DIY: Lipstick Palette

If you’ve ever wanted a way to travel with all your lipsticks without taking a bunch of lipstick tubes with you, then this DIY Lipstick Palette is perfect!  It seems a bit scary at first to chop up and melt down your lipsticks, but it really is easy to do.

Step 1:  Cut off a small section of lipstick (you need about 1/3-1/2 a lipstick)

Step 2:  Put lipstick piece on a metal spoon and slowly melt over a candle.  Do it slowly as you don’t want to burn it!

Step 3:  Pour the melted lipstick in any container with a well, or an empty lipstick palette.   Mine is a Japonesque one that I bought from Amazon- they come in different sizes.  I used the double sided 35 well one as it has a divider to label your lipstick colors.  I’ve seen people use empty artist palettes or even metal tins- you can use whatever you like :)

And voila!  Instant travel lipstick palette!

Palette Option #1: Japonesque Lipstick Palette

I like these palettes as they come in a sleek case and have the right size for each lipstick.  Just be careful not to over heat your lipsticks as they can melt the plastic insert…

Price:  $29

Where to Buy:   Amazon

Palette Option #2: Z-Palette w/ Z-Palette Empty Pans

These actually just came out after this video was recorded, but is an excellent solution — especially if you already you Z-Palettes for Makeup Geek Eyeshadows or other cosmetic pans.   We are big fans of the Z-Palettes here at Makeup Geek (see our magenetic palette smackdown) — they give us great flexibility in storing eye, cheek, and lip products of all sizes and are locked in nicely by the magnetic base.  We sell different sizes of the palettes in the Makeup Geek Store and we just started carrying the 10-pack of pans for projects like this lip stick adaptation (can also be used for concealers, foundations, or pressing loose pigments)

Palettes Start at $14,  10 Pack of Pans are $4

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store

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Thank you so much for sharing all your make up tips and tutorials, now we can travel with more variety in something smaller, good idea!!

THis looks really nice but i was wondering if the lipsticks loose quality from the melting process. I mean in texture longevity or pigmentation. I have pressed some mineral shadows that are no longer the same and i was very turned off by the whole de-potting and changing the consistency of products thing.

It does make them slightly more sheer, but I find when I scoop out a bit more it applies the same :) That’s why I cut my lipsticks and saved the other half, so I can have lipstick in a palette and lipstick in a tube :)

It’s so you can re-use the lipstick. The way the end of a lipstick is shaped makes applying it straight to the lip much easier. If you take a chunk from the bottom and put this shaped tip back on, your lipstick is still easy to use!

It probably wouldn’t matter if you use a lip brush to apply your lipstick. However if you prefer applying your lipstick straight from the tube you may want to take from the bottom. If you take from the top you could probably cut the amount you need at an angle.

most of the time when i or someone has a favorite lipstick and uses it down to a little stub, the tip is still angled but much more rounded. my mom’s are always completely rounded over! some brands do sell them just angled without rounded edges, so the tip is completely flat yet angled. i think cutting them at an angle from the top is a good idea.
i am not a fan of depotting and i don’t think i could ever just cut my lipstick, but i think it would be a great present for people. i could buy just two of a lipstick, two of a shadow, etc, and put them into pans so i could give my friends little palettes around the holidays or for their birthday. if you want to do this for someone, make sure you cut from the bottom of your lipstick tube and use ethanol. it’s a cool idea to share makeup without sharing germs.

i am a lab geek; i don’t know what alcohol rubbing alcohol is, but you would dip the lipstick in it and then gently pat it with a tissue! that’s what makeup counters do

hey marlena I love this idea! I do have a random makeup question that has been driving me nuts! I love all your looks with the Mac chromographic eyeliner but I can’t find on that moves and smudges out as well. I’ve tried a Mary Kay and urban decay and too faced ones. Please help! I love you and wish you nothing but the very best. You deserve it all. Xoxo

i love the plalette , this may seem like a dump question but can u also melt eyeshadow to this plalette?

