Step by Step: Sucker Punch Babydoll Makeup

Note from Makeup Geek HQ: Hi MUGs – The lovely Jangsara has been together Idea Gallery looks for a while now, and now she’s branching out into sharing some step-by-step photo tutorials. I hope you find them useful!


Products Used:


  • Benefit That Girl primer
  • Mix of Lancome Teint Miracle foundation and Loreal Magicsmooth Souffle
  • MUFE HD blush #6 (Amazon)
  • Urban Decay Creme Highlighter Sin (Amazon) (Ebay)
  • EYES:

  • Palladio Eyeshadow primer (MakeupGeek Store)
  • 28 neutral eyeshadow palette  (MakeupGeek Store)
    • 1 – brow
    • 2 – Lid
    • 3 – Crease
    • 4 – Crease
    • 5 – Lower inner corner
  • Urban Decay 24/7 pencil Zero ( MakeupGeek Store )
  • Isadora Inliner Kajal 56 Blonde (Amazon)
  • Mascara (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Ardell Invisibands fairies  ( MakeupGeek Store )
  • MAC #34 false lashes (MAC)
  • LIPS:


    How to do:

    And this is my first step-by-step tutorial here, please be kind :)


    Profile photo of Jangsara


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    I’ve seen a lot of Emily Browning makeup tutorials and any of them look actually like the movie until yours.Congratulations, it’s lovely.

    I SO agree. She is stunning !

    Love you jangsara!!!!

    Btw, What does JANGSARA mean? It sounds lovely.

    Awesome Job! Fan of your blog and your work. I am glad that you are branching into tutorials on this platform. I hope you continued success.

    You are a pro jangsara been watching your website for a while now. You do great work…just like Marlena. Love to watch you both! What I want to know is if you are not a professional then how do you afford all of your makeup. I love trying new things out too just dont seem to have the cash to try everything I want. How do you do it?

    LOVE IT! I have very similar coloring to the character, so I am always trying to find new looks that aren’t just golds and neutrals. Love the hint of purple, easy smoky eye and dramatic lash. Will def be trying this look tomorrow!

    What about the people who just won the contest? This person seems to be getting more webtime here than the winners regarding tutorials and such. I voted for Bobbie because I was hopiing to see more of her as we are about the same skin tone and I’m interested in her makeup style.

    We are still trying to get them situated :) It’s hard to set everything up when people live in different places. We appreciate your patience!

    I love the makeup “Babydoll” has in the movie, and it looks amazing on you by the way! There’s something so angelic and etherial about it. Great job!!


    JANGSARA – You are impressive. Your creativity is unmatched. Your talent unparalleled.

    I appreciate your constant effort to improve your tutorials and this is another prime example

    of that. KUDOS to you. Many people like myself have benefitted tremendously by all your

    generous efforts. Thank you.


    Oh and I would really really love to see a makeup tutorial for Rocket’s glitter eye makeup. My favorite makeup look from that movie! Anyone know where I can find one?

    Brilliant work! the first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer for this film was “the makeup!”. Beautiful work and well done step by step tutorial!! thank you Jangsara!

    Wow, you are talented :) This is a really cute look. I always see your looks and wonder how you get the eye make-up so perfect in pictures. If I take a picture of the eye make-up I do, it does not show up at all, instead all the flaws are brought out. You are good!

    You are so cute!!!
    I really love this shadow! I never thought to use purple there in the crease like that, I’ve only used it as a liner or outer crease color but I must try this for my next photoshoot. Thank you for the step by step pics since I can’t watch videos at work. Take care and keep it up!

    Just a note to the Makeup Geek HQ. You said that Jangsara has just started branching out into photo tutorials. She has done those for over a year at least. I know because when I got bored with the lack of makeup tutorials on this site and the lack of creative eyes, I turned to her site to help me feel beautiful again. Give credit where it is due. Jangsara isn’t just someone that posts on your site for fun although she has always said how much she loves MUG. And I would request more original eye looks from Marlena. She has done some beautiful things in the past and I would like to see that happen again.

    Thanks for the constructive feedback, Denise
    To be honest, it’s really tricky balancing the types of content on Makeup Geek. On one hand we have people like you that really want to see really creative looks. On the other hand, there are people that want more practical looks and want to see more everyday looks and learn the basics before branching out into advanced looks.

    Looking at traffic numbers, the basic stuff gets more attention and feedback. Now, that’s not the only thing that matters, but it’s worth mentioning here. We have a very diverse audience here at Makeup Geek, so we try to find the best balance for everyone. Like I mentioned before, it’s a tricky balancing act.

    And, BTW, when I added the intro to this post, I was going on Jangsara’s comment at the end of the post and what I’ve seen her post here. Hopefully she will do more similar posts for us here as well.

    Again, thanks for your comment — we are doing our best to grow stronger and serve all our audience members better :)

    – Nick, Business Manager, Makeup Geek

    I just remember what makeup geek was like even a few months ago, when I actually got useful information about makeup from this site. I also wanted to point out that you aren’t pleasing your diverse audience the way that you think you are. I think it would be great if Jangsara did more posts here. But before you comment on other artists you might want to look into their work and their sights. Then you would know what the hell you are talking about.

    Actually, it’s not my job to choose the content. Marlena makes the decisions on that, but I will pass along your feedback.

    I’ll also follow up with you via email to discuss in detail what things in particular you miss in terms of content and how we can improve.

    I love it! I saw the movie and all I cared about was the makeup! I loved all of the girls looks, any other tutorials planned for the other characters in the film?

    Hey Marlena what gym do you work out at? Are you at 24 hour? I want to try Zumba I’ve heard its lots of fun

    As usual (I’m checking your site every evening, just like makeup geek’s) Jangsara looks AMAZING!!!!

    I just did this look for my birthday evening out with my hubby and kids and I look GREAT!! I absolutely love this look and think this is going to end up being one of my go to looks. Thank you Jangsara!

    Thank you so much for the step by step. Im not surprised at all that you nailed this look! SOoo grateful that you took the time anf did such a LOVELY job. keep up the good work

    Can anyone tell me a MAC dupe for crease shade 3? I looked on a bunch of websites but none of the dupes listed looked similar. Thanks ahead of time~!!

    Love the make up! I can’t wait to try it on!
    And, BTW, some of the pictures are really awesome =)

    omg miamar…i was just reading the thread and thought the same thing. :D
    i luv’d the look <3

    Wow. Some of the comments on here are just disgraceful (ie. Denise). Marlena and everyone else at Make Up Geek are doing the best they can to provide you a FREE service. You need to take a step back and re-think your attitude. There is a big difference between providing constructive criticism and being over-the-top-rude!

    Wow, this is so lovely. I just love doll faced makeup, and with my new hair cut, this is going to be perfect.
    I would love to see some more doll-faeces