Beauty Bites: Making your Eyes Pop!


Hello Makeup Geeks and welcome to BEAUTY BITES! This is a new series full of quick tips to help you get out the door and on your way. Each video will focus on a different product that will help you on days you are in a rush but still want to look your best. :-)

Today we are going to be focusing on nude eyeliners. They work wonders in making your eyes appear larger, brighter and making your look for awake and youthful.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eye Liner – (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Tarte EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener Nude – (Amazon) (eBay)
  • NYX Wonder Pencil- (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz – (Amazon) (eBay)


To brighten your eyes and make them appear wider and more awake, simply line the waterline of your eye with a nude liner of your choice. This simple trick is great on days when you haven’t had enough sleep, or when you want to make your eyes stand out more.

As always I hope you all are staying happy and healthy and enjoying the new year.





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