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    Help!!! I have wavy hair that I never know what will do when I wash it. It’s always different! I like it better straight but when I flat iron it it just gets frizzy…. In fact no matter what I do its frizzy on the bottom. I deep conditioned it but after a few days it went  back.So how can I make it straighter and keep it healthy? Using heat burns it!



    This is my new favorite question because I have the perfect answer – organic coconut oil! Use it as a mask before shampooing (still do weekly deep conditioning) and rub some on your ends while drying or while totally dry. A little goes a long way on dry hair and not only will your hair be frizz free and shiny, it will get healthier after ach use! It is an thick oil so it will also weigh down your hair a bit making it straighter.


    Would this oil help with increasing thickness and length of hair too? Really want thicker hair (well more of it on my head as its really thin) and longer hair .


    It’s just makes your hair sohealthy, and defiantly adds volume. My hair used to dry pretty straight living in NY, but now in south Florida it dries curly and this stuff just makes it soft and bounce , great volume even when I air dry it. It’s been a miracle product for me, I use it on my skin as well (which is on the dry side) and it makes it soft and dewy.


    Thank you so much! I will be trying this ASAP. It’s exactly what I wanted


    Great, I will be in search for some coconut oil :)


    Let me know how you like it! I’ve also noticed that my hair has been growing faster. I do take biotin supplements but haven’t noticed a real difference untill the coconut oil was added to my regimine :)


    I had my hair pretty frizzy and dull.. and i did one thing, which really made my hair healthy. What it is that after every time i was my hair.. i just condition my hair roots, while they are wet, with a drop or two of Black Seed Oil, you can google it, its an amazing oil, and the best thing about it is that it won’t leave your hair oily, and will just give them a healthy shiny look.. !!! do it for a month or two and you will notice a huge change in the texture and health of your hair!!!

    P.s. Dont over straighten them, heat is the biggest enemy of your hair!!!




    The Best thing to do is Oil your hair and then wash them. don’t wash without oiling first. You wont imagine how beautiful and shiny and elastic your hair feel after that. then go with any style you want. they will mould very easily in any style you want

    see how to oil your hair properly here

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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