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What colors make black eyes pop?

Since this color is technically a neutral, you are lucky and can wear any color eyeshadow!  The colors I’ve found that make them stand out most though are purples, teals, and greens.

What is the best makeup for oily skin?

Oily skin is tough to deal with especially in the summer.  My fix:  an oil mattifier as a primer and mineral foundation.  I know Mary Kay has a good mattifier, and I like Bare Escentuals foundation as it soaks up all the extra oil.  Keep blotting sheets with you for touch ups throughout the day.

Should you match your eyeshadow color to your clothes?

NO!  If you’re wearing a green shirt, don’t wear green eyeshadow- it’s too matchy matchy.  Instead, choose something that is opposite on the color wheel.  My biggest tip:  the brighter the clothes, the more neutral color the makeup- this doesn’t mean you need to do a simple look… You can wear a dramatic look if you have a bright pink top on, but go with a black smokey eye or a brown smudged look instead of something with color.  If you are wearing black, brown, or another neutral, then go with a brighter color for the eyes or lips for that “pop”.

How do you take good pictures of yourself?

Take a TON of pictures!  Out of say 100 that I take, I find maybe 3 that I love.  Also having a flipscreen camera helps as I can see what I’m taking pictures of.   Go outside for your pictures as natural light is more flattering, and hold the camera high to make your face look thinner :)

How often do you shop for makeup?

Let’s face it- the title of the site “Makeup Geek” is because I’m a makeup fanatic.  The bright colors, the textures, the feeling I get when I step into a makeup store- ahhh…. it’s like heaven!  haha!   BUT, I limit myself to just a couple things from different collections as otherwise I’d be living on the streets in a cardboard box.

How do I cover up acne?

Use concealer that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin.  If you use a light concealer, it’s only going to enhance the acne instead of actually hiding it.  The trick is to blend around the edges or apply foundation over the concealer to smooth out the color difference.  If you have redness from the acne, use a green concealer as it counteracts redness- you do need to apply foundation on top though so you don’t look like Kermit….

My favorite concealers:   Coastal Scents Camo Quad,  Make Up For Ever cream concealer, and Bobbi Brown Concealer (for under the eyes)

What’s the best foundations to use?

My favorite for combo/oily skin:  Revlon Colorstay as it dries to a matte finish and covers amazingly well
My favorite for oily skin:   Bare Escentuals   or any other mineral foundation as it helps to soak up the extra oil
My favorite for combo/dry skin:   Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid as it gives a nice dewy glow

What’s some makeup tips for those over 60?

As we age, the first thing that makes us loose our youth is lack of shine to the skin.  To combat that, use cream blushes instead of powder as it gives a more youthful glow.  Most women in this age bracket do not need a full face of foundation, but if you do, then use Neutrogena Healthy Skin as it has a dewy finish also.

To make the eyes brighter and more open, apply light shimmer shadow under the browbone and near the tear duct.  Also, line the waterline with a white or flesh colored eye pencil and curl those lashes- it makes a huge difference!

And number 1 tip for wearing eyeshadow:  go with matte finish instead of shimmer as shimmer makes wrinkles stand out more.  Reserve the shimmer for under the brow bone where wrinkles aren’t as apparent.

Here’s my article on 7 Ways to Look Younger Using Makeup

Where do you shop for clothes?

Since I’ve lost about 80 pounds now, I shop in different stores than I used to (don’t even get me started on why plus size women have to shop at different stores!  I need to open my own clothes shop for women of ALL sizes.   Ok, rant over!)

I used to find really cute things at Lane Bryant or Maurices, but I shop now mostly at Cache (only for tops as they’re a bit pricey),  Macy’s, Windsor, Von Maur, and Express.

How do you do your nails?

This is my girly splurge for myself- manis and pedis with my girlfriends :)  I get them done at a salon in California and they are gel tips using clear/light glitter powder for the tips.  They have all sorts of colors, but I usually do white or clear as I go crazy with my makeup sometimes and don’t want to overdo it- haha

How do you do your eyebrows?

I used to take a stiff angled brow brush and matte eyeshadow around the same color as my brows and fill in.  For the blank spots, I’ll take a dry feeling brow or eyeliner pencil and do small strokes to fill in.  But, recently I’ve fallen in love with Tarte’s Brow Mousse- it’s so easy to use and so natural looking, plus it lasts all day!

