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Brush - Cheek Highlighter Brush


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Illuminate and add dimension to your cheekbones with just the right amount of your favorite highlighting product. Whether you're using cream, liquid, or powder, this soft stippling brush is specifically designed to pick up small amounts of product for sheer, even coverage. This brush also works great for stippling on your foundation, applying a sheer but buildable amount of cream blush, and lightly adding set powders for a flawless, finished look.

Our new design features a bronze gunmetal ferrule, and an espresso tinted handle with a beautiful pearl finish for a sleek and elegant look. The bristles include all synthetic fibers for a cruelty free (& guilt free) makeup application!


  • Brush Bristles: Synthetic (cruelty free)
  • Seamless Ferrule: Tightly holds bristles in place to eliminate shedding
  • Brush Handle Colors: Gunmetal bronze, espresso w/pearl finish
  • Estimated Brush Length : 6”
Manufacturer Makeup Geek
Finish No
Multi Color No
Vegan Yes
Cruelty-free Yes
Paraben-free Yes
Color Family No
Shade No
Customer Reviews
25 Review(s) | Write a review
Good quality brush but not useful for highlighting.
Not good for Highlighting but good brush otherwise. The bristles are too dense for picking up highlighter. This brush also has a flat top which is not ideal for use with highlighters. I noticed it would pickup a lot of product but would not deposit the color on my face. Does not blend well either, which is a must when applying highlighter. This brush is better suited for applying wet foundation of concealer and for buffing. All of MUG brushes are good quality included this "highlighting' brush but I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT FOR HIGHLIGHTING.
Vicky wrote on 5/7/2017
Awesome brush!
Love this brush. Picks up powder nicely and my highlighter always looks amazing and I barely have to do anything when using this brush. This is my go to brush for putting the finishing touches on my face. It's a perfect size for my hand. I Am so happy I decided to order it! If you are on the fence on whether to get it or not go for it!
Michelle wrote on 4/23/2017
Feels Soft, Perfect Size!
Perfect size and nice bristles. Even after multiple washings it's still really soft and picks up the highlighter great!
Karen wrote on 1/19/2017
Worst highlight brush EVER, one of the best as a blush brush
BEYOND TERRIBLE highlight brush, I don't know how anyone else as an opposing opinion. This brush is too flimsy, and highlighters are too dense for the bristles (just my 100% honest opinion and observation). My highlights don't show up at ALL no matter how many layers I apply when using this brush. Super disappointing. However, it is absolutely fantastic as a blush brush (prefer it to all my other blush brushes). It's so good as a blush brush that I rated it as a 4, which if this is strictly for the highlight, I rate it 1 stars. I only rate it a 4 because of the misleading title. Maybe I am using it wrong? I don't get it! If this was labeled as a blush brush, I'd rate it a 5 stars, for sure. It is the real deal, and I recommend it to absolutely anyone for blush. JUST BE WARNED - THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR FACE IF YOUR HIGHLIGHT IS PATCHY/DOESN'T SHOW UP, IT'S THIS BRUSH!
Megan wrote on 1/17/2017
Love it
I absolutely love this brush.I bought this brush over two yrs ago and no other brush apply my highlight like this one. Sad part is I recently washed it and it totally came apart. I need to purchase another one :(
Karla wrote on 8/31/2016
Not Bad
When I'm in a rush and wasn't able to wash my other brushes the night before, this comes to the rescue as foundation/powder love using it to contour too :)
Jaymie wrote on 1/18/2016
Great Brush!
This brush is fantastic. Love the tapered handle and love how soft the bristles are. Works great and you can build highlight easily, plus it's affordable and feels so high quality. I much prefer this brush over non-tapered ones because I feel like you can control how much product applies better. You can't go wrong with this, just get it. I promise you won't regret it.
Megan wrote on 1/12/2016
Amazing !!!!
This is seriously THE BEST highlighter brush that I used.
kate wrote on 11/15/2015
Must Have!
So glad I ordered this! I needed this in my life! It's the perfect size! My highlight looks flawless every time. I love this brush! It's cute, affordable, high quality, amazing at picking up and laying down product, you can't go wrong. Get this! U won't regret it!
Lacy wrote on 10/20/2015
Versatile And Affordable!
I'm so glad I purchased this brush, I really needed something to control how much product I apply on my cheeks and this brush does the job and so much more! I know its for highlighting but I use it as my blush brush and im amazed how natural the end result looks. Well done Marlena, im so obsessed with your products! :)
Amanda wrote on 7/16/2014
Great Quality At A Great Price!
AMAZING!!! I have been looking for the perfect brush to apply my highlighters. I'm a girl on a budget so I did not want to spend a fortune, but still wanted a good brush. Well, I found it! This brush applies the perfect amount of highlighter to give that glow! Also amazing for blending under eye concealer.

