How to Organize Your Makeup


Pigment/Eyeshadow Container:    Prism Storage Box

Price: $4.86

Where to Buy: Joanns or Amazon

Sterlite 3 Drawer Container

Price: $6.99

Where to Buy: Target  or  Amazon

DVD Case

Price:  $16.35

Where to Buy:    Amazon

Lipstick Case

*Picture courtesy of

Price: $12.95

Where to Buy: Sharadon Inc.

Brush Bag

Price: $6.50

Where to Buy: Naimie’s Beauty Center


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Michaels has great craft boxes that I use for all of my MAC paint pots, bobbi brown cream shadows and MAC/NYX eyeshadows that I dont have in my Pro Palettes. It is very convenient and awesome :)

Organizing my MAC shadows into the palettes has been so much easier to access all my colors at one quick glance. It allows me to combine more colors and create a lot more looks.

Wow,That is just what i need,Since My makeup is catered all over the place,I will Definitaley get these Organizational Boxes,Thanks Marlena,XOXO

Hi Marlena!!

So I just got done watching your tutorial, by the way great tut plus u look fab as always…I just wanted to give you an idea about the lipstick labeling. You can type up the label dab the color as well and then laminate it!! I just got done trying it at the office hehe and it works great and the lipstick will stay without fading.

great marlena,

your video helps me a lot because I try to organise my
make up !!!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video. It has given me a lot of great ideas. My makeup is an unorganized mess. I never can find what I’m looking for at the moment. I did recently get all my MAC shadows depotted and into a palette, which has improved things. Now, if I can my NYX single eyeshadows into some type of order I’ll be set.

Thanx for the vid. one way you can store ur “tall” lipglosses is by repoving the cover from on of those lispstick cases.

I love how we see more than just your face on camera. You look more confident. You were still pretty even before loosing weight :)

Hey Marlena,

I have an idea for you for the lipsticks, you can do the same thing with the labels like your MAC pallettes, but instead of the name just swatch it on the label and place it in order on the inside of the lid. And you can label the side of the box according to its contents (i.e NYX lippies).

I love the videos and your website!!!


WOW…i’m so jealous of you right now…what exactly do you do for a living because I would love to be able to do what you do :) Someone let me know. I have found my passion in life :)

Marlena. You are so great at what you do. Since ive been watching ur videos, youve inspired me to want to become a makeup artist. I also plan to move to Cali someday also. lol. You look so beautiful, Honestly you dont look much older than me and im 20. Love your videos, youve got me addicted. You look great. So glad you are back. We missed you!


This is an awesome video! It looks like it would be very easy to grab and go as well, since everything is contained.

I use more open storage, drawer organizers, desktop organizers and such. I may have to take some pics (when my desk is clean ;-) ) and post them up.

Did you know you can fit 26 shadows in the MAC palettes? I’ve been able to fit 26 into mine. If you depot other brands though, maybe not quite 26. UD pans are a bit bigger, so if there’s a lot, it’ll be too tight to fit 26.

you do the first two rows of 7, then stagger the third row (6) and then 3 on each side of the clasp in the fourth row. :-)

thank you for the tip.could i have become a addicted to make up now. i am a newbe at makeup .. but makeup is a hobby for me now..
p.s would you be able to show how you do your hair.

Awesome tutorial! Although I have to admit I’m quite jealous of your amazing makeup collection, it only furthers my addiction to cosmetics :)

I’m so jealous of your makeup collection! I wish I could do makeup for living like you do, but in Quebec City, in Canada, it is almost impossible to make enough money with makeup when you have like a house to pay and children to feet :( . Lucky you!

Oh my gosh Marlena I have been been hoping for one of these videos forever! These are great ideas I cant wait to try some of them myself! Love your videos!!!

Great tips! Wish I had a whole room for makeup! I’m definitely going to use a lot of these tips to reorganize my makeup drawer. BTW LLOOOVE the drapery in the background… damask with a hint of chandelier; FABULOUS! I actually am a hairstylist and work out of my home. Believe it or not my shop has pink walls (a paler Victoria’s Secret Pink) and black and cream damask curtains. May I ask where you found the drapery?

Thank you so mucj Marlena! I’m sooo glad you’re back to doing your videos! I would have a ball if i could spend a whole day in your makeup studio playing around with the makeup!!! I love all teh effort you put inot your work, you’re so kind and caring!

