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    Hey geeks, I got another issue :D I dye my for many years in dark brown. Actually I like it, but now I had the crazy idea to lighten up my hair. Just 1-2 shades. The problem is, that I know that bleaching dark dyed hair results in a reddish and/or yellow blond. Even if I would colorize it afterwards I got a problem. Warm colors are absolutely nothing for my type. Some ideas/suggestions how I could lighten my hair a little to a cold bright brown?


    Go to a salon (or a beauty school if you live close enough to one, as it’ll be less expensive than a salon) and get it done professionally. While you’re getting it done, ask your colourist to talk you through the process and how to go about mainenance and all that.


    I was unreasonable and didn’t listen to you shellygrrl, sorry…  ;) Today I bought “Hair Colour Remover” from ColourB4 in Extra. I discovered it in a drugstore here in Germany. It is a product from England and new here. So I applied the remover on my dark brown, almost black hair. During the one hour residence time I read some more about this product and was shocked… many people got orange hair from this :( After washing it out I had my natural dark blond with a copper shimmer. The instruction said that the shimmer would disappear with a semi-permanent hair color. So I applied some color mousse in dark blond for 6-8 hair washes (German brand).  Now my hair is beautiful, hell yeah, it is hazel! But it is slightly dry. Somehow I would say: that was a close shave ;)


    You’re so brave :) I wouldn’t do that.  I have bright red (I died my hair by myself) now and I want to change it to  natural color so I’ve scheduled an appointment with my hairstylist. It’s gonna be not cheap but it is safest way for me  :)




    Awww, I’m not brave ^^ I’m stubborn and impatient :D The hairstylist will be the safest ;) I hope you will be soon satisfied with your hair color Marinka :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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