Step-By-Step: Red Rebel

Red is an emotionally intense color. Red represents anger, love, passion, desire, strength and danger. Perhaps that is why this bold look from Jangsara is one of our favorites. This look is ideal for Halloween and can be used for the ultimate bad girl look, or for a goth witch. And the step-by-step guide makes it easy to recreate. No matter what you pair this striking look with it is sure to create a little magic all its own.

Contributor:  Jangsara:

Products Used:

Lime Crime Eyeshadow helper primer
Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly (lid, crease, blending)
Sugarpill Love+ (lid, crease, blending) (MakeupGeek Store)
Sugarpill Tako (highlight, middle of the lid) (MakeupGeek Store)
Sugarpill Bulletproof (inner & outer corners) (MakeupGeek Store)
MAC #48 lashes

MakeupGeek shadow alternatives:

As always, start with priming your lid:


Then apply red shadow to both inner and outer corners of the lid:


Then make a “bridge” to either to the crease or slightly above it, like I did:


Blend upwards with red:


Apply light (or white) shadow to highlight and also to the middle part of the lid:


Then take a small brush and apply black shadow to the most outer part of the lid, and also to the inner corner:


Then apply red shadow to lower lashline (or if using red on lower lashline makes you look too sick, try using black instead):


Apply a hint of black to lower outer corner (or try if you used black, add a hint of red):


Apply mascara (sorry for my clumpy lashes, bad mascara choice):


Then apply false lashes (and eyeliner) if you want (mine are MAC #48, maybe not the best choice):
And tadah, look is done!
 Pair with nude lips or red lips, and you’re done!
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