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Face Brush Bundle


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The handles of these brushes were updated to a tapered handle on November 5, 2015

Save $16 with this great bundle! Purchased separately, these brushes retail for $64 combined

The Makeup Geek Face Brush Bundle includes 5 beautifully crafted face brushes, essential in every makeup collection. Apply foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, and highlighters with ease, this kit is perfect for everyday makeup application.

Kit Includes:

  • Angled Stippling: Applies both liquid or cream foundations fast and streak free. Estimated Brush Length : 6”
  • Rounded Blush: The rounded blush brush is the perfect way to apply just the right amount of color to the cheeks! Estimated Brush Length : 7”
  • Face Buffer: Designed for buffing powder into the skin, buffing out any harsh blush and/or foundation lines, and leaving your skin looking naturally flawless. Estimated Brush Length : 5.5”
  • Angled Contour: The narrow width, and angled tip of this brush were specifically designed to easily apply color to the face. Estimated Brush Length : 6.5”
  • Cheek Highlighter: Whether you're using cream, liquid, or powder, this soft stippling brush is specifically designed to pick up small amounts of product for sheer, even coverage. Estimated Brush Length : 6”

Our new design features a bronze gunmetal ferrule, and an espresso tinted handle with a beautiful pearl finish for a sleek and elegant look. The bristles include all synthetic fibers for a cruelty free (& guilt free) makeup application!


  • Brush Bristles: Synthetic (cruelty free)
  • Seamless Ferrule: Tightly holds bristles in place to eliminate shedding
  • Brush Handle Colors: Gunmetal bronze, Espresso w/pearl finish
Manufacturer Makeup Geek
Finish No
Multi Color No
Vegan Yes
Cruelty-free Yes
Paraben-free Yes
Color Family No
Shade No
Customer Reviews
21 Review(s) | Write a review
Best brushes, hands down
I own this bundle and I absolutely love it. They are so underrated. Probably the best brushes I have ever used. They wash and dry very well, and they have never shed! I use mine on a daily basis!
Pamela wrote on 5/9/2017
Loved the product
I loved the product. It applies the creams foundation and powder effectively on my skin and leaves with a flawless look. All of them are wonderful.
Jeffrey wrote on 9/27/2016
I'm kicking myself for not reading more reviews and doing a little more research before pulling the trigger on this brush set. I honestly don't see myself getting much use out of any of these brushes, to be honest.

Most noticeably, they're TINY. The contour, highlight, and blush brushes are especially worrisome - they're so small and dense that I'm worried they will leave a streaky application with harsh, unnatural lines. I can see myself getting some use out of the buffer and stippling brushes for more precise concealer application, but they're still very small to be a practical all-over face brush.

Despite their small sizes, they seem to be decent quality for the price and are very soft. I just don't see myself getting as much use out of this set as I had hoped.
Emily wrote on 1/26/2016
Save Your Money
I only like The face buffer and cheek highlighter the rest are disappointing. The angled contour is too small to use for foundation and gives me a harsh contour (I tried to use it for other things) The last 2 brushes have cheap bristles. My elf brushes look of more high quality than those. Not sure if I got a bad batch of brushes or not but I was disappointed.
Deedee wrote on 10/8/2015
These brushes are smaller than I thought they were going to be, but they are amazing!! They are SO soft and blend so well! I love them!!
Vanessa wrote on 9/18/2015
Small But Quality
I was looking to get the old contour blush brush MUG used to sell years ago, but it looks like she discontinued it. I picked up this set thinking I could use at least a couple of these, but I was a bit disappointed. They're SMALL! The angled stippling is about 2/3 the diameter of my sigma F80 (my daily for liquid foundation), and the angled contour is too tiny. I'm afraid it'll deposit way too much color. However, the highlight is a nice size for your cheeks. No issues with fallout after my first wash, and the bristles are super soft.
akocs wrote on 8/5/2015
Just Ok
+ brushes are inexpensive. i actually do love that they are small as i have more control where to apply product - which these brushes apply very efficiently. each brush is perfect for its purpose. dries fast as it is small.

+/- easy to wash but.... soft bristles but...

- quality is a bit lacking. first time i washed them there was quite a few shedding from almost all the brushes. their small size does make it easy to wash but they do shed so i'm not sure how long these will last. also, the bristles are soft but they aren't trimmed very well and some strands are either sticking out from the top or fraying out to the side.

