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This multi-talented brush is a must have! It’s soft bristles ensure that less powder will be picked up, where the dome shaped tip feathers the shadow and allows for easy blending. Perfect for blending out the crease, softening any harsh lines, dusting set powder under the eyes, or blending eye shadow when only a little color is desired.  

Our new design features a bronze gunmetal ferrule, and an espresso tinted handle with a beautiful pearl finish for a sleek and elegant look. The bristles include all synthetic fibers for a cruelty free (& guilt free) makeup application!


  • Brush Bristles: Synthetic (cruelty free)
  • Seamless Ferrule: Tightly holds bristles in place to eliminate shedding
  • Brush Handle Colors: Gunmetal bronze, espresso w/pearl finish
  • Estimated Brush Length : 6.5”
Manufacturer Makeup Geek
Multi Color No
Vegan Yes
Cruelty-free Yes
Talcum-free Yes
Paraben-free Yes
Color Family No
Shade No
Customer Reviews
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This picks up the product really well and could use this one brush to finish the entire eyeshadow application if u dont have the other brushes handy. Used it to contour one time and wasn't bad at all. U just gotta work it when this is the only clean brush that you have at the
Jaymie wrote on 1/18/2016
This brush is wonderful for blending, but it is definitely NOT soft when you get it. I have found using a kids 2-in-1 shampoo with conditioner is the best cleanser for this brush. Great when used with powder to set under eye concealer as well as a general crease brush.
Rikki wrote on 12/15/2015
I knew this was going to be fantastic, I read many reviews of this one before. It's super soft but not flimsy, great for overall blending
juliana wrote on 8/31/2015
very good brush for blending eye shadow. it's soft and precise!
Inga wrote on 8/8/2015
This is not a soft blending brush. Its stiff, rough on this skin. Disappointing. Customer service said to condition the brush, didn't help. I got a dud. I guess thats why you don't see too any people using mg brushes too often.
Unsatisfied wrote on 6/5/2015
I love this brush. I can't say enough good things about the quality, size and shape of this beauty. It does all the work of those expensive babies and makes it better having saved on the purchase so we can have more brushes and makeup. Why spend more money when the best is right here? These are proven quality brushes. Love them and highly recommend. I have put away some of my high-priced brushes because, quite frankly...these are awesome!
Elizabeth wrote on 4/20/2015
I have a lot of Sigma brushes so was a little skeptical of ordering from anyone else. I bought the stippling brush back in November and was in love with it so I decided to give this one and a few others a try. Absolutely LOVE this brush! It is an amazing blending brush!! I will be ordering all of MUG's brushes for sure!
Nikki wrote on 2/10/2015
This is another one of the top 5 brushes to have. Once again if your one of those that do not want a thousand brushes. I just received this brush and it work great for blending. I had the sigma soft dome brush but it was to big for my eyes. This works great in my crease area and for all over blending..keep up the good work makeup geek crew.
Dianna wrote on 1/19/2015
This brush is exactly what I was looking for. I have almond shaped eyes on the small side and I needed something to help me buff out my crease without it taking over my whole lid. Perfect, it does just that. And I didn't notice any issues with the softness.
Nicole wrote on 12/28/2014
I brought this brush and got it last week along with some others , I like the feel of the brush on my eyelids it just feels a bit to big I have normal eyelids but this brush just seem to big for me . I'm not sold on it just yet . It feels great though and was totally affordable.
Samantha wrote on 12/5/2014
So I found this brush, like other reviewers, to be scratchy when I first received it. I washed it before use and still found it scratchy. What I did to get it soft was to soak it in a bit of hair conditioner for about 30 minutes, then give it a wash with soap. It worked wonders! It's super soft now and I recommend using the conditioner trick. Since the bristles are synthetic they won't soak up the product like a goat hair brush would but it takes the scratchiness away.
\nI'm horrible at blending shadows and this makes me look like I'm a pro at it!
Jessica wrote on 9/23/2014
Reading other reviews here, I realize I must have received a bad brush as well as another recent reviewer.
\nThe one I received feels semi soft to the touch, but on the eyes, this is painfully hard and scratched my eyelid skin. I do not have sensitive skin, but this is literally painful to use on my eyelids.
Amanda wrote on 9/21/2014
I am so pleased with this brush! It's very soft and the handle and ferrule have a luxe feel. I have hooded eyes and this is small enough that I can get in my crease while being precise enough that powdery, pigmented shadows don't make a mess. This is exactly like a $50 brush I bought more than 10 years ago that I still have. Wish Makeup Geek had been around back then.
Elizabeth wrote on 9/19/2014
It gives the perfect everyday soft crease. and it's great for blending.
