Tarte True Blood Look and Review

Edgy, original, fun, and creative! This palette is so unique compared to other palettes- with its vinyl corset laced packaging and blood red lipstain, this collection screams True Blood.
This palette comes with:

  • 17 eyeshadows
  • Black gel eyeliner pencil
  • sample size mascara
  • sample size eye primer

I have been a Tarte fan for quite awhile as I love how they use more natural ingredients (great for those of us with sensitive skin!) I especially love this palette as the texture of the eyeshadows is smooth, richly pigmented, and easy to blend with the exception of a few glittery ones that I had too much fallout with.

The best feature is the mixture of finishes- there’s several matte finish eyeshadows as well as shimmery. This definitely is a fall colors palette as many of the colors are dark, but you can create some gorgeous dark smoky eyes with this kit. My only complaint is that some of the eyeshadows crumbled a bit when I tried to apply- mostly the shimmery ones, but the matte finish ones especially were very smooth. I also love Tarte’s mascara and eye primer- my favorite ones at the moment.

This packaging is SO creative and cute! I love the corset laced top, the logo with “Open after Dark”, and the embossed design inside- amazing quality too! It doesn’t feel cheap like some other palettes.


  • Product: 3 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4 out of 5
  • Would I buy again? Probably
  • Price: $52

Where to Buy:

MUG Seal of Approval: (4 out of 5)

Nicola’s Look (See Product Details for this Look)





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I love your hair Marlena!!!!! I love the COLOR and how it is styled! Can you please post a tutorial on how you styled your hair.

I agree I love love you hair style aswell! You should definitely do a tutorial on how you styled it :)

I will probably purchase this now, I wasn’t going till I saw your review. I love the color of your hair! What color is it if you don’t mind me asking?

Agreed. Saw this at ulta but I wasn’t going to buy it. Now I think I might just have to after seeing this review!

I loooove the packaging !!! But i don’t think we can find this palette in France. :/

I’d love to see more tutorials from this palette! I absolutely love True Blood and am actually considering purchasing this just because of my love of the show. Lol.

Well I guess that makes the 3 of us.. I love True Blood, Tarte and MUG!! So a win win.. Thanks Marlena :-)

Nope-me too!! I LOVE this show and have read all the books. I have an old tarte palette though and the shadows make my eyes really water. Maybe it is just old though-I really want to buy this new one!

Hey marlena, u look gorgeous.. Which foundation r u wearing??? Can u do a review of lancome’s tient idole ultra foundation plzzz?

Hi Marlena you look gorgeous….I love the purple eye shadow…can you please do a tutorial on the make up you are wearing….LOVE LOVE THE LOOK!
God Bless and keep up the good work….love watching your videos :)

Hi Marlena, agree with SME, love the purple eye look. If not a tutorial, could you list what you used and colour placement? Thanks Heaps from Aus :)

I love the packaging :) As sad as it sound, I never seen this show, but im thinking of getting the palette after your awesome review. Thanks a bunch!!

VOILAAAAAAAAAAAAA its fabbbbbb…..m a great makeup geek fan..just Love you Marlena..mmmwwwwaaaaaa…LOVE frm INDIA.:)

hi marlena ………………………….u r the true inspiration 4 me . its bec of u i hve developed interest in makeup………….. i really loved d look u were wearing so plz can u a tutorial of those purple mauve eyeshadows nd lists out d products u used for it. love u …….

My best friend watches it and reads the books. I tried watching it but couldnt get into it. But I think I am getting this pallette for myself and one for my friend for her birthday. Love the look as well going to try it when I get it.

hey marlena! im getting married next sept. and i was wondering what do you suggest makeup wise for a fall wedding??

Thank You So Much for doing a tutorial with this palette!!!! I bought this on-line from sephora and I’ve had it for about a week or so…I totally agree with you about the couple of eyeshadows that have too much chunky glitter…major fallout issues. The only thing I was bummed about with your review/tutorial is that the eyeshadows actually have names and if your a TB fan like myself (yes I am a “Trubie”) the names totally matter : ) I love “V” (bottom ruby red color) and “The True Death” (that amazing silver color). Thanks again Marlena and I hope you do at least one more look with this…I’m planning on “vamping up” for this Sunday’s TB episode…YAY only two more days : )

I was wondering if these colors would look on median tan skin. I love how the color pop. Thank. % might buy it.

Hey Marlena, I like the look but i liked well I loved your look more…. Is there anyway that you can make a tutorial on yours please with a cherry on top =). great job as always though cant wait to see the next one.

I love the show, but I have never owned any Tarte products. I FINALLY found an Ulta in my area and decided to make a trip there during my lunch break. I bought this pallette and I’m excited to try some of the looks.

I would love to see more tutorials!

Love this video. Nicola looks gorgeous enough to be on the show. Thanks for the review as well. I haven’t bought the whole True Blood set yet in Ulta, but I also like the kit because it has tutorial cards for different looks as well. Now that you made a tutorial for blondes using this delicious (no pun intended) set, how about dark haired females like you & me? I tried that True Blood lip stain & it looks great on me. It’s subtle & not too bright. I’m gonna get this set before it’s gone really soon.

Hey Marlena! I’ve been following you’re videos for I don’t now how long and here’s the thing: I’m from Portugal so I have no way of getting my hands on this through Sephora and Amazon is asking over the double of the actual price for this product… Is E-bay really safe? I’m afraid that I’ll spend my money and it’ll come ruined or not even come…

Hmm, that’s strange. I have this palette, and I absolutely love it. I haven’t had any problems with fallout or crumbling. I have another Tarte palette, and I found the eyeshadows were a little too powdery, but these are the perfect consistency for me. They’re almost creamy, and apply smoothly. But then I use a soft angled eyeshadow brush to sweep them across my eyelid. I don’t use a stiff, flat brush to pack color on my eyelid very often. So for me and the application method I use, these are perfect. The only issue I’ve had is that the silver color creased on me, even when I used the Tarte primer. But I’ve have that problem with a lot of silver metallic eyeshadows, no matter what brand I use.

The eyeliner is also my new favorite eyeliner. I haven’t been able to find another one as pigmented. It really is the perfect black, and it has a lot of staying power once it’s on. You do have to use a light hand when applying it, though. It has an almost gel-like consistency to it. The first time I tried it, I got it everywhere, haha.