Sugarpill ‘Heartbreaker’ Palette Tutorial

As many of you may know I recently attended IMATS and picked up so many goodies that I can’t wait to share with all of you. One of the things I got while there was this stunning new eyeshadow palette from Sugarpill named “Hearbreaker”.  Sugarpill is knows for their vibrant, highly pigmented, very intense colors and their creamy texture.  It had been a long time since  I have been able to sit down and actually play in makeup, so I had so much fun coming up with this look for you guys. Don’t feel you have to have this exact palette to achieve this look, you can substitue any shades you have that are close to this and it will work just as well. This striking palette comes with 4 delictable colors:

1. Mochi – Light Aqua (Makeup Geek Store)

2. 2 AM – Purple (Makeup Geek Store)

3. Velocity – Bright Blue (Makeup Geek Store)

4. Acid Berry – Lime Green (Makeup Geek Store)

Buy The Complete Heartbreaker Palette in the Makeup Geek Store (International Shipping Available)

These colors compliment each other so well, and you know I am a sucker for dramatic looks. So pull out your bright eyeshadows and let’s get started with this look.



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Love, love, love this look cannot wait to recreate :-) and I WILL wear it to work (maybe) lol

love it! but it reminds me a lot of one of your cocktail series looks..either way it’s lovely :)

wow! these look amazing. I love the look you’ve created it makes me think of mermaids :) cannot wait to go watch the tutorial and try the look myself. I always love watching the looks you create their so different and easy to do on my own. thanks! gigi. food and beauty blogger

Pretty look! Have you heard of the honeybee gardens party girl palette? The colors remind me a little of this palette. I’d be interested to know what you think of it!

NO Lipgloss!! I almost fainted then you changed your mind…whew…I was scared. Some things just go together like peanut butter & jelly… Marlena & lip gloss! Seriously, I love the look!

wow..marlena….this look is superr…and u got amazing big eyes which makes every eye makeup look gorgeous….

LOVE this look! And I’ve been looking for a color just like Mochi forever!! Side note, the word Mochi is Japanese and it’s pronounced mo-chee (che as in cheese). It’s a dessert, they make mochi balls of all flavors. Anyway, I love this tutorial, the techniques and the colors!

I love this look so much I’m buying all the stuff now! If you are in the U.K. you can buy Sugarpill from Cocktail Cosmetics and NYX has it’s own website! Beautiful look Marlena, you are my inspiration! x

Gorgeous look indeed,
when you conceal your lips do it more lightly cause the lip products you put on top do not show at all!
Thank you Marlena!

that looks super cool the way that the dark colors feed into the blue! i really liked this look! do u think that it’s possible to achieve it with browns/neutrals for somthing that’s more day time appropriate?

I really like this look, maybe I’ll try it out. I love the way the colors fade into each other, its beautiful!

I totally pulled off this look today with colors from the Sephora Pantone Palette. It wasn’t as vivid as Marlena’s but it was very close to the actual colors. :)

I did this look last weekend and it was a total success!!! For 3 days in a row, (friday night, saturday afternoon and sunday all day) I did this look on me and I received lots of compliments about it where ever I went those days!!
I loved the color combination and it was really fun summer look!!
I enjoyed a lot to see ladies, they were really interested and asking me How do you do that? and I answered them go to make up geek. com and see it from Marlena, she is an awesome MUA!!!
Thank you Marlena!! Thank you, Thank you!!!

Rosalia (a MUA in progress)

Hi Marlena,

I’m sorry if my english is not really good i speak french… normally ;) I write you because i search so bad the NYX Jumbo Pencil Hot Pink on ebay and the website of NYX But i did’nt found it….. have you a suggest for another pencil ? Thank You So Much :)