• Hi, Nick! Thanks for the response. :) I just wanted to clarify that my problem isn’t with the promotion of the MUG products. It’s a great line (have a full zpalette myself) and I appreciate the use of them in […]

  • Not a fan of this new format. The music, poor/shakey camera angles, and just quick shots of the makeup application make this seem more like a promo for your makeup line than a tutorial video. I’ve been following […]

  • You make them, I’ll buy them! LOVE the shadows. Boron Nitride is a good alternative Bismuth since many people have reactions to Bismuth. It has a glow to it too, but it’s a bit more expensive. These are just my […]

  • Nice haul! Your hauls always make me want to buy more makeup. ;) I’ve been meaning to try Illamasqua. I have bad reactions to Bismuth Oxychloride. It’s in the original Bare Minerals formulation and it just ITCHED […]

  • LissyJo replied to the topic Airbrushing in the forum Makeup Advice 3 years, 11 months ago

    You can use different foundations if you have a *real* gun and compressor. I wouldn’t try it with Dinair or Luminess as they’re specifically made for their makeup or other water based airbrush makeups. A heavy […]