Winter Wonderland


Look glamorous and sexy this holiday season with this cool blue and white look from Marlena. This captivating look will have all eyes on you when you wear this smoldering look. The addition of glitter will have you feeling like a winter wonderland but looking hot enough to melt the snow. Perfect not only for the winter, but to add with your favorite angel costume for an angelic look that no one could resist.




  • Make Up For Ever Lipstick #22 (Amazon) (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Clear or Light Pink lipgloss (the one I used in the video is discontinued :(  )


Inexpensive Alternatives:

  • NYX 10 Eyeshadow Palette – “Super Model”    (Makeup Geek Store)
    • For the colors I used in this look, this palette has very similar colors :)
  • Makeup Geek Gel Liner – “Electric”    (Makeup Geek Store)

Pictures and hair done by: Taryn from Tough Love and Makeup Geek
Video Editing done by: Nicola from Makeup Geek

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CEO of Makeup Geek and Makeup Educator


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I LOVE this Vid! You look absolutely gorgeous…
I love the pictures too, what photo editing software do you use? Are you using a professional camera too?

Love from Melbourne, Australia XO

can you show me makeup of Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. please can you do this before new year. because i want to do it on new year party.
thank you.

A beautiful look and so easy to accomplish with either the Nyx or Tarte pallet. I love your videos and they inspire me to do different looks every day. The video quality is not as good as previously and I hope that can be remedied.

Ahhh! You read my mind. I was just thinking of doing a similar look the other day, but didn’t know where to start. Thank you so much, this is a very elegant, beautiful look. Can’t wait to try it out. :-D

Absolutely stunning Marlena! I am so thankful for your website! You are so generous to share your gift with us over a free website like this one! I think I’ll wish for my own personal Marlena to do my makeup everyday for Christmas!
I also have a question! I have been using Too Faced Primed and Poreless, which I LOVE, and I was wondering if I could double it up as an eyeshadow primer as well? This would save me the cost of getting UDPP! Hope you reply!
Happy Holidays Marlena! Hope it is filled with blessings! And may the new year bring you happiness and health! (and more tutorials! :D)

Oh and I forgot! When I use black gel liner to tightline, it bleeds and runs down my eyes as the day goes on! Any tips on how to prevent that? Thanks!!

It wouldn’t work for priming the eyes as it has a different purpose- face primers make skin look smooth, eye primers make products stick and be more vibrant…

For the gel liner problem- I don’t recommend this much, but a MAC artist told me this trick (haven’t tried yet). But she said to put just a little eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner to make it set… I would just switch to another liner that is more waterproof- I’ve heard the MUFE eyeliners work well. I need to get some soon to try :)

Bobbi Brown’s gel liners are the best I’ve tried and work beautifully for the water line. I haven’t found a better dupe. Hope that helps!

As an alternative to the MAC 226 brush, one could use the Sigma E45 brush; it’s, pretty much, identical. :)

Anyway, it’s a gorgeous look. *applause*

wow i love this look! i have monolids and i watched your tutorial for monolids and you recommended a glitter eyeliner! I think the one you used here is so pretty! I want to buy a glitter eyeliner but I’m not sure what color to buy! I love blue but it looks a bit bold for me, which can i buy that looks natural.

This look is amazing just like all your other ones! You are an amazing creative makeup artist and I hope to be as good as you one day. You have been looking especially fabulous lately by the way : ) Have a lovely Christmas!

Hi Marlena!!! this look is absolutely amaizing!!! here in Argentina is summer now but this colors are definetely so wearable the all year!! I love this colors, and I used to have some trouble to accomplish this kind of look and colors on myself because I´m medium to dark skin, but with the tips you give here is so much easier for me to do this look.
I would also like to wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season, I wish you to have a wonderfull christmas with your beloved ones and a gorgeous star of 2011!!! see you next year girl!!
Best wishes!
Maria Eugenia

WOW!!! I LOVE this look!! i think this is my absolute favorite one…and you look PERFECT!!!! beautiful!!!!

this is SOOOOO pretty… would it be corny to do a red, green, and white/gold look? i want to but idk…
sb: idk if im the only one who noticed this but, u seem soooo much happier… i was goin thru/lookin at a few of ur older videos like the first one u did – ur first purple smokey eye – arabic inspired look -mystic blues/sephora gold and green- to NOW…. n u seem progressively happier, jokin around, laughing at urself its jus a beautiful thing to see… to me, u have always been beautiful (sry if i sound like a stalker or sumthin) its just something ive noticed… keep up the EXCELLENT work… if i had the money id hire u ta b my personal MUA and taryn could b my personal photographer, LOL… ok enuf rambling… im glad ur STAYING happy AND healthy :) ttyl.