Thank you!

I love this!
But I was wondering….How do you organize your foundations?
Can you please do another tutorial…on everyday looks? Something simple and sweet that I can wear everyday during summer.
Nothing too bright please!
Thank you so much,
love your work!!! I seriously visit this site everyday to see if you uploaded!
true muggie, i know. ;)

Hi Marlena..
Great tut but Ive been on the sheridan website to get the lipstick boxes as I have way too many to count (Free mac lipsticks for depotting eyeshadows! LOL!!)
The sheridan website does not deliver to the UK!!!! Have looked on ebay and amazon and NOTHING!!! Please can you get some into the MUG store!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Thankyou so much for everything.. You are a true inspiration!

Thanks Marlena for the tutorial!! I have missed your videos as well. Thanks for doing looks that us “mocha” girls and wear as well. Just a note….I have purchased the 3-drawer containers at my local Dollar Tree.

i always check your channel to f’ind out if there’s a new video, hope you’ll continue sharing your talent with us! i love your make ups! good bless and more power miss Marlena

Ahmmmyygosh thank you for this!
So glad you’re back, We’ve missed you!
Btw- You’re looking great!


Was this filmed in your “new” makeup room! You made it to CA right? Welcome back!! I’m in the San Francisco Bay area but my little brother lives our your way in Sacramento. Thanks for the suggestions for makeup storage. I have an armoire that holds most (but not all) of my makeup. I loved those lipstick containers, i’m definitely going to order those. Hope your having a good week.

THIS IS GREAT!! Now i can get organized because my collection ( wich has tripled in three months thanks to you) is crammed and made for portability, since I do not have a comfortable makeup area in my home. You are fantastic. I’m a NYX fan now due to your reviews which reach out to the bargainista in me and today I stumbled into a beauty supply that carries NYX for giveawawy prices. lipcolors @ 2 for $1. glitter pallettes for $2.99, single shadow for 2.49. IM so happy to be a MUG, keep doing what you do and I’ll keep telling other MUGS about you.

GODDESS MARLENA ……………. Us devoted make up geekies have had to wait nearly 4 weeks for the next installment of Marlena Medicine and its been torture waiting ………………………. ive had to take counselling and call the smaritans for help!

But as ever you dont disappoint with another railroad steam train of pure Majesty MARLENA .. I ..TIS … you should be the Mistress of IKEA with all this excellent ideas of storage ,, how can us your slaves to the skin care ever repay you ………………………….?

Simple by WORSHIPPING YOU even more :-) :-) .. thanks for another Hollywood A list movie to keep the Make .up. Geek in me satisfied :-)

And may i say that Goddess is looking very beautiful today as well :-)

Kneeling before your DEVINE PRESENCE

Thank you for posting this! I’m moving in two weeks and trying to get organized now so I can stay that way at my new place. Perfect timing!

Hi Marlena,

Would be so great if you could sell the Sharodan lipstick cases on the MUG store as I am in the UK and can’t order from the website as they don’t deliver outside the US.

I ordered the lipstick box on the first of June and haven’t received it yet. I paid 5.95 for shipping and its being shipped as Economy. That’s going to take forever to receive. I hope you end up selling them cause i’m in Cali and maybe the shipping would be faster. I’m crossing my fingers for you.

You’re back!!! I missed you so much, as usual you never dissapoint, thanks for all the lovely ideas, love those pink drawers!! of course they have to be pink Miss Marlena! love this tut… keep em coming girl we have missed you like crazy

Thanks Marlena, that was sooooo helpful. I have it all in a kaboodle and have to dig through it too look for make up.

I’m a new follower of yours, Marlena. You have a sweet spirit that is unique to this world and what you do. Thank you for being generous with what you do and helping us! Love, Kasey

Thank you so much! I’ve been needing help organizing my mess of makeup. Thank you so much, and you are looking so gorgeous! Your makeup and hair in this video are stunning!

Nice video as always! I have to ask, though, do you know if Target still makes the pencil holder you use for your brushes? I haven’t had any luck finding something like the one you have so far.

I haven’t seen it lately, but I saw a similar black one at Walmart yesterday- it just doesnt have the full length slots in the center :( Maybe try Office Max or Office Depot?

