Summer Hair Trend: Top Knot

Supplies Needed:

Boar Bristle Teasing Comb     (Amazon)

Bumble and Bumble Hair Spray   (Amazon)

Hair Elastic

Bobby Pins


The Top Knot Bun can be seen from the streets of New York to the runways of Milan. It’s a quick and simple way to achieve a polished and interesting look in just a few minutes. The look can be created with any type or length of hair, and on clean or dirty hair. The perfect hair style for the worst hair day.

Step 1: Place hair in a high, slicked back pony tail

Step 2: Take section of pony tail and tease the hair

Step 3: Wrap teased hair around pony tail

Step 4: Place a bobby pin to secure the hair

Step 5: Pull pieces of the bun down to create desired shape

Step 6: Secure with bobby pins

Step 7: Hair spray the top knot and any fly aways

Voila! You’ve created your modern and edgy Top Knot bun in just minutes!

Reasons why I love the Top Knot:

Last time I visited New York, the land of models, I couldn’t help but notice that model or not, every girl was sporting the top knot; and for good reason! The look is modern and sophisticated but edgy and raw. Within just minutes you can achieve a runway look that has been spotted in all the top runway shows. With summer fast approaching, we all know that having long hair gets really annoying, really quickly. No matter how long we spend fixing our hair and putting whatever sprays and serums we can find to prevent the heat from affecting it, within minutes of walking out the door our straight hair is curly and our curly hair is straight. So what better way to prevent a hair disaster then top knotting your hair. Between attending fashion design school and cosmetology school, I’m currently looking for a clash between the two and I really can’t think of a better hair style to convey the clash. Even my favorite style icons, such as, Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, and Nicole Richie, have all been spotted rocking the Top Knot. I really have become obsessed with this simple yet bold hairstyle and will be sporting it any chance I get.

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