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Hi marlena, just had a quick question for you. I use Mac studio fix foundation in NC25, I was just wondering if you could suggest a colour for a studio finish concealer, as I went on their website and noticed that the concealer only comes in NC 20 and NC 30.

Love love love these videos btw :)

I loooooove this look! Absolutely gorgeous for fall & I really like that it’s not a typical smokey eye. Thanx for another awesome tutorial!:-)

What nail color are you wearing in this video…I love it!! By the way I love your tutorials and you are so pretty! :)

I love you marlena but I think you forgot what color is on your nails. Im pretty sure that isnt pale pink.

oh whoops!! This one is gel tip also- is a dark glittery brown :) (the jars have no names on them- I just pick the color out when I go into the salon…)

I am unsure about the lip stick. I have searched for #4 on the site and i can not find. Any other alternatives? Love your makeup. Amazing you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
PS: Can you do more neutral lip makeup looks, I also work in the hospital maybe quick hospital look that does not make me look well done but just natural but highlighting my eyes a little?. I know you do already enough neutral looks but I have full lips so i cant wear too many pinks. I do like how MUD bare has muted the pink from Inglot so I can wear at least I hope I can. Thanks MAKEUP GEEK aka Marlena for being awesome!!!! <3

I am unsure about the lip stick. I have searched for #4 on the site and i can not find. Any other alternatives? Love your are Amazing and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
PS: Can you do more looks on how to highlight without foundation, concealer or tinted moisturizer? I am really unsure how to use bronzer (video how to make accentuate your cleavage) and more neutral lip makeup looks, I also work in the hospital maybe quick hospital look that does not make me look well done but just natural but highlighting my eyes a little? I know you do enough neutral looks but I have full lips so i cant wear too many pinks. I do like how MUD bare has muted the pink from Inglot so I can wear at least I hope I can. Thanks MAKEUP GEEK aka Marlena for being awesome!!!! <3

Hey PomegranateLin :) Ig your looking for a really great lip color buy the Rimmel London Vynal Gloss, it comes in many colours and looks fantastic on the lips :) If you love that Natural look on the eyes, but still want it to look effective I recomend using NYX eyeshadows … They aren’t over expensive and they blend really well and dont crease. Just make sure you put some primer on before you put your eyeshadow on. hope i helped xx

Hey Marlena! :) I’m a really big fan of makeupgeek and I go onto the website atleast twice a day to see whats new :) I’m still in school but makeup if my passion and has been for years and years. I definately know I wana be a makeup artist when I finish up school and I was wondering if you have any tips what so ever :) Thank Marlena you rock!!! x

Hi Marlena! I hope you doing well! :o)
Unfortunately again not possible to watch for German viewers….
What´s with the “Unable to view this YouTube video? Try this mirror instead.” thing…
Im so so sad… I was not able to view the last 5 or six videos from Germany…
Why it is not possible to add this named link again?

Can I get PLEASE a HELPFUL reaction on this comment?

Much love!!! :o***

you can’t see the Video in Germany because of the nice GEMA !!!! There is Music in it and they stopped it because of it !! Hope it helps you.

At first: thank you for your reply :-)

I know the problem with the GEMA…
But that´s not new… Like I wrote there was a link above the videos but the last 5 this link is missing. Last time at the ADELE Tutorial witch says following:
“Unable to view this YouTube video? Try this mirror instead.”
I know the reason why it´s not possible to look via youtube like you said GEMA.
But I don´t unterstand why the named link isn´t there anymore…

You can´t believe how happy I am right now!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)
The link is back!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
:-* :-*

Bitte sehr: Was ist GEMA, denn? Or as we say in the States, WTF is GEMA? Are some videos censored, or is it a format conversion problem?

Nur neugierig….

GEMA = Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte
In Deutschland ist es nicht erlaubt Musik an denen man nicht selbst die Rechte besitzt im Internet zu veröffentlichen… Alle Videos in denen relativ bekannte Musik eingebaut ist werden in Deutschland gesperrt. *nerv*
WTF passt schon ;o)

Hi Marlena,
I was wondering if you plan to sell your must need…must have MUG brushes as a set instead of purchasing one at a time??

Love this look. I’m a college student and this is so appropriate for school! Do you think you can give a a MAC alternative for the lid color? I love the MAC shadows and I really want to get one close to it. Thanks so much! <3

Hi Victoria!

Try the colour Expensive Pink by MAC. Marlena’s mentioned it in a couple videos, and its a beautiful colour and very similar to the inglot one above. It goes great with every skin tone as well! Hope that helps :)


I adore you. You have such a great energy.

That said, this is one of my least favorite makeup trends. No offense to you. I really love your videos and I definitely respect your talent, but I am not a fan of this look on anyone.


