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Brush - Defined Crease Brush


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The handle of this brush was updated to a tapered handle on November 5, 2015

Made for careful color application, the Defined Crease Brush neatly and evenly delivers product to the crease. Its soft, tapered bristles are gentle yet precise, and offer just the right amount of control. We love it for adding depth to the crease and diffusing a cut crease without over blending. How does it compare to our other crease brushes? The Defined Crease Brush occupies the middle ground between the Small Crease Brush and the Pointed Crease Brush. It’s larger and fluffier than the Small Crease Brush, and smaller with a bit more give than the Pointed Crease Brush. Crafted for durability and easy handling, our sleek brush design features a rosy gunmetal ferrule and a smoky charcoal handle. Soft, cruelty-free synthetic bristles resist absorption and retain their shape to allow for a flawless makeup application, every time.  


  • Brush Bristles: Synthetic (cruelty free)
  • Seamless Ferrule: Tightly holds bristles in place to eliminate shedding
  • Brush Handle Colors: Gunmetal bronze, espresso w/pearl finish
  • Estimated Brush Length : 6.5”
Manufacturer Makeup Geek
Finish No
Multi Color No
Vegan Yes
Cruelty-free Yes
Paraben-free Yes
Color Family No
Shade No
Customer Reviews
17 Review(s) | Write a review
Not what I expected
This brush was not at all what I was expecting the brush hairs are flimsy and they don't define anything they spread product all over and it doesn't provide any's like the hairs are really stiff and don't help define or get in that crease and this is not a user error I won't return cause it's too much hassle but just not happy with it and won't use it.
Rory wrote on 4/25/2017
I use this brush for placing color on the crease & blending it as well. I have very small eyes for reference. I also use the very tip for placing color on the outer v & again blending it at the same time because it is super soft plus has the right firmness!! I thought $8.50 was too expensive for this bargain shopper, but after realizing I've bought so many similar high-end/drugstore brushes that didn't work..this is money well spent. I will buy more for sure (as a back-up) when it goes on sale.
MariaP wrote on 2/5/2017
Don't know how I'd do my makeup without it
While it does work for the crease, it mainly works on my eyes (more on the smaller side, but not small if that makes sense) for blending out harsh lines in the crease. I prefer to use other blending brushes to apply color to the crease though. I have eyes smaller than medium but not small if that makes sense. It really works wonders and it's the best I've come across for the looks I go for most days. It's definitely a staple in my collection.
Megan wrote on 12/1/2016
Been working with this brush so I would like to change my review After I played with it and learned how to use it I love it! I have hooded eyes so it can be tricky with some brushes. Good brush! I like it!
PinkStar wrote on 10/25/2016
The only thing I use this for is high lighting under brow bone. Not up to MUG other brushes. Feels kinda cheap really don't care for this one.
Sherri wrote on 10/22/2016
Must have!
Best blending brush I have ever used on my crease! It really controls where the color is applied and I feel like it's not dropping product!
Rachel wrote on 9/29/2016
Absolutely my FAVE eye crease brush!! This brush is SO SOFT... it applies shadow perfectly and blends like a dream. I love how it never pulls on my eye but still applies perfectly.. I just bought a 2nd one because I use it so much.. I was constantly cleaning it.
It picks up product easily.... The perfect brush! A Holy Grail MUST have!!! You REALLY need this brush... no kidding.
Laurie L wrote on 9/16/2016
Love it....
Absolutely love this brush. The only thing I have ever ordered from makeup geek that I haven't loved was actual due to packaging. The pigment packaging sucked kept breaking they sent knew ones but they were the same thing crap. But the product was great but almost unusable due to the mess it makes. You can't go wrong ordering from them the pricing is great and the product is that of a high end brand.
Amparan wrote on 9/4/2016
Poor quality
Poor quality brushes. Itchy, scratchy and does not deposit color well. I bought 3 eye brushes and they were all disappointing.

Note from Customer Service: Thanks for your feedback! We will be in contact to help look into the issue and take care of you :)
stargazer2190 wrote on 8/20/2016
Perfect For Highlighting!
I use this brush to highlight my browbone and it covers the area perfectly! I use it daily, both with either shimmer or matte highlight shades. It's like it was specifically designed with my eye shape in mind. It's too small for my crease but couldn't be happier using it for the highlighting purpose. Love it!
Megan wrote on 1/7/2016
Holy Grail!!
If I could only have one eye brush, this would be it. I cannot do my make up without this brush anymore. I have slightly hooded, walnut shaped eyes and this fits in the crease and outter v to create the perfect look for me. The size is amazing and perfect. I accidentally ordered the pointed crease brush thinking I was buying a back up of this one, if you want something a little fluffier, go with that one. But this is perfect for crease and outter v detailing. My fav and I just ordered another to make sure I have these forever!
Jennifer wrote on 11/19/2015
An amazing tool for blending in the outer V and you need to be precise, although I would prefered better if it was a little fluffier and bigger so I could use it for blending in crease in general.
Kyriaki wrote on 11/11/2015
Perfect Crease Brush
This brush is small yet super fluffy and soft. Perfect for applying color to the crease, outer V and even to the outer corner of the lid. I'm in love with this brush!
LSmitty33 wrote on 11/4/2015
This is the brush I was missing from my collection. I've never found a brush that was so perfect for the crease. It is small and tapered enough to define your crease and even draw a shape with your shadow, but gives a soft blend as well. It deposits the perfect amount of color as well. It's like a blending brush and a pencil brush had a baby! Lol
Katie wrote on 10/2/2015
Fantastic Brush
This brush comes from makeup heaven for me. I have small eyes and this is a small precise crease brush, soft. I also used for precisely blending the edges of a color application. I love it, I will order another one
juliana wrote on 8/31/2015
Defined Crease Brush
Thank You Marlena for creating the perfect brush for your crease. This brush is small and just perfect for the crease. Review before said it all far as not finding anything that is small enough to do the job, I couldn't find anything remotely close to anything like this! Everything was either to big etc... works like a charm, my only regret should of bought more :-) :-) thanx again Marlena and MUG team! :-)
luvmylashes wrote on 7/4/2015
I have been searching high and low for a medium-fluffy and medium-sized brush like this one. Many companies release those that are too big for what I need it. This is PERFECT for adding precise color in the crease or outer V and blending it. You can also use a smaller brush to deposit color and use this to blend, blend, blend! I looked everywhere: MUFE, e.l.f., MAC, etc. and nothing comes close to this.

Also, if you have smaller eyes, this brush is made for you! THANK YOU MUG!
JMoreno wrote on 6/25/2015
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