Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment Review

In my quest of hydrating my parched and chapped winter lips, I found this tinted lip treatment that actually keeps my lips super soft!  I used to use my beloved Bourjois Night Lip Balm, but since they quit selling in the US (boo!), I had to find an alternate product.

Now I admit this little tube is not cheap, but it’s been the only thing keeping my lips from feeling like sandpiper every night.  They come in 5 different colors for just a slight tint on the lips.  The one I bought was “Plum” as it had the most color…

What I love:

  • Very emollient formula that doesn’t feel greasy
  • Slightly tinted color for those “no makeup days”
  • Smells and feels amazing!

What I hate:

  • The price.

I realize that $22 is WAY too much for a chapstick basically, but if you have super dry lips and want something with a little color then these lip treatments are quite nice.   I’m not sure if I would buy any more just because I hate spending that much, so I will continue my quest for something cheaper :)   It is an amazing product though and Fresh did a great job with their product!

  • Rating:  4 out 5
  • Product: 4 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Price:  1 out of 5
  • Would I buy again?  If it were cheaper…

Price:   $22.50

Where to Buy:   Sephora  .  Amazon  .  eBay

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If you sign up for the Beauty Insider (free) membership with Sephora, the free birthday gift at the moment is a mini size of this product-you get one Sugar fresh and one Sugar fresh Rose. Just got mine this past week! The mini size is 0.08 oz, so with the 2 combined, you actual get a smidge larger than 1 full size tube! Not too shabby!

I got this for my birthday as well! I LOVE the neutral one. They smell so good and my boyfriend likes that it doesn’t leave color on him. It’s great for hanging around the house. I’ve noticed my lips feel much softer and the chappedness is going away finally. I have fairly dry lips, so this was a great product. The Rose is a really nice sheer pinkish-red too. You can really barely notice it.

Just went makeup shopping at Sephora today and I saw this! I got the UD ‘Naked 2’ and Makeup forever HD finishing powder instead :)

I recently tried the new ‘Baby lips’ by Maybelline and the Revlon ‘Lip butter’. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ‘Lip butter’ especially the color ‘lollipop’ I can’t stop wearing it.

Anywho, LOVE you Marlena.
P.S PLEASE get the MUG stippling brush back in stock soon!

I have to agree about the Revlon Lip Butter. I just recently purchased both as well since Neutrogena discontinued their Moisture Shine Lip Sheers line. I was not a fan of the Maybeline Baby Lips one due to the taste, but the Revlon was awesome. Feels great, awesome color choices, and you can’t beat the price compared to Fresh.

Seconded! I got it this month as a birthday gift, very pleasantly surprised by the product. I’ll see how long these little freebies last and maybe see if I can replenish them on eBay or the like… :)

I’ve been using the Rosebud Strawberry lip balm (available at Sephora in the “impulse buy” bins by the checkout), and I find it really moisturizing and great for night time… It has a less waxy formula than the Fresh balms, its consistency is more like a Vaseline-petroleum-jelly type product… So if you like that kind of formula, it’s a great option… I think it’s under $10 in the US for a .8 oz tin that lasts FOREVER! They also have different scents/flavours but the strawberry is nicest, IMO

I second the Rose Salve!! It also comes in a tube, which I bought instead of the tin. I LOVE it too :)

This is actually my go-to every day lip color, only I have the “passion” color, which is more of a raspberry red than the Plum and Rose. I love it! I have the plum on order, I found it on Sephora’s website in a 2 pack with the brown sugar lip scrub that I have been eyeing. Instead of one for $23, I got both for about $30. I can’t resist a deal… Even if that is still pretty pricey.

I have super dry lips, too, and the only thing that’s done the trick for me lately is the C.H. Bigelow Rose Salve. I love, love, love the apple flavored one, but it’s been discontinued. :-(

Here’s the regular rose one, though:

My only complaint is that it can be a little messy to apply with your fingers, but you can’t beat the price.

I just wish Bath & Body Works would stop discontinuing the best flavors!

You can order select Bourjois products from ASOS, but I think (after browsing the UK Bourjois site ages ago) that your old favourite lip balm has been discontinued, so you wouldn’t be able to buy it now anyway (unless you find it while trolling through eBay or something).

One of my fave lip balms is Softlips. I also like Burt’s Bees. Both are very affordable. :)

I’ve tried several lip balms and the one that does miracles for me is the Neutrogena Lipcare Lip Balm SPF15. It’s long lasting and very moisturizing but without being greasy – it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It’s clear, so it can be worn under lipstick, without changing its color. And it also comes at a very good price too! (2,99USD on their website)

They are truly amazing and worth every penny. It is difficult to find something that good for less. If you can find Ceralip by La Roche Posay, that would be an alternative. It is a bit cheaper, but as efficient if not more. The only downside is that it comes only in clear.

Have you tried the EOS lip balms? I live in Iowa, and it is SO dry here in the winter, so I am crippled and incoherent if I don’t have balms. They are all natural and super hydrating, and much cheaper than those. Just a suggestion.

I LOVE the EOS lip balms! Now that I think about it, I think the lemon-scented one smells and feels pretty much identical to the original Sugar fresh (the one in the brown tube).

I love EOS, I use their product year round and live in Nevada where the winter is cold, windy, and incredibly dry!

