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    Any thoughts on Bitch Slap Cosmetics? Any things that are a must have? Anything to stay away from?

    What does it compare to?


    I actually ran across them on Instagram today, so I checked out the website. I was curious, now I’m just embarrassed for the brand.

    The website is really unprofessional–full of spelling errors, silly cursors and music that auto starts. There are a ton of pictures that show some impressive makeup, but I’ve seen them well before this brand existed, so I know for a fact it’s not their brand being used. Misrepresenting your makeup is just silly, especially when you’re using stock images. The link to the pigment ingredients is broken. Yikes…

    A lot of the makeup looks identical to the BH/Shany/Generic Made in China palettes. If you don’t know already– stay away from those. They can be downright dangerous (lead content, etc), and are of questionable quality.

    Nothing on the site strikes me as a must have. How embarrassed would you be, putting lipstick shaped like a penis on a client? I get that they’re “edgy” and “different”, but that’s just crass. Maybe as a joke for a bachelorette party, but $10?!

    This brand looks tacky and cheap. If you’re a pro MUA, stay away. Stay away from everything.

    If you just buy makeup for yourself, you can figure it out on your own.


    I wouldn’t buy the cosmetics from  brand with such name oO Pro brand wouldn’t have such name, imho.


    Very true. I couldn’t take it seriously even if I was just buying for myself though. Yikes yikes yikes!

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    I have a pallate with about 50 eyeshadows in it and I must say bitch slap cosmetics are fabulous the eyeshadows I have tried I  give them a 4.9 out of a 5.0 rating why ? Because the fallout is like mac pigment fallout  but. Don’t let that stop you from getting some eyeshadow it is suuuuuuuuper pigmented I just as well if not better than mac !!! Look into there eyeshadows they kick ass ;)


    Just the kind of response I’d expect from someone who doesn’t know what IMATS is.

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    ^lol^ BSC sell private label brands (premade, cheaply made with your brand slapped on it). Which means they cost BSC nearly nothing and they jack up the price. Part of their collection (eyeshadow wheels, glosses) come from LadyBurd Cosmetics. At around $0.80-$2.00 per item, it is quite the mark up to pass on to your customers. Thats just good business… but BSC is not high end or even mid end on the cosmetics scale. These are the same quality products you find for off label or no label brands (meaning the stuff you find at the dollar section or beauty supply for cheap). Yes, those companies go through private label businesses as well.

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    I wasn’t aware of that , I  was giving my honest opinion . I like the colors that’s all.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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