How To Fake a Flawless Face!




Inexpensive Alternatives:

  • Monistat Chafing Gel (available at most drugstores)
  • Coastal Scents Camouflage Quad (Coastal Scents)
  • Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips (Amazon)
  • Aubrey Organics Complexion Mist (Amazon)

Ring: Exquisitely Yours Boutique on eBay

*My tips for flawless looking skin:

  • If you have oily skin or your face “melts” during the day, use mineral foundations- they help soak up the oil and tend to feel lighter on the skin.
  • If you don’t feel like wearing full foundation, wear a tinted moisturizer- Laura Mercier has a great one!
  • Apply your face products in THIN layers- don’t put too much on or it will cake up on you
  • Use only enough powder to set the foundation- using a powder puff will help.  Too much powder will get cakey looking…
  • ALWAYS prime under the eyes if you plan on using a concealer- this will keep the concealer from seeping into fine lines.
  • Go for matte finish foundations if you are having pictures done- you don’t want to look shiny all over the face
  • Let your moisturizer set for at least 10 minutes before applying foundation- your skin needs time to soak in the moisture
  • If you are rushed for time, skip the full foundation and just use concealer on problem areas.  No powder is needed unless you have oily skin.
  • I cannot stress enough the importance of a good complexion mist- this helps refresh the face and make powder look less dry!
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oh i do all the time its leaves a marvelous finish

tips>hold at least 7 inches away from face and MIST onto face ( u dont want to drench skin then do NOT touch face for a good couple of minutes until fix plus dries
i hope i helped enjoy!

omg… i have not watched vid yet …. i love the fix spray… thanks marlena ur the best !! and p.s. you are stil gorgeous without makeup … it only enhances your beautiful features ! :)

you look great !!!thank you for posting all of these tips they really do help especially for gurls like me that dont know what to do !!!!

Hi Marlena, I have a mild roseacea on my cheeks, but because I have dry skin in that area I am having a hard time finding a concealer that won’t dry it out. Is there a product you can recommend?

Also, what eyebrow product do you use? Will you ever do a tutorial that will include applying color to your brows?

Thanks :)

For dry skin, the key is the primer- I think you’ll like the Monistat Gel :)

also, I taped a brow video right after I taped this one, so should be up next week

I took Marlena’s advice and bought the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel and used it as a face primer. LOVE IT!!! It’s the best primer I have ever used! It costed me $9.95CAN and because you only have to put on a teensy tiny amount, the 42g tube will last forever! I urge you all to try it!

Thanks Marlena!

I have combo skin (oily on forhead and nose, dry everywhere else). Do you recommend the MAC fix plus for someone with this skin type?

Thanks :)

I have combo skin (shiny oily T-zone and dry everywhere else) and I can tell you that yes you can! I’ve been using the MAC fix plus since Marlena’s last flawless face video and that stuff is great and won’t mess with your skin. The makeup always looks flawless after this step.

I loved your video! I am a freshman at highschool and have slight acne problems.
I got a foundation from clinique that did give me good coverage BUT IT MADE ME BREAK OUT!!!
Also, my skin is generally dry but the area under my eye and my eyelids themselves get really oily during the day! I don’t know if i should use more liquid base products or powdery ones.
Also because of good old highschool i have dark circles but because i am from pakistani/ indian origin i have dark-ish skin, and any concealer i’ve used just seems to draw more attention to my dark circles!!!


Tina, I have combo skin and I use the MAC fix+ all the time and I love it! Combo skin can definitely benefit from it too. When the skin is dry or dehydrated or imbalanced, it wants to produce more oil. I find that this helps counter that.

If your skin is generally dry, go for liquid products, but set around the eyes with powder (be careful not to get the powder in your eyes ;) ) Use a powder puff to set it and just gently dab the powder

thankyou so much for ur replyy but wouldn’t that make it look patchy?
like liquid generally but powder around the eyes? also liquid make up is making em breakk out and idk what to do =/

Hi Marlena! I also love Revlon Colorstay, but I find it’s not good for pictures because of the white cast it gives…how did you manage to look good in the after makeup picture? x

I wish I knew how to solve that- I don’t seem to have that problem with my colorstay… I wonder if it’s because I dab powder on top?

The “white cast-off” look in photos is usually caused by SPF in the foundation – even when the foundation only has a small amount of it (Revlon Colorstay has 6 SPF). Marlena is correct. The products she is using on top of the foundation (setting powder, blushes and the Mac Fix spray) is counteracting the SPF in the Colorstay so she doesn’t appear pale in her pictures. Have you tried using the same products she is using in the video? If you want to continue using the Colorstay, be sure not to use products with additional SPF on top of the foundation.

Thank you so much for your reply! I’ll try with Mac Fix Plus, and if it doesn’t work I’ll try a loose powder. x


thanks so much for using the stippling brush in the video I was kind of hesitating on it but after seeing it and having it explained to the difference of the MAC one I am on board!! :)

Hey Marlena,

Fab-ulous tutoriol as always, thank you very much.

I was wondering if you could recommend any matte drugstore foundations other than revlon colourstay?

Thanks in advance. Take care (=

Hey I love the video. I tried to post a few comments but wasn’t sure if they made it through because I didn’t see them so sorry if I’m repeating myself but I was wondering if you could do a few prom looks because my prom is in a few weeks and I need a makeup look if so that would be great. thanks=)

wow! you look so different here..its really noticeable how much weight you lost!! your bone structure stands out soo much more and you look even more gorgeous than ever <3

Hi I am an african american woman, and I have so much trouble choosing the correct colors and and applying the eye shadows. I am what they would call carmel maybe a tad lighter than that. I know how to apply make up but it seems that I am either applying tooo much or the wrong colors I guess. I wish that I could send you a picture of me so you could send me some tips please help, because I love make up.

Hi Marketa

I’m AA woman dark complexion and I wear all colors. I think the key is to gradually biuld your color. I also tend to use at least one color that plays up my eye color – – which is brown. Hope this helps.

To Maketa:
Hi, I want to send you a hello form Czech republic (Europe).
I am just fascinated that an American is having a Czech name :) :) :)
My name is “Markéta” as well. It is only written with that short line above “e” – it means to pronounce the “e” long (like in the word “man”).
The english or american :) version of our name is Margaret.
Our name comes from Persia and means “a pearl” or “the full moon”.
Sending my blessings:) :) :)

To Marlena: I do do do :) love your tutorials !!!

Hi Marlena!

Loved the tutorial, as usual!!! :D

Can you do one on eyebrows?
I can’t ever pencil them in and have them look NATURAL…please help?
Maybe you can recommend the correct products.

Appreciate it!

hi! in your tips section it says that only use concealer if you dont have enough time and you dont need a powder unless you have oily skin,but wouldnt that look weird because of the concealer color?

How do we find the right shade of concealer?

It should work if your concealer is the same color as your skin- make sure to blend as much as you can :) Or… you could skip the concealer and just apply the foundation

Fix+ has nutrients and vitamins in it to keep the skin smooth and your foundation less powdery or cakey looking.

