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Travel Vault Palette


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The Makeup Geek Travel Vault is the perfect palette to store your valuable cosmetic essentials while on the go.

This solidly-constructed palette features an open, magnetic interior encased by a rose gold gunmetal lid with an embossed Makeup Geek logo and a luxurious black soft-touch base. It also includes a high-quality mirror in the lid to help you with touch-ups.
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The Makeup Geek Travel Vault is the perfect palette to store your valuable cosmetic essentials while on the go. This solidly-constructed palette features an open, magnetic interior encased by a rose gold gunmetal lid with an embossed Makeup Geek logo and a luxurious black soft-touch base. It also includes a high-quality mirror in the lid to help you with touch-ups. All Makeup Geek pans attach easily to the magnetic interior base. Many other depotted products with metal pans will stick as well. Please note shadows made in non-metal pans (for example, MAC de-potted shadows) will need metal stickers to adhere them to the magnetic pan. The Makeup Geek Travel Vault’s small size makes it ideal to create customized eye shadow palettes, lipstick palettes, brow palettes, concealer palettes, and more. You can either depot your favorite products or transfer some products to empty pans to fit in your travel palette. Makeup Geek Product Combinations That Fit: 6 Eyeshadows and 2 Blushes / Contours 8 Eyeshadows and 1 Blush / Contour 10 Eyeshadows 4 Blushes / Contours NOTE: This product is an empty palette. Eyeshadow and blush pans sold separately. Dimensions: Interior Magnetic Area: 95mm x 88mm (3.7 in x 3.5 in) Exterior: 100mm x 100mm (3.9 in x 3.9 in)
Manufacturer Makeup Geek
Finish No
Multi Color No
Vegan Yes
Cruelty-free Yes
Talcum-free Yes
Paraben-free Yes
Color Family No
Shade No
Customer Reviews
25 Review(s) | Write a review
This component is beautiful. Perfect for travel and also everyday life. Huge mirror, WELL MADE at a very fair pricepoint. I just LOVE it. A thousand thankyous MUG!!
Tess wrote on 3/27/2017
These are hands down the best empty palette you can get. Well made with an amazing mirror. Please come out with more sizes MUG!
MUAvalon wrote on 3/7/2017
Wow!!! This palette is amazing! I honestly rarely write reviews, but the quality is out of this world! It\'s really gorgeous, and I love the mirror and soft base of it. I really hope they make a larger one. Love it!
Stephanie wrote on 2/16/2017
My 1st Z palette(like). It\'s got a high-end look, perfect size for me (not too small/big). The mirror is huge & great quality (plus love the fact this opens & stays where you adjust it, unlike other palettes I have to hold the back of to use the mirror). The magnet is extremely strong. I\'ve de-potted my TF matte palette & they stuck to this so easily.
MariaP wrote on 2/7/2017
In love
I don\'t think I have ever written a review before. That being said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette! This is my first empty palette and my expectations were not very high so this palette blew me away. The quality is amazing, it\'s soooo beautiful and the mirror inside rocks! It sounds weird but sometimes I take it out of my organizer just to look at it lol. Please, please, please make these in a larger size! Seriously.. I\'m not afraid to beg.
KrisM wrote on 2/2/2017
Fits 11 shadows!
BEAUTIFUL palette. well-made & super pretty. it does smudge but still so well worth the $13. also, i couldn\'t choose just 10 shadows, so i went ahead & ordered 11 & after some careful puzzle-placing, they all fit! yay!
Love wrote on 12/28/2016
This holds onto shadows so well. It\'s probably better than a regular z palette. The mirror is also super amazing and I love it so much for when I go somewhere for a couple of days because I can fit so much in it and be set. I have a good feeling I know what some people are getting for birthday\'s!!
Jess wrote on 12/27/2016
I absolutely love this empty palette so I ordered a second one for my blush and contour.
Ebony wrote on 12/20/2016
sturdy palette
This palette is amazing! It\'s so sturdy and gorgeous!! I love using it when I travel but sometimes I can\'t fit everything I need in it,so please make this in large or extra large
Renee wrote on 12/3/2016
enpty palett
VERY good!
can be washed! clean!
To be oneself!
Chie wrote on 11/24/2016
Nice quality
I was hesitant about spending $13 on this but it is nice quality and solidly built. It does not feel cheap and plastic. Only thing I don\'t like is that the outside top of case is a shiny mirrored finish which gets smudge and fingerprint marks all over it. Other than that it is a great quality case and a great size.
Lauren wrote on 11/21/2016
Beautiful & Strong Magnetic piece.
What a beautiful package to hold my blushes. Please make this in a Large pallett I want all my stuff in this lol. The magnet is so strong in this I love it.
Kimchase wrote on 11/14/2016
Sturdy and perfect for travel
I really love this palette! It\'s so well-made and nice to look at. Any chance we might see a longer, rectangular palette in the future? I would LOVE a little bit bigger one of these beauties to fit a few more things while I\'m on the go :)
Amanda wrote on 10/24/2016
Makeup Geek Travel Palette
This is my first empty palette and I ABSOLUTELY love it! I was a little skeptical when I got it in the mail because the box was so small. But I was able to fit all my go to shadows, blush & highlight. I decided to buy this over the Z pallete because it has a mirror. It was great quality and was priced very well.
gw.nd.lyn wrote on 9/5/2016
This palette is AMAZING! The quality is superb due to the rubberised base and the overall thickness of the palette, yet it still maintains a sleek and girly look. The large mirror is also a mega bonus! If you\'re looking for a decent sized palette, i would highly recommend this rather than the Z Palettes!
Sana wrote on 8/27/2016
awesome quality
This palette is the bomb!!
MissT wrote on 8/24/2016
WAY Better than the Z Palette
This palette is really high-quality for the price. To me the metallic part looks more like a silver-grey color than rose gold, but it\'s beautiful. The bottom of the palette is rubberized and the whole thing feels heavy & well-made. It also comes with a giant mirror and the magnet is strong enough to keep pans in place.

