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    I love the cat eye look, but have a difficult time getting it to work no matter how taught I pull the area. Being 46, I don’t have the youthful elasticity that allows a smooth glide across the eyes. Do you have anyone out there in Makeup Geek that has a successful method without having to do, redo, touch-up, and spend 30 minutes to get it? LOL! I know, it’s tough getting older, but I would love to have the look without spending so much time for it to look right. I’ve ordered some gel eyeliner that I saw on one of the ladies here, so hoping that will help. The method is totally new for me, so that may be part of it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Oh, and I prefer the more natural look. Can’t do too much with colors without it making me look retro 80’s or tired. Maybe I’ll get brave and post some pictures. :o)



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    What have you been using?


    Just started trying it a few days ago and using a pencil liner (Revlon color stay, so it’s a softer pencil). I have never had much luck with liquid liners. I’m hoping the gel liners (should have them next week) will be easier to work with. I have a blue gel liner that works good, but it’s not something I’d want to do a full line with. I use it for adding a touch of color. The lighting isn’t great, and it’s a little late so it’s been all day, but here are a couple of photos. Left eye then right eye.

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    I never could get a clean line with a pencil *lol*

    Gel liner tends to give the smoothest glide, but if you still have issues I suggest using a brush similar to the Sigma E15 and pressing the liner into place.


    I have a brush like that so will see if that works. I was more successful using eye shadow with an angled brush, and it may be that I am just going to have to practice. Most people are experts in what they plan to do with their make up before the age of 46. :o) I’ve always been very simple with makeup because of my line of work. Appreciate the tip, and hope to get better at this stuff. LOL!

    Thanks for getting back to me.



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    I disagree, I think most aren’t, experts that is. I’m certainly not. I think that’s one of the reasons makeup tutorials are so popular. I think it’s just that when you start looking at online interest specific communities you end up surrounded by experienced enthusiasts and pro’s that make it seem as if everyone else knows what they’re doing. Regardless of how long someone’s been doing something, we all started somewhere.

    Wearing makeup doesn’t need to mean looking done up. I really love the natural-only-better look, there’s also a lot of really low key or effortless looks.


    Well, they sure do a good job of looking like experts! :o) I really do prefer the natural look, but look forward to having some fun and adding some character to it all.

    Thanks for your help Aro, and your suggestions. If gel liners make it in today, I may just have to do some playing around. My daughter has big blue eyes with black thick eyelashes, so I may use her as a guinea pig to see how steady my hands are. She’s 27, so she’ll have fun with it too!


    You should find the gel liners easier, failing that the felt tip liners work well too. If you prefer a natural look have you tried a brown eyeliner? There are some lovely ones around both plain and with a bit of sparkle/shimmer – not too obvious, just enough to brighten your eyes up a little.


    Hi Vicky,

    Thanks, and yes, I have tried the browns and in varying shades. What I find is that browns tend to make me look more tired, but, with so many colors and options on types (gel liners, felt tips, etc.) I might find some other options.


    Hi Sherry! While looking at your photos, I notice that your eyes look fine in terms of the aging you mentioned. However, their shape appears to be round, and you are lining them in accordance with their shape, which will cause your upper lid liner to come down at the end, and not swoop up, as a cat eye should. Try this: Line the lower, outer third of your lash line first, swooping the line up when you hit the outer corner of the eye. Then line the top lid, and when you get 3/4 to the outer corner, keep the line going straight but slightly upward to meet the line you made from the bottom lash line. You will have a triangle, and you can fill that in. Or you can just line the upper lid, but keep the line going up slightly to make your eyes appear like a cat. The are many tutorials online that visually show this! Good luck! :)


    Thanks Tamara! I have tried that, and herein lies the problem (and don’t laugh like I do when I say it): On the lower lid when I hit the corner to go up, my liner gets caught in the wrinkles and I can’t get a smooth line. If I pull the skin tight, it makes the line crooked. When on the top lid, when I get the 3/4 over and try to go across, to met the bottom lid line, it’s the same thing. Now what I have tried that works better, and saw it on another website tutorial  is I put a dot where I want the lines to meet, then draw down to the bottom lid and across to the upper lid. I’ve only done that once, and I didn’t hit the crinkles in the wrinkles, but I wasn’t “even” so one eye was different than the other. So I’m going to work with that and see if it will help. The skin around my eyes is very loose and I have the family inherited eyelid that is slowly beginning to sag down. My right eye being worse than my left eye. Now I know why people get eye lifts. That skin starts hanging down and it’s actually impairing to the vision when it reaches a certain point (happened to my dad).

    I did get the new gel liners in yesterday and will give those a try. They may be easier to work with than the pencil liner I’m so used to using. I could never get the liquid eyeliners to go on straight. Guess that also comes with practice and I just never bothered. LOL! I’ve never been big in using eye shadows and colored liners and such, so this is all a new experience. I use a basic eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick as my daily makeup regimen.

    Appreciate the tips, and I will certainly continue to try different things until it works. Who knows, maybe I’ll find something that works really good and make my own video…nah. I’ll just share the tips online. LOL!




    The dot method you’re trying is a great idea. You could also try Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow in Corrupt. It’s a highly pigmented black.  If you use a bent eyeliner brush or thin stiff brush and start by lightly making your lines, you could fill in where you say the wrinkles are. I’m 40, and being a makeup artist, I get frustrated when I can do so many cool looks on my younger clients that I can no longer do on myself! Good luck! :)


    i am in my 40s also and just noticed that if i do a sort of modified cut crease look, my eyes look a bit more lifted.  i was doing a basic dark-crease look, with outer-V blending into dark liner and noticed the darkness at outer corner was visually pulling my eyes downward.  my new method is —

    light color on the lid

    dark liner, thicker at the outer edge of eye, smudged a bit, in a very subtle cat eye style

    dark color slightly above the crease, but only applied in the center 50% of the eye, the inner quarter of my eyelid gets no crease definition and the outer quarter of the eye gets none either.  blend well into the brow bone.

    sheer highlight in inner corner and the uppermost part of brow arch

    hope i’ve explained this adequately.  the light lid color blending into the foundation outside of my eye area with no darkness visually lifts my outer eye/crows foot area.


    Bump…I realize this is an older thread, but I ran into this issue doing makeup for a friend – her eyelid skin folds over, so when I tried the flick for the cat eye, it was crooked when she opened her eye!  I was following the line of the bottom of her eye upwards, like you do… Should I go straighter out for the flick, or will that drag the eyes down?  Or is a cat eye just out of the question?  I did some looking around for tutorials but didn’t see anything that resembled her eye… It’s not totally hooded, it just has that funny little fold.

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