I do recommend for shaping the brows that you go 4 times a year to have them professionally shaped- estheticians and hair stylists do brows on a regular basis and can analyze and create a shape that suits you as each person’s face and brows are different.  Then you can just tweeze or wax in between shapings…

How can I avoid looking pale in pictures?

If you know you’re having pictures done, wear extra makeup- especially for blush, lips, and lashes as the flash will wash you out.  If you feel you have just a little too much makeup on, then it’s probably just right for pictures.


I had so much fun taping this video for you guys!  I feel like I can’t get to everyone’s questions here on the site, youtube, twitter, facebook, and the forum (whew!) so I’d like to tape these type of videos regularly to answer what I can for you guys :)   Have a wonderful week Makeup Geeks!!!!  *muah*


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Thanks so much for this Marlena! Really helpful and informative! Especially about the picture taking. Congrats on losing 80 pounds! That is amazing! I too have just started on the weight loss journey and have only lost about 5 kgs but it’s still 5kgs I can do without! :o)

thank you for answering all those questions! you are so beatutiful & my favorite guru. your weight loss is amazing & has motivated me to lose weight as well. My goal is to lose 50lbs…I have 35lbs to go. Love you lots. xo :)

Hi…i just discovered your videos 4 days ago…and i’m hooked!!! i can’t believe how easy you make everything look!
i noticed you answered a few oily skinned questions, and i was wondering what you could to for extremely dry, flaky skin (especially considering the british weather!). once i’ve applied all my makeup, after about 10mins i get intensely flaked skin, and want to know what i can do then without taking all my makeup off. i think most of my problem is hormonal, though i’m going to try to get some high end moisturiser aswell.
Also, how would you recommend using Benefits Bo-ing concealer for this kind of dry skin…it’s all i have right now and i want to finish it before i try something different.

thank you sooo much for you’re videos and articles…you have turned me into a true MUG-let :D
x ? x

Try Bare Escentuals Eyelid primer, it works better than UD primer potion at keeping the oil back. It will literally look like you just put on your eyeshadow all day, even at night! No more creasing!:)

I have the same problem even after trying UDPP. what i do is apply mac paintpot on top of the UDPP.. Concealer works well too

Thanks for answering our burning questions…Inquiring MUGs want to know!

How much weight have you lost so far? Has your diet and excercise routine changed at all?

Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next tutorial!

I’ve lost 80 pounds so far- the last 3 months have been a major plateau, but my exercise routine has actually beefed up a little. I now work with a trainer 5 days a week (1/2 hour each day) and I do cardio classes 3 days a week.

My eating is pretty much the same but I’ve added back in diet sodas and some carbs- I’m thinking the carbs is what’s slowing my progress down- not sure….

nooo marlena. TRUST me girl, it’s the diet sodas. you should def try your best to stay away from that stuff. it has Aspartame in it & that ingredient is horrible for you. keep it natural :) & good luck!

Love this!! You are so good at what you do Marlena! Keep on going girl cause your website is off the charts!! Can’t wait for the next tutorial!

Hey Marlena! You look gorgeous as always. Thank you so much for this useful video. I was just wondering what you would suggest as far as high pigmented/ long lasting colored eyeliners. I really want to get a pretty blue or teal eyeliner that stays well on my waterline. I was thinking maybe one of Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils, because i love Zero, Yeyo, and Dime by them. But I thought I would ask first. Thanks so much!!

Actually, I’ve been liking gel or cream liners for the waterline lately as they’re super pigmented! I know Loreal has a pretty blue and teal eyeliner and so does MAC and I think Bare Escentuals

I was actually wondering if it was possible for you and your crew to do a video on how you run the MUG store — like shipments coming in, storage, and you getting pigments and powders for your samples.

Wow, this is soooo much useful information, I’m giddy. :D I agree with you, Mary Kay has a great mattifier. Actually I fell in love with a lot of their products, they made me break my “Only MAC” rules. I recently signed on as a consultant so yaay me, I’m working with make up for a career now. :D I don’t know if I’d have been confident enough with makeup to do this before finding your site, so I thank you, sincerely.

Thanks for this new video. It is awesome as usual. I have two questions though….What eye cream do you use? No matter what cream I use I always end up with lines in my concealer and it is so frustrating.

Also I wanted to know if someone wants a dewy look to their skin I would use a liquid foundation, but if I put powder over it the dewiness will be gone….if I don’t put powder over it won’t the foundation not last for very long? What would you do? Hope that made sense! Thanks!