An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!

hey marlena!
i loved this video. Ive been watching your videos for a couple of months now and ive learned alot of new techniques that work, thank you!
haha you should do a Lady GaGa tutorial

Thank you so much for all of the tips! I have flakiness around my nose area – do you think that the Revlon foundation would be best for me in dry? I don’t really have dry skin, but I have a little bit of psoriasis from my father’s side.

Also, I LOVE how your stippling brush has the makeupgeek logo on it. Awesome!

hi marlena!!!! i’m from argentina and I LOVE your tuts!!! i was just wondering… do you send all the great goodies from your store if i order them? i’m kinda a fraid to buy them and never recieve them!!!
Love you, YOU LOOK GORGOEUS and hope to get an aswer please please!!! XOXOXO

Yes, they ship from the store here- if you are worried about receiving them, get express shipping (is pricier but you can track the package and it gets there much faster)


I just saw your flawless skin video, you look great! I had one question. I had severe acne but now I am left with red spots on my cheeks and forehead, I don’t want to use concealer…for it can make my face look cakier…can I use the green corrector from Make Up Forever?


-Desperate for clear skin

Marlena, I love what the Mac fix plus spray does, it is also amazing to spray on after you shave your legs or bikini area :-)

However, my face has been super sensitive the last few months and the Mac fix spray and the Makeup Forever fix spray makes me break out. Do you know of any alternatives that might have less “irritating” ingredients until my skin quits freaking out!


Hi Marlena! Love the tutorial! I check your site daily..well probably 3 times daily for updates on tutorials and reviews! I was just wondering if you skip the step of contouring in your updated routine. As spring and summer approach is it better to do the basics? Thanks in advance Marlena! Keep posting!!! You are so inspiring! :)

I actually did some contouring for this vid, but cut out that part due to video length and since I already did a contour vid. It’s up to you if you feel you want/need it or not ;)

i watch your videos all the time i have become a makeup addict since watching them and i am leaving for vacation soon and would love to know what is on your eyes in this video i looks like an easy spring look ive been looking for a good peachy summertime look

Whenever I use green corrector it either lifts off or mixes with my foundation. Any tips on how to avoid this?

Let the concealer set for just a couple minutes, then stipple the foundation on top- it won’t mix with the concealer as much as the product just sets on top of it

Thanks for the reply. I’m a huge fan and being in the television industry I can say that the lighting in your videos is probably the best on the (makeup) net.

hi!!! well my question is just starting to use the mac and hey fundation noticed I was doing my dry skin is something I can use before fundation

hi!! well my question is i just starting to use the mac fundation noticed I was doing my dry skin is something I can use before fundation

WELL BOBS YOUR UNCLE and STONE THE CROWS! Another 9 Mins 48 Secs of pure ………………………. GODDESS MARLENA MAGIC!

Its only us your devoted Muggies that have to fake our skin as dare we even say that you our Supreme … Goddess Marlena evens needs correction to yours at any time! you are just FLAWLESS ….. PERIOD!

On a more serious note me darlings i really enjoyed that tutorial and so much going on just to get the perfect skin look before you go for the make up etc ………………………… which brings me to ask you for some advice and help maybe, for i have a freind who is like Albeano with her skin, she as very white skin/eyebrows etc and the most Gorgeous beautiful long pure white flowing hair to die for! …………….. but she does have problems with some make up i know as allergic to some kinds i think and some products if im right. …. anyway could you please … (Sorry would you please consider)… doing a tutorial for someone like with the albeno conditon or very very pale skin, like i said her hair is just pure white so she tends to use make up very lightly and not go heavy or dark etc. i was just wondering if you had any ideas using a tutorial and that she could see herself etc. many thanks :-)


She would do really well with some light browns and warm pink colors for the eyes- is natural looking and not too dramatic. Also, wear a peach blush- it warms up the face :)

hay marlena my wedding is coming up soon and i was wondering if u can do a tutorial on bollywood wedding inspired my dress is actually red and gold and the make up is usually dramatic so please and thank u if u can do this for me

You should check out makeupadikt (I think that’s how its spelled) on Youtube too, she’s done alot of those looks and she’s been a contributor on MakeupGeek, in the ‘Idea Gallery.’ ( if I spelled her name wrong, she did the look in the idea gallery on modern indian makeup). hope this helps.

Aiyu, great question…I would like to know that as well. I have a question for you though….do you use face primer?

Hi Veronica,
No, I currently don’t use any face primer. Although I’ve bought Monistat, planning to use it next time :)

Totally off topic but wow your hands have gotten so thin! The little green envy monster reared its ugly head lol. Good for you and great tutorial!

Marlena! I love it! I was so excited to see a new tut up! I took your advice a few videos back and go the chaffing gel and i use it nearly everyday for a primer. I also love the UD one that is white (forget the name). I have become the MUG at my job and have had girls ask me to come do their make up for dates-Woah! :) we just place a store order for a few things-its coming to huntington, wv so be on the look out!

Hey Marlena….. I love all your videos!! I was curious what revlon colorstay formula do you use, for dry OR oily skin? And how much spf is in yours? Your skin always looks so flawless and takes really nice pictures. I recently started using revlon colorstay and I use the formula for dry skin with spf 15. But when I take pictures I sometimes get that white/gray cast on my face from the spf I suppose. How do counteract that. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong. I love the foundation I just wanna look flawless in my pictures as well as in person. Help!!!

Urban Decay JUST released some makeup setting sprays. I would love to see your review of them! (I just ordered one myself, and am waiting for it to arrive.)

Oh I forgot one more thing…. I have looked for a revlon colorstay dry skin formulae WITHOUT spf but I can’t seem to find one. :( **tear*** Is there such thing? If so any ideas where to get it? Thanks a MILL!

Hi Marlena!!
Thank for the tips are awesome, I love love it. would you help me please, I use MAC NC40, what color in revlon will be good for me? thakns


I live in Singapore, and the weather here is just simply really really hot!
I have dry skin, but due to the hot weather, I need to set my under eye concealer, but every powder i’ve tried tend to cake up on me a few hours later – doesn’t seem so when I first applied them. I was thinking maybe it’s the air-con that takes the moisture away, leaving it looking cakey.
But I can’t leave my concealer unset `cause the weather makes me sweat 24/7!

Anyone can help me?

Thanks! :D

Hi, Marlena, your tips are great….two simple questions; what is the color of Nars (loose powders) you use?, how can I choose the right color for contouring my face?
Thank you ;)

Thats something i have been wondering to; how to choose a good colour for contouring my face. I did use a bronzer but it looked kinda weird. I dont know, ive never contoured before…

Hi Marlena, Thank you very much for the tutorial.
I use the Avon magix as primer and its great.
But for the foundation, I’ve searching online but as u said I might get disappointed with the color.
But I’ve been searching for some samples but the colors I’ve searching are not online.
Is there something u can do?
Because In my country there is Revlon but no Colorstay.

Let me know if u know some Online store where i can get samples of the Revlon colorstay.

