Andrea’s Room and Makeup Space Tour

Hey girls and guys,

This video was more of a fun and personal type of video which I hope that you all enjoy. My most watched videos are makeup collection and storage videos; I spend hours on YouTube and it always gets me inspired to organise/reorganise my things. Hopefully you enjoy watching this video and that for some of you, I can inspire or give you ideas that you can use in your own space too! I have listed below the products that comprise my makeup vanity and some of the storage I have used as well.

Have a great week and take care,





  • Lighting Panel –  MUSIK wall lamp from IKEA (comes without light bulbs)
  • Light Globes – SPARSAM low energy e14 globes 7w from IKEA
  • Mirror – was from IKEA but I couldn’t find it :( but its just plain square mirror
  • Desk – BARBADOS desk from OFFICEWORKS (or alternative is the MALM dressing table from IKEA)


  • Mirrored Disc from the $2 store – found in the candle section
  • 12 Lipstick Holder from FREEDOM furniture
  • Square and Rectangular boxes – Acrylic Makeup Containers from SPOTLIGHT
  • Larger Acrylic Organisers – GODMORGON storage unit set of 3 from IKEA
  • Other clear storage – Empty Box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates :P
  • Baskets in bookcase – BRANÄS rattan basket from IKEA


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Thanks for sharing this video! I am a new Muggie and so this video helps a lot! I love to be organized and to be inspired by other people! Makeup is a great hobby but only if you know where everything is. lol Your puppy is cute too:)
Thanks again! I’ll be checking out IKEA soon!
Lauren <3

Aww thank you for your sweet comment and I’m glad it helped you!
and yes IKEA has some great ideas and stuff for storage.
hope you’re having a great day lauren :)

I’ve got a small collection of make up that fits inside one very large train case. I wish it had more drawers and I wish I could afford a professional train case. But, my caboodle does the job nicely. I like that I can get most of my make up collection inside it. The stuff I can’t get to fit or is out of circulation for the season goes in plastic bags inside a large bin that fits under the bed. Important things such as brushes have their own bag that fits in the train case.

I was just woundering do you have a lot of places that sell urban decay in Australia as I live in New Zealand and we have nowhere!!! I’m really interested in purchasing a naked pallet.

OMG!! Love love LOVE!! You are so organized (which makes my inner neat freak sooo overjoyed to see) and your desk is so amazing!! Love the anti-slip mat idea! Thanks so much for giving us this peek into your space! Oh and you are adorable too! <3 the Australian accent :)

This was very helpful. I was struggling with where to put my pallets. They don’t fit into a train case of course. I like the idea of the basket devoted to pallets. I’m going to try that.

Dude, you’re so organised it’s scary. I’d get freaked out by that much floor space. That idea of the baskets is really cool; I’ll have to try that!

Hi!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas, I really like them and I’m going to use some around my house. Love the accent from Australia. I wish one day I would go to visit down there!!
Blessings, Rosalia : )

Hi Andrea! Just wondering, what do you think of the Lemon Aid eye primer/corrector? I’m considering getting it, but I wonder if it will hold up the same way my MAC paint does? Great video!

I bought mine online and I am very disappointed in the quality, but I don’t have the heart to throw it out. I only used it a few times and am really sad that I wasted the money because its pretty useless :( but this is just my opinion

Hey Andrea…. Love the make up desk it has inspired me…. I couldn’t hear exactly where i could find the mirror with lights… I LOVE IT…. can you please let me know… THANX