sarah, right before i read your comment i was thinking the same thing! Not only do Marlenas eyes sparkle, but it seems as though now her WHOLE BEING sparkles, which is wonderful to see happen.

this is not a makeup question but a hair question….Whenever I curl my hair and use hairspray, my hair gets so knotty and frizzy. How do you get your curls to look so soft and not knotty? Your hair does look so pretty and I am so jealous lol. But I’d love to hear your tips as I know you’ll have great tips:)

I am a professional hairstylist just so you know I’m not pulling this out of my ass. Go to a salon and ask for a thermal spray that will help give a hold but won’t be too sticky. A good one is Paul mitchell “hot off the press” or redken has one called hot sets. Stay away from using hair spray as that will make the hair knot up and it’s not healthy for your hair to use a hair spray.

I cant find a # 226 brush on the mac site! Is it a discountinued one? Or maybe you mean another number? Please help and the link on the ebay doesnt work either

wow! marlena, you can’t get any more gorgeous! good job on the tutorial.ahhhh. just watching you talk makes my day already:))

Ughhhh Marlena babe, why must you be so much more beautiful than me?!?! hahaha loved this look very festive and sexy! so do you DIY tan or get it done professionally?

I get it done at the tanning salon- it’s super cheap now, and is like a carwash- haha! Just walk in, turn all 4 sides, then get blowdried ;)

I love this look! I’m an NC40 foundation from MAC. Would the birghtness of the white look ok with my complexion?

It may be a little bright, but try it to see- depends on how dramatic you want it. If it’s too bright, I would actually do a nude color or even a light pink :) Keep the middle of the lid that light glitter though as that will still look good :)

Love this look!!

FYI… on a different note, just wanted to let it be known that the Urban Decay Naked eye palette is back in stock at Urban Decay website!!!

Merry Christmas to my fellow MUGS!!!!

Your skin is so flawless in the pictures, I am so jealous! :) When I use foundation (like the Revlon Colorstay) I find it always looks a bit too caked on…I also have pretty oily skin. You seem to have found a routine that works perfectly! Thanks for the tutorial, beautiful look!

Thanks from a Canadian MUG! :D

Goddess Marlena .. Forever at your worship!

The Winter wonderland look is sexy finger licking good and the chillis are getting hotter as Goddess turns up the heat to get us slave geeks to her heels at her beck and call for more Devotion and worship that we can imagine!
How can us your devoted peasants even begin to match your beauty and class?

Simple we cant …… that why we are your sevant subjects to the cause giving it the Muggie large through and though and knocking at the doors of Marlena Mansions to enter your Empire of devotion!
After all the Winter wonderland stuff Goddess …. lets get down to some sexy dirty Christmas passion and do us a “Come to bed” make up look to get all us geeks .. in the mood for some festive season frolicks!

Come on its Christmas xxxx


I adore this look. So different from the usual, but still amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous look.

whoops!! I think a good one would be NYX’s Mocha blush or NARS Angelicka (is a bit bright, so apply lightly if you want that “flushed” look)

gorgeous as alwaysss:]] i have a question thats not related to this video but i need help! ive been using the mary kay eyebrow pencil forever (not because i like it, just because its what i have) and its finally running out and i was wondering what you would suggest for a replacement eyebrow pencil. Thanks!

You know, I actually use a Rimmel one- it’s cheap and does the trick ;) Eyebrow pencils I’m not as picky on as I fill in a bit more with eyeshadow and angled brush and use the pencil just to fill in “bald” spots ;)

Hey Marlena!,
This is a very very pretty look! I love it!
But, I am seeking help! From any veiwers and you yourself.
I am going to the grans tommarow(Christams Eve) and Christmas day.
I am wearing a black and red dress w/ my hair curly.
I need a makeup look.
I cant go get and products because where I am everywhere is basically already closed.
Can someone help me though?
I can use what I have because I do have a big makeup colection. Please help me.
I appreciate it
You are awesome Marlena! And are greatly talented! I hope to be like you one day!!
Please get back to me
Here is an email you can reach me at ( But please only use this if you cannot get back to me on here or youtube (FredRules1901)
You are awesome if you help me!!!!
THANK YOU!!! <3 Tracie <3

I think I replied on the youtube page :) I would do the Katy Perry look actually- the gold would be beautiful. I know someone said silver- that would be pretty too! Do the same technique as the Katy Perry vid, but switch out to silver if you like

I am loving this look on you – love your hair and you’re looking gorgeous!! (btw great job in sticking with your weight loss regime you look in great shape!!)