I use Clinique’s All About Eyes cream, and it works well for me as it hydrates. For the lines, you’ll need to apply a little bit of primer to help smooth out the concealer- I really like MAC’s Matte Gel or Perfeckt’s concealer (need to look up the exact name).
OR… you could use a concealer that has a gel like consistency- Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer or bobbi Brown correctors

Thank you Marlene for your helpful tips. For the ones that are having problems like me with the oily skin. This lady at Saphora told me that i would LOVE this product call NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU SHINE. I tell you its the best thing EVER. Give it a try and you would see :) ITS ONLT $20.00 woooo hoooo :) ya’ll can let me know how it worked for yall :)

great vid! Just wondering whats up with the ending? I mean, you guys looked cute n everything but was there a point to wearing the sunglasses??

What should you do if you have oily skin but your esthetician recommends not to use minerals or powders (for the purpose that it tends to give me more blemishes no matter how hard I try!)

Love watching your videos. I dusted off all may makeup, after being put a way after the birth of my daughter (who is now 3 1/2). I’m having to re-learn everything and your video are GREAT. Before i never used moisterizer prior to putting on make up, but now that I’m 30 my skin seems to want moisterizer, whar do you use or whar do you recommend. Also what is your makeup removal process? Can say enough the videos are GREAT. xoxoxoxo

hey! thanks so much for your great site, just wondering if in the future you could have something about doing eyebrows… i have NO eyebrows to begin with. the hair on my eyebrows is light (not blond but light brown) I don’t know, maybe you already have something on that and I missed it. but I’m so afraid to do anything with my eyebrows because people are so used to barely seeing them. Are there eyebrow tints or something small I could do?

Thanks so much! I’m a makeup addicted myself :)

Hi Marlena, thank you for the helpful video. I love all your tutorials, they are so helpful! My makeup application has improved so much. I am able to apply my makeup they way I’ve always wanted to thanks to your tutorials. Always looking forward to see what you have posted next. Also, I was wondering what liptstick are you wearing in the closeup shot with you and your assistant creative director. Thanks!

can you please consider doing some selena gomez looks?! it’s the perfect amount of makeup for my 17 yr old.

I love your videos!!! You always have great wearable looks!!!
I’m just wondering what you do for your skin as in chemical peels. I have acne scars and really dry skin. What do you think is the best thing to do??

Hi Marlena… I lost count of how many times I see your videos… since your hair was shorter with big highlights… and you still look gorgeous…seems more happy in every video that you post.

well, I really did understand about can´t matchy clothes with eyeshadow.. with I use blue blouse you said that I have to use orange eyeshadow? purple with yellow?? looks strange to me, you know what I mean??
Is to bad matchy the colors??? because, like today, I used a purple dress, with black shoes and black purse, and use a very dark purple with black very well blended, and a very light shimmery purple on the lid, is to bad??? I asking this because I received so many congrats for this makeup….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I´m freaking out rsrsrs

Love you

Its not that you can’t it’s just that when you you go with the opposite color it makes your eyes pop more.
Matching Clothes is one thing matching your makeup is totally different.

I’m not talking about matching clothes, just mentioned the colors of accessories to complement your outfit, I’m just talking about makeup … was speaking in purple dress with purple eyeshadow, sorry if I could not express my doubts.

My fault I skimmed. Generally you don’t want to match your eyemakeup to your clothes because it gives you the opposite of making your eyes pop. But you more than likely did a fantastic job on the application :D

Hey Marlena! I love the top you are wearing in this video! you said you got it from Macys? Can you tell me the brand of it!It’s so cute and I couldnt find it on the website!Also you look great congrats on the 80 lbs! Oh and you’re eye tutorials are wonderful but I have small eyes –should I skip lower liner? I’ve heard I should never totally close them in?

It was so much FUN watching this video!
I felt you closer when you were drinking Panera’s tea! hahahaha
Please film something like this again.

You and your sister both look HOT! woohoo! :)

p.s will you do costume makeup tutorial for Halloween?

Hey Marlena! What are some concealers that you recommend for undereye dark circles that do settle in and accentuate fine lines?

Hey Marlena! What are some concealers that you recommend for undereye dark circles that do Not settle in and accentuate fine lines?

OMFGeeezers, Marlena!

I love your hair! Please do a tutorial on this hairstyle. It has body and bounce and the right shape!

thanks a lot marlena! your like an insperation to me and to a lot of other girls! you make ppl feel beautiful! and not just in a literal way because you do makeup but it seems like you understand! great to hear your doing good! good luck! =]


GODDESS MARLENA! ….. WoW! 2 gorgeous puppies!