Im so loving this look right now, Thank you so much for the awesome makeup tutorial Marlena =) & also for the cheap alternatives really great. Hope you have a wonderful day xx

I actually got it from Fashion District in LA for really cheap! I don’t remember the exact name of the store though :(

Hi Marlena I’m a huge fan of yours from Japan and Manila and thank you for doing tutorials for us! and please continue doing it we will support you forever! GOD BLESS YOU AND MORE POWER!

hello marlena and fellow mug-ees :) i just wanna ask you if you’ve tried on ordering on the website of inglotusa website? or does anyone from here tell me if the ordering process is safe and secure. because they are not using paypal i think. I really want to purchase and try the products since i’ve heard a lot of compliments on it. pls help

Hi Marlena, I’m SO happy you did this look!! I absolutely love it. Can you tell me if you wear self tanner and if so what brand? You have such nice coloring, I wasn’t sure if it was natural or self tanner. I’m looking for a good self tanner for the face. Love the tutorial…you look gorgeous!!

Hi Marlena!
I have watched so many of your videos and love all of them so much! I know you’ve heard this so much that it’s a cliche to you but you are honestly such an inspiration for me and I learnt a lot of tips from you, even though I thought I had learnt plenty from other gurus. I absolutely LOVE this look and will definitely wear it soon, especially since my university’s starting next week =D
Please keep making more videos on everyday looks because I only rarely get to go out, what with my busy student schedule.

Lots of love from Pakistan <3

hola me gustan tus tutoriales , son super no se ingles pero viendo como lo haces lo intento ,

Thank You sooo much for this video! I am so inspired with this look! I will wear it on might out with my husband! He will like it!

Hi Marlena!
Thanks for this tutorial qick and cute :)
I love your hair’s colour.
Kiss from France ^^

Oh my gosh! I saw you wearing this look like 2 or 3 days ago on You Tube and I loved it! I am so glad you have a tutorial for it!!!! Can’t wait to try it out :)

Yay it’s Old Sacramento !!! i took photos here once !

Beautiful look… very wearable and neutral :)

Hey Marlena!I have some questions…1.Could I use this look with MAC Viva Glam Gaga II?I love the lipstick but I just don’t know what to wear it with for daytime. 2.What could I use instead of Romp? I don’t particularly have any neutrals like it (not a HUGE fan of neutrals but I like the Urban Decay NAKED Palette) 3. Can I use a small eye brush in place of a lipstick brush? Thnx ~

1. yes :) if you want to wear it for daytime, put a light pink lipgloss on top so it doesn’t look so nude
2. UD’s baked I believe? the bronzey shimmery color…
3. yes :)

they do have lip primers out there that I’ve heard have helped- I haven’t played with them too much, so need to try…

Lovely! I love it when you do something different like this! You manage to balance unusual and tasteful perfectly! Putting on makeup is the best part of my day thanks to this site!

hi marlena! first of all thanks a lot for all you are doing really helps me but today i’m so sad because i can’t see the video from Germany. I waited for this video since last week because i really liked this look and now…i can’t see it:((

Marlena, this is prbly my all-time favorite look on you – it’s gorgeous but not over the top. I have large, round, hooded green eyes (which I love, but …); wondering if this would still work on my eye shape and given my eye color, do you think chocolate brown instead of grey or maybe plum?

yes it would look good! (is hard to say completely without seeing a pic) And I would do the brown or plum- good call :)

Hey there!!!
So happy you did a video for this look!!! When I saw your post for models I tried to dupe the look! So it’s nice to see how to actually do it! It’s great that you are posting more now! I love it b/c tour site is my favorite! I go on it at least once a day!
Love ya and keep being you! Don’t listen to the haters, your lovely ;)

Hi! Love this look! Where can you get the #6 Inglot lip color. I have been on their website and I have not been able to find it.

THANK YOU, Marlena, for doing a tutorial on this look! Love it! Do you have green eyes? I have dark brown eyes and am darker skinned… do you think this look will okay with my darker eyes?

hi marlena!!!!!!!could you please tell me which number of dior airflash you use?????thank u!!!!you look so beautiful and i love love your videos.kisses from greece!

Marlena, I’ve never left a comment before! But, I love your website and have it bookmarked. :) I wanted to know where you got the Inglot blush and lip palettes from? I didn’t see them on their website, but absolutely love the palettes in your video.

Hi Jen, look for the “Freedom System” that is Inglot’s custom palette system. They do squares and circles for eye shadow, circles for lips and a rectangle for the blush. I have had their palettes before, but now i just get the products loose and put them into a Z-Palette. They are really good quality products.

hi just wondering if the lip palate you used comes already assembled? or did you buy the palate and then pick out the colors.
I loved!!!!!! this makeup up tutorial!!!!!!

I know you do great Tutorials for Halloween. I’ve really enjoyed them and got great ideas from them. I was thinking about going as a gypsy/fortune teller this Halloween. The costume I’ve found is Pink or Mauve like color/Purple and has Gold trim with the coins. What would you suggest?

Hi Marlena,
I love your video’s and I am so encouraged by your weight loss!! You are a great inspiration!!!
I have a quick question for you…Can you recommend a black liner that is gentle to the eye. It seems that most of the products I have used to line my water line make my eyes water all day!!! Not attractive!!! But I love the look!! Any help would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!!!!

