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Brush - Bent Liner Brush


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The classic Cat Eye is timeless and can be the perfect way to glam up any look. Trouble is it isn’t always the easiest to achieve! However, with the right tool this look can be done in a breeze. The Bent Liner Brush makes for easy application, for both gel and cream liners. It’s small size, and angled ferrule do the work for you, perfectly aligning to your lashline. The bristles form to a fine point that delivers precise lines, ideal for creating the perfect flick at the outer corner to finish off your look.

Our new design features a bronze gunmetal ferrule, and an espresso tinted handle with a beautiful pearl finish for a sleek and elegant look. The bristles include all synthetic fibers for a cruelty free (& guilt free) makeup application!


  • Brush Bristles: Synthetic (cruelty free)
  • Seamless Ferrule: Tightly holds bristles in place to eliminate shedding
  • Brush Handle Colors: Gunmetal bronze, espresso w/pearl finish
  • Estimated Brush Length : 6.75”
Manufacturer Makeup Geek
Finish No
Multi Color No
Vegan Yes
Cruelty-free Yes
Paraben-free Yes
Color Family No
Shade No
Customer Reviews
36 Review(s) | Write a review
Bent liner brush
This is the best little bent liner brush I have ever tried! Its super soft and glides gel liner on like a dream!
Racquel wrote on 3/22/2017
Excellent quality, great design
The right tools really do make the job so much easier. I'm new to gel liner, having struggled with liquid liner long enough to develop some competence with it. Already my liner looks much neater and more symmetrical. This brush makes it so easy to create clean lines and sharp flicks. The angle of the ferrule means I can line up the brush tip with my lower lash line and still see what I'm doing. Bristles have the right amount of spring to glide smoothly along the lid without digging in or flopping flat. And the bristle protector helps the tip dry sharp and fine after cleaning. The Makeup Geek team knocked it out of the park on this one. Good job, guys!
Amy wrote on 7/26/2016
I've been using this brush everytime and when I run out of gel liner and switch to a felt tip liner, I have to go back and use this to create that perfect pointed wing. My brush is overused and is still hanging on to its life...haha. Love it! A must have!
Jaymie wrote on 1/18/2016
Nice, But I Had Hoped For More
This brush is formed perfectly and really lets you access the hard to reach areas of the eye. However, my brush lost half of the bristles after the third use! I also wish the tip was just a tad thinner as I have small eyes and the line it makes is just too big. Wish MUG had a smaller option.
Rikki wrote on 12/15/2015
I've only ever had one liner brush in the past (a silicone tipped one), and maybe that style is particularly hard to use or maybe I was just terrible at it, but I went straight back to liquid liner and never really gave it much thought. This brush has renewed my interest in gel liner. It's SO easy to use, and I love that the bent shape keeps it well out of the way of my lashes. They're pretty long and even liquid liner wands can sometimes be a problem. With this, it's a piece of cake
Allyson wrote on 11/20/2015
Great Brush
This is a perfect brush if you want to do a precise line and also great to do wing eyeliner look. Great Brush.
IamAna wrote on 11/11/2015
Best Eyeliner Brush
I got this in the mail yesterday and WOW it was so easy to do my gel liner!!! I was able to get super close to the lash line and do the wing. I have been wearing eye liner for 18 years and this truly is one of the best!
schoebwifey wrote on 11/10/2015
If you want a perfect wing get this brush, its so easy to work with. i love it.
tatiana wrote on 8/17/2015
I don't often leave reviews, but after using this brush I had to add my feedback to the many.