Yes two gorgeous Goddess,s on the sofa and 4 boots to worship instead of just 2 … Goddess you look just super sexy hot …. and my question is …… Can we have a Just Goddess section in the forums of just picces of you you and er MORE YOU! so us devoted geeks can pay homage and devotion to our QUEEN of the MAC 2/17 xxxx

Still on a more serious note .. me and the misses have took on a rescue cat .. i wanted to name her GODDESS MARLENA but my misses went ape! saying “we are not calling a cat Goddess Marlena all day” ………. so instead we have settled on ……………Marli :-) i have posted some picces of her in the .. Chat about life .. section within Marlena Mansions … your EMPIRE of worship!

Im thinking of making her a very minature fascinator with small veil :-) .. then maybe some eyeliner, mascara on the whiskers and create the leopard look! ( ONLY JOKING GODDESS ) id never do that! .. i can assure you she will always a have a full belly of grub and a nice warm bed every night :-)


Hey, Marlena! I was wondering if you’re considering to make a video about how to pack your makeup bag/traincase for work and for yourself. And I really want to know what’s in your bag :))) Do you have a lot of makeup in there and what are the things you can’t go out without :))) Huuuuge love and lots of smiles!!

I love this videoo..it was helpful..answered a lot of my questions.. im asian n i have brown skin. not dark brown but like tan n medium bright brown so im really confused what lipstick or gloss should i wear coz iv tried some colors but nothin so far suits me that much..i hope u’l replyyy! love yaaa <3

Hey Marlena,

i just wanted to ask something. in many of ur video’s you put like a light shimmering colour between the eyes and the nose.. to give it a pop effect. but what if you have like eyes that are a bit too far appart. i have a friend, and i did her make up once, but with the light colours near the nose area, her whole face changed. it looked a bit weird. what do u recomment? and with eyes that are round, how do you make them a bit less round looking. thank you so much, ur videos are great!

greetings from amsterdam, holland!

hey! i love love love ur videos. avid follower of makeupgeek. all i know about makeup was through ur website. i actualy did my own wedding makeup thanks to u and ur amazing videos and reviews. thank u sooooooooooooooo much!!!!

alrite now i ve a very weird query which doesn really involve makeup. one of ur above questions listed out the places u shop at. im gonna be shifting to chicago in about a months time. and vent lived in that cold of a climate for a long time. so can u give me a few suggestions on how to dress up and ready myself for the chicago cold and where i can possibly shop at. n get some cold weather colds. and what kinda coats are appropriate for it. im totlay clueles about coat shopping …. would really appreciate ur help!!!!

thanks again!

My friend once told me to look thinner in photos you should say “Wogan” instead of cheese to make you look all cheekboney and pouty. I looked drunk when I tried it, but I tend to overdo it, ANTM I am NOT. It worked great for my friend though. (Practise in the mirror first.)

Great idea, thanks heaps for this video!

After watching this I just have to thank you Marlena, for being such a positive person. These days its hard to come by a real inspiring “girl next door” with nice things to say about life in general. And the same to your staff, because we have to surround ourselves with good people. I also want to thank you for the HUGE array of info on all things makeup that I have soaked up like a sponge. My new favorite rick is gel liner on the waterline. QUESTION for the future, I noticed that you never put mascara on your lower lashes in your tutorials. I recently started doing it with certain looks for that kind of MOD SQUAD look, very dramatic doe eye. Thanx again, I watch everyday, this is my go-to site for my makeup passion.

Primary (Red Blue Yellow)
Secondary-Equal Mix of 2 Primary Colors (Orange Green Purple)
Tertiary-Mix of 2 Primary Colors With a Ratio of 2 to 1(Red-Orange Red-Violet Blue-Violet Blue-Green Yellow-Green Yellow-Orange)

I hope I explained that well enough, I’m not so good at teaching.

Hello guys,
I need some help, please: I’m going to a wedding this sunday. My dress is dark purple and I’m wearing a black bolero jacket, black shoes and silver jewels. What colours do you recommend for the eyes.

Thank you in advance for an answer.
Regards from Portugal;-)

I just wanted to say hi. I found you about two months ago and I really love the looks you do. You help me feel pretty, so thank you. It matters alot to me now as I’m ten years older than all the other college freshmen in my classes. I went through all of your video’s and you have always been a cutie, but you look fantastic, Congrats on the new healthy life.