Alina wrote on 9/5/2014
Not sure if I just got a bad brush but it was cut unevenly and the bristles were hard and poked and scratched my eyes even after washing them twice. I have purchased another brush from makeup geek which was amazing quality. Like I said not sure if I just got a bad one.
Alisha wrote on 8/26/2014
I use this brush every single day. It makes blending so easy you don't even have to think about it. Amazing quality for an amazing price. Definitely as good, or better as the higher end brushes.
Ebony wrote on 7/26/2014
This brush is soooo perfect. I love how there is a dome in the center and that the synthetic bristles are very soft. I own a MAC 224 and I feel like it is super harsh on my skin and doesn't even work well. I will never spend that much money on another brush that doesn't even feel soft enough to buff out or apply shades. I would like to buy 20 of these. Quality is superb. Great brushes at fab prices are extremely rare. This seems to be the only place I have found them. Love it. I will recommend these brushes to everyone I know.
Adina wrote on 7/24/2014
I purchased this brush along with the Stiff Dome Brush and I use this one much more than I thought I would. It's so soft and blends my shadows out beautifully.
Desiree' wrote on 7/23/2014
My go to blending blush is usually MAC217, but since ordering and using this one my MAC has been neglected. :)
\nGreat price and it blends beautifully!
Magen wrote on 5/26/2014
If you are looking for a good and affordable brush this brush is so soft it does what it says it blends easily.I can't say much about this brush other than It's amazing it's worth it especially for a beginner like me. Im very happy with my brush and I can't wait for my other brushes to arrive in the mail. Thank you MUG!!! Thank you Marlena for introducing me to MUG I always watch your youtube MUG channel and now Im addicted to makeup!!!! :)
Cherrylyn wrote on 4/6/2014
I have never used MAC brushes! So no idea about the comparison. But this brush has been serving me so well till really does its job... I am just giving myself a little bit more time to use this brush more and than form a solid opinion :)
\nBut, till now, I must say, its a great product...
Aru wrote on 12/28/2013
I deff ordering more but I would say my brush shed a few hairs, which too me is a big pet peeve I have with brushes buuuuuut I loved I because it blends my shadows s good and ordering more. plus if u go to Sephora or other names brands u will be paying much more and thy still shed hair.
Isaura wrote on 9/23/2013
I actually ordered this brush a few weeks ago, and had a lot of problems with fallout and the brush not being very round. MUG got in contact with me to send a replacement, and the new brush is awesome! I must have just had a bad brush, which happens, no biggie. This brush blends the crease beautifully and takes care of any harsh lines. The color goes on very well, not sheer. Very happy with my brush, thanks MUG!!
Taylor wrote on 8/3/2013
So I recently discovered Makeup Geek and its safe to say i'm obsessed!! I know everyone says this but the shipping was unbelievably fast. I ordered a pallet from another website on Monday and my brushes from Makeup Geek on the Thursday of that same week and they both arrived that next Monday... I was amazed. But I cannot get enough of this brush!!! I use it ever day and it buffs out so beautifully and is probably the best brush I have. I'm new to makeup and have never had MAC brushes but my friends who do love this brush better than their 224. That speaks for itself.
Jordin wrote on 5/16/2013
I use this brush every day! I mostly use it for buffing color in the crease, and it's AMAZING!!! To be honest, this is way better than the 224. What's even better is the price!
alicia wrote on 4/12/2013
I ordered this brush internationally about a week ago and just received it today! Shipping was super fast and my brushes came very well packed so I was over the moon! Thank you MUG! According to Marlena's tutorial I am trying to create a brush collection and this lovely piece is going to be a true gem! So very soft and AMAZING for applying my under the eyes concealer! Cant wait to use it for some blending...yay! Thank you Marlena and thank you MUG for making my day=) Love ya!
MrsT wrote on 12/4/2012
This brush is so so soft, when I got it I just couldn't stop brushing it over my hand and face :D
\nIt is very similar to the MAC's 224, not exactly the same, but might be better for some, since it's a bit smaller...
\nI love it, it's so versatile!
Osnat wrote on 11/4/2012
i just bought this brush and tried it for the 1st time last night. love it. i have another soft dome brush i bought from sephora and i didn't like using it for the crease. this one is much better. i needed something for the crease and this is awesome. its stiff but not too stiff-its just right and perfect. good job makeup geek!!!!
michelle wrote on 9/19/2011
I am very pleased with the MUG Soft Dome Brush. It is fantastic and does exactly what I need it to. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!
Dory wrote on 9/18/2010
I really like the MUG Soft Dome Brush, but I almost didn't see it in the current packaging! Maybe shipping brushes with a small piece of red/bright wrapping paper around the tip, to help find products, would help? The brush is very soft, and I will be trying it for highlighting under the eyes. It is somewhat large, very soft, and very helpful for blending colors. Marlena, thanks for your great videos!
Kate wrote on 9/17/2010
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