The Perfect Smoky Eye for Work

Purchase the Perfect Smoky Eye for Work Kit in the Makeup Geek Store



Purchase the Perfect Smoky Eye for Work Kit in the Makeup Geek Store


  • Revlon Strawberry Suede (eBay)


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I use just an old towel and wipe the brush on it. And after this you can use it for light colors.

(Sorry, for my bad english)

So pretty as usual, but I love your outfit! Where’d you get your earrings and tops from? Please reply! xoxox

This is a beautiful look Marlena… I was wondering if there is a reason to apply the lightest shadow (Bone) as the last step? I always start applying the shadow in my lid and then the rest of the eye..
You should do a hair tutorial soon, we haven´t seen one in long time… And your hair is so beautiful now, tell us how you style it!!… LOVE U!!! <3

Please can you name some MAC colours that are similar to Expresso & Bone as i assume Onyx is the same as Carbon?
Thanks x

expresso – espresso
bone- the best i could find was blanc type or mylar, but if anyone else has any suggestions… :)

Hey Guys and Gals,
Just wanted to let you know that mirror version is going to be up ASAP :)

hey marlena,
beautiful look as always….i was wondering if u could name shadows that are easier available…like drugstore/mac/sephora dupes to the colours u used…

The colors are available at the MUG store… Fast Shipping and They ship internationally. The store carries refill pans which fit into mac palettes.

OMG i was going to ask if you could do a vid on this wooooooohooooooooooo thanks gal!!!!

Hey Marlena!!! First time commenting!! Whoohoo! I’ve been following your video tutorials for some time now and you are such a beautiful and amazing person!! The attention and feedback that you give your fans is spectacular! I’m so impressed with your talents and your caring and overall great personality. Your tutorials are beyond amazing. I do have a question for you… I have larger than normal eyes (a little smaller than yours) but I some how don’t have very big eye lids. The space between my crease and my brow bone is a lot bigger than most and my lid is barely the width of my index finger. This makes it hard to pull off alot of smokey eye looks without making everything look packed into one little area. Then I have soo much room under my brow that if I were to add highlight to the majority of the area, I’d come out looking like a clown wannabe. Any suggestions on what I can do or what looks and techniques would work better? I hope that I explained this clear enough. Thanks so much for all you do and keep being the amazing person you are. Best wishes.

I have the same issue. I have found that I use the darkest colors that are recommended for your crease from my crease up a little higher than my crease. I usually have to use another semi-dark color above my crease up to my browbone. I just look strange if I don’t do that. Also, focus the majority of the darker color on the outside v of your eye. Use lighter colors on your lid. If you really want to do a true smokey eye like you see in magazines with black or dark purple, gray or brown on your lid, I recommend going with a semi-dark shade on your lid up to slightly above your crease. Then, use the black/darkest color in your outer v & extended slightly above the mid-dark color. I hope this makes sense to you.

Hey Marlena .! U look so beautiful on the video.!

i have a question and i hop you’ll answer me PLEEEEEEEEzzZZZzzzZZZZzzz

i wanna ask about Your lashes .. R they real? and if they were real ? what do U do to keep them long and healthy?


Seriously!! I’ve been wondering this for quite some time now!! Please Marlena, let us in on your secret! =D

She’s said before, i believe, they are extenstion lashes. They last a little longer and look more natural than the glue ones she usually shows.

Marlena you are from the beginning till the end my favourit guru from youtube. i have followed you since 3 years ago i think ?? from the beginning of your videos and i must say iam still satiesfied with your work!! thank so much, i enjoy your videos everytime ;)

thta’s my fav make-up!!!! great and simple and also quick XD

Thx dear marlena for inspiration!

HI Marlena,

I just want to say thank you for all the really useful and beautiful tutorials, they are so much fun to watch and I have learned so much. I have a question about blush, why do you sometime wear it on the cheekbone while other time, like in this look, wear it under the cheekbone? what make you decide how to wear your blush?