You should try Jack Black’s lip balms. They are $7.50 each and come in a bunch of flavors. They are super moisturizing….but I have found that my lips get used to my lip balm so I switch off between 2 or 3 lip balms and that seems to help a lot. Something to look into!

try the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer, SPF 15. its about $4 and its SUUUUUPER moisturizing. not like those chapstick formulas that seem waxy on the lips. this is like butter on your lips except not really.

There are literally thousands of tinted lip balms out there. I trust the brands that have been around since the stone ages as they have stood the test of time. My favorites are chapstick, lipsmakers, bonny bell, maybelline, soft lips, EOS, and burt’s bees. I actually got rid of a lot of off brand lip balms because they did nothing for my dry winter lips. I like EOS because they use natural ingredients, it smells good, and feels wonderful on my lips. I use it for my knuckles, too. Don’t call me crazy until you try it. EOS is the only thing keeping the winter skin away.

I am going to try the eos until I hit a Sephora, but I too love the maybelline baby lips. I use the bubblegum pink color the most, my 2 year old carries around the clear! The color is beautiful and shiny and the relief on my lips feels luxurious! its worth it if you see it at a drugstore to grab a couple and stash them here and there, super nice and inexpensive!

Hy Marlena !
Good review and honest
This SUGAR products are expensive try C:O Bigelow Night Balm it does the job
and its only 7.50 trust me you will not reggret it.


Gosh, I do love a good lip balm. I think I like lip balms and tinted balms more than lip gloss or lipstick. Probably mainly because I’m not that big on wearing colour on my lips, I feel like I don’t suit anything too extreme on the lips. It’s nice to see how much colour you get from this. Some are very washed out, but this looks like it would give a nice wash of colour.

Marlena, You say you want something hydrating for nightime well if it doesnt HAVE to have a tint or color then I’d give LYPSYL lip treatment a try ( WALGREENS) Honey berry is my favorite.

I agree. I LOVE the original and the honeyberry. There is something about that little bee you have to push up too. The original really healed my lips. Have a great day! Jennifer

I love the sugar lip treatments and i find that they are best for putting on over lipstains. lipstains can be so ddrying and when you work at a job or are out and you cant reaply a lip product these are the best! I use a revlon or my one jose maren(which is amazing but so pricy) lipstain every day and use a similar colour sugar lipbalm over top, these get me through my 12 hour work days. :)

I have always wanted to try these, so I broke down and was waiting for the fireworks. I didn’t get the fireworks and was missing $22. It is fine if you have the funds to spend, but if I am going to spend more money I will get another Sara Happ. Love you Marlena. Thanks for all of your hard work. I am trying to step up my game now that I am feeling better. I had to do nothing for three months because of being sick. No fun. I hope you are doing great…I miss chatting! Sincerely, Jennifer

These are wonderful products, but like Marlena, I won’t be repurchasing due to the price. I did run through an entire stick this summer, when I wanted to make sure my lips didn’t get too dried out before my wedding in August. I do live in a desert, so my lips are dry and chapped year-round. However, I find that most days I just wear carmex with some lip gloss over it to achieve a similar affect for much less money. I save my two fresh sugar sticks (I have the Clear and the Rose) for times when I’m spoiling myself.

Oh, and someone else mentioned the Fresh sugar lip scrub earlier, which I also use regularly. It’s INCREDIBLE! Especially if you have super-chapped lips, it does a magnificent job of removing the majority of your chapped, dead skin without cracking and bleeding, which is a major plus. I used it every other day for a month leading up to my wedding in addition to the sugar sticks, and my lips were gorgeous throughout the day and evening.

I tried the sugar rose and wasn’t impressed… It wasn’t as hydrating as a lot of cheaper balms and smelled bad.

You should definitely try the Maybelline Baby Lips though. Great formula, kind of a tropical smell, and you can get it in either clear or several tinted shades. Mine came in a two pack of the clear and bright pink. The pink looks pretty shocking in the tube but is sheer like the sugar balms.

I agree with you on the price. I bought the xmas box set which comes with three colors but theyre not full size. Theyre decent and very moisturizing! Smells like lemon too!

I’ve seen an advert for Maybelline Baby Lips, supposedly it’s an SPF 20 moisturizing lip balm that claims “Lip renew formula and 8-hr hydration for visibly renewed lips in 4 weeks.?
Clinical care for baby-soft lips” I was wondering if you had experience with this, if so, please share your opinion on it. Please do a review! Thanks so much, I love these reviews it really helps a lot!

If you like the packaging and find it pricy you should look ingot the Nivea! It is the same tube and you can get in at any Pharmacy (Drug Store) for about $3. My favorite would be the pink pearl it keeps your lips feeling amazing and it has a light pink tint to it and they last a long time as well.

Hope this is helpful :-D

Hi girls,

I got them on Sephora on my birthday and simply did not like them. The taste is minty ( arghhhhhh !!) and it does not have any color . It is like putting a common chapstick. However, I love the one from Palmer’s – Cocoa Butter formula with vitamin E . You buy it at Walmart and it is very cheap ( probably 3 dls). This one is really richy, smoothy, does not have any taste and it really does the job. You will never suffer from chapped or cracked lips anymore.
Try it !

My very favorite lip balm is Dr. Hauschka found at Whole Foods (they used to carry it at Sephora but back then Sephora also used to carry Bourjois). It’s about $12 so pretty pricey too but its the only thing I repeatedly buy. It feels like it lasts all day but its not stickey or too thick.