I see you have new highlights Marlena! Did you do them yourself? details please!

I LOVE this look on you.. I might have to try to out tomorrow for Christmas Eve! :)

I actually went to a salon for them as it’s tricky highlighting dark hair without it turning orange. She had to put a toner on top of the highlights to tone them down some

This is definitely one of the best looks I have seen from you so far!
I was having a lot of trouble getting inspired for the winter with all the same gold/ green looks. But this is a big winner!!! GORGEOUS!!

Thanks for inspiring me again Marlena!
Have a lovely christmas

LOVE IT!!! I’m so wearing this tomorrow for the Christmas Eve service at church. Btw, you look fan-freaking-tastic Marlena! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Hi,Marlena.One question: Do you like Nars lip gloss? Or do you prefer Mac lipgloss?Thank you very much.
YOU ARE THE BEST :) ;) ;) ;)

I like them both :) I actually wear the NYX’s lipglosses a lot now as they’re cheaper and work the same- I just don’t care for the cherry smell, but the colors are pretty :)

Hi marlena I love this look . What other color would look good to replace the white I don’t have a white eyeshadow. I have kid from MAC do you think that will work? thanks for the look

Thanks so much for doing this it. Have to try it soon. By the way, your hair looks great. Can u please do a tutorial on your hair on this look? I really like it and would like to try it. Hope you have a great holiday..thanks sooo much! :)

Great look ! love how you used blue in a way that’s not over the top.

Can you share more on how you’ve kept loosing weight/in shape. Maybe exercise routine and diet secrets in a video next year :) Merry Christmas Marlena !!

Love the look… love the blues… love the glitter… love everything!!! you are more than gorgeous (i do not know if exists in english :) )

Merry Christmas MUGS!!!!
Merry Christmas Marlena!!! Great night for you and your family!!!

I absolutely love this look; gorgeous and inspiring! especially the eyeshadow shape in the outer V. I never seem to be able to get this part right but I am practicing. Your technique is so right on! Thank you Marlena. Happy Christmas!

Hi Marlena,

Gorgeous look as usual. I just wanted to say that some of your videos have this strange lighting, it’s hard to appreciate the colors, they are either too pinkish/reddish or too yellowish. I really get to see the colors you are applying in the pictures. :(

Enjoy the holidays!

Hi Marlena. Wow, you’re absolutely beautiful! This look is soooo nice, I think I’m going to try it for a New Year party. I would also like to thank you for what you’re doing. Before I’ve discovered your web site, I knew almost nothing about makeup and now I’m exactly the same addict as you are. :)

PS. Gosh, I really admire how you’ve changed your life style and the way it influenced on your appearance. You look fantastic!!!

Merry Christmas, btw! ;)


I would like to know if your MUG RUBY RED LOOK COMPLETE SET will be again available for purchase or not? Because I just realize that this complete set is out of stock for over a month now? I really want this kit so so so much because I dont have the budget to buy the full size of Makeup Forever star powder. So this kit is a great alternative to try them and see if I like them,.

So if you plan to have this complete set back in stock. Can you tell me approximately when will it be available?

Thank you for your time!
I wish you a merry christmas

Sorry to be a downer – some reason, the last couple of videos have been a bit blurred. Ran a check on my system and does not appear to be this end. (Could be the internet provider) I Love the looks and watch all.


Can somebody please tell me which lipstick and lipgloss I can use by NYX. I want the same shine as marlena on my lips when I wear it. I live in Norway, they don’t sell any make up for ever products here. Please please please, I beg all of you, including Marlena.

WauWieee!!!!!!!!!! beautifull look….very glamorous and I love the Lipcolor very nice…..thanks Marlenaaa!!!

OMG!!! Marlena you’re amazing! I started watching your tutorials almost 2 yrs ago and your transformation is incredible. You look beautiful, happy and healthy. I have to thank you because prior to finding you I was really considering going to school but now there’s no need. You’ve taught me so much!!! I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year along your loved ones. Can’t wait to see what you bring us in 2011!

I actually gasped when I saw the picture for this. It’s so pretty!

Also, the bells in the background of the video are rather relaxing. Felt like I was meditating or something serene like that.