Hi Marlena! I’m a 13 year old girl from Texas who LOVES this website! I’m a gingey so I’m pretty pale. I want to know how to “enhance” my alibaster complextion. Like what should I do to help my skin glow without using bronzers and fake tans? Thanks so much! ~SDH~

You are by far my favorite makeup guru. Your videos are the most entertaining, informative and produced the best! You are one of the only gurus with great lighting and editing. I think you look look great and I just wanted to thank you for the great videos!

hi.. marlena
i wanted to ask whats a good drugstore concealer that really works and also to cover up darkcircles do i need to use corrector and concealer?

Hi Marlena!
First of all, I love your website, I am just starting to learn how to do eyeshadow like you. I love it! I was wondering mainly what you did to lose all your weight? You look great and I am trying to lose weight as well.


Hey Marlena!! I just want to say that i love your tutorials .. You are great!!!! You do make things easier and I love that! Thank you sooooo much ! By the way I was wondering if u can do a tutorial on the makeup that you wear on this video… I have to confess that matching ur makeup with ur clothes was the right idea, and thank u for getting that straight for me.. that was really helpful !! I do want to ask u for one more thing?.. I really need HELP!! on how to cover my dark circles under my eyes i really don’t know what products I should use???? Well i hope u can answer my questions.. and i will be waiting on that tutorial..

I’m glad ur doing great!!

OH MY GOD… you look so pretty in this video Marlena that is your color
Just saying hy girl, keep on rockin.

Hi, Marlena! If you have time, could you recommend some purple e/s for those of us with blue eyes? I know purple looks great with brown eyes but it seems harder to pull off with baby blues. (I have dark hair, pale skin, and blue-gray eyes.) Thanks!

I love all your advice. It is super helpful. Plus I love the videos also. I have done the bombshell look and I am going to try the pink look for Halloween this year. I am going to be a Catholic School girl. So I think it will be the perfect look for that ~! Thx again !

Great video! Great tips! Though I have to say I have the lightest colour camo quad from coastal scents and that works really nice for me, though I am incredibly pale. I use the white in it just under my brow as a kind of highlight, but more natural looking.

I see that you like Express. Do you wear skirts from express? I very curvy, and I’m not sure if Express skirts will look nice on me. If you can, please help me! I’m going to go shopping!

Thank you so much for this! This is great, I think this is a way you can get closer to us.
This is actually really helpful and you can start doing this more frequently cause you can turn this into a way to answer some comments. It would be helpful for you either…i guess!

And…you really look beautiful and healthy! That’s wonderful. I really appreciate your work, your kindness. You’re so smiling!

I don’t weight that much, I’m 1,60m tall, 52Kg so my BMI is a normal value but I do have a lot of cellulite and I don’t know what more can I do to eliminate it. Sometimes I feel desperate cause I’m young and I have all this damn orange skin (Damn you, Inheritance!).
Could you share some of your coach advice?

Hi Marlena,

I love your makeup,and your tutorials are excellent, Your very inspiring :)
I am from Australia,and currently studying makeup,hope i can be as good as you oneday.

I am entering my school’s competition and going to attempt your Arab/bollywood look and your moulin rouge look! I cant wait.

Keep up the great work your beautiful :)

Hi Marlena I want to know your opinion about Smashbox products, I have seen every single video you have posted but never heard any comment about this brand. Can you make some comparison with the products you often use? Thank you so much… you are such a great person, and you have this amazing glow we all love… Good Luck in everything you do!!

hi!!! I really loved all the answers!!!!! and the video is soooo fun!
HELP hahaha I need help,I see the wing in the eyeliner every where… it’s like the new thing hahah I’ve been trying so hard to get the perfect wing with my gel eyeliner and nothing works! I get different wings one on my left eye and a totaly different wing on my right eye!, I don’t know how to finish the look… can you please help some of us with a tutorial … the perfect brush for the wing? the eye liner… gel , pencil, etc? when to use the wing? how to apply shadow using the wing? (smoky eye, cat eye look, or just the wing by it self?), etc… thank you ! you are great on what you are doing! (MEXICO)…

Thank you once again!
I have a problem with my eyebrows, I bought benefit brow zings (medium) and when I put it on I find my look very odd, the brows look unnatural. Maybe I should try to mix the powder with a different eyeshadow and try a different shade? or is it just the big change that it makes to my face that I have to get used to? thx!

