Makeup for Teens: Where to Start?

So if you are a teen (or even just new to wearing makeup), you’re probably wondering what you should buy first and where to begin.  I’ve created a list of my favorite products to start with that won’t break your wallet!

These items are in order of what to buy first based off of what is the most natural looking and easiest to apply.  Start wearing one product at a time and add others as you like until you create your custom look.

Loreal Voluminous Mascara

Loreal Voluminous Mascara

Mascara is usually the makeup product that everyone starts with as it is easy to apply and makes a big impact in your look.   This Loreal mascara is my favorite for thickening the lashes and is inexpensive, which I love!

Marlena’s Tip: For the first few times of use, scrape off the excess mascara on the end of the tube- otherwise it may clump as the formula is thick.

Where to buy: Target, Walmart, or any drugstore

Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner

Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner

Smudging a pencil eyeliner along the lashline is a fast and easy way to make your lashes look thicker and add a bit of color to your eyes. This eyeliner is super creamy, so glides with little effort and is easy to smudge.

Marlena’s Tip: Start by wearing brown eyeliner- it is the most natural looking and looks good on everyone. Once you feel ready to pump up your look, wear black or purple.

Where to buy: Select drugstores or Ulta

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss

NYX Lipgloss

Now that your eyes are glammed up, you can start playing with the lips.  I find that lipgloss is the easiest to apply and adds a nice shine to the lips which makes them look full and sexy!  I like NYX’s lipglosses as they come in a huge array of colors, plus the texture isn’t overly sticky.

Marlena’s Tip: Keep your favorite shade of lipgloss in your purse or in your locker for touchups throughout the day- lipglosses tend to wear off after a few hours or wipe away when you eat or drink.

Where to buy: Select drugstores or the Makeup Geek Store

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush

Applying blush is the scariest step for most people as too much and you look like a clown, too little and why bother…  I like the Maybelline Mousse Blush as it looks natural and is easy to apply without going overboard.

Marlena’s Tip: Using your ring finger, pick up a bit of the mousse, smile, and apply to the apples of your cheeks for a beautiful rosy glow!

Where to Buy: Target, Walmart, and most drugstores

Coastal Scents Camo Quad Concealer

Coastal Scents Camo Quad

Let’s face it, we all have blemishes or spots on our face that we’d like to hide some.  This concealer comes in 4 shades to match your skin tone, and the texture is creamy enough to where it doesn’t cake on the skin.

Marlena’s Tip: You don’t necessarily need a full face of foundation especially if you are just starting to wear makeup.  Just use a bit of concealer where you feel you need it and apply a very light layer of powder on top to set it.

Where to Buy: Coastal Scents

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Hi Esther,
i have brown eyes also and the color that really makes our eyes pop are purples. I would suggest getting a purple eyeliner and applying it to the water line and upper lashline and then follow with mascara. It really makes my eyes look lighter and it brings out greenish tones. Hope this helps!!!

Hi, Marlena,
I am a teen, but I like to experiment with makeup,{mainly eye makeup} but I also like to have a daily makeup routine,and I havent found the right one, any suggestions?


im 16 and i love to experiment with eyeshadow. but for daily routine i just do my foundation powder mascara and eye liner

quiise hacer lo missmO perO nO puedO aww =( de vdd esta GeniiaL y me encantan tus viideOs! es lO qe hagO cuandO nO tengO tiiempO en el jOb jejeje Okey me vOee

Hi there,
As a mother of a 15 year old girl, the most important things for me are knowing that my daughter’s cosmetics are free of harmful ingredients, provide sun protection for her fair skin, and do not clog her pores her pores. Her style is casual and on the go, so she likes that they look natural on her, are easy to use, and she doesn’t have to fuss with a lot of products. Fortunately, I work for jane iredale, and can provide her with safe and beneficial cosmetics.

Marlena I am only a tween and I don’t know what to wear for special occasions
so can you make a tutorial for us tweens please!!!!!

Hi Sarah!

If you’re a tween you don’t want to go too crazy – although xsparkage on youtube might give you some good ideas. Just try out a few fun colors – shimmery is so fun! – that make your eyes pop and apply them in the way you usually do (lid, crease, outer corner, highlight). You don’t want to use too much because that’s not exactly tween appropriate.

-Sally, recently graduated from tweenhood

Hey Sara! I also just got out of tween hood, and yes Sally is right I use sally girl eyeshadows (you can get them at Sally’s beauty Suppply) they have so many colors! They are also very pigmented! Champagne. On the lid, and MAC’s eyeshadow Woodwinked in the crease. It’s great!

