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    Hi! :smileyhappy:

    how do you ladies and gents shape your nails? I love squaring off my nails. I think they look nice, clean and professional. My nails naturally grow rounded and since I have long bony spider fingers, rounded nails make them look inhuman and I’ve accidentally cut people with them :smileysad: .

    Squoval nails I sometimes do if I want a change in nail shape. If I want to go back to square nails I can just file them back :smileyhappy:


    Squoval all the way~


    I agree squoval if you have long slender fingers, while I agree square nails do look very clean I also think they make your fingers look longer then they are.




    I’m a squovaler myself. Although the square look does look clean, I feel like its almost too clean leading people to believe my nails are fake, but that’s just me. :)


    Squoval! I think dead on square can look a teeny bit unfinished. As though you have had nails stuck on or acrylics filled in and then they didn’t get around to shaping them. In saying that I used to have longish acrylics (now just using Shellac) and would have them filed perfectly straight across and it was actually the fashion….


    Squoval all the way. I’ve found that my nails snag everything when squared.


    I personally like my nails rounded when I wear them natural. With gel or acrylic I like squoval nails.


    look at the shape of your nails at the bottom and see if you can mirror that ;)


    Somewhere between round and squoval. Square looks too stark for my taste.



    I just finished reading Allure:  Confessions of a Beauty Editor, and that stated squoval is the most attractive shape for nearly every woman, but I think you should go with whatever you think looks best.


    Ha! I like roundish/squoval on me – and I’m a guy!


    I definitely prefer square, though I never do it myself and get them done for me instead in general >.<

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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