Thanks so much Marlena for using Inglots again. I too have fallen in love with them. I have y 3rd 10 e/c pallet ( I love the matte n pearls the most) on its way and love the gel liners and and AMC lipsticks. I wanted to hear more on the blush and lipstick pallets you have ….please…with sugar on top. =:0)

WOW I love this look!!! It’s so simple yet unique and bit edgy I def. am going to try this look out!!!! Thank you Beautiful Marlena!!!! Not sure if you’ll read this but if you do PLEASE DO FALL TUTORIALS for the contest. I always love the looks you create for the different contests!!! :)

Beautiful and creative video as always. Can you please please do a video on warm and cool undertones and what kind of foundation is best for certain undertones?

Marlena you are so beautiful I really do admire you!! I love the look its def hotttttt lol. Can’t wait to try it. Love you!!!

Marlena, Could you PLEASE tell me your hair color. It is so gorgeous and I really want to replicate it!! Thanks!!

Thanks marlena for your perfect tutorials, regarding the Inglot makeup I couldnt find it in in my country (Kuwait) I think it’s only sold in USA , could you please tell me which eye shadows can i use from the other products similar to Inglot one.


Hey u know wht Marlena
u r just awesome nd beautiful nd gorgeous nd a lovely human being.
god bless u
keep it up
great job..
have fun….stay happy and healty as always ……

Hey Marlena,
You are such a creative inspiration! :-)
I would really love it if you could do a tutorial about makeup for people with glasses. I find it really frustrating sometimes trying on new looks only to have them covered up by my glasses……

Thanks again for this lovely video, it looks absolutely fab!

You are truly an inspiration. I just came across you about a month ago and I love watching your videos and trying all the looks. I just want to thank you because you have really inspired me with your weight loss journey (I recently lost some weight and want to continue to be healthier) and just with your passion for make-up, I’ve been experimenting a lot and trying new products. Thanks again!

Also, I tried this look yesterday and it was beautiful, thank you so much! : )

@ Estali wear contact lens it will help u out
with makeup nd coloured contact lens u’ll look beautiful nd pretty..nd for make up Marlena will help u out ……… have fun…

MARLENA!! You look fantastic! Thank you so much for the time you dedicate to all of us your thousands of fans all through the world. WE LOVE YOU! is awesome to see your growth as a business woman, makeup artist ..and moreover as a human being. Please never feel obligated to answer to those people who leave negative comments or hurtful remarks about your physical aspect,and the way you run your life. Us your faithful fans do not believe a word of what they say.PLEASE KEEP ON GROWING! We are proud of you and is our joy to see you succeed. :)

hi marlena i wanted to ask you that whenever i put foundation, the lower part of my face(upper lips, chin n the lower part of the cheeks) looks dark though the foundation i use is my skin tone. please help :)

hi marlena, my name is chantell i am 15 years old and i have been watching all of your vids from youtube and your website since day one when you first started, and youve been a lifesaver because of you my make up turns out flawless and glamorous!! but theres one problem i can never seem to get my eyebrows to go look as good as they should look. i always seem to make them look to dark or to thick or to thin or to un-natural looking. i was wondering if you would do a tutorial on how to shade in/how to do your brow type video, and which products are best to use for brows! i would really apreciate if you did do a vid on brows :) it would be a lifestyle change for me thanks :)


You are amazing girl!! Ok love this look but I also love the colours you chose for your Inglot blush/bronzer palette. Could you list ALL of the colours you chose? Thanks Girl!


I tried this look with the Leopard Luxe palette from MAC, along with Smolder as the eyeliner. After an 8 hour day, the smokiness on the bottom really started to move and give me a raccoon eye sort of look :) I didn’t even notice until I got home. Any tips on how I can keep it to the bottom lash line without smudging too much (aside from using a different liner)?

Thank you for using Inglot products – they are so much more affordable here in Australia and in most cases, cost a whole lot less than drug store brands. They also have an amazing range of exotic eyelashes!!!

the look was simple but still prettyand i like that i have been try to tap in to the makeup artist industry. how did you learn your craft? what do you suggest for a beginner? what school choices if any do you recommend?

I really LOVED this make up! . I have dark circles that I always cover with concealer but I’m worried about looking tired after a while I wear this make that I absolutely want to try! Any advice?
Thank you! I always followed you even if I never wrote.
Discovered by chance on the web you are the one I like the most out of all those girls shooting videos. Bye bye from Italy!

Hi Marlena and make up geeks! I tried this look but I have small eyes and it looked kind of weird. Any tips? Thanks! I love this look on Marlena but you look gorgeous in every thing!

wow! i luuuuv this look i like nude lips!! im from mexico so i think we dont have inglot here but i try with another brand hehe!! and colud told me what did u do 2 ur lashes looks sooo long!! =D thanks!!! BTW! im in love w ur tutorials haha

wow! your tutorials are really doable and you’re so pretty..are you a Make up artist or do you attend make up classes?

The Dior Airflash review comments were closed and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Literally the easiest and prettiest foundation I have ever tried. Only good for beige skin tones though, only drawback. I’m usually a medium shade and was the lightest shade in this foundation.