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    alrighty my sister gave me a jar of avon’s botanisource comforting cream the deal is im pretty sure its atleast3 years old it was never opened i was the first to use it im just curious if there’s actually a stop using by date =P


    If it’s never been opened it should be fine. If it’s going bad, you’ll know. (Smell, change of texture, if it starts “growing”.)


    If your skin feels fine, keep using it. Normally, my skin gets irritated if a cream has gone bad.


    Not an expert here, but I feel like I heard somewhere that they put that date there because past that point the active ingredients in the product may not work to their full potential. So I don’t think anything will bad happen, but you may not get the full benefit of the product.


    it turned out to be fine it’s actually a very nice moisturizer


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    In the United States; there are no regulations or guidelines from the FDA about theexpiration date for skincare or makeup products.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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