Thank you very much :D

What a great difference! Thank you for sharing:) I am still looking for the perfect products for myself but here are some that I like for my VERY dry skin:

*Illamasqua satin Primer- gives a dewy finish
*BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl – got it for £ 32.00 but it’s 50 ml and the products is amazing
*Liquid or cream blush
*Hypnose mascara by Lancome

I still need to find a perfect under-eye concealer :(

i could not find eve pearl concealer. i whant to buy products from you on line stor can i order from you the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer and pay you? i live in israel
thanks yafit

Wow, that is a beautiful (and expensive) look. Course is seems there’s zero getting around the price of makeup.

What I’d like to see is a picture in full makeup before that spray stuff, and then one after the spray so we can see exactly what the difference is there. I’ve never even heard of the spray before or seen anyone else do it.

You only need the spray if you feel your face looks powdery :) You definitely don’t need all those products- just pick the ones that you feel you’d use the most :)

This tutorial was great, thanks so much for sharing! I do have one question that i am hoping you might have an answer for please.

I have very fair skin. I often dont wear eye shadow, but it doesnt matter if i am wearing eye shadow or not, you can always see the veins on my eye lids what can i do to try and hide them?
Thanks I love your videos!!

Have you tried using something like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil/MAC Paint or MAC Paint Pot on your lids before applying shadow? The thick formulas should cover the veins. Or maybe using concealer on your lids? Are you wearing a lid primer?

hi my name is jeri i was wondering cloud i get a finishing spray at a drugstore or walmart that way i dnt have to go to a mac store? and whats the best concealer?

I’m not sure about a setting spray at a drugstore, but there are less expensive ones like the Aubrey Organics one that I linked to up above. For concealers, I like the coastal Scents Camo Quad (is less than $8 and works really well!)

your seriously the best makeup artist i have ever seen. your really nice and your tips are super great. i really look up to you =)

oh and your videos help a ton!


Hey, Great Tips!
But I have one question…..
what do you use on your brows? They always look so elegant :)

thanks for making this video Marlena! this is one Iwas reeeeeeeeeeallly hoping you’d do ….and you came through! Love it!
One question, do you find that the revlon color stay makeup clogs your pores?
what face wash do you use? I have oily skin and i feel like the color stay for oily skin really stays on and grabs well…..but at the end of the day when i want to wash it off, i feel like i need to wash my face twice for it to come off.
I really wish i could use this foundation. I used it for years and then changed to powder makeup just because i felt like it wasn’t as heavy.
I love color stay i just feel like it clogs my pores…..cuz I gots me some large pores…….you could fall in my pores! LOL!

Great job Marlena! PS you look gorgeous and congrats on your weightloss! you’re so inspiring for many reasons!
Keep it up BONITA!

I don’t have problems with the colorstay clogging my pores, but I don’t recommend wearing it (or any makeup for that matter) more than 12 hours. For face wash I use the Mary Kay Facial bar, but am trying to find some alternatives- I did like the Cetaphil products pretty well.

And you are cracking me up with your pores comment! You could fall into my pores too- hate to think what they’re going to be like as I age more- oye…

You don’t contour anymore?

I’m also sad that you’re not in love with the 187 brush anymore :( lol

Yes, i still contour :) I just cut that part out of the video for time sake and since I already did a vid on that ;) And no, I’m not in love with the 187- I actually need to sell off the 2 I have as I never use them anymore!

Hi marlena,
Thanks for the video!
I have a little problem…every time I take my make up out the lid of my eye get super red and in the morning my eyes are swolen and the lid is super dry! I don’t know what to do…I change almost all my make up to clinique and I’m taking out my make up with baby oil…It makes me super sad because I really really like to put make up. Do you know what can cause that? Do you know if It is possible to be allergic to my make up brushes? And how do you take out your make up not to heritate your eyes?

Thank you!

I don’t know if anyone knows the answer to this question, but anyway…I use the Revlon Colorstay in Ivory in the dry skin formula, but it still gets all over my cell phone. Sometimes if I rub my face, I get makeup underneath my fingernails. Am I doing something wrong or skipping a step? I thought Colorstay would be no-transfer. Thanks for any advice.

I had to stop cooking dinner to watch this tutorial lol!! Mar u look great and super hot!!! Luv this tutorial and the Mac plus is to die for. I got mine 2 weeks ago and it was love at first site :D

Hey, I noticed that you now Spray the Mac Fix and Spray directly on your face now and from the first video you did you sprayed it on a brush then dabbed it on your face. Is there a reason why you changed your routine?

wow girly, you are observant! :) I changed it as sometimes the brush would pick up my powder or foundation, but either way should be ok as long as you use just a little bit of spray

Hy Marlena great video by far the most helpfull to me I am struggleing with my makeup routine
I only have only big and important question Can I use Evian spray or Avene spray water instead of the mac fix is there a drug store alternative?

hi marlena !
love the video !! your beyond amazing and such an inspiration ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! always look forward to new tutorial . I have a huge question , i can’t really apply concealer nor a mineral or liquid foundation, nor just about anything on certain areas of my face because it tends to peel and becomes flaky ! ( i have combination skin , t-zone oily ). I moisturize everyday and I let the moisturizer settle before I apply anything , I also exfoliate to remove any dead cells, nothing seems to work and it gets very frustrating. I would love to be able to apply make-up without a problem ! Please do you have any advice !? I need help .. thank you very much !

Ooh- that is tough! :( Have you tried using a face primer at all? Try to use a gel based one as those don’t tend to cake up as easily…

thank you so so much for writing back , I really appreciate it !! would you recommend the mac gel if i have acne prone skin? I don’t really suffer from bad acne , I just get sudden brake outs and am not sure if using a certain primer might make me brake out . once again thank you ! your wonderful !!

Great video like always. What kind of spray tan do you use? Do you put it on yourself or do you go to a salon? The color looks really natural.
Summer is right around the corner and a nice healthy uv free tan makes everyone look better!
Have you moved back to cali yet and if yes
then when are you doing another mug seminar in northern california?
thanks for everything :)

I go to a tanning salon to have it done maybe once a week (I get a deal as I go so often ;) ), but if I need touch ups at home, I use St Morez :)

Your hair color and length looks so nice. The last time I watched one of your vids you had shorter blonde hair. The dark long tresses are sexy :)

I wanted to order the stippling foundation brush, but they’re all out of stock again..when will they be back in stock?

Hi, Marlena, your tips are great….two simple questions; what is the color of Nars (loose powders) you use?, how can I choose the right color for contouring my face?
Thank you ;)

When I do the spray tanning I use “Desert” and when I’m not tanning then “Flesh”. For contouring, you want any pressed powder that is 2 shades darker than your skin- hold it up to your face and see if it is a little darker

Hiya Marlena. I LOVE the BB colour corrector. I bought it after Wayne (aka Gossmakeupartist) recommended it. I think its amazing for photos and filming. If i were to do bridal makeup i think that would always be my goto concealer :) I know you love the NARS loose powder but my absolute fave is the Chanel loose powder in Peche…OMG its gorgeous. I bought that after Sam Chapman recommended it. I love buying products that work out based on artists recommendations. And thanks to you i have approx 50 MAC eyeshadows that i adore. Thanks xx

Ooh- I haven’t tried the Chanel loose powder yet! Do you mind me asking where you can buy it and how much it was? I’ll have to look into that one as rumor has it NARS may discontinue my beloved powder :(

I bought it from Selfridges in London and paid about £30.00 for it. However im pretty sure you can get it from any Chanel counter. Its called Natural Finish Loose POwder and comes in four shades. Shame if the NARS one gets discontinued :(

I loved the video ;).
But i have a question, my foundation is too orange for me.
Do you know how i can use it without it appearing too orange? Or do i have to buy a new one?