I love all your videos!!!! another great one as usual! i love all the makeup you have and wish i had as much as you :)

hi,Marlena…YOU ARE BACK :) :) :) :) I need your help, in “Kim Kardshian´s glow” tutorial, did you use loose powders too?? color? please help me ;)

hey marlena!!!
your makeup is great…ur like glowing!! seriously!!!
ow and nice background! its more creative, rilli nice!

Hi there, LOVE your tutorials. I was wondering where do you get those round labels you use for you palettes. Thank you!

hi marlena,

i really love ur videos nd would like to follow them but i have no idea what to use on my skin tone. i’m a complete amature wit makeup. i know ur busy and all but i have a small request… i’ll forward my photograph to u (only if u won’t mind ) can u plz help me out wit wat products and wat colors i can go wit….
plz plz plz plz …

thanking u,
from a crazy fan of urs,

Hi I really love your videos and I was wondering, what do you do with all of your make up? You said it’s your job but, please don’t take this as a bad way, what is your job? Can you tell me about what you do, it looks like a fun and interesting thing to do.

Thanks for this great video. I guess I need something like the pencil holder, all my brushes and lipglosses will fit there perfectly.
I’m curious if that in the background is photo cam CANON G 11. It really looks similar with mine, that I bought 1 month ago. :)

Great video! I loved the ideas for storage as I am running into some problems with my current storage scheme….

HEYYYYY welcome back i missed you !!!!!! So you made it to cali !!!! great ……..Your gunna love it out here I DO !!!! so are you in the baya area ??

I love, love, love all of your great tips and ideas…..but I have one question….What eyeshadows did u use in the kim kardashian “glowing cheeks” tutorial??? It looks GREAT!!!

~? Jennifer =)

Hi Marlena! Thank you soo much for sharing these organizing tips with us. Been your fan for almost a year now! I’ve always loved make up but just now have had the opportunity to actually buy more of it.

My question to you has nothing to do with this video. It’s about eyebrows. Mine! lol I took pictures of them and would love for you to tell me how to fix them. I haven’t fixed them in a week. Yes that’s a lot for us you know!! lol
I don’t know how I’d be able to get the two pictures to you for you to see and help me out. I’ve never gone to shape them prof. and only slightly pluck them myself.

I’d soooooooooooooooo be grateful and soooo aprpeciate it!!


Help! Have you ever Heard of or tried E.L.F cosmetics? I’m on the verge of a shopping spree, wanted to see if I could get any info from you. The packaging looks tempting, the price is great, but I wonder what you or any of your co-pro’s suggest.

This was GREAT!!! I got on you youtube to look for some organizational videos and this was PERFECT! THNKS : )

Hey Marlena!
Im a 12 year old girl! and i just love your tutorials! and I love makeup! Thanks! for all your help i don’t have that much makeup i only use the brand Chi Chi i was wondering if that is a good brand for teens?
Thanks, From Whitney!!

Hi Marlena. I’m a 16 year old girl from portugal who really likes makeup. Thanks for all of your ideas and help, i really love your tutorials, you’re great! I don´t have many makeup, but this will be great for my mom since she loves everything i tell her about your tutorials. Hope you keep doing this amazing work :)

Hey Marlena!! i”m a new makeup geek!!:) well i also have been wanting to redo my room in pink and a zebra pattern! and i noticed ur room is pink blank and white. it would be awesome if u could do a quick video to see the room so i can get ideas for my redecorating… THANKS! ur too awesome

Hey Marlena, I understand this this really doesn’t have anything to do with organizing makeup, but could you tell me where you got that really cute manican-type thing (how specific am I?) that’s black, metal looking, and you can design clothing on (or whatever it’s original purpose is) because I’d like on for my room.

Hello Lovely Marlena ( from Pakistan)
Hey due to some reasons YOUTUBE is not working over here,:( i am sad cant see your tutorials ,, its so much fun to see u teaching us and making us beautiful…
i love the way when u say HELLO MUGGIESSSSSSSSSSSSSS :) in ur one video..
and I love your smile…
You are tooo tooo good .. thx… and plz tell me do you ship items in MUG store to PAKISTAN?I wanna buy some ..

loadz of luv …….(L)


That was great! do you think you could post somthing about types of brushes and that stuff.
you rock!!!!

walmart, fishing tackle boxes. that will solve MANY peoples storage issues, as there are enough sizes to fit everything but big coastal scents palettes and the like, and theres nothing more expensive than 10 bucks.