from the hype, i expected more, but they are a decent set.
nickinahme wrote on 7/24/2015
All Things Good Here!
MUG brushes are undoubtedly done of the best, especially at the price point. They have done a wonderful job with these!
Jaclyn wrote on 7/19/2015
These Are Absolutely Perfect
I just got these and have been given them a try for a couple weeks.Every chance I get I use them and honestly these brushes are brilliant! Now to be honest I'm just starting my brush collection. As a rule I don't get my makeup from a single brand, I find this rule applies well to brushes.
Well.. all rules are meant to be broken because this bundle is not just a great price it is quality!
My favorites are the buffer brush,I find the size is perfect,soft and leaves me looking airbrushed.
The angled Stippling, wow, the way this brush applies my liquid foundation is amazing.
The blush and highlighting brushes are great, I can see why the blush would be considered small for some .I have a bigger face and i find that playing around with it, it's precise and it can hold a good amount of makeup,so apply lightly and build up.
And the countouring is dense and precise and so right for the hollow of my cheeks!
Ale wrote on 6/14/2015
Awesome Brushes!!!
So I prettt much am in love with these MUG brushes but I have to say that I HATE the angled stippling brush!!! The bristles aren't tightly packed and mine are all uneven and weird. I can see right down the farrel and I don't think that's how it's supposed to be so maybe I got a dud but still I would expect them go pay attention to those things when they make them. I love love love the face buffer brush and the cheek highlighter brush is amazing too. The contour and blush brush are a bit small for my liking but they are both still use able for other things. Overall I am happy with these brushes and I will be ordering more!!
Crash wrote on 4/18/2015
High Quality At A Great Price!
I received these brushes today and used them right away! My favorite so far is the face buffer... Works well and it`s a great size. The other brushes are a little smaller but; I understand why Marlena designed them that way as they give you more control over where and how much product you apply! Next for me will be the stippling foundation brush! So far I love all MUG products that I own!
Benita wrote on 3/7/2015
Must Have
I love these brushes! They are so soft and blend out makeup great! No problems just that they are a little small I do wish they were a little bigger but still Im very happy with this purchase! It was a great Investment!
Darlene wrote on 2/3/2015
Must Have
I love these brushes!! They are super great to use. Make-up foundation is flawless. When I first saw the product it was sold out. I checked back a few days later and it was there!!! All the brushes has my face make-up game on point. Definitely worth the wait!! Must have to any make-up collection
Laura wrote on 12/23/2014
Great Brush Set!
I received this brush set a couple of weeks ago and im loving it! They are so soft. It makes makeup application so much easier. Defnitely a great investment! Highly recommend!
allstuffnice wrote on 12/14/2014
Great Brushes For The Price
Great brushes and very soft.

I would like to see shorter handles on the angled contour and blush brush though. Am not a fan of the longer handles. I hope MUG will consider shortening the handles to the same length as the rest of the face bundle.
Mya wrote on 12/2/2014
Excellent Brushes - Great Investment
I love, love, love the size of these face brushes. They are the size of the high end Japanese brushes such as Sukku. It's so much easier to maneuver around a makeup mirror without the handles getting in the way. I feel way more in control of my application with these brushes.

So,so soft! I was excited to feel how soft the brushes were but more importantly how they moved with grace. The blush brush is so small but it allows you to twirl in circular motions with ease.

I look forward to enjoying these brushes for a long time. When the eye set is back in stock I plan to purchase as well!!
carolynn wrote on 6/21/2014
Way Way Too Small!
I bought this set with high hopes since all the reviews on YouTube were raving about it. I thought it was a great price, and since i love MUG eyeshadows, why not try the brushes?
The 2 "bigger" brushes (stippling, buffer) are not bad at all, but the other 3 (blush, contour, highlighter) are TINY! I mean, there's no way i would apply blush with a brush that is the size of one of my fluffy eye blender brushes!
So, unfortunately, this was a miss for me. If you have a small face, then by all means, buy this bundle. Otherwise, I'd suggest spending your money on the amazing MUG eyeshadows & pigments!
Bejay wrote on 5/23/2014
Decent Brushes
I have mixed feeling about these brushes. My favorite one is the angled stippling brush. No complaints about the stippling brush which is firm (unlike the ELF small stippling brush). However, I am not a fan of the buffing brush. It feels redundant to have this brush and the angled one since they perform similar duties. I would have preferred a powder brush. The contour and blush brush are MUCH smaller than they appear in the picture. I do enjoy the contour brush for precise hollowing of the cheeks but I dislike the blush brush. It shed almost immediately and is too small even for my small face.
Kristie wrote on 5/14/2014
Very High Quality Brushes
These brushes are amazing they are so soft and make the job of putting on makeup so easy. These are very comparible to high end brushes. The quality is fantastic and these feel so luxurious. Thankyou so much Marlena. Lots of love from Australia.
AusKitten wrote on 5/9/2014
These Brushes Are Amazing!!!
I've heard people say that the right tools make all the difference. Well, I have to agree now that I have this set of brushes!!! They are amazing!!! My makeup never looked better. Thank you Marlena for making these amazing tools affordable and availabe for everyone to own!!! I will be purchasing the rest of the brushes to make my set complete!!!
Wendy wrote on 4/21/2014
Just received these brushes. The quality of the brushes are great but a little disappointed on the size of them. Smaller than I had expected.
Thatkewlchick wrote on 4/20/2014
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