Hi gorgeous! :)

This is an amazing smokey eye look for daytime. And it’s actually ambiguous cause you can also wear it as a look to go out in the evening.

A couple of days ago I sent you a personal message telling you that I wrote a post talking about your brushes.
This time, I refer you as a motivation to buy Revlon ColorStay Foundation. Since a long time ago, I’ve been watching your videos and I realized that this foundation is one of you favorites and since I needed a good one, I decided to buy it. It arrived today and I’m so excited to try it on. Thank you for being such an inspiration :)

If you want, go to my blog and check out the pos:

Hi Marlena! Looking great! Noticed you used a lot of MUD cosmetics and are selling in the MUG store. What are your thoughts on MUD cosmetics. Are you going to do a review on MUD cosmetics?

Keep it up!!!

This lipstick is great! It seem that Revlon doesn’t sell this one in Germany but I found it on German Amazon for only 3,36 Euro (4,76 USD). Just bought it :)

Hi there, does anyone know what are the cheap alternatives that were mentioned in the vidieo?

Cool look. I hate alot of smokey eyes becasue they make me look gothic. I love this look though. nice and appropriate

Hi I MUST know where you got the butterfly top you are wearing! I LOVE it, I love both tops actually. This look is so pretty I would like to copy the make-up and clothes! Thank you.

Love the look, but where on earth could one work where this would be appropriate? A cocktail bar? The mall?

it really depends on the city, like in New York I would totally wear something like this to the office. People don’t care, you can express yourself how you like, but not sure where you live work?

or maybe you could not wear this if you work in banking or uber corporate, but anything creative I think it would be fab!

I have worked in an extremely conservative IT department working on computers and worn whatever makeup I choose. Seriously, does your boss send you home or threaten to fire you for wearing certain makeup?

I think this look is work appropriate. Depending on the office atmosphere, you can find colors to tone down the look. I am dark-skinned and even if I wear black in my crease it would be too drastic. I use Beauty Marked by MAC in my crease, and I use bronze colors like Mulch, Romp, or my Urban Decay Naked palette. You may have to play around with some looks to make it work, but I feel that Marlena’s look can be work appropriate from anywhere from the corporate world, to being a case manager for children like myself. Keep in mind Marlena may apply more color on to show viewers what the look comes out looking like. It took me a few trials to work out my smokey eye look for work and evening. I’m sure you can do the same :)

Unless you are working in a very strict environment, I think this look is very appropriate for work. I work in a regular office, and I often times go bold with my makeup… dark some days, bright some days, and soft/neutral some days. It’s always fun to switch it up.

It’s one thing to be weary about wearing dark makeup, and if that is the case, you can recreate this look with colors a few shades lighter, and I am sure it will look just as nice.

Marlena, you are such a breath of fresh air! I have chose this look for my wedding. It’s elegant without being over dramatic!!! You really are my life saver!

This is BEAUTIFUL but much too dark/dramatic for most offices, I know it would be for mine and we are pretty casual.
BUT I do love it and will try it for a night out!

You read my mind Marlena!!! I was just about to look for a smokey eye tutorial on here that i can do since im starting out and still learning all about make up. Love it!! I’m about to do it riiiiiiiggghhht NOW =D

Marlena, thanks for another wonderful video! In addition to listing where you got your jewelry, I was wondering if perhaps you could also start listing where your clothes are from. You have the most beautiful tops, and I especially love all the lace ones you wear!

Thanks for such wonderful videos! You made me fall in love with make up again two years ago when I first discovered your videos, and bring such happiness to us all! :-)

Great look Marlena! Does anyone know if the Revlon Lipstick are long lasting at all? I’m kind of tempted to get one.

Awesome look! Just in time for my interview to!


I love it! I’ve been looking for something similar for ages!

Hi Marlena,

I discovered your site just over a couple of months ago and… I love it!!! I think I’ve watched all of your tutorials… come to think of it, maybe I have too much time on my hands! Also everyone keeps commenting on how great my makeup looks ;) Just one thing though, everytime I try to access your website, my computer security pops up with a message saying that it has blocked an atack on my computer. I think someone may have attached something to your webpage and you might want to get it checked out… but anyway thanks for all your videos and can’t wait to see more!!!

