My Studio Room Tour!


Here’s the products I use to store my makeup!

If you want to see my video on how to store your makeup, go here:


For my brushes and eyeliners, I use a pencil holder that I got from Target.  I like having one with multiple slots so they separate all my brushes easily.  You could even use some pretty glasses or mugs :)

Price Range:  $4-12 depending on the size you get

Where to Buy:  Target  or any office supply store

For my pigments, I use this 6 slot plastic case that I got from Joanne’s- you could try to find at any craft store in the beading section.  This one especially is the perfect size for pigment samples- I can fit about 60 samples in one case!

Price:  $7

Where to Buy:  Joanns  or if you can’t find, here’s the link to my exact one:   Amazon

For my blushes, bronzers, concealers, etc… I use these utensil dividers as they’re the perfect size for most of my makeup products! I found these at Target as well.  (Can you tell I love Target? I should have my own labeled parking space there… haha)

Price:  $4-6 depending on the size you get

Where to Buy:   Target

*Picture courtesy of

This is the lipstick case I use for all my lipsticks.  It is very hard to find these as most companies do not sell them, so I had to buy mine online.  The link is below :)

Price: $12.95

Where to Buy: Sharadon Inc.

















These are the drawers I use for my desk- you can put whatever slab of wood or glass you’d like on top :)  They’re the perfect size for holding makeup!  They’re called the “Vika Alex” unit and are from Ikea.  The one in my closet is the tall one and is $119- also from Ikea.

Price:  $79.99

Where to Buy:   Ikea











Here is my lighting that I use- they’re soft boxes that you can purchase from Amazon, ebay, or local photo store (although you’ll pay much more in a local store…)

Price:  $168

Where to Buy:   Amazon











This is one of my traincases that I use the most- I love how sturdy it is and how the little cubbies inside keep everything organized! It comes in several different colors, but you know how much I love pink!

Price:  $219

Where to Buy:   Amazon


I hope all of you Makeup Geeks are having a great week!  Thanks for touring my studio, and let me know if you have any questions on how to store your makeup :)

Much love,


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Oooooh, I’m really excited to see your cream shadow collection. I’m a cream shadow junkie, haha.

I know that you’ve used them as bases in a lot of looks, but could you possibly do a few tutorial looks using cream shadows? Do you prefer to use brushes or fingers to apply them?

I used my birthday money to spurge on the MUFE Aqua Cream collection, and I’m still trying to come up with ways to use them, other than as just bases.

Thanks! The studio looks great. :-)

Thanks for the great video, Marlena. Gave me some great ideas on how to organize my makeup. It’s a huge mess right now. :P Thanks so much for all the hard work you do. You always make me smile when I watch your videos. I hope you have a great day. :)

Ma gawd, Marlena, ur so organized w/ ur makeup xD im so messy w/ mine :P i just found my pencil brush in my kitchen = = wtf… but thanks to ur vid I can now organize my makeup!!! Thank you sooooo much!! As usual u look fantastic. Love you <3 mwah***

hi Marlena, love your videos and your eye shadows my question for u is, are u going to come out with a blush collection? I love the shadows so much that I can’t wait for blushes. U rock!

Yep! Blushes are coming out in a few months :) I already have the colors formulated- I have 6 matte and 4 shimmer ones in a variety of shades!

I am an organization junkie also …. would love to know where you got the black palette (not the z palette but the one you put the labels on (inside) please!

Hey Marlena,
What Mac paintpots colors do you recommend? Are there any silver-based ones that are out there that I can purchase?

Awesome organization! I was looking for a desk just like this. Is there a link for where you got it??

I love the way you organized. Things are so easily accessible! Quick question where did you get your z-pack(am I hearing that right?) that you keep your eye shadows in? I have a bunch of MAC eye shadows I want to depot and I love that those are see through.

Hi Marlena,
first off, you look great, congratulations.
I wanted to ask if you can provide the link for the lighting. I would really appreciate it. Your room looks great. I wish I was in Sacramento :(

This is so great! I am a new Muggie but this is the best site for makeup! I am a college student so organizing everything is where I have the issue so this video is great! I also liked Andreas room video. We need more of these videos! I move every year so if I am more organized I can buy more things! Thank you again for showing us how to be organized! It helps a ton!
Lauren <3

Wow your make-up collection is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing and for some great ideas about how organize the make-up :-D

wow! What a nice stash…..i’m always told i have too much make up but it ain’t nothing compared to yours (and thats a good thing considering i don’t use it for work). Looks indeed really nice and organized!
And you look great, the pain and hard work obviously do pay off!

Thanks for the tour! I wish my collection was half as organized :)
Looking forward to your Gel Eyeliners and Creamshadows. Got my package with the eyeshadows yesterday and all of them are amazing!!!

