gives the most amazing finish. Brialliant brialliant product.

I ran out of the Dior powder and had to get something else as it wasn’t available :-( Nothing else compares to it, so I cant wait to get it again!! Dior make the most beautiful products :-)

Love your reviews. They are so helpful so I dont have to buy out the stores to see what products are worth trying. Thanks so much Marlena. :)

I look forward to your product reviews! They’re always fun and inspiring.

I love those Lancome glosses especially Spot Pink. I have dry skin and will use cream blush every now and then, love the Stila/peony color. I know that would work for me and the price isn’t too scary. The scarier prices are on the Dior/Armani/Guerlain products. $74 for bronzer yikes! LOL I use Benefit’s Hoola — one box will last me the better part of a year and I use it daily.

hii! thanks for this post! i love your videos but most of them are with some make up brands that i cant get here in argentina!! like benefit, stila, make up forever, mac etc.
but this brands are expensive but i can get them here!
love oyu marlena!!

If you’re looking for a silicone-free primer, have you tried the Korres one? I got a sample and it was quite good.


You are gorgeous! I just found your site on youtube by accident last week and I have watched all of your videos since! I am such a huge fan! And you are such an inspiration! I love make-up, but it’s one thing to love it and another to know what the heck you are doing with it! LOL…

Anyways, I agree with Brittany on this one… PLEASE DO A TUTORIAL OF YOUR LOOK IN THIS VIDEO! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! You look gorgeous! I have similar coloring to you, eyes, skin and hair lol… so I would love to know what you have done to put this look together! :)

Thanks! And keep being amazing!
B <3

The Stila and Lorac makeup look like something I need in my makeup stash!! I have the Diorskin Nude and it actually has really good coverage, and it gives a nice natural glow, but you do need to touchup midday with this one =)

Marlena you look so beautiful! I would love a tutorial of your make up you have on here. Its gorgeous! Thanks for all the products. :)

– Jasmine

How good is the staying power of the Tarte Lock and Roll? Have you worn it for an extended period without it creasing? I’ve been wanting to try it in Rosegold or Quartz.

And have you tried any of Tarte’s new Amazonian Clay products? I’ve been curious about those, too. Sephora has a value set I’ve been eyeing…

I’ve gotten 12+ non-crease wear from them. I have it in gunmetal and it’s just beautiful. I still use a primer under it and it resist TX heat & humidity.

Hey Doll…the Lamncome glosses are rimmed (with the plastic colored band) according to color family, like pinks/plums, reds/oranges, and neutrals…

Hi Marlena,

Wow it’s a great haul :) and I love that particular Guerlain bronzer, I have it in Blondes and I don’t think I’ll ever use any other kind of bronzer again I think that could last up to years lol

Hi Marlena. I have to say you are very beautiful and I love what you do and these products. For me its not the money of the products, it’s just that most of the popular gurus like yourself are all lighter tones. Sometimes I would try out a style and it wouldn’t look nice. I’d try to fudge some of the colors but it still doesn’t work out. It’s really hard to go with the trends when none suit you. :/ I did appreciate you saying what tones it would look nice on however and I think many would agree darker tones do not agree with many colors because there weren’t many you said that would go with my tone but I thank you because not many gurus even mention this. It does make me a little sad that some products I can’t even buy no matter how pretty they are :(… however I am content with my skin tone it just sucks from time to time you know. Keep being awesome kks =^__^= thanks

hey Crystal , i read your comment and i know just how you feel i have the same problem but recently i came across this website called the style and beauty Doctor and they focus a lot on darker skin tone and have a lot of recommendation for our skin tone . i hope this helps

P.S. i love your site Marlena i check it everyday and i think it”s great what your doing

Hi,Marlena.I love your videos. Two questions for you:

1. I’m NW20/25.I Like red lipsticks and lipgloss.I need your help.

2.Do you like Mac Pro longwear concealer?