I love this look! Very pretty, very feminine. I also LOVE LOVE the way you showed the Tarte pallete on the corner during video and the color u used…I hope if in the future you use a pallatte you will do the same, actually all artists who do tutorials should do that, it is so much easier than flashing the color for a second! Thanks Merry Christmas

hi love the look, i think that i will try it for new years. I’m really hoping to get the tarte jewelry bow for christmas so this will be a great look to try first. Tank u Marlena and have a very merry christmas! :)

I am diggin’ this look because you used blues and not black or greys. I cannot wait to try it and look forward to seeing more of your work. You are so talented. Merry Christmas!

Wao Marlenas! you are an artist! I love all the tutorials!! This is so perfect and glam! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keeping healthy and beutiful as usual!

Merry Christmas Marlena! You look absolutely gorgeous in this video – LOVE LOVE LOVE the look! You have inspired me to get on the health kick – you have done amazing progress! Didn’t have to do much – you were always beautiful! Thank you for all the awesome vids over the past year! Can’t wait to see more in 2011!

God Bless,

Marlena you lost alot of weight you look really good. Love all your videos. Thanks for always giving us great tips.

Merry Christmas Foxy!! Oh, this is my “me time” after a fun morning with my wonderful kids and husband, & what a wonderful present to your MUGS to get a fantastic tut. I am loving this look and i will sport this look today for the family gathering. The VEEERRRY BEST TO YOU YOUR STAFF AND LOVED ONES, THANK YU ALL FOR MAKING US BEAUTIFUL!

I have recreated this look and it turned out to be a great succes! And Marlena, you are just unbelievably gorgeous! Wow!

Love this! Please do more looks with matte shades from the palette! Gorgeous, as always :) Happy Holidays!!!

Hi marlena this the first time I leave a comment ;)

Just want to say you are awesome and love all your vids :)
Ya and I’m from Kuwait ( that’s an Arabic country if ur wondering ) so you have international fans :)

Good luck ;)


I’ve just got a 88 palette for Christmas, and finally I can do everything a have learned from you the last couple months. Thank you very much for this gift :-) from Hungary :)
Marry Christmas

I’m almost positive you’ve answered this question like a thousand times BUTT what camera do you use?! its such good quality!

I love it. I really admire you for being so professional and beautiful and sharing so much about you here. I always wonder how are you doing after the divorce and would be nice to hear an update on your life (not because we are being nosy but because I REALLY DO CARE). I must send you a pic of my wedding from over 2 yrs ago, you where the inspiration for the look- I literally printed the pics and took it to my destination wedding. You are one lovely woman. Keep up the AMAZING work.

I dont know what you did different with the lighting in this vid but it looks great! Love this look!! Your very talented thanks for sharing your gift with the world!!

I really love this look. It makes your eye sparkle. What would be good NYX dupes for the 2 blues and pink? I can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store…Happy Holidays from Canada.

Hey Marlena, I always love your makeup videos and watch them all over. To be honest I am really a geek about makeup. One thing that still confused me is I still cannot figure out the difference purpose between matte, powder and shimmery eyeshadow. Maybe if you want to, will you make a video about them :)

I lovelovelovelove this look!!! It’s so pretty and wintery :D I’m maybe trying this tomorrow ;) Thanks for the video and have a a very happy new year! =)
Love, Anna

I love this look…I have followed your site for about 10 months now and I gained a lot of new techniques. I am a woman of color that love makeup and looking beautiful….all I can say is Thank You :)

This look is beautiful! I’ve received more compliments about my makeup since becoming a mug addict then I’ve gotten is 10 years! I really wish you would explain the type of color more in the alternatives – I have so many different colors that I can usually match up but sometimes it difficult telling really what kind of color it is.

Marlena, I am desperate for a fix for my smile lines! They are fine and I know aren’t terrible, but I use a primer and my makeup still settles into them in a matter of just a few hours. I don’t know what to do! Please help :)…and of course, as always you are stunning and I’m addicted to your site!

Gorgeous as usual!! I have been watching your tutorials on YouTube for quite sometime, and now my 8-year-old daughter watches with me everytime you do a new video. We wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to your videos in 2011! Keep up the fabulous work!!

Hey Marlena !! Im a huge fan of your site!!! Im on it all the tme looking for updates!! I just created my account to make it easier lol :) I have a question … 1st the foundation u sell in your store the pallidido … Is it good and do u reccomend it? Also do u have a direct link or page for questions? I couldnt find it!

Love ths look!!!!!!!