This brush is so fine, and so smooth, that the liner just slides on. It is the softest bent liner I own - and I have a few! The shonja kashick (sorry if that's incorrectly spelt) one is much less fine and precise, and even my beloved smashbox bent liner has gone out of rotation since this arrived on my doorstep. Absolutely love this brush - I'll be buying a spare!
Maxine wrote on 8/11/2015
Exactly What I Need!
Totally on point with the length of the bristles, regardless of the gel liner I use, the point and shape of this brush allows for super easy application. I can get a wing with gel liner so easily for the first time ever! Also, it's ridiculously affordable, I bought one for me, and now one for my kit :)
Melissa wrote on 12/15/2014
New Favorite
This is without a doubt the best eye liner brush I've ever used. The bent handle makes it really easy to get around your lashes, mine seem to always be sticking up in the way and I end up getting liner on my lashes. But not with this brush! I will never apply my eye liner with another brush again. Great job Makeup Geek!!!!
Kelly wrote on 11/21/2014
Simply Stunning!
I used to prefer liquid felt-tip eyeliners, until I found the MUG gel liners and afterwards this brush. It is stunning! So stiff and so very very easy to use .. It picks up just the right amount of product and makes the most perfect precise lines you could ever want!
Just get it already! :)))
Dimana wrote on 10/31/2014
Best Eye Liner Brush Ever!!
This is by far the best eyeliner brush EVER!! I have used many! I could never find one that worked, so I quit using gel liner. I just used liquid liner. Not anymore!!! I applies the gel liner so flawlessly!!! Amazing brush!!
Angel wrote on 9/29/2014
Love This Bent Eyeliner Brush!!
Looked kind of odd, but I saw how effortlessly Marlena used it and decided to try it! I have tried 4 others and this is the BEST! II am ordering a spare just so I don't have to clean the fist one as often! I just wish I had tried all of her brushes before I bought Sigma! Cheaper and just as good or better. I just can't say enough about all her products!
Kathy wrote on 9/22/2014
New Favorite Brush
I love this brush for gel eyeliner. I used to use a small chisel shape brush, but after trying this one I am totally converted. I love how precise the brush is. It picks up less gel at one time so you don't waste as much, but it still puts enough gel right where you want it. The bent angle is just a bonus in my book that makes it that much easier to apply eyeliner. I love this brush.
Katherine wrote on 9/16/2014
Just The Best
BUY THIS BRUSH RIGHT NOW! It is CRAZY how I managed to do gel liner with any other brush. This brush it unbelievably AWESOME, it is the perfect size, the bristles are dense enough so that you can control very easily how thick or thin you want your line to be. Trust me! you'll never go back to anything else and your set for life with this brush, not mention the amazing price!!!!!!
Alanna wrote on 5/3/2014
Better Than Mac 210!
I have a problem with eyeliner coming out smooth. I always thought it was my eyeliner drying out or my eyelids were really dry. Turns out it was my dear MAC brush. Although the MAC 210 is a good brush, I find this brush is 10 times better for me. My eyeliner comes out so smooth and my wing is always on point. Literally... You wont be disappointed with this brush!
Mimi wrote on 4/30/2014
Perfect !
The best eye liner brush I've ever had.With all the brushes I bought so far I've noticed, that Marlena really knows what she wants with her products.Every item is really usefull! Well done!
Ann-Katrin wrote on 4/26/2014
You Need This Brush!!
For the longest time I've been using the Sonya Kashuk bent angle liner brush but overall I was really unhappy with how much product I wasted with it in trying to make a sharper point....then I saw the MUG version!! This one is exactly what I was looking for!! Makes the perfect angle every single time without using too much product. High quality, sleek, pointed tip. 5 stars :)
Rachael wrote on 4/24/2014
Simply Perfect!
I love love Love this brush. It just gives me the perfect line to my hooded eyes. I need another one!
SHARON wrote on 4/10/2014
Nice Brush
Even though I love to apply my liner with an angle brush this one does the job pretty good to. It's really nice and is really easy to control where you want the liner.
Luisa wrote on 2/19/2014
Love this eye liner brush!! Great!! Highly recommend.
Doeremi wrote on 1/8/2014
Great Smokey Eye Brush!
Usually for my gel liners, I prefer my Sigma angle liner brush, but I love this brush just as much! Since I have hooded eyes, I really need my eyeliner to be as thin as possible if I don't want it to overpower my eyeshadow. However, I really like using this brush to smoke out colors on my lid and the lower lashline. It picks up product well and the bent aspect of it makes it super easy to draw a straight line. Would definitely purchase again (I already have 2!)
Taylor wrote on 8/3/2013
Better Than I Expected
This is a solid brush. It applies product evenly and has the perfect shape for getting into the corner of the eye as well as on the water line.
Jenelle wrote on 6/4/2013
How Did I Manage Without It??
I love this brush, whoever came up with the concept of an angled brush was a genius. I suddenly had eyes that popped where before they were just the things I see out of. It made all the difference to the way my eyeshadow looked and brought the whole look together. I also used it on the top water line using make up geek gel liner and I actually for the first time ever managed to get that little winged affect at the edge!!

All girlies need this brush in their collection and for anyone looking in from the UK, Make Up Geek have super super fast turn around times, which is somewhat novel because our internal mail travels at a snails pace lol!! Come on you Brits - get your orders in.
Paula wrote on 5/12/2013
Good Brush
I really like this brush it fits the need. This is a good brush if you want to do a flick or a cat eye if you are able to keep a steady hand. I'm able to do a flick better with an angled brush but I do like this brush to get close to the eyelashes, with small strokes. Now don't get me wrong I'm not putting down MUG but I don't would like the brush to be black. So when I clean it, it doesn't look like its still dirty. I would prefer it to be black or a darker color. I like that its soft, it has a long handle, and its a small enough to get very close to the eyelash.
Kendra wrote on 5/9/2013
I have never used a brush to apply my eyeliner, but this was incredibly easy for me to do!
Molly wrote on 12/10/2012
I received the brush in 3 days! I tried as soon as I got it, and its so much easier with this brush! I love it!
Britney wrote on 10/18/2012
Sublimate Brush
I have just received my brush it is great I am satisfied with the speed of the sending the brush and very practical for an eyeliner perfect.
Thank you makeup geek
Mariam wrote on 9/19/2012
Perfect Brush!
This brush is great! It's the perfect size to get a thin line on your eye and the bent shape makes applying liner really easy. I would definitely recommend buying this brush. Thanks MUG! :)
Laura wrote on 7/24/2012
Amazing Brush
This brush is possibly the best bent liner brush out there. It is nice and tiny so you can do a nice thin line if you want or a thicker one if you prefer. The price is beyond great there is really nothing not to love about it, a must have for any makeup geek
Laura wrote on 6/15/2012
Cant Find Better Than This Brush
MELANIE wrote on 5/22/2012
It Really Is The Best!
This is absolutely the best bent liner brush for me ever! I bought a much more expensive one before this at Sephora and I always end up reaching for this one first. The bristles are firm but not too hard so you end up getting a nice clean line. I also like how the brush head is not too long so you have more control over the bristles. I am very pleased with this buy!
Lena wrote on 4/21/2012
Best Ever Liner Brush
This IS the best Bent liner brush for gel liners, I have been experimenting with different brands of bent liner brushes and this brush has been the standout. The quality has been outstanding when applying a gel iner, you just can't make a mistake. I have been using this particular brush over and over again and the shape of the brush remains the same to give you a great finish.Great product and excellent
Julie wrote on 3/21/2012
Love This Brush
this brush is fantastic so much handier to use than the normal liner brushes as you can get the perfect cat eye etc. you want without mistake this is suitable for first time gel liner users :)
corinna wrote on 4/3/2011
Great Product
I'm new to cream eye liners but this made it go on so easy. When I was done it looked like I have been doing this for years as it was precise and applied flawless.
Jordan wrote on 11/2/2010
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