It may be the wrong shade :( If you don’t want to waste it, you could buy a lighter shade foundation and mix it with that one during the summer when your skin is generally a bit darker…

hi marlena,i used your advice to prime under the eyes before using concealer&it works,i adore u,i’m from romania ,i don’t know if you ever heared of this country.i watch all your tutorials,sorry for my english:P,kisses!

There’s the Aubrey Organics one I have listed above and I’ve heard about the Evian spray? Haven’t tried it yet, but heard it’s a good dupe and doesn’t cost as much :)

Jazz- I have the same problem. When I went to the dermalogist, I was told I had “sebborheic dermatitus”. I was told to put Cortaid on the areas for up to one week. It alleviated the flakiness, as it seemed there was no moisturizer thick enough.

Hey, Marlena, can you do a tutorial about an ideal brow shape and length?

hi marlena i was wondering what kind of makeup remover you use on your eyes… since i use two faced or primer potion as my primer my eyeshadows really stick n stay even after i shower..

btw ive ordered stuff from the store and i have received them and have loved my products! :)

Hi Mariela :)

Right now I use the MAC oil remover (forget the actual name), but I wouldn’t recommend if you have oily skin. Almost any liquid makeup remover should work- take a cotton ball with a little bit and wipe the eye makeup off before or after you wash your face :)

1ST OF ALL I WANT TO SAY……May god continue blessing you for being such a wonderful humble person.
2nd………… i was wondering if you can do a tutorial on applying eye-lashes. I have such a difficult time applying them, & i’ve tried varies types/brands. I’m sure it’s very easy to apply once you get the hang of it, but i just CAN’T GET THE HANG OF IT =0(
3rd…………..thank you for all you do to make us look beautiful, keep up the good work!!!
& have a happy easter

love ur make up. i am a beginner at make up and usually like to go for quick stuff.
i have brown skin which is lighter on my cheeks and darker near my chin area and lips. even my neck skin tone is darker than my skin. overall my skin has a light-brown look which i really want to carry. area around my chin is also little dry and i have hair on my chin as well. overall i have asian face with light hair on my cheeks as well..
could u plz recommend me some nice tips to get flawless skin.
Also I have very thick eyelashes and beautiful large eyes, and large area to do the eyeshades. could u suggest me the eyeshade colors that would perfectly suit with the skin tone like me because i feel my eye shades just over do my looks and often i avoid putting lipsticks to balance.
I will be very thankful for ur help
love u

I’ll see what I can help with- let’s start with the different face “colors”. That’s actually very common, so choose a foundation that matches more with your neck so it looks natural and more even.

For the dry skin, you’ll need to apply a heavier moisturizer on JUST that dry patch to even out your skin texture. I have hair on my face too- I pluck what I can and shave a bit of the rest (embarassing I know, but it works for me :) )

For your eyes, purples and greens are flattering for most everybody, so try those colors :)


Thank you so much for all the makeupvideos & advice. I’d be grateful if you can help me out with this.
I’m a very light-complexioned African with dermatosis papulosa nigra on my face & trunk & this makes me hesitant about using foundation, because I’d only cover the spots on my face while the rest are still visible. I also have oily skin & am very concerned about sun protection. My face is kind of bumpy & I occasionally break-out with slight scarring.
I’d like to know if I can have a flawless look without foundation, & what products would you recommend for me?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Marlena,

I have really oily skin and was wondering if the MAC Fix + Spray will work for me? If not, could you recommend one.

Thank you!!!

It *may* be too much if you’re oily- do you feel that your face looks powdery after you apply your makeup? If not, you won’t need the spray as your natural oils may “melt” the makeup together some- if that makes sense ;)

eversince discovering your website bout two yrs ago. i didn’t really start wearing at work up unitl bout 6 months ago, now all the girls at work want me to do their makeup even my boss..can u believe that? she wants me to do her makeup for her?? and everyone keep telling me that i should be a makeup artist but i said nah… not now i’m not there yet…..still need to practice on a lot of people but this website really helped me alot. thank you so much marlena. i wish i knew you personally in real life and hopefully be able to attend one of your seminars one day and finally meet you..luv yah! take care always….p.s. i have all the products that you used in video and not one of them i regretted buying…

Hii, marlena,
Just wanted to saay lovee the tutorials, but i havee a few quetions. Well i have this wedding coming up and i got a dark blue (midnight i think it is ) dress, its not long its above the kneee. its fairly simple, and i want my makeup to be preety but not too intense and i was wondering what eye makeup colour u would reccomend? (I have greeny blue eyes) And my second question is, everytime i put on blush it blends together with my cheek (my entire cheek) and create a even darker cheek. I hate it, what should i do?

I would go with golds or coppers for the eyes- those colors will compliment your eyes and your dress :)

For cheeks, try wearing peach blush as it warms up the face without making the cheeks too bright- I think that’s what you’re looking for?

I am sure this is going to get lost in the sea of questions and compliments, but I’ll post anyways.

My question is, that your last two “How to apply Makeup Videos” at the end you used the Fix it spray on a stippling brush, then applied it to your face, buffing it in.

Now I see, that you are just spraying and going. What made you change, and why?

Thank you.

Hi Marlena or anyone who uses the Revlon Colorstay Foundation,

I just want to tell you that I saw a video on you tube (see link below for review) about where you can order airless pump bottles for the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. This lady ordered them on ebay (see other link below to order).

Also, you look wonderful and thanks for all you do!!! Have a great Easter!!

Love ya,
Christina T

Just bought the NARS loose powder ..OH….MY….GOSH… I dont think I’d believed it unless I tried it myself. I have been using Cover girls pressed powder for over 10 years because nothing else seemed to make me look flawless…THIS IS THEE BEST PRODUCT..worth every cent. Thanks, Marlena <3

Hi Marlena,

Recently I started using a mix of colorstay and physicians healthy wear tinted moisturizer. so far thats worked out pretty well.

I heard about the monistat face primer situation. I tried it. Im not sure if its from the monistat, but im breaking out like crazy. I waited for it to go away when it finallly did i retried it again. I broke out again. Im not sure what im doing wrong or if this is a common problem.

Im dying to know because the monistat gives such a good finish, i dont want to give it up

Hi Marlena, I recently discovered ur website and i loooooove it and i think u are awesome! I was wondering if you have any videos on skincare? for instance i dont know if i should apply a primer before i mosturize or if i even need a mosturizer if i have a face primer, and if i need blemish cream when do i apply that? before or after a moisturizer????? so please let me know what you adivse me! thanks!

HI Marlena can u do a tutorial on the pink, peach, and purple look, and the NYX cryptonite in the idea gallery

Thank u marlena u were great help. u said purples and greens should work for me could u also suggest me some inexpensive eyeshade kit. plz also suggest me a good moisterizer for the chin area.
is it important to use premiers? and is it healthy for the skin to use so many different products? can i use Maybelline Matte Mouse foundation as concelers or premiers? actually i have been doing that for a while.

