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    When I where foundation it seems to just sit on top of my skin it never really blends. After wear it for a while it cakes up is there anything I can do to get it to blend better and stay on? Also when I put eye liner on my water line it stays for just and few minutes then ends up in the corner of my eyes. I have used pencil liner and gel liner it happens with both is there anything I can use that will stay put?

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    What do you use to apply it? I just got the MUG stippling brush and LOVE IT! It is really easy to use I just place dots of foundation on my face and stipple it with the MUG brush. Also do you use a primer? That can help. Apply the primer wait for it to dry then apply your foundation. Hope that helps :)

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    I agree with Sahuria. Use a primer and a good brush. I love Mac, but for cheaper brands I like eco tools and elf. However, I hate the elf studio line foundation brush. It streaks like crazy for me! As for eye liner, I use to have that problem too.. until I just change brand in general. I use to use a cheap brand.. and then moved on to a more expensive brand.. I thought that maybe I just wasn’t using it properly.. but when i went back to try the cheaper brand.. it started doing that again. I have officially moved to cream eyeliner! Try it! :)


    Using a brush to apply foundation may not necessarily be the answer. IMO, different foundations require different methods to apply it. Some foundations apply a lot better with your own two hands.

    Also: What’s your skincare routine? Are you using primer underneath your foundation? And are you setting it with powder afterwards (and, if so, how do you apply it)?

    Liner… What eyeliner are you using? Some liners just completely suck in the waterline.

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    The foundation brush I use is comparable to the mug flat foundation brush. Primers burn my skin I have very sensitive skin. As far as the eyeliner I’ve used several. Nyx, maybeline gel liner, & Bobbi Brown.

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    I mix MUFE HD foundation with Revlon Colorstay and the stippling brush works really well. I used to use my fingers but I find the brush is less messy and applies a more airbrush look.  I think the flat foundation brush gives a painted on look versus a blended airbrushed look. Also have you tried a BB cream instead of a primer? I use Too Face BB cream as a primer and I like it a lot more then a typical primer. What kind of primer did you try? Maybe try Tarte or Bare Minerals. Also do you set your foundation with a setting spray? That can help.

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    I recommend using a face primer before applying your foundation such as the L’oreal Base Magique transforming smoothing primer … it’s about $25 AUS, you can get this product anywhere really like Chemist Warehouse, Coles etc :)







    … usually when I apply foundation on myself or my clients I use a brush (Napoleon complexion perfection brush in 23s) it allows you to apply it your foundation nicely and evenly, yet still allows you to keep the coverage of the foundation your using … its a little pricey at $45 AUS but is seriously worth the money!  … Have a look at the MUG deluxe stippling brush if you want a cheaper alternative to the 23s.  


    Now as for your liner problem sometimes what causes you to tear up is the possibility of the ingredients in the liner … check the ingredients of the liner first before you purchase it :) What I do to set my gel liner/stick liner is once you have applied it just below your water line use a thin, soft, dome brush or eyeliner brush and apply an eye shadow of the same colour over it to set it a bit more (especially if your using gel liner)


    Hope this has helped xxx



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    Primers are out I’ve tried several. They make my skin feel like its on fire. I will try the BB cream and see how that does if my cheeks didn’t have a little redness I probably wouldn’t need foundation anyway. I will try that trick with the eyeliner thanks! I have really dark brown eyes so I love the look when I line my water line with black. I will defiantly invest in a stippling brush. Thanks guys you rock!


    If the various primers you’ve tried make you feel like your skin is on fire, then you’re allergic to an ingredient in them. Go to a dermatologist and get an allergy test done. (Make sure you list which primers specifically you’ve reacted to.)

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