I own a couple Z Palettes and this one is much sturdier & easy to clean. After a year or two, the plastic coating on the cardboard Z Palettes start to warp and crinkle after cleaning. The only reason to buy a Z Palette over this is if you want to be able to see the products through the lid and/or REALLY want something lightweight.
Kirsten wrote on 8/16/2016
5 Star
Absolutely love this. Love the rose gold look to it and it works wonders!
Keri wrote on 7/25/2016
I didn\'t expect to likes this so much but the moment I got it I bought another. It\'s very sturdy and elegant, it\'s not heavy but still has a nice weight to it, if you know what I mean, It doesn\'t feel cheap at all. The mirror is great and the magnet is strong.
I now have my everyday shades in one, because I use MUG eyeshadows as face powders too- White lies and Baby face to conceal under-eye circles and blemishes - and then I filled the second with purple eyeshadows.
I\'m definitely getting more! If you read this MUG, please make a bigger one too <3
Andy wrote on 7/8/2016
Where Has This Been All My Life!
The quality of this palette surpasses the Z-Palette, plus it holds more. I don't know how 10 Makeup Geek eye-shadow pans can fit in this thing but I love that it can hold 4 blushes/9shadows. I can't wait for more products to be released from MG because I can't wait to fill it up. My only complaint is that fingerprints and scuffs will show easily on the cover, BUT I don't really care about that because it has a big mirror and is great to customize your travel palette.
Amanda wrote on 1/19/2016
Well made, beautiful, mirror is excellent
\nMust have!
Erika wrote on 1/19/2016
C'est ma première commande et j'en suis ravie!!!
\nFormat idéal, bonne prise en main, design agréable et miroir pratique!
\nContient 9 eyeshadow pans.
\nFrench customer ;-)
Bérangère wrote on 1/18/2016
Must Buy!
I❤️ this palette!!!!! I received it today & it is fabulous. The mirror is huge. I would have paid $12 for the mirror alone. The quality of this palette far surpasses anything you could image. This would make a great present as well. Whatever you do don't just buy 1 or you'll be kicking yourself when you receive it. I bought 1 for my daughter so mine wouldn't mysteriously find its way into her makeup collection. BUY, BUY, BUY IT
Gunlady wrote on 1/16/2016
Get It
Everyone just buy it!!! ♡♡♡♡
Jessica wrote on 1/16/2016
Nice Palette
I wasn't sure what to expect because there weren't any reviews. I've been pleased overall with the brand, so I took the chance. It really is a beautiful palette. It's light weight and looks nice sitting next to my makeup. The listed amount for combinations is accurate. I could fit 10 shadows or 8 and a blush. Personally, I didn't like the way 10 fit in the compact and only keep 9 sitting in it. I wish these came in other sizes and the whole palette was a hard plastic including the back. I would recommend this product over a z palette any day.
Mae wrote on 1/14/2016
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