Thank you for the info. I loved the makeup that you were wearing. Could you do a tutorial or tell us what you were wearing?
Thanks :)

I know other have written little bit of the same….. Could you please make a tutorial on the technique you are using in this video it is very pretty and I looooove it. It gives your beautiful eyes a very pretty and gorgeous look. Nice color scheme love the colors.
What lipgloss are you using and what brand is it? Wau!

you look gorgeous in this video i like so much you earings!! Can you make a video show us your outfit on this video pleaseee.. i hope you understand my comment because i dont know english very well haha im latin .. tanks have a nice weekend ;)

hey i love you so much
can you do a favorite video like hats juwelry perfume
and other stuf

Hi, you are so beautiful. And I love your videos. Please tell me what color is on your lips?

Thank you Marlena for the info!! Love that Dior powder!!! Will have to save up for it! A tutorial for this look would be great…. you look STUNNING!!! :D

Hey, I also have oily skin , and its very important to use a primer oil_free before your foundation , helps the skin … And look for a oily skin foundation and a good powder to set everything!

Always use a primer if you have oily skin. This will help your foundation to stay and not look shiny throughout the day.

Loreal Infalable lip gloss has the same aplicator and is not sticky, I’d like to see you do a comparison to the lancome gloss.
I am wanting to try cream blush but I’m concerned it’s going to rub off my foundation when I apply it, any tips?

Hey! When applying creme blush, put your foundation on, apply the creme blush, then set with powder after. Should stay put”

Hi Marlena ,can you do a tutorial PLEASE DO THE TUTORIAL OF THIS LOOK!!!!!!!!!! i really love it, please,
And one thing , after using Revlon color stay, now i have acne, something is on the foundation is giving me acnes, are you getting acne after you put this foundation?

I thought I was the only one that broke out with the Revlon colorstay which is a shame because I’m in love with the coverage! Mac Studio Fix made me break out too. Now I’m confused on what to buy next :(

Dont know if you have investigated Booth No. 7 foundation. I have not yet tried it but have seen a number of peeps on the makeup geek forum say they love it. Cheap compared to alot of brands since find it at Target Store and many say they like it better than Colorstay. (Many also said they broke out with Colorstay but did not with the Booth No. 7). Thought I’d let you know what I have been hearing. Many want to give it a try.

You may want to use a mineral powder over it. Also, use it in little quantities, don’t apply it as it may be cakey on the skin.

I love this haul, I have been looking for a good face primer and powder, but now I just have to save up some money, as soon as I saw the video I went to Sephora online, but thought if I’m going to get this powder I need to be sure of the color, so I didn’t buy it online, the closest Sephora to my town is an hour away but I’m gonna try. What do you recomend, and what color is the one you bought?? :) Do you know if they have it at Ulta?? You look lovely as always! God bless!!

That bronzed is the best bronzed I’ve ever used! Sure it’s pricey, but it’s soooo worth it! It’s the perfect color and it’s so smooth! I apply it using my too faced Teddy bear kabuki brush. Such a great combination!

Hey I have a quick questions about the lip glosses. With the swatch on the bottom, are the first two mislabeled? When you showed them on your hand, the Seductively looked more pink but on the swatch it looks more plum. Same thing with the Plum Savvy (plumy on hand but pink on swatch). Maybe I’m just crazy lol.

No, the swatches are correct. She turns her hand in the tutorial. Seductively is more pink than Plum Savvy. They are great lipglosses!!!

Oh and I agree with everyone else. PLEASE do a tutorial on the look you are wearing! You look absolutely AMAZING!

Please do a tut for this look or let us know what you used. Looks absolutely gorgeous Marlena. Love your work! x

Would you suggest the diorskin powder for someone with oily skin? Thanks!