Wow this is just perfect, I love the way everything is organized. I was wondering where did you buy that small travel case which was behind the curtain? It is lovely :) <3

Yes, I’d love to know where you got your makeup train case/luggage, as well. I’m always looking not only for a deal on those, but great resources to buy them.

would love to know where you got the large pink train case…I’m in direct sales and that looks perfect for packing everything in for me. Thanks!!

Wow!!! I think I just fell in love with your studio!!!! It’s beautiful and so organized, Marlena! Great video :) It really helped. You give us lots of ideas! Are you barefoot??? :D
Beatiful things you have in there!! Thank you for showing everything!

Thanks Marlena for sharing this video with us. You help me a lot to get ideas at organizing. You look wonderful in this video and I loved your studio. Xoxo

I love everything you post! Thanks for sharing! But what do you recommend for concealers that leave white on your face. I know they have photofriendly foundation (Makeup Forever and Revelon) but I cant find concealer!!

Hi Marlena,
This video was so helpful, thanks so much!
I loved seeing the lighting that you used here…
Any other technical information you can provide on how you produce videos? Which camera do you use? Other lighting or just the soft lights? Editing software?
You should make a video…on how to make quality videos! Your image quality and sharpness is much more impressive than most gurus on YouTube.
Thanks for all the work that you do for your followers & readers!!

OMG can i seriosly move with you (joking) i saw how organized u are w ur mk, im too a have my mk in little plastic door container they sele @ target n i use one of those pc desks to have all my makeup . love you tutorial you rock baby you do inpired me to became a make up artist i always wanted to become one but i just have took the time (no money) ;( well love it thanks for let us to be part of make up geek !!

I don’t know if I’m more jealous of how organised all of your stuff is…or just all of your stuff!! Haha.
It looks great and I wish I was that organised with my makeup/hair stuff!
Totally going to ikea now next time I’m in the city!
Really helpful video with some great ideas!! I want to find one of those art cases, that was a great idea!!!!
Thanks Marlena! Lots of good ideas in there!!!!

Thanks for all of your good ideas ! i’m gonna start labeling my eye shadows too.:) just wondering what camera do you use for your pictures and video?

Hey Marlena!!! Hope your having a great day!! I am new to your website and happy to call myself a makeup junkie and now a muggie. LOL. I have been watching several of your videos and am so impressed with the ease in which you show just how easy the looks are to re-create.

I really like the organizational items you used in this one and am going to give them a try! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us in internetland how to play, and be more beautiful. Your honesty and ease behind the camera really shine through.

Love your collection…WOW. Truly amazing. Would it be possible if you could do a tutorial on tips/tricks for the 40ish crowd that still love makeup and want to continue to be sexy and beautiful??

Thank you!!

Thank you Lisa for SUCH a sweet comment- thank you!! I am working on tips for 40+ video- may be a few months though as I have some others to post first, but I’m on it! :)

Lancome Teint Idole
Diorskin Airflash
Revlon Colorstay
Neutrogena Healthy Skin
Makeup Forever HD
Loreal True Match

hi marlena, i love love love all ur makeup you keep it so well organized i got inspired to do the same thing! i wanted to ask you about the pigment sample jars you use.. i ordered some samples last week and i LOVED them!!! but i want to know,, what size are the jars?

Hello Marlena,

I love watching your videos and tutorials! Your studio room is just great! Love the golden ring you wear too, where did you get it?
xxx from France

Marlena, what camera do you use to shoot your video’s?

BTW, I’m a muggie & I would have logged in to leave this comment but I forgot my password.. again! I’m in the process of resetting it :)

Hi Marlena!
I love you’re makeup studio and how much makeup you have! I just have a question…how long does it take for makeup to expire? I read an article about how different types expire at different times and I kinda freaked out because I didn’t know that. I just started with makeup around a year ago, so I was just wondering how often I have to replace my makeup?


You know, everyone has different answers for this… Powder products are much more forgiving- 3+ years is standard. For mascaras, it’s 3 months. Cream and liquid products is 1 year.

Hi Marlena,
I’ve been watching your channel for many years and I really like your personality. My daughter getting married this coming November, and I really want you to be the make up artist. can you and I discuss this proposal. I know you in Vacaville or Sacramento area and I leave in Walnut Creek Ca. Not sure if you familiar. Please email me back if I could book you sometimes on November I will give you the detail information and discuss what you charge for wedding occasion.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you

I am new…. and a bit overwhelm!! but I am determined to learn at least the basics.
so… I will be asking you lots of questions…
Great advise…
Thank you.