Hi Anna
We’re looking into this matter. We have some technical/security experts looking into it this week. thanks for your patience!

I followed you to buy an Urban Decay pencil Zero to draw my upper eyeline. But during the day, near to my lower eyelid area, it was stained with black. The color went any where it touched. please tell how to avoid that. Thanks.

Thank you so much for this!!! I’ve been looking everywhere for something I could wear to work that wasn’t booooooring! All your tutorials are beautiful! Can you please post more day/work tutorials? I find I often can’t wear the colors in your tutorials unless it’s night, I have small eyes but I love dark colors!

I love your eyebrows Marlena! Could you do a tutorial on your eyebrows? How you shape it, color it, etc.

love this look! i love the flat brush technique and i’m going to check out the milani liners now :) i always appreciate what you show us!!

I was wondering if you could suggest which MAC eyeshadow colors would replace the expresso, bone and chamois most closely. MAC has so many similar shades so I don’t quite trust myself to choose the right alternatives. I love this look!

Hi Marlena!

can u please do a video on how you organizes all your stuff? I know you already have an old video but your background looks updated, i just moved to a smaller place and need serious organization tips, thanks :)

Hi Marlena, I think you should share with us what you’re using on your lashes to make them longer.

i love this look! im going to try it out to see how it looks!
your videos are fabulous!!

Wow. i always wanted to do a smokey eye for office but i was scared that it would be too much. thank you so much Marlena for uploading this tutorial. i love your videos . Can you please do a tutorial on makeup that we wear when we are going clubbing. thank you.

Hi Marlena I am going to be in my cousins wedding July 2nd and our dresses are teal I’m suppose to do about 5 girls n myself included makeup but I dont want to do the same look.., what color combos would look good with a teal dress? Please help!!

love your make up sooooooooooooooooooooo much
but your lashes are amazing …..
tell us about it …..

GREAT REVIEW! I totally agree with all you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, this info is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your blog:) Isabella S.

Marlena, you are so beautiful, adorable, and inspiring!

I stumbled across your website a few days ago because it turns out that my cosmetology school doesn’t see the value of actually teaching more than the basic-basics of makeup. I binged makeup tutorials and yours was the first option. I’ve had a hard time staying away from the site since!

You have such incredible talent, which drew me in, but I found what’s really hooked me is your amazing personality! I try to be the nicest person I can be, because, really- what good does it do anyone to be mean? However, it doesn’t seem like there are many people left like that in the world and it’s so easy to get trampled on by others. I love that you have that honest kindness, that enthusiam, and that passion for beauty and you’ve used it to become successful! It really inforces my belief in what I value to see someone as famous as yourself have those traits.

I’m not sure!! I have looked at several drug stores and it’s not there. I am sad! I really want it! And woiuld rather not buy from ebay.

This is a beautiful look, as always, Marlena! :0 I must so though, as an office manager, I think the eyes are a bit much for a business environment. JMHO!

I love this make up tutorial. I’ve been looking for videos in creating this kind of look I’m glad you did it.
question. I looked for mac brush 139 it looks like they no longer have those available whats a good alternative?

I was just wondering where the “inexpensive alternatives” have been? I have looked but on the last series of videos there is not a list. But love ya Marlena! You have changed make-up for me 100%!

I absolutely LOVE that makeup, it’s very wearable and versatile.
But most of all, you look so beautiful! It’s stunning… Keep it up, love your work!

Hi Dear ,.
<3 I love u & I like your tutorials <3
you're the best make up artist i knew ..
gd luck hun ,.
actually i want to ask you ..
how do u do your daily make up specially for work ?
same as u've posted her !! or its different !!

I looved it so so so much ,but actually it fits your eye shape ,
My eye is like a Protroding and kinda bulging so im suffering alot.:'((((
Please do us some tutorials for that <3<3.

