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    I need Help! My Hair is shoulder length, and it’s straight, but flips out at the ends, and the only way I can get it to curl is if I use tiny curlers over-night, which then gives me and African American looking afro! So I need help with tips on how I can get it to hold a loose curl and STAY!! Please!!



    I have shoulder length hair as well and my hair is very course and straight. These are somethings I do for loose curls:

    • hair has to be bone dry to use a curling iron
    • I start my iron half way on the section I’m working on, curl it up, unwind it, then  slide the iron down and start at the bottom and curl all of it up. This way I know that the heat is curling all of my hair, not just the ends.
    • My iron that I use for loose curls is either 1″ or 1.5″.
    • Another thing that really helps me is making sure I work in smaller sections. Again, this is a way to ensure the heat from the iron is getting all of the hair I’m working on.

    Be sure to use hair products for their intended use as well. Some of my friends use too much hair spray creating a weird “crispy” look. Not cute. lol.

    Also, since my hair is uber straight, I don’t curl my hair all the time. Save it for special occasions. :)

    I hope this helps!


    Have you tried the sock-bun method?


    Thank you @mtishawt! and @amoxirat, I haven’t, what is that? And I tried using a hot curling iron and spraying each strand with hair spray before I curled it and it worked really well! Most of the curls even stay ’til the next day!!


    Do you have very thick hair? If you do, you may need to use a bit more heat to get a curl.


    Yes I do..


    Here’s a link to a sock bun method tutorial!

    My hair won’t hold curls very easily either, and this seems to work the best for me.


    When I use small curlers and get those tight curls, I brush them out with my fingers and get a horrible afro mess going.  Then, I twist large chunks together and kinda pull them down to try to loosen the curls.  I mess with it until the curls relax a bit, and when the curls finally look reasonable, I put in product to hold the shape.  These curls are hardly Victoria’s Secret ad-worthy, but I can use curlers and not . . .  look silly . . .


    hate to tell you but straight hair just dosen’t curl


    i like straight hair

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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