How to Rock Orange Lips!


Now granted orange is not a color that most people see in a lipstick shade and they just HAVE to have it.  But after you see these looks maybe you’ll change your mind. :)




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I really love that a lot of you apprciate the use of alternative models. I wanted to show everyday ladies and not just your run of the mill cosmetic model :) I will keep the diversity coming!

those pics are really gorgeous! thank you for putting them up! I must say that i totally agree with you Shauna! loving the piercings! Just a quick request if possible please… could you maybe post some pics of women of colour (different variances of skin colour such as above) rocking the orange lips? I’ve always been curious about orange lips but have never known how to wear it.
thank you again for these! they’re beautiful :D

I honestly have a really hard time getting models together for these
Looks. Mostly because they are scared of the negative criticism, but also because
Of timing. I pretty much just use anyone I can get! I had one model bail on me so as you can see I had to fill in :( I have tried to
Get models of other ethnicity’s but its a difficult task. I will surely keep
trying though! Anything for the MUGS! :)

I can understand the difficulty in finding models :( I really appreciate that you use models btw! Its really great to see a particular look on different people! :D I thought i would just give it a try and ask tho ;) You guys at Makeup Geek are really amazing and your hard works never taken for granted!

P.S. the pic of you is gorgeous! ;)

The pic of you is fantastic! Please let us know how you did this eye look…I LOVE the lid color….I know the colors listed that were used…but I am just wondering how you did it. Thanks!

I think “orange” lip color is great! one of my favorites in sweet apricot lipstick by bare minerals. I should wear it tomorrow!

Love this article, I am NW20, and was considering ordering some of the lip products for the “Holiday Party” tutorial–do you think the orange lip products in the tutorial would work for my skintone? If not, what colors would you suggest that would create a similar look?

Ahh just as you said! Thanks for the list of looks! I have a planned trip to Ulta tomorrow so will be on the search for an orange lip I can rock! Thanks!!

Yes! I would either pick up the ULTA -sheer apricot or the Revlon -Kiss me coral. If you really want to pack a punch then Grab the Kat Von D :)

I’m just a random person, but I think orange lipstick would look awesome on medium and dark skintones.. you could probably pull off something super bright and not look crazy :) just my uneducated opinion.

Absolutely! The MAC – So Chaud would look great! It has a matte finish though. But if you don’t like that you can always just swipe a little gloss on over it.

i would LOVE to see a tutorial on the eye makeup on the first and second model. Marlena, if you’re reading this…please please pleeease show us!!

Oooh, yes, I’d also LOVE to see a tutorial on the first and second eye makeup looks, too! If not, can I ask: for the second look, did you use French Quarter as a base under the Too Faced Toasty duo? Or did you just use French Quarter to line the eyes? I LOVE that look! :-) Thanks as always for the wonderful info!

I used french quarter as a starter to the smokey eye( for both looks) and blended it upward with my finger. Then I added the darker shade on top of the french quarter. Then above that I blend with the lighter shade.

Thanks so much, Taryn! You are so sweet to reply to all of us! The looks you created are just gorgeous!! :-)

Hi Taryn, I love all the looks! I would love a tutorial on your pic especially. I love the eyes. I have Foxy Lady and Cranberry already so would to see how you applied everything. :)

Is it too late to ask how you used the pigments on your eyes? The If it sparkles and reflects rust? I love this look as well! Thank you for doing all you do!

Another great orangey lipstick is “fruity orange” by Givenchy. I got a sample of it from Sephora and I LOVE IT! When my sample runs out I may just have to buy some :)
Can you ask for samples at Sephora?

I really really loves the makeup in Amanda (model) . Her eye shadows and the combination of them looks really gorgeous!. Totally amazed by this look!. Oh man my card is broke right now but I will buy this for sure! in MUG store.

Taryn, for the love of god, how do you blend the Make Up For Ever – Mat Velvet so smoothly? I have tried and tried and tried and whatever I do, it just looks rubbish. And not to toot my own horn, but I think I know what I am doing when it comes to applying foundation. This formula, just seems to evade me.

I love this! Except maybe not all the models with piercings or tattoos. Personally, I grew up being told not to, and to me, it just pops out, and then I can’t see the makeup…

I don’t discrimante agianst who I use to model. I tried to mix it up though so not all the models had them but at the last moment I didn’t really have a choice. I will try to keep it more diverse in the future :)

These all look superb, I have a new fire orange Milani lipstick that I couldnt resist but I had no clue how to wear it. I had a double eyebrow peircing in my 20’s that I stopped wearing due to my career. I will try every one of these looks, minus the peircings, lol.

No, that is silly. You just have to have the confidence to do so.
I use who I can to model and these girls just so happen to have piercings. They weren’t chosen based on them.

I have already assessed this issue in a previous comment.

“I honestly have a really hard time getting models together for these
Looks. Mostly because they are scared of the negative criticism, but also because of timing. I pretty much just use anyone I can get! I had one model bail on me so as you can see I had to fill in. I have tried to
get models of other ethnicity’s but its a difficult task. I will surely keep
trying though! Anything for the MUGS! “

I’m so lovin’ this article! Orange lips are definitely on my style list for this Fall and Winter. LOVE IT.

p.s. – I also love how the models are rocking some tatoos and piercings! Was the first thing I noticed, and I loved it! Beauty is in every style.

chloe ** YouTube: CRchloesugar

wow, these looks are gorgeous! I love orange lips, but I always tone the color down a bit when I’m wearing it – like MAC’s Ravishing for example :)

Taryn, do you mind me asking which shade of MUFE’s Mat Velvet + you are wearing? we seem to have a quite similar skin color, so I’m curious. last year I tried the MV+ but got matched with a shade that is too dark for me.. plus it’s kinda pink and I prefer yellow undertones. I thought I’d give that foundation another try and am currently thinking of mixing #15 and #20 ’cause I’m a NC15/20 in the MAC Studio Sculpt.

Would it be possible (at your convenience) to give a little more detail about how the eye makeup was applied in these looks – like what color where, etc? Esp. for the last 3 – Taryn, Amanda, and Katie. These looks are ALL amazing!

I noticed that you used a Hard Candy bronzer in one of the looks, and it is super pretty :)
I’ve heard that the brand used to be sold at stores like Sephora and Ulta, but, considering that I live in the sticks, I haven’t the slightest clue. We do have a Walmart, though, and when I saw the brand there and I did a double take. Is there any way anyone at MUG would do a review on the products? I’ve been trying to find reviews, but everyone seems to have a different opionion. Right now I am using the welcome matte powder, and it has became my new go- to powder. Just not sure about the rest of the products, though.