Step-by-Step: Rihanna-Inspired

Rihanna is renowned for not only her music but her edgy and glamorous style as well. Here, Jangsara recreates a stunning bronzed and red look that has made Rihanna one of the most trendsetting artist to date. This look is ideal for adding a pop of playful color to your look or for transforming your daytime look to an eye-catching night look. Regardless of when you wear this, the striking look is sure to be one you are going to come back to time and time again.



Products used:

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Makeup Geek Alternatives

  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow – Chickadee
  • Makeup Geek Gel Liner – Poison

Here we go!

Start with priming your eye with your favourite primer.

Apply light orange eyeshadow (color 1 from 88 warm palette) like showed in picture.

Blend with lighter color (color 2 from 88 warm palette).

Use lighter color also to whole lid.

Here’s how it should look now.

Apply Sugarpill Love+ (or similar red) to lower lashline.

Apply Sugarpill Love+ (or similar red) to halfway of upper lashline.

Like this.

Then use black pencil/gel liner on upper lashline and waterline.

Like this.

Add mascara.

To achieve the Rihanna look, add falsies.


Finish with bronze cheeks and nude lips:

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Wow this is super pretty I love your looks always!!!! You’re so freaking amazing!!! Thanks for this step by step tutorial I plan on trying this out this weekend maybe.

Love it!!! Can you do some callowlily inspired make up?
Im trying this look for sure!!!

Thank you!!

Love the look! Could you please tell me which/make brush are you using in the first four frames? (The one used to apply the light orange shadow and blend)

Please let me know – I have to have one! Thanks! : )


Only three eyeshadows!!! One of which was red!!! Loved how you used the red eyeshadow to line

the upper and lower lash lines. That combined with the black eyeliner yields a striking result.

Kudos once again, Jangsara. You are an amazing talent!!!

Thank you Jangsara for the easy to follow step-by-step tutorial method. You and Marlena both inspire me to try new things, but for me, it helps to see the step-by-step process. Can’t wait to see the next one!

Wow. I had no idea it would this easy with so little colors….love it! Stunning! Thank you Miss J!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this look ! So easy but stylish @ the same time ! Need to buy those lashes first xP !

I actually like your interpretation better than Rhianna’s! Your skin looks so glowy and stunning! Great work Jangsgara :)

As always thank you for your amazing work! I just placed an order to Sugarpill and can’t wait to try this look :)

PS: I do NOT have the 88 pallette… I do however own alot of MAC neutral shadows…any good subs for te neutrals colors you used? Thanks! :)

For the first color she used (the light orange) Rule is a good substitute. For the second color she used (the lighter color) Samoa Silk did the trick for me :)

Love it! You’re an amazing artist! Do you think you can do a tutorial on something from Urban Decay’s Naked Palate? Like a pretty bronze look that Rihanna always does

She has a lot of Urban Decay in the Idea Gallery so go there, maybe she’s done a Naked Palette look :)

You’re artwork is amazing! I love all of your looks. Although most are very bold and vibrant they’re all so creative and still beautiful! I could probably stare at your eyes all day!

Thanks for doing this look. I had tried it, just a bit tone down and it’s just amazing
Beautiful job