Hi Marlena, I love this website and it is the best beauty website by far! Good work. I hoping if you have any spare time, if you would be able to do a tutorial with black lipstick. I bought Mac lipstick last year and never wore it. I am quite pale and have really dark brown hair, so I am scared of looking like a goth, in a bad way.


Marlena, your video of weight loss has motivated me to drink water only (sodas are really bad cuz the regular ones make you gain weight, and the diet ones PREVENT your from losing it, there is no win-win situation with the sodas!!!!!)

For oily skin I didnt use foundation this summer as I was breaking out every time I was wearing it, and my skin felt so good without it!! I was using makeup for my eyes only. For the girls with oily skin, use a good mattifying cream and an SPF during the summertime!! Its not so painful to forego the foundation for two months :)))

Love, Katerina

Hi Marlena!!

I’m an avid fan and well wisher of yours all the way from Singapore. Even though I live in Asia, your tips and tutorials work so wonderfully for me! Ive been getting compliments on how i look since I started following your site RELIGIO

MakeupGeek is actually saved under my Favourites tab!

While at it, Marlena can i make a kind request that you make a video or an article on make up removers and a rating perhaps? I have major trouble removing my eye makeup with all the mascara residue,completely. Please help!!

Ciao Bella!


Congrats on the 80Lbs loss! How did you stay motivated?? I need to lose a lot of weight, but I get so overwhelmed at the thought of it… How did you stay focused for so long?? Please let us know. Thanks.!

How about doing makeup videos for 60+. There are a lot of boomers who care how they look and are a bit lost on what’s new or how to deal with the wonderful things that happen to your face as you age.

Hi ! I seriously watch your videos everyday ! Lol I love your how you explain everything you got me into makeup more love love love you ! You mentioned California? Do you live here in Cali?

Hey! you say that you go do spray tans and you never look orange!! I was wondering if you could tell me where you go or any tips you have on not looking orange and looking great!

Thankss =]]

Very nice video. I love the hairstyle of your friend. Could you/she give me some steps how to make such a perfect volume?
Thanks :)

Hi, Marlena!

I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on all Clinque products. I have a lot of Clinque, and have NO CLUE, how to wear it. Also, I am having trouble on what make-up to buy, and how to wear it.

I wear a gel eyeliner but by the end of the day I look like I have to black eyes how can i keep the eyeliner from smudging and smearing underneath my eyes?


OMG I love your site, I’ve only been a member for about a year but I’m on here almost every day looking and rewatching videos. Your a great inspiration to me, I’m a plus size girl and your advice and videos make me feel like I am beautiful woman. I would love if you were able to sell clothes at your store, I’ve almost finished my wish list on your site. Your a great person and have a big heart and are always willing to help all of us out. Your great girlie keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey Marlena in regards to the whole diet soda thing I think that it is ok just double up on the water I drink about 3 diet sodas a day maybe less and I drink about 8 to 12 glasses of water a day it combats the sodas I think any way I recently have lost about 80 lbs myself and I know what u are going through and that is what works for me take care xoxoxo !!!! By the way I am a true makeup geek and this site is amazing and I love u thank u for all u that u have provided us on here I am a total fan but one thing and its just me I know u say never match your makeup to ur clothes but I can;t help it some days I just wanna be wild and matchy matchy and in your face !!! but that’s just me !!! Make up is truly my passion and I wanna be n the beauty industry for life!!!!!!

I love your tips, I do the kardashian chiks, are great!! my english is bad cause I speak spanish. Today I´m wearing orange red is fabulous!

Hello mariena I’m w to all this makeup stuff and I really love all of ur tutorials but wat is best to help with a sweaty face and how do I choose the correct foundation for me? Thanks. And keep informing us on wats new in the make. Up world

why r u guys both so pretty? haha no seriosly im really jealous u always look like perfect!! any suggestions to achieve both of your perfect looks?


Hey Marlena, I have a question. Which makeup corrector do you suggest for my dark circles because putting concealer is not enough and I need more coverage. I use The Balm concealer, if you suggest a better conceleaer please do so. Thanks :) God bless.

Hi Marlena!! I live in the central of Brazil, and always look foward for your new videos, I love u and I think u shoul come here to do a workshop srsrrs.
Since the wheather here is sooo hot, what is the best MAC foundation? I just say MAC because is the only store near my city, only 150 km.

You mentioned Von Maur, I HIGHLY recommend 6pm.com as they have a lot of the same stuff for 1/2 the price :) LOVE IT!!!

