A Look Through The Eras


When putting these looks/shoots together we had to decide on what eras were the most influential to our society when it comes to Makeup/Hair/Fashion.  All of the costumes the models are wearing were provided by The Get Up Vintage and are completely authentic.  I did an enormous amount of research on each era, even went as far as interviewing a few people about what makeup they wore, and how they styled their every day hair.  I wanted you to get a real grasp on the innovation of these times and at the same time reinvent them your self with new updated products and techniques.

We really wanted to do them all, but instead we just picked the four that had the most influence on makeups history. While some of you might disagree, that being an opinion you are free to have, I present to you MUG’s Makeup Eras.

1920’s: Nia





  • Borghese Lipliner – Plum Esspreso/Substitute NYX Lipliner – Deep Purple (MakeupGeek Store)(lined lips in beestung shape)
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense #14/Substitute NYX Round Lipstick – Expresso (MakeupGeek Store)(filled in with MUG Lip Brush)


1950’s: Taryn






1960’s: Jennifer




  • Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer eBay” target=”_blank”>(eBay) (Brushed under cheek bone to contour then worked upwards with MUG Contour Brush )


    • SmashBox eyeshadow – Vanilla eBay” target=”_blank”>(eBay) (All over top lid and worked into inner eye corner with MUG Eye Shader Brush )
    • NYX Eyeliner – Dark Brown (MakeupGeek Store) (Drawn above crease into an arch)
    • MAC Eyeshadow – Cork eBay” target=”_blank”>(eBay) (Applied over drawn pencil arch in small short strokes with Bed Head Fame Angle BrushBed Head Fame Angle Brush )




1980’s: Amanda







  • MAC Venomous Villans Lipstick – Violetta eBay” target=”_blank”>(eBay)


* A Special Thanks to Jen Kniivila (Visual Poetry) and Natalie Jones(Natty J Photography) for creating such beautiful photos for this article.


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I have to say for the research you say you did, I am disappointed that all most of the looks seem to be inspired by and not replicas of the era. The 60’s look is the only one that seems like an actual 60’s reproduction. And why skip some of the other decades?

Having said that, the looks are all amazing and the photos came out ridiculously well. Not to mention the models are all beautiful.


I think they just chose the more popular ones more people are familiar with. But I see what you mean.

I think Marlena always did inspiration looks, but not the exact copies. And I think it is great, as we’re not living in 60’s or 80’s or whatever, so we need to take a little bit from them and mix it with our own era. Only then it will look fantastic. It’s not like she was doing makeup for a documentary movie about those era’s. So I say great job =)

Love love love these! The artistry is amazing! The 1920’s is my favorite look! Keep up the great work and posts!

I like that you that the girls also have a matching outfit. As for the looks, I like the 50’s a lot and would wear it. I also love 20’s (of course) although I wouldn’t wear it out xx

They Look Terrific!! I just love how makeup changes over time, but then like clothing…it all cames back! LOL

You did an amazing job in all aspects of this article Taryn! AMAZING… Each look is definately on the mark with the make-up, hair, clothes even the posing. Keep up all the great work you girls do x

I think that all of Pixiwoo’s looks for these same eras are better. They look more professional and representative of the era.

Taking the nose ring out of the 50’s would have been a nice touch.

And I agree that the Twiggy look was the most authentic but that black line on the eyelid – not so much.

I totally agree about the nose ring. I actually really enjoy Taryn’s posts and personality but that piercing does her such a disservice. I have refrained from commenting but on this example, how couldn’t I?

I agree they should have taken out the nose ring to be more authentic people didn’t have nose rings in the 50,s the model looks amazing though

Everyone complaining about Taryn’s septum piercing are just silly. If you took the time to read the note at the top of the article it says, “I wanted you to get a real grasp on the innovation of these times and at the same time reinvent them yourself with new updated products and techniques.” The key words being “reinvent yourself”, which means not changing who you are to make these looks. Not to mention Taryn is one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen, even with her septum pierced. I think that everyone is just being too nit picky about the whole thing.

To Taryn, I love your looks that you do!! I wish I had half the talent as you and hope to be lucky enough to model for MUG one day :)

I’m sorry but I’m not going to take out my piercing for an inspirational look. I appreciate your comments though and I am really happy you enjoy the posts :)

taryn – i think this is one of your best postings. i appreciate the numerous hours that went in to this project and thank you for your inspiration :)

Hey!!! What a wonderful article!!!! I’m studying make up and this is soo helpful for me!!!! I need to design a 1920’s make up and here I found my inspiration!!
Thanks! ?

i love the 60s look even the outfit matchs with the era but you have to complete with the others years cause you miss some of the best looks like in 70s
but like always you did a great job so inspiracional
a big hug from Tijuana Mexico

Taryn u did a tremendous job, I honestly love, love ur looks. Thanks for all the effort u did for us. This article is amazing. And I agree w u not talkin ur piercing off just for the article cuz when u decide to take off it’s cuz u want too not cuz other people ask u to. But Hun I got to tell u, u will look even prettier w/ out it. :-) but it’s ur choice, thanks again for this. Take care

I love all of those looks, but I want to know how they get the eyeliner from small to thick at the ends. I’ve seen you do it a hundred times I just can’t get it down or I should say across!

Just noticed that Taryn looked so different in each style you put her in when you display her photo that I wouldnt have even realized she is the same person if you did have her name there. She looks great. So do all the other models. I hope some day I can develop my skills to create such different looks on the same person.

Girl, you nailed it! I was there as a kid for Marilyn, Jayne, did the Twiggy lashes, loved the OTT 80s on the w-e. The entire montage is excellent, faithful. And useful/doable. 50s look brought back more recently w/Nars Evita look, which is a classic for all time and very wearable. PLEEEEEASE do some more. Maybe Carole Lombard/ Jean Harlow 30s screen stars….definitely a Weimar republic/Cabaret/Illamasqua look…the 40s with film noir heroines, THOSE shoes and THAT lipstick. Trashy “cheap” girl from the early sixties with the rattail comb in the beehive, thick, winged eyeliner, nothing- like- nature blue eyeshadow, and “kissing the garbage can” lipstick. It’s great to know where you’ve been, ’cause clearly we have no idea where we are going. Maybe you can do a futuristic Apocalypse Now/Revelations look! Stuff is looking very scary all over the globe… I got to your site via VOT sidebar, and commend your artistry and vision. Can’t wait for more! kjh

I think they are awesome, only do you have them in video tutorial’s?? I would like to learn de 60’s look

I really adore the Taryn look – I think it’s clean, sweet and glamorous. I’d really love a how-to tutorial on how to create it.

The 60’s Edie Segwick inspired one is my favorite. She looks amazing! I think her makeup looks were so incredible.

Just amaaaaaaaaazing! Pretty looks, gorgeous clothes; truly inspiring. Love love all the photos. Great job =D