Marlena, LOVE your tutorials!! So much that you have actually inspired me to become a makeup artist. How did you get started? Can’t wait until you put more tutorials up, I think I’ve watched all of them at least twice lol. Keep up the beautiful job! U look GREAT by the way!!:)

Ok, so I went out and bought a new foundation that I tested in the store and it looked like it matched me perfectly. I put it on at home and looked under 4 different lights and it looked really good. However, one day while driving to class I look in the mirror of my car, lo and behold, I was a ghastly shade of PINK! It seemed that in certain lights (usually natural) I looked like a pinky orange. Anyone else have this problem and might know the answer. Thank you!!

My dear Marlena,
I might be the first French girl on this website, but I certainly not be the last – I love your website ! You’re beautiful and your makeup’s are just gorgeous :) I’ll tell all my makeup geek friends to watch your tutorials, I promise :) Thanks a lot for all your little tips, and have a wonderful day !

Hi, Marlena, I want to buy a product of Nars, loose powders, blushes…help me!!!!please!!!! what do you think about the blushes of Nars?thank you very much ;) ;)

thank you so so much for writing back , I really appreciate it !! would you recommend the mac gel if i have acne prone skin? I don’t really suffer from bad acne , I just get sudden brake outs and am not sure if using a certain primer might make me brake out . once again thank you ! your wonderful !!

Hi Marlena,

I’m almost addicted to makeup.
You mentioned I’d better to choose a foundation in store intead of online. How about the loose powder? The same tone as my skin? I noticed you love flesh and desert one of NARS. I’m an Asian girl with yellow medium skin. Can you recommend me some?

Thanks for all your tutorials!


hi, malena i was wondering if u could do a tutorian on coverfx,i don’t know if you have try it but some one from sephora suggested that i should give it a try because it is so hydrating and also oil free,i have been trying everything on the market lately but i’m spending too much$$$$.please help me(i need it)also i like you talk about your brushes and do the comparable to the( mac) ones please.

Hi Marlena! Where I can buy the Foundation Stippling Brush Which Moisturizeris do you use? Which Moisturizer is good for oily dry, combo, sensitive and blemished skin?
Plzzzzzzzzzz replyyyyyyyy

Hey Marlena,

The video was super helpful…I just have one quick question. I’m a student, so uying tools is a little tough for me, so I was wondering about the pros and cons of using a kabuki brush to apply the powder. I looked at the nyx spong thing, but the prices are a little high in Canada, even fro drug store product..

hi marlene, write you from Perú, i want to thanks you for all your videos and tips they are great, i want you to ask for a tutorial on how to organize your make up because i see you have a lot of make up and i dont know how you do to get everything in order pls take some time and give us some ideas

Hi Marlena,
Thanx for the video helps alot! Just wondering if you did a video of the eye make up that you used in this video, I love it and I just wanted to try it out but wanted to know what products you used. Thanks,


I know your skin is not oily but… What would be your top 3 foundations for oily acne prone skin?
I only get acne on my chin which gets bad… So, what drug store concleaers are good I’d much rather go to the store and get what I need right then and there

Hey marlena! Thanx for the tip on using a stippling brush for applying foundation! Did it today and got loads of comments on my seemingly perfect skin!! Will never go back!!! Thanx again!!! Could you do some looks using the new liberty of London collection by mac???? Also lost 40 pounds now!!! Thankyou again for all of your help! Xxxx


Long time viewer, first time commenter :)

I just bought the Revlon foundation and I am in love with it! I hate dabbing it on with my fingers though. Do you know of any foundation pumps that fit this bottle?

Thanks and keep making great tutorials!

I am a bit confused about the primer under the eyes, is that done after eyecream? Also how do you prevent corrector from caking in the creases, I have a huge problem with that. I am using the bobbi brown corrector, I wait for it to set and then use dermablend concealer. covers great but it doesn’t last:-(

hey marlena,

i love all your videos..they are so useful..i have a question for you..

My skin above & below the lips gets dark (as compared to the rest of the face)due to the dryness & it looks really ugly…everytime i have to use a foundation to cover up (i dont like using foundation everyday)..can you pls suggest something to get rid of this darkness ????

love yaa

Marlena, hi,
what do you think about making videos for skin care? I’d be interested to see /t o share the experience of using skin care products of different brands and to see what you do prefer ;)

Thank you,

I’m a fan of the makeup geek videos, and have a few questions. I’m multi-racial (black && white) and light-skinned, and have problems with foundation. I have acne, noticable dark spots, and a very oily face. People tell me to only wear powder foundation, but still at the end of the day my makeup looks horrible and you can still see blemishes. I’ve used liquid foundation, but within a few hours my face will look shinny. I’ve used both liquid and powder and they look great, but not at the end of the day. My question is what foundation should I use (powder, liquid, or both) and how can I have my makeup look flawless throughout the day?

I have very yellow skin. I love the relvon colorstay foundation. So far I’ve tried fresh beige to warm golden and it’s too pink. I look like I have a tan in my face. What would you recommend?

Love the relvon colorstay foundation coverage. But I’m finding it hard to pick to right shade.I’m a yellow tone. I’ve tried fresh biege-warm golden in the comb./oily skin foundation. and I’m lok like I have a tan in my face. It’s too pink. Iuse D22 in Sephora power foundation. But I want that coverage. So I want to use Relvon Colorstay and pat on the Sephora foundation as well. Any recommendations on the color I should get on the Colorstay?

I was wondering if you had any eyebrow tips. Maybe a review of brow products some time in the future. I would like to give mine more shape but still keep it natural. Thanks so much! I love all of your tutorials I’m a total makeup addict!

hey marlena, beautiful as always :)
just a quick the Mac’s Fix Plus Spray expensive? thank you ;)


Marlena help!!! I went to pick up a foundation today after seeing this video and there were soo many colors I got so overwhelmed. I’m from california and even thought we see a lot of sun here I don’t get tanned easily. Anyways my skin tone looks like yours…. I think . I’m light skin (mexican) with some yellow tones. I looked at some of them and some of the lighter tones were yellowish and some were pinkesh. I don’t know which one to get. Just to give me an idea what color were you before you started tanning??!!


By the way…I love love love what you are doing. You are beautiful and a true inspiration. I hope you move to california soon and if you do, I hope you do a seminar in San Diego or close. I’ll lend you my home :)

Omg. i did watch the first video you did on flawless skin and i think this one help’s me perfectly. THANKS this is such an incredibly big help.

Hi Marlena. OKAY i am on a hunt for a great foundation.. I have used that revlon color stay and the nars loose powder and like after just a few hours you can see blochy spots and i get pink and it looks dry and cakey. it doesn’t look like yours!!!! maybe you can help me! thank you so much.

i love your videos! i don’t have the money to get makeup products for much more then $10 each.. so i was wondering if just misting water on my face would work like the fix spray? i was also hoping you could do a video about all the tricks , brushes, and product that you could get for really cheep or make your self.. thanks your a big help!

When will the MUG Foundation Stippling Brushes be back in stock in your store? I can’t wait to get my hands on one!
Thanks! Love the site!