You wouldn’t ever melt eyeshadow. If you think about it, lipstick is wax based and thus melts. Shadows are powder/mineral based and would just char and become unusable.
However, you can break up a bit of your eyeshadow (scrape off a few layers, break it with the back of a brush, etc) or pour out a pigment and break it into fine pieces and then mix it with rubbing alcohol into a paste. If you do that all in the pan and then let it evaporate you’d have eye shadows fit to a pan. Look up ‘pressing eyeshadow’ on Youtube to get the idea.
It’s probably easier to just depot an eyeshadow (get the pan out of the base container) and put magnets on them or get a palette like option #2 to put the pans in. (

Hi!! I’m just writing this as a warning I had posted this on your video too. I bought this palette for my kit. But its not the lipsticks expanding, its the plastic underneath them. if you scoop that well out you’ll see what I mean. my palette got ruined.and in the end I had to take that plastic part out and replace half of it with empty pans. its just a lot of money, and I think you should know so it doesn’t get any worse. honestly if you don’t believe me, scoop the overflowing well out.
Regard, Rachel

I know the plastic gets damaged, but what you’re saying doesn’t make sense. Now, if the plastic contracted, then it would make sense that the lipstick raised up. But you’re saying the plastic is expanding. If that was the case then the lipstick would go even further down in to the case, do you know what I mean?

I know this process is neater, but wouldn’t it be just as good to do the same thing with cutting them and just put the piece in the pallet without melting it. That way it doesn’t ruin the quality, it doesn’t ruin the container and you don’t need to involve the fire! I thank you for the idea though, I never actually thought to do it that way.

Love this idea! Less space=more product! This is great for when you are running low AND my husband will smile with this. : )

i wonder if putting them in a z-palette would dry them out. i think if you just did it with a teeny bit of your lipstick, not intending to fill the pan, and just repeated the process when traveling, maybe that would be better.

I am so obsessed with this tutorial – what a clever way to organize your lipstick collection. And to create a palette like the professionals use. Bravo!

I have a Japonesque pan that I’ve used for years. I tried the melting thing. While it is prettier, for me it was more work than necessary. I just cut off a bit and put it in the pan, pressing as necessary. Coffee stirrers work well for this. If the whole compact is placed flat in a very warm (but not hot) place, it will soften and be more manageable. Conversely, be careful with these compacts on a hot summer day. They can be messy. You can save your used up eyeshadow palettes and fill those as well

Hi marlena
I really like your makeup tips and tutorials
Please could you do a tutorial on Alexander stan – get back makeup
Please please please!!
Thanks alot
Love you

Wow.. that palette is SO cheap! the plastic looks like those paper-thin types used to package products. If anyone were to do this tutorial, I would use a z-palette. has a 4-slot empty palette for $1 (that fits MAC, and since z-palettes fit MAC, should work too), fill it up with pans and you’re set :)

That’s what I thought was happening when I watched Marlena’s video. Melted plastic is not safe. Products, especially those for lips, aren’t safe to be used when melted plastic is involved. Maybe just smush some lipstick into the slots then put in a warm environment or somehow barely heat the top to have the smooth finish. More time consuming, but safer.

Hey hey hey I’m 11 and I just thought of a great way to save money. Ya know thos tray hooya ma what’s that u use to mix colors or put the paint on. Just put the lip sticks in those. U can buy em at walmart or michaels or department store(hopefully I spelled michaels right.I hope some one uses this idea because at walmart u can get a whole pack of various sized trays for 5 dollars. compared to 29. That’s a steal huh?

Uhhhh guys so right after I submitted that comment I reread it and thought it made no sense. I was talking about those paint trays that artists use(and marlena if u read this plz reply it would be a real honer)

I normally don’t buy palettes because I usually use only a few colors and not all of them(for eyes, blushes)..but when it comes to lipstick having a palette is great because you don’t have to carry all 45 lipsticks with you all the time… I usually play around with lip colors but for the eyes I tend to keep it classic…maybe I will change one day..

I love this! It will make my life so much more simple.. I was wondering: Could this work with concealers and foundation? Could you in any case do a vid on that for example? :D Thanks <3