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    Hi- I’m new, and I have a huge problem- well huge to me. Ok so- my face gets really flushed, and I blush constantly. What can I do to keep from getting so flushed all the time? Is there anything to do? I have one other question. My make-up isn’t staying on anymore? I use the palladium face primer, MAC’s painterly for the eyes, and it all used to work but now the make-up disappears midday. Can you help-please?


    In terms of your face flushing, I don’t think there’s anything you can do about that.

    In terms of your makeup not staying on, what foundation are you using on top of your primer, are you setting the paint pot with an eyeshadow, and what is your skincare routine (particularly moisturizer)?


    You should use Green Color Correcting Primer under your foundation. It will neutralize redness

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    I wear MAC studio fix, and sometimes Origins silk screen. I used it today and it worked better than the MAC. I still want something that doesn’t wear off. My moisturizer- I ran out is the Origins tea tree. It works great. Thank you for your help. ANything else you can tell me is very welcome. For example the green color correcting primer- WHat brand is best to begin with?

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    Yes I do set the paint pot with eyeshadow because it’s so much lighter than my skin.


    Studio Fix Fluid, I take it?

    And I forgot to ask what primer you’re using.

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    I swear by Clinique’s redness solutions.  when I worked there I put the loose powder from that line on my sunburned decolletage and it soothed my skin and camoflaged the red.  I use the redness relief cream daily because I was getting tiny little red irritated bumps on my face. I love the stuff.  The irritation cleared up over night. Sounds crazy. But I highly recommend it.  There’s a whole line of redness products. Check with your local counter. They may be able to give you a few samples. Good luck.

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    no,not the liquid, the powder. i’ll have to go by the clinique counter and ask. thanks for your help.

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    oh the primer is palladio


    Powder foundation on top of both a moisturizer and a silicone-based primer. That seems a bit much. If you want to continue to use a powder foundation, IMO, you don’t need the primer. (That said, if you’re concealing things before applying foundation, add the primer only where you’re going to be adding concealer.) If you still think you need to prime your face first, you need to change your foundation to a liquid one that’s also silicone-based. (Using like with like will give you better results.)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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