Hi! I just love your site and tutorials. You are so talented. I was just wondering if you have tried Coastal Scents Metal Mania palette. If so, what do you think? Thanks!

not a makeup related question.. but can you please tell me where you got the curtian from? LOL.. I am looking for a WHITE base with a black waverly damask everywhere… I only? find at target the black curtian with the white waverly. Thanks heaps! oh yeah.. and nice makeup vid! :P

Thank u for sharing all ur great tips. Maybe u could help me out with something. I am asian and have really fleshy eyes and, unfortunately, oily skin to boot. My problem is that my eye make up always runs (making me look like a raccoon) by mid-morning! I used to use Mary Kay’s oil matte in a 4oz. Tube, but it is no longer sold. it was a great product and work well enough. Would u have a replacement recommendation?

Thank u again,
Scary raccoon eyes

Marlena, I love watching your videos! I saw somewhere that you use spray tan but also us St. Tropez, do you but this at Sephora? I may be wrong about the brand, let me know. Thanks :)

Marlena, I love your videos. Your very talented and have great ideas! I believe i read somewhere that you use spray tanning, but also may use a instant tanner , I believe it was St. Tropez. Am I wrong about the brand? Please let me know, always you look amazing!

Marlena just seeing your smiling face brightens up my whole day. Ur the best. :-)

I;m a very untidy person, thank you for teaching me the ettiquette of taking care of my load of makeup!

Hi Marleena!I cant wait for your How To Become a Makeup Artist Video Series…
I’ve been doing makeup for about one and a half year..but i’m struggling to find any clients…
Please…cant wait to hear your tips..thank you luv you!

Hi Marlena,

I’ve been lurking here for about a month now and I must say that I love your tutorials! I am probably a bit older than most of your followers (I’m 41). I’ve had a love of makeup ever since I was a young child and I even do wedding as a hobby from time to time. No one in my family understands my makeup addiction. I was glad to have stumbled upon your site.

I love how you offer less expensive options along with the higher end items. I wouldn’t think twice about spending major dollars on makeup, but you’ve opened my eyes to the fact that there are really good makeup lines that offer decent dudes and they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Again, so happy to have found you! I now have to get my makeup organized so that I know what I have and I can use it. I hate when I buy something, bring it home only to discover that I aready had one in my stash!! Please keep the videos coming!! Thanks again!

Also, do you ever do personal consultations? For example, if I were to send you a picture of me along with the colors that I normally use for foundation and such? I would be willing to pay for such a service. Please let me know. Thank you!

Hi Marlena, I love your website it is truly fantastic. Thank you for sharing with us. I am unable to watch the video for organizing makeup or really any video am I missing something

Marlena, Love your website! You have me addicted! I received a sample of “Amazing Concealer” when I ordered from Sephora recently. Have you tried this? I am trying to decide on an under eye concealer and have it down to the Amazing Concealer, Bobbie Brown or Eve Pearl. I am curious to get your opinion of “Amazing Concealer”.

Btw, Cali is agreeing with you, you look radiant!


Hi, i want to know, if you have a facebook page?


I long is the time i can keep my makeup (mascara, eye shadow, blush, … more and more)?

Because i have a lot of makeup, and i dont use all this makeup in 1 year…
Because i was listen, after 1 year, your suppose to be to throw away all your makeup.

(sorry for my english… im a french pepole from montreal (quebec).

thank you for your anwser.
and you a make a beautiful work on your videos…
its great to watch your videos and in the same time, you help me to practise my english!!!

have a great day!!!

I liked this video a lot because I have,, not a lot, but some make up that I had to organize.
I also love al the other videos you`ve made ;)
And I`ve got to say it. You are so pretty when you`re sitting there with you`re make up ;)
But do you have an E-Mail adress?


Marlena, In the “I’m still alive” video what are the colors you are wearing on your lips and eyes, i love it?