Hi Marlena! Thanks for this – I’m a teen and I’ve used your website so many times. I love love love the L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara and also the Prestige Liner. Personally (from your website!) I use NYX Powder Blush but I know a teen friend of mine who uses that Maybelline blush every day. I think something a lot of teens should know about is concealers and foundations; I find that a lot of girls use heavy foundation when really they can just use tinted moisturizer and a good concealer – looks like jojo already asked how.

I totally am with Jennica though – I have NO daily makeup routine, but I love to experiment with eyes. Girls need to know about using a base though – very important!

One of the reasons I have no daily eye routine is because I sometimes have to wear glasses (mine are white) and I don’t know what to do. I would love to see a tutorial from you on how to do makeup for us four eyed girls that answers some of my questions like: Can I wear eyeliner? Shimmery shadow?

Awesome work! Great information about cheap, cute products to just enhance a teens natural beauty :)

Hi!!! Just want to say that ur videos are so much fun to watch and I learn a lot…lol mUCHAS gRACIAS POR TODO… aDIOs!!!

hi marlena i was look through your shop, and im kind of a bigginer and like i wanted to know what are the MAIN brushes you should own! thanks

Hi Marlena

I look through your tutorials and im kind of a bigginer and not a teen also and i wanted to know what are the Main Brushes i should have to do make up. and also want to know which part of the eye where to put the make up..thanks.

These are some really great tips for any new makeup wearer/teen girl alike! That Dream Mousse is especially great for newbies because it’s so easy to apply and feels so light and moist!

Hi Marlena! Could you do a review of E.L.F. cosmetics and brushes? They seem so cheap (1$ each), so it would be wonderful way to try when living on a budget. Thanks heaps!

Thank you so much for the tips. I am such a bad with picking make up and I have been looking many places for what I should start with and what to always have on hand. This is amazing thanks so much.<3

Hey Marlena,
I was wondering how to make my eyelashes stay curled because every time i curl my lashes and put mascara on then curl them again they always become flat!!!! SO i would appreciate if you could let me know how to make them stay curled.


they way i get my eye lasehs to stay curelrd is i heat up my eye lash curler for a couple of seconds with my hair dryer. then i curl my lashes befor i pt in my mascara it really helps.

hi, um i always put eyeliner undermy eyes but it ends up running or smudging and ends up in the corner of my eyes. what am i doing wrong?? and i dont have that much expeirience with make up either. what do u recomend??

Hey Marlena! I am a teen and watch your videos almost everyday! I just wanted to say that I have BOTH Prestige eyeliner and Loreal Paris Intense Liquid Pencil, yeah i know…. it’s a reeeally looong title, but anyway i just wanted to say that I like the Loreal Paris better. It’s MUCH smoother/creamier and DOES NOT smear or rub away easily. So I just wanted to share my opinion with everyone and my fellow Makeup horders:)


Hi Marlena!
I LOVE your videos!
I was just wondering, is Avon a good place to get makeup? Like, eyeshadow and lip gloss.
Thanks a bunch!! =)

I need a drugstore finishing powder desperately!!! I tried t he Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Pressed Powder, and its making my face super rashy and itchy!! HELP!!!

This is great. My pre-teen is just starting to wear some make up. I like that you keep the colors light… I want my daughters to appreciate their natural beauty and that make up is for fun, to enhance what makes them pretty naturally.

I am in high school, and I find all your website very helpful! You’re so sweet on your youtube videos. :)
I hope you can continue to do these guides as they help me decide which products to try and buy.
Thank you so much!

hey Sierra,
one of my closest bff’s has the same prob.
ok this is just what i think would look good take a dark brown to black eyeshadow and place it under ur lash line, if u dnt feel comfortable with tht then use the eyeshadow and apply it with a thin slanted brush really closely to ur top lashline. this can help make ur features really stand out.
as far as blush goes use a matte pink /dark pink/ext…. eyeshadow and apply it to the apples of ur cheeks.
-i really hopes this helps you :)
xoxoxoxo-jessie :) (anyone else needing advice e-mail me at
always happy to help! :)

Great suggestions, though I’m surprised that Marlena didn’t mention have to mention how extremely important skin care is.

Makeup can only do so much if skin is a mess underneath it all. I’ve often had older clients bring their teenage daughters to me for their first makeup lesson, and after all is said and done, it’s 80% skincare and 20% makeup. Take care of your skin (WEAR SUNSCREEN, take off any makeup at night, treat your problem areas correctly) and you may be surprised at how little makeup you need!

I would really like if some one would give me a good store for medium quality, cheap makeup
ive been searching and theres only so much you can buy with baskin robins salary in high school
thank you

Hi, Im Kinda new @ wearing makeup but im not new. if u get wat im saying. i need tips on skin care and how to put on eyeliner and how to not over do my makeup. if u can help me i would really be happy. if anyone has tips plz reply to this and i would really be thankful thxx.