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Pigment - New Year's Eve


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All About This Color: Look New Year’s Eve ready anytime of the year with this striking light gold reflective glitter. The perfect addition to any look, this glitter is finely milled for a smooth application. Use dry for a soft, elegant look or wet for a more daring and dramatic look. The Bottom Line: Light Gold Reflective Glitter About Makeup Geek Pigments:
  • These are all highly-pigmented – just check out the swatches!
  • Jars are rated for 1.5 grams of product weight (which is required listing for jar and box), but the jars actually contain about 2 full grams of product.
  • All our pigments are cruelty-free -- we do not test our products on animals
  • These pigments are Talc Free
  • See full ingredient listing.
  • Made in the USA
  • We ship worldwide at affordable rates
Manufacturer Makeup Geek
Finish No
Multi Color No
Vegan Yes
Cruelty-free Yes
Talcum-free Yes
Paraben-free Yes
Color Family No
Shade No
Customer Reviews
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Not What I Expected
I bought this expecting it to be a subtle peachy/champagne pigment but it is just too glittery for me. Not a lot of colour pigment to it, but that's ok if you like really glittery pigments. Not my fave.
Kirstin wrote on 6/16/2015
I went to go use this pigment when I got it in the mail and as soon as I opened the package there was glitter all over my hand. Don't get me wrong, the color is gorgeous, but the packaging needs to improve before I'll ever purchase another pigment again.
Emily wrote on 5/3/2015
First Love
When I opened this pigment I was amazed!! This is my first MUG pigment and I love it. The colour is beautiful and glitters so much in the light. When I swatched this colour onto the back of my hand I was not expecting it too be so smooth. It just glides on beautifully. One thing I noticed was the pigment did not match the online MUG swatches. The colour is so sheer that you can barely see it on the skin until it catches the light and all the glitter shines. I love it soo much!!!
\nI use New Years Eve as a highlight for my cheeks and underneath my brow which gives you a nice sparkle!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
\nThe only downfall I had was the messy packaging but it doesn't bother me too much. There is so much pigment that it doesn't matter if some gets wasted. I open mine on top of a baby wipe so that I can just clean it straight after.
\nBeautiful Pigment and cannot wait to buy more!
Chex wrote on 7/9/2014
Insane Fallout But Wonderful Foiled!
I was very excited when I received this in the mail! The color is beautiful, but the payoff is not what I was expecting from a MUG product. The fallout was horrendous and I found the only way to get a nice, bright payoff (that you'd expect seeing how sparkly it was) was to foil it and apply it wet. Even then, once it was dry and and on my face it looked quite dull after about 4 or 5 hours. I know this is a well documented issue, but the packaging has got to change. It's the messiest pigment I've ever dealt with and I always end up with more on my counter than I do on my brush or in the container!
Heather wrote on 4/14/2014
Beautiful But The Fall Out Is Insane.
I own 8/15 of the pigments she currently has out right now. That being said, this was the only pigment that really disappointed me. I have yet to try this pigment with glitter glue to see if it will help my case but the fall out drives me up a wall. I applied this with a primer underneath and applied the pigment wet, did my makeup normally... Liquid liner and falsies... And I had this pigment falling all over my false lashes throughout the day and on my eyeliner. It was not a good look :(
Cynthia wrote on 4/1/2014
Beautiful Glitter
This to me is not an eyeshadow, this is fine gold glitter, different shades of gold, some are yellow gold, and some are bronzy gold. You deff want to use this glitter over an eyeshadow because if packed on the lid your eyes will crinkle and look weird, so you have to b light handed with these bad boys. A little goes a long way this is a beautiful fine glitter like MAC's transaparent Gold.
rubia102386 wrote on 10/29/2013
Not What I Expected
I absolutely love MUG but this pigment was not what I expect the color is beautiful in the container but when I grabber it with my brush it was just a fail. I tried 2 different brushes & I even tried FIX+ from MAC &nothing. There is a lot of fallout & glitter is all over the place, I'm kind of bummed out because I'm always so happy to see the mail man with my MUG shipments. This just wasn't what I expected.
Lissette wrote on 10/28/2013
I soooo love this pigment, 5 out of 5 stars for sure. It is a nudey gold base- with amazing amounts of gold and pinky glitter. I have been patting it on my lid with some MUG Mocha smudged into the outer corners and Purely Naked in the crease. So beautiful- I suggest a sticky base to get the full glittery goodness to adhere!
Nina wrote on 9/11/2013
I recently purchased every MUG pigment and absolutely love them. They are an amazing addition to my kit!
Heather wrote on 7/4/2013
Duo Chrome Love!
This color shocked me! It has a nude base with gold sparkle. After swiping it, it has a gold and orange shine. Love it! Wish it came with a sifter, pigment goes everwhere
Devon wrote on 6/15/2013
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