Marlena you are my favorite guru on youtube!***
I can tell by the way you smile all the time that you are such a kind person!
Just wanted to say hi and congrats on your channel and website!

Saludos desde Chile!

I sent to you before ,you are very nice and beutiful ,all your videos are wonderful and have creative ideas ,you are really sweety,I wish to you all of success always.

Hi Marlena!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look! I went on the MUG Store and the “Foundation Stippling Brush” was out of stock. Will you be getting more soon? I added it to my wish list, will I be notified if more are added?
Thanks for all your hard work =D


Hey Marlena!

So, I tried out the Colorstay Foundation, in Buff. It goes on really great, awesome coverage, and the color matches my skin perfectly, however, after having it on for an hour or two, it starts to turn orange-y on my face, and then you can see a clear line of orange-y foundation! I’ve tried putting it on in the sunlight so I could make double sure it’s the right color, and it absolutely is! I have tried using different setting powders (smashbox halo, and bare minerals mineral veil) and the same orange color appears. Do you have any idea how to stop this from happening? I don’t normally wear a primer, just moisturizer, as my skin tends to feel more oily if I use photo finish.

Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial, it definitely helped clear up some questions regarding the right order in which to apply things :)

One question, dear guru:

I have hypo-thyroid (quite common among woman) which makes my skin very very dry, and a bit “scaly”. It’s very hard to maintain an even-looking, smooth skin, even if I apply moisturizer, than soothing gel, and only than foundation, etc.
Do you have any tips on how to keep my make up from looking dry, without adding more of it,and looking like I’m wearing a “mask” during a long day?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Marlena,

Excellent work, you are a genius at what you do, Keep up the excellent work. And you look very very pretty like always..

So here is my question, my skin complexion is similar to yours, I need a nice blush but I dont like the pink tones, can I use like bronzers as blush, I like more natural colors for blush maybe kind of brownish (light).. what do you recommend.

Thanks… <3

Marlena, thank you so much for this video! It’s exactly what I needed :)
I’m 13 and I’ve been watching your videos for about two months now.. And I was wandering if you could give me some advice for Oily Skin. See, I wear MAC tinted moisturizer everyday with Chanel or sometimes even Covergirl mineral makeup over it (Only a little, because my face is Oily) I wear Covergirl’s mascara (Has some shimmer in it) Eyeliner (Only on bottom) And a champaign highlighter for my cheaks.. Is that good for a 13 year old? And what else should I or should I not do?

Question 2:
I want flawless face.. I seem to have uneven skin tone, OILY SKIN horribly, and I hardly ever break out, and I get bags under my eyes.

Any help for all of these? Especially the Oily Skin.

Idk what else to do, my face is a train wreck!

Hi Marlena,

Love your videos! You are super talented. =) Congrats on your “life change”. You motivate me. =)…. OK now with my question. What face self tanner do you use? I want to buy one but do not know what kind to buy.

Thank you! =)


Thanks for the tut! I think I will try the MAC Fix+ spray. I have also decided to try Nars. I use MAC 50 in studio fix and am having a hard time picking out a foundation online. Any suggestions? I also managed to look at the loose powders in Nars but they didn’t have much of a selection. Nothing darker than Mountain which is too light. Can you recommend another good loose powder and color?

Nadine, im going through the same here!!! in mac shades im nw40 and cant find the right shade for me in the nars loose powders… im between beach or mountain.
i think mountain will be dark for me as it was created for the model Naomi Campbell and im not that dark….and i think beach is too light for me? :( wish marlena could help us!!!!!

Hey Marlena! I absolutely LOVE the fix +, but every time I use it I develop a rash. :( Is there any other products out there that works remotely similar to the fix +?

Hi, Marlena… My name is Lita & I’m from Indonesia. I found your website just a few months ago & fall in love with it. I practiced your natural look & got a positive credit from my husband, thx to you! ^_^. Since I’m new with this, If I want to buy products from makeup geek store, would you please inform me how to do the procedure, like how & to where I’ve to transfer & sent the payment, in what currency, etc. Thank you for being very helpful ^_^

Hey, Marlena. I’m hoping you could recommend a good concealing technique for me. My skin is super super oily, very fair and scarred from years of cystic acne. I’ve been using mineral foundation lately, and any time I try to use concealer with it the textures seem to be off and the powder “grabs” the concealer too much or alters the color through the foundation. The mineral foundation alone isn’t enough to cover my red hyperpigmentation. Revlon colorstay works well for me, but I have to cake 5-10 layers for coverage & that doesn’t end up so cute :D Any suggestions?

Thanks <3

I’m not entirely sure I even need a loose powder as my skin is VERY dry, sometimes not so much in the T Zone area but a good deal of the time that is dry too.
Anyway I was looking for an alternative to Nars loose powder I’m sure it’s great but I can’t afford it
someone I googled suggested Skin Food Buckwheat loose powder so if that’s cheap enough and it seems to be, I might try that,, though I’m also CURIOUS about the coastal scents loose powders but since they have four different types of loose powders (and that doesn’t even include the shades) I’d have to wonder which one i should try……hmmmm… lol
luv Mel
Thanks for the tutorial

I went back and ordered one Silk Cover Mineral Foundation Samples in Shade:Fair
and one CS Cosmetics Honey Glow in Fair
both are loose powder foundation samples so I guess I’ll see if I like either, though the reviews on the Coastal scents website are really good it even says good on wrinkles and I need that lol :)

Hey :-)
I’m a really big fan of your Make up techniques & tips. I’m from England & getting married in the summer, was thinking if you lived in the UK, I’d most definitely hire you to my bridal make up!! Do you have the Body shop there? Was just wondering, what do you think of the Body shop eye shadows in particular the eye shadow cubes?
I was also wondering which Foundation brush would you recommend? I have tried a few High street ones and have been disappointed as they seem to leave streaks (brush stroke line marks) So I’d thought I’d ask you before I end up buying an expensive one which leaves me disappointed. I have tried Revlon Foundation too & thought it was really good too (have dry skin) & was quite pleased by the end of the day my skin didnt feel dehydrated & dry!!
Another question; I am looking to hire a Make up artist for my wedding & was wondering if there are any tips you can give concerning what I should look for in the artist’s make up techniques? I am of Indian origin, hence looking for make up that will last the whole day (Indian weddings literally take up the whole day) that wouldnt run or smudge especially if I get a bit teary. I have found that when I generally wear eye pencil around the khol, all I have to do is laugh it begins to smudge under my eye – why is that?
With regards to my bridal Make up I’m looking for a contemporary modern look – more of East meets West, something that doesnt look caked on, with out the bright red lipstick!
Hope to hear from you soon.
Your doing a fab job!! I think your stunning & your make up most definitely enhances your beauty even more!!
Bindu (United Kingdom)

I love this video girl! I follow this routine and it does indeed look flawless :) I had one question for you. Where are you located? I am a singer and I do photoshoots and performances often, so I would love to have you do my makeup for some events. I am in New York.

Please let me know :)

Thanks so much!
Take care
Kristi Nicole

Hey Marlena!

