Step-by-Step: Teal Darling with Sugarpill

Teal is one of the most stunning and unique shades in the spectrum today, that’s what makes this look from Jangsara so amazing. This is an ideal look for Halloween to accompany a dark fairy or Gothic look. The deep, rich teal shades makes it dark enough to match perfectly, but bright enough to stand out on its own. Regardless of what costume you pair this with, you are sure to be the most striking girl of the night.

Contributor:  Jangsara:

Products Used:

Start with priming your eye, and then applying light/white base (I used NYX jumbo pencil Milk):

Then apply Sugarpill Midori to the lid:

Next Sugarpill Bulletproof to outer corner and crease:

Apply Sugarpill Afterparty, apply it slightly over Bulletproof too :

Blend with Sugarpill Darling chromalust:

Apply Sugarpill Lumi chromalust to highlight and line your lower lashline with black pencil:

Blend the lower lashline with Bulletproof and a hint of Afterparty:

Line your upper lashline:

Apply mascara:

Attach falsies, I used Sugarpill Flutter lashes. I also added some Lumi to lower inner corner:

Tadah, look is done!

I used some clear lipgloss and mix of Sugarpill Lumi & Darling chromalust to create matching lips:

One without the wig:


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This reminds me of something that the people from the Capitol in the hunger games would wear. With the eyebrows and lips like that, of course. Especially Caeser Flickerman. It looks awesome.

Phenomenal Talent!

Thank you Make Up Geek for featuring this incredibly interesting and innovative artist.

I think your name is Katya, but if I’m wrong I apologize. Katya – once again you amaze me.


Like the looks, but kind of disappointed with this site now. It seems like all the tutorials are done by photos and videos are hardly ever uploaded. I miss the videos not loving this new picture step by step thing at all.

Very well blended. Nice use of the colors. Great contouring. It is difficult when using such bold colors to get an even blend and your contours even. Looks awesome.