<3Angelic Martinez

Hi Marlena This looks has it all, Fun, sexy and very pretty.. Can you please give some MAC.Happy New Year

Loved the look. Having trouble finding a good primer for your face I’m fair skinned and have red hair so my face is a little sensitive I use dior forever makeup .

You are awesome woman!! I love every single make up you do!! I finally learnt how to apply my make up watching your videos. Keep up the good job!!
Greetings from Norway :-)

I love this look, it’s so beautiful and fresh! Lovely for winter.

I really just love that lip gloss it’s a shame it’s discontinued! Would you recommend a dupe that would be similar?

Stunning! You’ve out done yourself again with the beautiful pictures as well. I’m inspired. Thank you.

Wow Marlena, you look fantastic! How much weight have you lost ? How long have you been doing your healthy lifestyle for now? Any chance on a vid on this for some inspirtation please??? You look gorgeous- I love the look. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! xoxo

i love your video’s on how to’s
i would love do know how to get very soft skin becuase i have combination oily and dry skin
and its hard to figure out if i have the right face wash or not.
Thank you so much XD


i love the winter wonderland look

hello, I love your videos, they are great!
I wanted to know, do you know an inexpensive alternative to the makeup forever lipstick #22
thank you so much

I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!! You are such a great inspirations to get the time to do a great make up and feel glamourous… thanks for tutorials BEAUTIFUL :)

I had a question?
On Marlena video THIS OR THAT. What makeup products did she use for the makeup Look? I like what she did ;-) She said she was goin to do the Look but I haven’t seen any videos yet. But can you let me know what products did she use for the THIS OR THAT video.


Hello, I find you magnificent and your make-ups are it also, j would like to know about which kept silent software you serts to make your video assemblies(editings).
Thank you

First time posting to one of your videos,lol.. Just want to say Thank You!! I can not believe of some makeup tips that I didnt even know about ( and i sold make up for some time ) And I also have one question, can you do a video with someone that has a dark tan or just dark naturally. I love your looks but for most of them the colors dont pop out as much with my dark skin color. Thanks again!! xoxox

I absolutely love da way your make up looks! I’m obsessed w/make up especially eye shadows! You’re so gorgeous!

omg marlena i absolutly love ur videos ur make up is gorgeous. i have so much make up from mac that i dont how how use it. but ur videos had helped a lot. i loved them.

thank u so much ..

I’m so glad I found this website! I’ve learned some techniques from you. You are amazing! you have such a great personality I enjoy watching your videos :)

I am loving this look, can’t wait to try it… Now only are you extremely talented but also beautiful… Thanks for sharing : )

Hi Marlena……i have been following for 2 yeaers now….and i owe all my makeup skills to u…LOL

what is the editting software that u use for your photos..if any….and what kind of camera …cuz i have been trying to get my pics that flawless and perfect but i dont know how….PLEASE ADVISE… i know others are inquiring as well…..thanks a lot doll…truely appriciate all your help and insider knowledge

Hi Marlena,

I love this look, but I have the same problems with almost all of your looks. The first thing is I don’t get all those pallets you have, they don’t sell them in Spain, I can only get a few – and good make up is quite expensive here.

The other thing, and I hope you can help with a video or something, is how to put on false eyelashes. Almost nobody wears them here, but I love them and have a pair I bought in the UK last Christmas – but I can’t put them on, i don’t know how. Is it possible that you make a video about it? Thank you very much!!


i superrrr love this look… u explained it very well… by the way… the pics are amazing… i was just wondering what kind of camera do u use… :)

You have an advertize on your page. (Trade Tang).Is this safe?Have you ever ordered from them?
Thank you!

Hi.Marlena. I’m reem of Syria. I love make-up too small. I’ve watched your style in make-up at one site that really awesome yet to see unparalleled, particularly Arab. And I’m impressed you. Please help me I have two questions for you
1. I find it difficult combining colors.
2. does this site do not known the video clips you! please … Please. I want to answer.
As soon as possible, thank you I’ll be grateful


Dear Marlena
I’m a very big fan of you. I love your videos!!!
And I have a problem!
I have small eyes, which brush can I use except the mac 226 brush?

Hi marlena,

I had a question? I love this look but I’m a teenager and I’m very pale skinned.. Will this look work on me??

Marlena, you are the best and I love your tutorials. I love this look but let me tell you that you should improve the light… and it doesn’t see like an HD video… It’s a good intentioned advice…
(sorry for my english… I actually speak in spanish)