Fall Makeup Trends 2010


Everyone from Nars to Revlon is coming out with stunning shades of shimmering dark shadows, longer lash mascaras and beautiful bold lips. You can find these products in the most stunning shades of vintage gold, dark red, hunter green, and last but absolutely not least, PURPLE!  Purple, in all shades,  is the color on everyone’s lips this fall!







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This website is possibly the best website ever! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I was so excited to see this new post. I have so many questions, but my biggest one is this…I have been trained with makeup and I play with it all the time, but my confidence level always keeps me from trying to get jobs. My sister always has friends who are getting married…and want a makeup artist, but I never go for it. What do you suggest? I feel like if I could assist a makeup artist that would help me learn and gain confidence, but how do I find someone to assist?

Thanks so much again for taking the time to listen:)

I would just practice, practice, practice on other people and take a picture of each person after you have done the makeup on them. Then you have a porfolio to present to a bride and other potential clients. The more you work with people and the better you get and the more your confidence level goes up!!

Just wanted to let you know how much your website has blessed me, and not just in make-up application. I am also going thru a difficult divorce as well as a struggle to lose some extra weight. Your honesty and vulnerability has truly touched my heart as well as assisted me in the right direction even when I was ready to lose my mind, figuratively not literally. Thank you again, you truly are a blessing!

Love the article and pics! Taryn, can you recommend a purple e/s for those with very fair skin/blue eyes/dark hair? I’m having a hard time finding a nice shade that doesn’t make me look like I got punched in the eye or I’m really sick. Thanks!

I absolutely love the first 2 looks!!! I would love a tutorial or quick info. guide on how to do the eyes in both photos. I have the Mac pigments used in both looks!

Hi Taryn….very nice article and equally good pictures!
Can u suggest a look for me…I am darker skin tone…NC 43…can u suggest what colour would look good for me this fall?
thanx :)

Hello Taryn,

Fist of all I’d like to congrat you for your awesome job. The makeup and the pictures are stunning;-)
I’m a newbie but I’d like to do some makeup for brides, too. What product do you suggest to invest in? The harder part is what kind of foundations can I get, that are not that expensive?
I have the 88 shimmer palette, 88 warm palette, 28 neutral palette.
Thak’s a lot;-)

Damn you! now I *have* to buy myself that NYX golden olive I’ve been lusting after for so long. Goes off to ebay.uk to fruitlessly hunt for one for less then 99p before relenting and returning to the MUG store. Squee.)

Quick questions about the model three’s lips; what lip liner, base or gloss, if any, where used with the NYX color? I love the color on her I’m very tempted to order it, but I want to make sure there wasn’t some great secret you had ;-).

I can’t believe how great these looks are and the photos are stunning!! Makes me want to try ALL of these looks!! You and Marlena are a great team.

Hi, Taryn.
I like purple color of the second photo, if I had seen this picture before would not have bought the NYX round lipstick “Medusa” … is a very very dark purple, all I can do is combine it with other lipsticks.
On the internet the colors are different, I had to buy them because in my country do not sell that brand of makeup.
Very nice makeup and the photos are great!!!!!

What about blues? Would they be good to wear in fall/winter? If so, what colors darks, lights, brights?

Would it be possible to do a tutorial showing how to apply the makeup on the first model? I liked that one in particular, her eyes really stand out.

LOVEEE the second look! so gorgeous and simple ! but im blonde with dark blue eyes so i feel like it wouldnt look as good on me :/

GREAT JOB TARYN!!!! However, just a question I have. I notice only 1 out of 4 models have some kind of blush on..Is blush not part of the fall look? I love these look on all the models but if I would try the look on me, I think I would feel something is missing without blush. Can you suggest a blush to any of these look if I’m asian, with medium complexion. Thank so much, Carolyn

Some of the girls complextions already have a rosey- peachy tint so I didn’t want to add to that. However you can totally add blush to your look :)

Can please please do a review of the best mascaras out there….I still cant find one that I love and would really like to hear what you like…Thanks so much..Samantha

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Covergirl’s Super Thick Lash mascara, I’ve been using this for over 6 years now and can’t get enough of it, it is a MUST in my makeup bag & my purse!!!

hi, my name is michelle i love your web site. I always wanted to learn how to put on eye shadows. I always ask around,but they told me back off.do it your self.one day i came across your web site.For the life of me i try to followwhat you tell to do but, i feel like a monster when i put it on .please help me what am i doing wrong?. michelle……….

my name is lacey and im 15, i really like the third one and the fourth one but i have green eyes and red hair.. do you think you could do something for us irish babes? lol :)

I have antique gold pigment and I can NOT for the life of me figure out how to use it. It’s so glittery!!! I love the color but like I said, how do I apply it? And what’s good with it. I feel like I wasted my $$ on this pigment…I’d rather trade it in for a different one. Help please!! :) Thanks! & Marlena….you have taught me SOOOO much!!!! Thank you!!!!!! I’m actually making a little $$ at doing makeup now thanks to you!!!!