I just want to say a BIG,”Thank You” for the awesome face routine tutorial! You have been most helpful with techniques and products that you highly trust! I have a question, because I really want to give the Revlon Colorstay Foundation a try, since you highly recommend. Like you, I have the same light olive complexion as you do (non tan and tanned) and my question to you is, what color foundation do you used when you’re not tanning? I have the hardest time as it is trying to match foundation colors, because they either come out to orange, pink or dark for my skin, leaving a weird discolored face compared to my neck and shoulders which are lighter than my face!

Also, can you do a tutorial on covering dark adult acne scars? I have a few on my face that I can’t seem to cover for the life of me.

Thank you sooooo much!

Ali Htay

hey! I’m from Curacao.. I’m 16!:P I really like your style of make up.. anddd I wanted to know if I can buy things online on this site? uhmm :D my English is not sooo good so If u do not understand something just tell me :P .. uhm I love to make up other people’s.. everyone like my style of make up too.. if u want to see I can send u pictures.. on email or else.. but anw I just wanted to know if I can buy makeup stuffsss herreeee:$ :)


Thank you for the update! I wear MaryKay medium-coverage foundation in 400. Do you know what color is close to that in Revlon Colorstay?

Thank you,

Hi Marlena :) i was wondering if you have ever tried the physician’s formula green and yellow concealers ? i was considering them and wanted to know if you found them effective? thank you :)

Very nice.I have a party to go to ,I have a red and pink dress . What color eye shadow will look good with the dress? I have dark brown hair and light skin color.

Hi, Marlena.
Very useful video, thank you.

I have a question: I have quite a large red area around my nose (including my nose :). What green concealer would you recommend? Is it better a stick or a liquid?
Or may be you could do a review on green concealers.

Hi Marlena,

I am new to your website and I have to tell you I am a huge fan and have really enjoyed your videos and ideas. I am really addicted to makeup and love learning new techniques and ideas on how to apply and use makeup. So far your techniques have really helped me advance in my makeup use, so I thank you and applaud you for your dedication in teaching and helping other females. Because of my daily wear of makeup I feel it is important to have a good cleanser to wash away the makeup and maintain an acne free face, but there are so many products out there that I get confuse on what really works; therefore, I was wondering if there is any chance you can reply to my comment or better yet post a video of what best products you use to clean your face and maintain a healthy glow without the use of makeup. I would really appreciate any advice. I look forward to hearing from you and keep up the good job! Thanks, Jessica

i have oily would i wear my foundation or products to use in the summertime without me lookinq like i just slapped vaseline on my face?

Is there any way of getting ur selected products shipped to Australia. Especially the make up for ever concealer palette?

Hi I just ordered and recieved my NARS powder from they had available many different colors. Hope that helps, Jessica

Hi Marlena, how are u? my name is Gabriela and i’m from Romania (Europe). I want to ask u what do u think about the new foundation from Maybelline – 24h. Can u make a review about that. Thank you. Kisses

and by the way i pay for my colorstay fondation here in romania 22-24 dollars…and i want to ask u if u send products here in europe, what are the prises to shipping

I’m in desperate need of ur help! I have very bad skin that seems to be oily at times and overly dry
at other times. I also have very deep pores and scarring from having bad acne. ( and im 27! its so embarrassing!) My skin is very sensitive to alot of products and im always breaking out. Im having a hard time trying to find what works for me. Id love to have the flawless look but im starting to give up hope! What products or techniques would u recommend for some one like me?

hi. i’ve used a dermatologic soap… SEBAMED clear face cleansing bar….it is very good for acnee. it doens’t have any soap in’s just a dermatologic bar.

Hey Marlena!
Just need some of your advice! I have deep pores and sensitive skin. Powders seem to make my pores sick out more and liquids make me break out! I also have quite a few pock marks. are there any techniques or products i can use that wont irritate my skin or show the world what im trying to cover up?! What do u recommend?
Thanks a billion! : )
Luv YA!

wow… i guess im way lucky…
the only thing i do for getting a flawless face is wash it with soap and dry it with the towel
i dont need any makeup. but i have some powder for when im taking pictures…

i love ur tutorials marlena ur way amazing with make up… ur like an artist lol

keep on the good work

at; SindiG

Hello From Canada Marlena!!!