I love what you’re wearing now! Could you do a tutorial on it? =)

I hve the same feeling for the diorskin it just feels sooo smooth and it doesnt feel nasty and and cakey i Absoultely LOVE it<3 and also the guerlain 4 seasons bronzer it works AMAZING<3

Hi Marlena,

I know you like full coverage foundation as do I……well I have tried a few such as Estee Lauder Double Wear (LOVE) Shisedio (OK) Viche Dermablend (HATE as a foundation good as a concealer!!) Revlon colorstay (OK).

the other day I was at my Estee Lauder counter to pick up a new Double wear and happened by the Clarins counter the lady was very helpful and gave me enough samples for 2 weeks in there full cover foundation called Everlasting foundation, in various colors to find my shade which I am a 109 Wheat as opposed to a 2n2 fresco 01 in Estee Lauder.

I found my HG foundation after 2 weeks of use I LOVE it has 15hrs staying power spf of 15, the best coverage I have found and is light, not cakey at all as I have dry skin. It Retails for $42 canadian the same as the Double wear. I am out of samples now :( and my nearest Clarins counter is 2hrs away……. you should give it a try and do a review to let me know what you think.


Love the look you’re wearing Marlena.
The lancome lipgloss looks great, i am curious if they stay put though….Are they long lasting?

Marlena, is the Dior powder better than the Nars one you had suggested before? Just curious thanks.

hey did you ever get rasik eye surgery like you said a long time ago?
I was wondering about it. I need some information about it, so if you talk about it, it would help a lot of people like me in need of rasik… thanks

hi marlena luv ur videos :D. Im 15 and i sometimes get blemishes. i dnt like using foundation so i just use concealer and powder but i found that the my skin tone was uneven so i wasnt going to put concealer all over my face so i decided to use the bare minerals spf 15 mineral foundation. my skin in acne prone. is it a good idea for me to be using the bare minerals or will it cause me even more breakout and irritation?

Marlena PLEASE tell us what color is on your lips!!! Three of us have asked and we’re patiently waiting :) Thank you!!

Marlena, I really recommend the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15! I have oily skin that is prone to breakouts and rosacea, and this stuff is so nice and gentle. It does have some silicones, but it doesn’t have that weird, oily silicone feel. No parabens, either. Love it, despite the ridiculous price!

Hi Marlena, I really love your videos.
Could you help me, please? I have dry, mature skin. I mean, I have wrinkels and open pores! I would like you to help us (the mature women!). Would you make a “special” for us?
I need a good advice for everything: concealer, foundation, powder. Don`t care for the price.
I hope you will and thank you a lot.
Best wishes and we are waiting!!!

Marlena, I just found your website 2 weeks ago and I am fairly new at this. There is one item that I am looking for and I found it REALLY hard to find so I am totally bummed. I want to do the Kardashian inspired smoky eye and I cannot find that Naked Pallette by UD under $70! There is another one I found for $48 online but it does not have the same colors. Are they not making it anymore?

Marlena – PLEASEEEEE do a tutorial on your make up in this video! your eyes look beautifulllL and i would realllyy lovee to know exactly how you did it. Thankssssss ! <3 Oliviaaaa

marleeeeena! love your makeup on this video and would absolutely love a tutorial on it pleassse!!oh and by the way i love your work !!! your so awesome;)

Thanks for your review on the diorskin. I’ve been debating on making this purchase. Thank you. You rock!

the lorac 3D liquid lustre is an awesome product! i’ve been using this since it first came out and even mix it with hair products. i keep 1 in my bathroom and 1 in my kit to use on clients.
your site and tutorials are great! i agree with everyone here and would love to see a tutorial for the makeup you’re wearing here :)

the Cream Blush so sweet so easy sucks like hell . i have it and i don’t like it anymore . i rather use a lips stick instead of buying cream blushes and stuff

I love your page! Great reviews! I am rediscovering Lancome again and I just purchased the Lancome LaLaque Fever Gloss in “Seductively”, and I can’t wait to try it. I swatched a few shades at my local department store and I have to say these glosses are really nice; beautiful colors and I love the texture! I will see how this one goes, if I like it, I will surely go back for more! I love the applicator too.