I know you said what to use as primer in the video. but I wasn’t sure. whats a a good primer? I really need one. my makeup flakes off in the middle off the day and looks really bad by the end.

Hi, love your work. I am make-up artist in Costa RIca. This video was amazing love the fact that you take time to do all this for us. Well I wanted to ask if you thhink that cosatal scents make is good and it stays on for a long time like for a wedding? Is it like Mac?
Thank you

Hello! I’m 22 years old and just recently I’ve wanted to start experimenting with wearing makeup. The most I’ve ever actually worn is mascara so I’m really not that experienced with anything. I love your tutorials and how you make everything easy to apply and understand. I notice all the time that only certain looks can be pulled off by girls with certain hair colors. Obviously since you have darker hair you lean more towards those and I was wondering if you have any tips or tutorials for girls like me with blonde (or light brown) hair and no experience? Please and thank you!

Phoenix, Az

OMG!!! You look FABOULOUS!!! You have lost so much weight!!! You are a true inspiration which I hope you are aware of!!! My question is, what do you think about the SMASHBOX line? I got used to using their primer/foundation/powder line but I sometimes find that it’s just not matte enough. I think I am not doing it right? My fear is looking a bit too cakey! Help!!!

I recently bought the NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette, The Runway Collection in Champagne and Cavier. How can I combine those colors to work well for me. I have light to medium skin town, dark brown eyes, and black hair. I usually wear Clinique eyeshadows, but want to tryout the NYX eyeshadows. I took a look at your “Marlena’s everyday look”, and I like it, and wanted to do something like that. Can you tell me which colors in the palette I bought go well together. Thanks in Advance. Really enjoy all the tutorials on how to apply makeup. I’m glad I found your site.

@ Pat, I also have that NYX palette, and when I put it next to the Urban Decay Naked palette, They are very similar. Marlena has a couple turorials using that Naked palette so you may want to try your hand at those looks using your Champagne and Caviar set. They’re not identical, but very useful at acheiving those looks. I love that NYX palette too!

Hi Marlena – I am a ballroom dancer and you might now that we wear a LOT of eye makeup when competing. Anyway, I learned how to apply it by watching your tutorials. Thank you so much. I recommend this site to all my ballroom friends. I also wanted to let you know about a product I discovered that I don’t recall you mentioning on your website. It is Skindinavia’s setting spray. That stuff is AMAZING and makes my makeup last all day long – our competitions sometimes start at 7am and end in the afternoon. check it out!

Hi MUGs,
How can I contact with the boss of your website,this is my email,marketing@shecypearljewelry.com.We want to advertise on makeupgeek.com.

Hi Marlena, I have enjoyed watching your makeup videos. I have learned so much. I was wondering what colors you’d recommend for light auburn hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I am a stay at home mom, so I don’t usually wear makeup but am tired of looking warn down all the time… I want to start wearing makeup, which will make me feel better and give me a fresh, crisp look. When I try to put makeup on, I sometimes feel my face looks dirty… Can you help?

Hi Marlena!!!
Thank you for answering my question!! I love your tips and videos!!! I have loved makeup since I was 13 and I am obssesed with trying new makeup. i never stick to just one favorite brand and im glad to see a website like yours that loves all types of makeup from the expensive ones to the cheaper ones!!!
keep up the good work!!!

Hey, I love what you do and i love watching your video’s even more. I actually had 2 questions for you, 1) could you do a tutorial on the makeup you’re wearing in your questions & answers video? 2) have you tried Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation, and if so what do you think, is it good for everyday, pictures, etc? Thank you so much, you’re an inspiration. Have a wonderful day

Hey, Marlena,
Thank you for the advices.
i’m new here as well as in make-up too, :)…I have light brown toned combination skin. I want to know that which type of eye-shadows is better- Cream or powder, which is more shimmery? Well, I personally like cream one but it tend to crease a lot. Plz give me some advice on eye-make up as i know a little. :)

Ur tutorials hav opened my eyes to makeup.I didn’t no 90% of the things u use.I can’t find most of this stuff in my city-I liv in Pakistan.so il hav to order online.can u plz ans few of my queries so I dnt end up ordering the wrong stuff.do I have to apply primer for mineral powder foundation?do I need to set my powder foundation with a setting powder?and with powder foundations the concealers shud be powder too or they can be liquid too?which is better? Plz plz plz and my questions, I no they r alot but I hav no one else to turn too and ure the only one who’l be able to ans me.thanx alot for it tutorials,uv brought me in the world of makeup that I never knew even existed!!!!