Thanks Makeup Geek for making quality products at an afforadable price.
Marisa wrote on 6/17/2014
More Than A Highlighter Brush!!
I just loved the idea of having this small highlight brush to hit those areas where you didn't want a lot of product. But I was so surprised because you can use this for a multitude of makeup applications. I have used it for under eye concealer. Why I love the brush for this is because I am in my 40's and it doesn't let the product settle I to fine lines. I have a smaller face and also use this for contouring. I just love it. The quality is great, as with every brush I've purchased, which is almost all of them.
Jeanette wrote on 6/15/2014
Concealer Perfection!
I love this brush! I use it to blend out my concealer and also cream highlighters, it's perfect and makes application flawless!
Magen wrote on 5/26/2014
Veerrry Niiice!
I received this brush with the set of face brushes. It is a really great quality brush. It works extremely effectively for highlighting. :)
Alanna wrote on 5/3/2014
Right Size Right Brush
OMG im in heaven !!! I couldn't wait to use this brush .. Its the cutest brush ever. I use it for highlight and even when I want a dramatic blush I reach for this brush !!!GREAT job MUG !!!
Erivan wrote on 1/5/2014
Right Size
I purchased this brush for a cheek highlighting brush and it is just the right size for highlighting your cheeks. This is a good quality brush without the high price tag. Thank you Makeup Geek for a quality product at a reasonable price. I will be ordering some more of these brushes.
Karen wrote on 12/16/2013
Nothing special... I wouldnt call is horrible, but I hardly ever reach for it...
Judith wrote on 9/26/2012
i like how this brush small and perfect to go on the cheekbone, it's really good to up as a highlight then for foundation.... luv it!!!
lee wrote on 7/24/2012
Good Starter Tool
I found this brush to be very soft and great at applying just enough liquid highlighter. My problem came in when I tried to blend in a circular motion, the look became streaky and blotched.
I feel that the bristles are maybe too long. I feel that if the bristle length would be shorter and more pressed, like the foundation stipple brush, it would be a better product (I did cut my bristles down to length, and after that, it was amazing). For the price, I don't have any problems modifying the brush for my use. And, it allowed me to get 3 brushes in comparison to mac's one.
Gretel wrote on 6/11/2012
Works Perfectly To Apply Highlighter Or Cream Blush
I got this brush (i had the same one from MAC) and frankly you cannot tell the difference between one or another except for the price you pay for it !
Once again great deal for amazing quality.
Thanks !
Anne wrote on 5/24/2012
Works perfect for liquid or powder highlighters very happy :) maybe even foundation (a tad streaky but versatile brush) as always excellent quality, comparable to MAC and a WAAAAAY better rice. Way to go Marlena (and staff) on another fabulous product!
Breanne wrote on 3/29/2012
This Brush Is Soooooo Soft
I really enjoy the feeling when I use it I feel like a princess
Lily119 wrote on 12/17/2011
Love It!!!!
I'm really fond of this brush!! It's soooooooooooooooooooooo soft and applies just the right amount of highlighting powder that I need!
Maƫlle wrote on 10/5/2011
Highlighter Brush
So I recently recieved the highlighter brush wasn't what I expceted, I thought the brush would of been alot bigger it was so SMALL!! Very dissapointed in it!!!! I've purchased other products like the pigments and absoulty love them though =/
Jen wrote on 2/17/2011
Just like the MUG brushes, this one sheds also! For the price you pay, it is very nice. But if only it would not shed . . .
Nadia wrote on 5/10/2010
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