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    I’ve struggled with acne for a very long time,I’m 25 years old and have been using Retin-A for a long time prescribed by my dermatologist,it has helped but scars remain. I’m wondering if pixel fraxel laser treatments will help minimize the scars. Has anyone experienced this treatment?


    Well i suggest you to try Proactive. It did great to me.


    Laser acne treatment even work then other acne treatment has not worked. Laser treatment has become and important part of acne treatment plan. But before taking any decision about laser treatment you must consult with skin specialist.


    to try Proactive

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    Skin Peels are a great way to safely resurface your skin and encourage cell regeneration.

    Various procedures can improve your complexion and remove acne scars.

    • Laser treatments.
    • Other energy-based procedures:Pulsed light sources and radiofrequency devices help create new skin without damaging the outer layer of skin.
    • Dermabrasion.
    • Surgery:  In some cases, surgery to remove deeply indented acne scars is an option.
    • Tissue fillers.

    Hope this help……….


    Thank you! I’ ve tried proactive and it didn’t work. It actually burned my skin.


    See a dermatologist. *nods*


    They can be treatment but not a cure!!! and ofcourse laser tends to burn the skin, hence not advisible!!!

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    In laser resurfacing, a laser beam destroys the outer layer of skin. As the wound heals, new skin forms. Less intense lasers cause less damage, but are also less effective

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    See if you are suffering from acne scars and you want to go for laser treatments than before going any acne scar treatments, you first need to visit to the dermatologist….And first try some acne removing creams instead for going for laser treatments and using creams if you are not finding the results than think to go for surgery……


    From my opinion its a good way to remove your acne scar and get a flawless skin.


    Go to meet dermatologist. Its good for you dear.. Go ahead.. All the best..


    wait before doing laser it’s expensive and you need to make sure you go somewhere reputable. Try other things before, I applied lemon juice on my skin every night and my scars were gone in less than 2-3 months you just have to be patient good luck.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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