COULD YOU PLEASE, do a video about the process of making your own makeup and what it takes and what goes on in the “lab”
ALSO, can you do maybe like an “intro to makeup artistry video”.? I’m really good at makeup and it is one of my passions, but I’m not sure where to necissarily start (like getting a lisence or going to school for example) to becoming a professional makeup artist and a video or pointers would surely help. That would be AMAZING.!! Thanks. ;)

Marlena, I love you… You have taught me everything I know… Please lease do a tutorial on the best ways to match foundation.. You always talk about neutrogena healthy skin….
I had to buy about four of them and return all of them because I am insecure they do not match..
Neutrogena does not list whether they are cool, neutral or warm either. Please help us all. Love u!!!

Marlena, couldn’t help but notice how fabulous and THIN you’re looking!!! You look amazing and healthy! :) Hope you’re happy as well.
I would LOVE to see you do a video on the Korean brand BB Creams – based on your video of the Too-Faced bb and comments posted after, I bought the Garnier version – pretty great stuff – I’ve never had much luck with traditional foundations – not sure why… partially because they tend to be too … orangey? Pink? They darken on my skin. Even the most pale shades tend to be wrong on me. And I always seem to look like I have worse skin when wearing foundation – they accentuate every flaw in my skin – which is pretty darn good skin, I might add. ANYWAY!! The Garnier BB cream, though really just a glorified tinted moisturizer, is BEAUTIFUL on my skin and actually seems to be helping to improve it!
I ordered a Korean on – by Skin79 and cannot wait for it to come in! Maybe you could do a review/video on some different brands and types. I am hearing so much buzz about them! :)
Again, you look amazing and I am so happy for your success – I know what a lot of work it is to lose weight and keep up those good habits! You go, girl!! :)

Hey Marlena!!

Love, love, love your tutorials!!!

Just a quick question…what camera do you use for your tutorials. It’s so crisp, clear, and clean! I would love to know the brand and style. Thanks so much and congrats on your success!!!

Hi Marlena,

Lovely collection and so well organised. I wanted to ask you how long should you use the makeup for. You hear that you shouldn’t use makeup for more than 18 months and some products for more than 6 months and so on. So what do you suggest. Take care.

The Minute I set my eyes on your posts glitter explodes throughout the atmosphere angels and fairies dance across the room the world shines rainbow colors I love your blog keep posting baby X mercury moonshine dutchess

That is a spiffy room! I have serious makeup envy right now, haha! If you ever need someone in the Sacramento area to take any of that extra makeup off your hands, you know where to find me! :P Heck, I would volunteer to be a model/guinea pig/test subject just for a shot to see that stuff in person! ;)

Hope everything is going well for you! Hugs from Davis/Roseville!

PS– Marlena, you look absolutely fabulous!

HI, i have oily sensitive skin and I have tried Revlon colorstay but it always breaks me out.What do you recomend? Have you tried covergirl naturelux? I read that Pat mc Grath used it in fashion week.

One question are you going to make any Pigments in the Future? I wanted to buy the Solar Bits collection from Mac but I didn’t have a Job back then and I Missed out on it and Im very Sad about it. It was a GREAT product that I Missed out on ;-( Is thIs there any way you can make the Bronzescape Pigment if you ever make Pigments? You should do a Turquoise gel liner and a nice light or dark Purple gel liner for blue eyes and a Woodstock gel liner. Can you make eye gel liners for Turquoise eyes?

Thank You
I haved learn alot

hello Marlena, i accidentally bumped into one of our video tutorials and got hooked with it and with your bubbly personality! :-)
i love MUG online store and i love the colors of your make up. please restock the MUG foundation stippling brush soon. you are very organized with your make up, impressive! :-) thanks for sharing us all the helpful info, i’ve learned alot watching your foundation video . i am from Singapore so big hugs from Asia!! :-) and ooh am checking out your facebook page….

can u do an updated makeup collection vid. i saw ur new studio and i wanna see ALL ur makeup. o by the way im 10

Hi I was just curious about how much money do you think you have put into your collection? It looks like soooooo much!

Omg my makeup studio is such a mess right now!!! Its not as neat and tidy as this :( … Wow I’ve got some high standards to work with now hahaha :) I’m not a makeup artist but I do have so much makeup to the extent my parents find my stuff everywhere haha <3 I love this video it was so helpful thanks Marlena <3

Hi Marlena,

I absolutly love your videos. In fact you made me do other than black eyeliner and mascara;)

I saw you really have tons of products that you use constantly , more or less.
The fact is that all of them have an expiration date… and unfortunately I found myself in this situation where I had lots of products and not enough time to use them. So how do you do it? Because I really threw a lots of them…

Anyways best of look and keep giving us advice and tutorials;)
Kisses from Italy,