OK…I really hope this doesnt offend you because I think you are wonderful! Are you at all related to “Band Geek” from the American Pie movies, or How I Met Your Mother??? I dont know if anyone has ever told you this or not, but ya’ll have a lot of facial and voice similarities! Just curious lol! Love Ya and Keep Rocking it GF!!


I´ve just loved this Q&A session!!! It was very interesting and also it was good to know that you are doing so well in your life.

Please know that you have a huge fan in me… my daily and special ocassions makeup has improved so much because of you.

XOXO from Monterrey, Mexico!


Ps. Looking forward for the next Q&A video—-

Hi Marlena,

I just wanted to tell you that your videos and all your advice have been very instructive to me and now I understand better why celebrities look so good, they saw all your videos, lol !
I hope you will keep on give us make up tips and thanks for all this work.
Myriam from France

Could you please please please do a make up tutorial for people that wears glasses!!!! :S
By the way, I REALLY love your website!!

I really love your tutorials, especially the neutral ones ;)
but my question is:
what camera do you use to take those pictures in the beginning of your videos?

Hello Marlena I Love all your Videos. I have a question I do have almost all your makeup Brushes from your website but since I saw that Blush Brush on the Classic Kardashian look on the Smoke eye. I want to know where you got the Blush brush. Your team meention I get the Contour Brush from your website but I already have it. I been looking for a Big Brush like you have in that Video. Is there any way. You can let me know where you got it. I don’t care if it cost to Much. I want to see where you got it or it it still available. Can you please le me know.


hi marlena!!!
i’m from singapore and i really like to watch ur tutorials.
i was wondering if u can make a tutorial on BB cream as i have a hard time applying BB cream.
btw is another brand of complexion mist that u can name as my country doesn’t hv a mac shop around and it is very expensive to buy online??

Hi Marlena. I just found your site and absolutely love it and your videos. I haven’t seen them all yet but My faves are Kim K and Good Fairy.

I have a tip for eyebrows that I’ve been using for years now. I just happen to have a scar on one of my brows where no hair grows so this works perfectly for me. It’s an architects pencil. You can find it in different levels of hardness/softness. The softer the pencil the darker/easier it is to apply. And they last forever! For face makeup/foundation I use Jane Iredale Mineral makeup as it doesn’t have bismuth which would make my face itch when I used Bare Escentuals.

Again, thank you and keep up the good work girl!

OMGosh, I want to adopt you! Can a grown woman adopt another grown woman?? Oh and your husband can live here also. :-)

I just found this site today on YouTube and I’m also HOOKED! I have learned so much, can’t wait to try it and hope I don’t look like a cheap hooker. :-) You make it look so easy it’s like watching a painter paint and thinking “gosh I could do that” but I’m sure it does take practice. It’s cool to watch you change through out the episodes. I also ordered some “goodies” on this site. Thank you so much for teaching us how to be more beautiful. (as we all know real beauty comes from within)
Many Blessings,
P.S. Are you married? only heard one mention of hubby.

hi i love your videos i was watching thisvideo Q & A and i want to know the perfect foundation for me i have a same colour complexion like in this video your sister having and i never found perfect foundation all goes dark on my skin ,my skin is eventone i am so surprised too see your sister makeup foundaion can you pleas tell me whichone she is use i love her makeover and i want to tell you i recently buy nars foundation that sephora makeupartist recomended me but i really wanaknow which 1 she use and please help me

I love your tutorials :) I have never really been into make up as I never knew how to apply it properly and get great looking eyes. Since using your techniques people have commented loads on my looks! Thanks!!

Hi! I have a question, I live in Mexico in a city where the weather is hot year round, but it gets especially bad in the spring where we feel we are living in an oven, we even wish we could just walk around with no clothes on! That´s how hot it is!
So wearing makeup in the day is a real challenge, for everything seems to melt off our faces, what do you reccomend for a makeup look for this type of weather? It´s just si hard to feel pretty in that kind of weather!
Thank you! I LOVE, LOVE LOOOOVEEEEE your video tutorials!!!! I just found them 2 days ago and I now consider myself a make-up geek addict!!
Oh! You know what would be a cool make-up look? A chola girl, inspired makeup! Like the look Gwen Stefani used on her Luxurious video! I´ll leave the post so you can check it out!