I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! Just wondering how you keep your teeth soo white?? Also, I’m new to liquid eyeliner and wonder if you have any useful tips. I have the revlon colorstay in blackest black. When should you wear it over the whole lid or only half way? Also how does wearing it on the bottom define your look?

Thanks :)


For light brown skin Golds usually work best. But colors also show up wonderfully! Blues, greens, purples, etc.
Golds, i found, usually show up great and look fabulous!!

Hey Marlena, thank you for making a video about the bronzer, but I would really appreciate if you made ??a new video on how to shade a face with pose and negative shades. because I think I speak for many when I say that not everyone has a perfect face and especially I have a bit bigger cheek and don’t find what face shape I have and what products to use.
would be very grateful for an answer / a girl from Sweden :-D

hey marlena,

love the look. i only get to used MAC eyeshadows. can you tell me which one are similar for this look. please write me a mail.

I absolutely love this look! It is so versatile. My only question is the lipstick. Is there any similar color from Revlon or any other brand? Thanks so much! Marlena you truly are an inspiration!

I noticed you posted the place where you got the earrings from but haven’t seen a response about the white embroidered top. It would be great if you share that with us. Thanks!

I love all of your tutorials, reviews and hauls! Makeup has become quite an obsession for me since I’ve found you. I’d love to try the Smokey Look for the Office and would really love to include the lipstick. It seems as though Strawberry Suede is discontinued. Do you have a suggestion for an alternative?

Thank you!
Kara Tis

I found revlon’s fire & ice or nyx’s matte lip gloss in amsterdam are very similar in shade!

I was hoping to hear your comments on the face makeup you used in this video. How do you like the Lorac foundation? Have you tried the Lorac neutralizer?
What about the Yves St Laurent Touche Eclat Concealer… do you like it better for under the eyes or blemishes than the others you’ve recommended recently?

By the way, thanks for sparking my makeup addiction!

Your website design is really great I love the colors and your make up tutorials are great too =)

Thank you for the great tutorials! I have learned alot from you and your site! I also love your lower cost alternatives. Keep up the beautiful work!

This is a beautiful look on you and it was described and displayed very well. It makes me think I’ll be able to do it just as easily! Haha. You are beautiful-thank you for the tips and keep the vids coming.

Marlena, thank you for your time and passion to help ALL women feel good about themselves! I love your tutorials and your personality really makes you feel like a “friend” to all who watch you! (I used to live in MI. and now live in Fl. and have no friends yet) so thank you for your education, entertainment, and sort of “friendship” if you will. I work at Ulta and love makeup and making women look and feel good about themselves too! It is my passion ! anyhow, you look Marvelous ! (sorry to ask you this but please please please tell me where you got this CUTE white lace shrug!? (I do not like to show my arms much in a tank top and I live in hot Fl. and a tank with this would be SWEET! ) thank you from the bottom of my heart! take care!

Please please please could you tell me where you got this great white lace shrug!? (sorry to ask)
also, I love your “friendship” on camera and your wonderful education you give us all! helping other women look and feel good is my passion also! Makeup is So fun! a true art to study! thank you from the bottom of my heart! take care

Hi Marlena.
I just watched the message to all the haters video. I think you are a beautiful and confident women. Your weight loss has really inspired me to jump start my own weight loss achievement. I really enjoy watching all your tutorials. I feel that you don’t have to appologize to anyone for how you look or who you are. Please don’t change to accomodate losers who are just jealous of successful women. Keep up the great work. Believe me your makeup tips really helped out my sister Jessica and I. Thanks again ~ Angela

Hi are so beautiful e so nice..Dont worry about peoples coments…You are the best…You are a wonderfull woman…I love your tutorials…You are so sweet…

Hi Marlena,
I have a question, the lip color you used is Revlon Strawberry Suede however that color is being discontinued and only available online. Do you know of another lipstick that is a similar color that can be subsituted with this look? I really love the lip color, but I don’t want to spend $5 on shipping online for a $5 lipstick! LOL thank you in advance!