Thank you this awesome video! It has really inspired me to organize all my stuff newly during the next weeks :)

Where did you get that black looking, rectangular container/ trey that you said would be good for your misc. stuff [3:12 in to the video]… where did you buy that?? I’ve been looking for one like that and it’d be perfect for my drawers!

have you heard of sweet libertine cosmetics??? most of their colors are vegan. they are awesome. if you have some will you please do a tutorial or a review?? thanx! u ROCK

for storing my make up i took this cabinet that is actually for your bathroom to stack tp in. i painted it yellow (my fave color) then covered it in black lace. then in the inside of it i made bright colored shelfs and found these adorable yellow wicker baskets and put color coded tags on them. the top has a hole in it because u are suppose to be able to put a box of tissue in it. thats where i stuck all my brushes. it took me a week to make but i LOVE it

I love your videos! I just wanted to let you know that your chandelier curtains are upside down. I have the same ones and I love them!

Oh my good lord!!!! See, this is why I love you, Marlena… no seriously! I was bumming out not long ago about my growing makeup collection… my husband has been look at me all kinds of crazy cause my makeup has dominated our bathroom counter & drawer & now dresser1 Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!!! It helps soooooo much!

hi thanks for this video but i enter these all websites i did not found all this organizer
could you pleas help me and give me another sites for organizer and makeup.

hey marlena love your video huge fan.
may i know were you found your pink curtains love them.


This was really helpful. I have so much make up and no where to put any of it, so yeah, this really helped. Thanx.

Oh my goodness, you are so clever! I usually use the small drawer containers for everyday, casual jewelry or nail care items but makeup? Never! And you’re right, Target sells those drawers especially for dorm rooms and in cute colors (although I end up buying black all the time)! Love these tips!

By the way, this natural look looks great on you! Your sophisticated and sweet personality usually keeps me coming back for more tips! Take Care!

Marlena, Looking awesome as usual.

Thank you for this video. How do you manage the disposing process with so much makeup? maybe you can provide another video on how to keep track of when its time to dispose the makeup?

Thanks Lili

I’m wondering if I could meet you, you look really nice and very in to make up…
I also is very in to make up. (even if I’m just thirteen) I would love if you emailed me at “”. Just email me pleasepleaseplease!!!

O.M.G My life goal is to have as much makeup as you do, I love how organized you are.What about the NARS, even though you have it organized, I hate how i always have to look behind it to see what the name is . They all look too similar.

Love your site!

I have an idea on how you can show swatches for the lipsticks in the case. You should do what you do with the MAC eyeshadows, put sticker dots on the inside lid and do a swatch on that.

i loved ur ideas of organizin g ur make up. i’m not to much into make up like i want to be but little by little i get more and more different kinds learning more about make up

Marlena, your tips are always so helpfull!
Thanks for sharing your knowlegde with us…
I started today reorganizing my makeup.
KisseKisse from Brazil!

your collection makes me go GA-GA. :(
its crazyyyyyy.
i would dream to be living in your shoes now.
it’s too awesome.
had like, an eye orgasm looking at your awesome collection.

There is this website selling MAC brushes for a really cheap price called
Are those brushes fake??

Yes, Liliana, those are FAKE MAC brushes. ;’0( Sorry, dear. Don’t be lead to believe that they are. Go to a MAC counter or even go to and really study the brushes. You will see that they are fake. Really watch on Ebay as well. Most are fake there, too. Just save your money and get the “real deal” from an actual MAC store, MAC online, or MAC counter.

wow marlena thanks for your idea..but you have so many many make up stuff like that,but how to deal with make up expiration?

Thanks for the storage tips! Im impressed with your collection and greatful for your website, product reviews and how to’s!!!

Hi, Marlena! First of all because I couldn’t leave a comment on your What’s in Your Purse? video, I just want to let you know that I bought the last NYX Beige lip gloss in an Ulta store. Once I saw it, I bought right away. Thank you for that suggestion in that video because it suits my light medium skin tone perfectly. But I’m bummed that I couldn’t find the other 2 NYX lip gloss suggestions you made, which are Lollipop & Golden Pink. As for this video, I like keeping my huge make-up collection in 2 Snapwares from Target. It has 3 snap on compartments with the top compartment has a lid with a handle. I need 2 more of these Snapware. It’s my cheap make-up case.

Are you not wearing eyeshadow in this vid? Your face looks so lit up and refreshed…. I like it! Or are you jut wearing a neutral look?