I stumbled on your site through an app on my iPhone which has make-up tutorials and it directed me to you! My b/f is a computer geek and now I can say I am a make up geek!!! LoL
~~~My Question~~~
I used to work in a tanning salon and used the tanning beds way to often and it turn left me with damage on my face. Went to see a Dermatologist and he explained to me that I have Melasma,(not sure if you have heard of it) but it is a tan or dark skin discoloration in certain spots on my face. I have tried heaps of different remedies but the only thing I can really do is cover it up. How can really tone down these darker patches that are on my face?

Just LoVe? LoVe? this site and with you being such a up beat genuine person makes it all the betta !!! Thankies girlie!

Hi Marlena!
I have a quick question…(BTW…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR VIDS!!!) lol, well I have oily skin and i have tried alot of moisterizers and i cant seem to find one that works out for me…I currently just use the clarins smooth lotion. I really like it but I know Im missing the moisterizer under it =[ also I have very large pores on my cheek area (acne) and i noticed when I use blush it makes them appear much larger…what can i do or use to help minimize it…(maybe the clarins lotion isnt much help with pores…idk)…

HELP!!! (thanks)

Hello Marlena! :)

I just want to ask, was that a MAC Matte or a Clear Gloss you were holding in the video? It seems like a Clear Gloss but you said it was Matte.


Hi Marlena! First and foremost I love love love this video! Second, your stippling brush is sold out in your store. When will you have more available? If you will not have them available any time soon, where would I be able to purchase a similar brush? I’m not really feeling the MAC 187 brush anymore

hiii Marlena! i have a question.. :)
i’m debating wheather i should get Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer or Smashbox tinted moisturizer.. any help on this? i have really dry skin and i’m looking for a moderate coverage tinted moisturizer that wouldn’t wear off as much..


*btw, great video :D

Hi Marlena,

I am going on a 5 week trip backpacking in Europe and there is no way I would be going out without makeup everyday. I have to pack light and I want a flawless face and nice eyes (love eye makeup) – like a day and night look – so what do you think I should bring in my beauty pack?

Thanks girl!

Hi Marlena,
I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your website I come every day to check out makeup tips. I’m a beggining to put more makeup before i just did the eyeliner , foundation, mascara, blush, but now iI want to improve my looks, but I have a very oily face, what can I do to fix this problem anything that I can do ..? Oh and another question, which is better the Mac fix spray or model in a bottle…?? I would appreciate if you answerme. thanxz….

Marlena, love ur vids r very helpful & u r so beautiful. The brush u used…which brand is it. I didn’t find it in your store. Or where can I find it.

Thank you Marlena. I purchased the liquid foundation & I really like it! I’m soooo thankful for your posts! I don’t have the NARS powder so I used the bare minerals powder. IDK if the product is sold in Alaska & I’m afraid to purchase online.
Also, I purchased you MUG brushes ( BTW congrats on having your own product) & want to know
how you clean your makeup brushes?

Can you also let us know where else we can get a product similar to the mac fix + spray?
I don’t have the money to get anything from mac, so I get all of my products from coastal scents..or from Walmart (and ebay if I really really need it). Thanks in advance.

I googled the Monistat chafing gel- and its not sold in Australia…..but! It IS sold in Australia as “Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel”- same product just called something different. And…. even better the website is offering free samples at the moment. So I thought I’d share this little find with all you Aussie makeup geeks out there!

How do I know what color of foundation I need to get???? I can never seem to get the right color without making myself look dark or look like a ghost.

Also, how do I have large visible pores on my cheeks and nose?

I have large pores and I need to minimize them or they will make my skin look holey-ish. also my big pores give me breakouts. I’ve been using so much alcahol free toner, but it’s not working. so do you recommend a toner for me, and a primer, I need a suggestion, of a good drugstore brand and pro brand. thank you

Hey Crystal, I have that problem too and I also acne scars…So im not sure what to use as far as good coverage but not feel my face is cakeeeeee..



A much cheaper alternative to MAC Fix + Spray is using just a tiny dab of your moisturizer. It really helps you to not look so… “make-up-y.” Obviously it doesn’t work as well as MAC Fix + Spray, but it’s better than nothing. :)

Hi Marlena,
Im so glad I found this website with a lot of tips..My I was just wondering my face is oily and I wanted
to find out do I still need to put moisturizer plus the mac gel to avoid the oiliness on my face?
Thanks again for your tips.

Jimmyly : )

i don’t know if anyone else posted this but I contacted NARS customer service because I was concerned about the rumor of discontinuing the loose powder. They assured me they will still carry it in their line…I wonder if they are just making the packaging better? Anyways, was very happy to hear that!

I know this doesn’t have to do with the make-up in the video, but what cleanser and face care products do you use or which do you recomend for oily skin? and to prevent or deal with blemishes???

Is there a drugstore alternative to the Nars loose powder, the MFU camouflage palette and the Bobbi Brown or Eve Pearl corrector?

Hi Marlena,

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do, this is my favorite website! I need your opinion on a few things.

-what do you think of bare essentials face powders and foundations, which would you reccomend?
-I use evian mist to spay my face at the end and finish the look (i got this from a drugstore) do you think this is a good substitution for the mac fix and spray, or is the mac product better?
-what do you think of l’oreal tru match foundation? does it really work the way they say it will?
Thank You so much, you words of wisdom are much appreciated :)

Hello Marlena, I enjoy very much your tutorials.
Do you know what is the equivalent color of Revlon color stay foundation to Mac NC25?


i start off with very dry skin but as the day goes by i sweat. i need something that will stay on all day with all the wiping that goes on?


When you applied your foundation, the brush you used does not look like the brush that you linked. Can you please tell me exactly what brush you used to blend your foundation?

Also, you are AMAZING! I visit your website ALL THE TIME! Your tips have helped me tremendously in getting my make-up to look better.


hey marlena i was just wondering whats a cheaper alt to MAC Fix + Spray?? also what is the difference between concealer and foundation?? thanx hope you get back to me soon…by the way you look fabulous!! ur so pretty!!

What would you recommend for covering a red birthmark on your face? I have one and I hate looking cakey but I want my face to look flawless.

I wanted to purchase the foundation brush that marlena showed in this video from the makeupgeek site, however, i just received it and it says its the IB122 Mini Bronzer. does anyone know if these two are the same brush?

Yeah. I ordered one too. Haven’t got it yet but was asking myself the same question after looking at a brush today that looked just like it. It said bronzing brush on it.

Hey Marlena, I have one question. I usually use mineral foundation–bare essentual to be exact and I want to start using Revlon Color Stay foundation and you mentions on your instructions and vids to use powder after putting liquid foundation. I was wondering if its okay to use my regular bare essentual powder over my liquid foundation? Or do you prefer other loose powder?

Thanks, God bless with your career. I’m loving all the your videos.

I use mineral foundation and I was wondering what I can use to keep it in place, it seems to not stay throughout the day.
Thanks forr all the makeup help!
— Kayla =]

If you find the MAC fixit spray pricey, I’ve found using a hydrating toner works just as well!!! I use the stippling brush as you do, Marlena, but I’ve also found (I’m crazy about double-use products!) using a foundation sponge works just as good!! Teehee
I hope this helped!
-Eva Rose

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hi!! i love all ur videos.. ur so gorgeous.. can u give me sum tips pls.. i’m looking for a powder foundation or loose powder that i can use everyday. i have an oily skin and i break out easily if its not the right powder for my face? what’s the best powder foundation or loose powder that i can use that will also last long.. thank you

I know Marlena uses NAR loose powder and used to use Bare Essentials Mineral Foundation as part of her face routine. I have oily skin too and a mineral foundation has oil absorbing properties. That would probably help

Can you please help me..! My skin gets really red/pinkish very fast and i don’t know what to do. What do you suggest, by the way Thank you for helping us and teaching us with nothing in return.

Love this tutorial. I’ve always had to deal with face – melt – down and didn’t even know products like this exsisted until now. I recently started watching the videos and it’s opended my eyes to a whole different world. I ordered all of these products and can’t wait to get them. These will definetly target a ton of problems I’ve been having. Can’t wait to see more. Seeing the reviews will take care of my ever growing makeup graveyard. Thanks.


I recently tried MAC for the first time I use Mac studio fix foundation NC 30 and make up artist gave me Mineralise skinfinish Natural compact Medium, I dont knw why bt i look darker when i use this make-up rather than this improving my complexion. I have an Asian Indian fair complexion. I am bad at applying make-up and have dark circles arouind me eyes too. Any suggestions from u will be appreciated. Thanks


Thank you so much for doing an updated face tutorial. I have viewed your video’s for a few years now and keep coming back because you give great advice that works, and use great products. Most of which I have or go out and buy as soon as you recommend them since I trust your judgement and the brands. I am waiting for the MUG stipple brush you used in your video to be in stock so I can purchase it because I also use Revlon foundation and the stipple brush I have now isn’t working well. Also, I went to two different Sephora stores this week and both are completely out of the NARS loose powder. FYI should direct viewers to the NARS website if they live in California since I can’t seem to find it anywhere here. Thank you so much for taking the time to do video’s and help us look our best.
Love, Julie

I’ve been watching your tutorials almost everyday now, it’s really inspiring & helping me to look good, with the correct techniques & best products..I love it Marlena..can’t wait for the next videos..(I’ve seen all hahaha)

hi marlena i love your makeup in the photo as above can you please tell me what products you used for the eyes cheeks and lips or point me to the tutorial that you have used these colours please, you look amazing i would liek to try and achieve this look thankyou for your tutorial x


Hey Marlena!
Quick question-I keep hearing different thoughts on putting on concealer before foundation and vice versa. You do it here-why? Won’t it rub off when you apply foundation? I have rosacea so I hae a LOT to cover…I’m nervous to do the concealer first!


Hi Marlena,

Quick question, In your earlier MAC vs. Revlon tutorial you held up a normal/dry bottle of colorstay, but in this one oyu held up what looked like a Combo/ Oily. Which on do you actually use? I love the finish of whatever you used in this video. Thanks!

after u do this is when you can apply eye shadows? or u dont do this before applying the eye shadows?!