Step-by-Step: Purple with Make Up For Ever

Purple is the color of royalty. It symbolizes power, ambition, and nobility along with creativity and and mystery. This is why this shade has captivated people for centuries. Here, Jangsara shows us how to wear this regal shade with perfection. Easy to create, this is ideal for Halloween or just when you are craving a stunning purple smokey eye. No matter when you choose to wear this remarkable look it is sure to be one you will love.

Contributor:  Jangsara:

Products Used:

Benefit Stay, Don’t Stray Primer (Amazon) (eBay) (Sephora)
Make Up For Ever #07 (lid, highlight) (Amazon) (Sephora)
Make Up For Ever #92 (crease, blending) (Amazon) (eBay) (Sephora)
Make Up For Ever #26 (blending) (Amazon) (Sephora)
Make Up For Ever #04 (crease) (Amazon) (Sephora)
Make Up For Ever #09 (blending) (Amazon)  (Sephora)
Palladio black liquid liner (Makeup Geek Store)
Mascara (Check Makeup Geek Store)

Sugarpill Daydreamer false lashes

Cheaper alternatives:
MUFE #92 =  Sugarpill Poison Plum (Makeup Geek Store)
MUFE #04 = Makeup Geek  Corrupt (Makeup Geek Store)
MUFE#07 = Makeup Geek Ice Queen (Makeup Geek Store)
MUFE #26 = Sugarpill Dollypop (Makeup Geek Store)

Start with priming your lid:

Use flat brush to apply MUFE #07 (white) to whole lid:

Then use crease brush to apply MUFE #92 (purple) to crease. I applied the shadow in winged shape:

Then I used blending brush to blend first #92, and then I blended the purple with MUFE #26 (pink):

Next I applied a hint of MUFE #04 (black) to crease, and blended it with #92:

Some more blending, now with MUFE #09 (lilac):

Then highlighter, MUFE #07 (pearly white) to highlight:

Then lower lashline, I applied MUFE #92 with detail brush, then blended it with #09:

Next step is liner, I applied thick black line with Palladio black liquid liner:

Then mascara:

And I finished the look with dramatic false lashes (Sugarpill Daydreamer):

And the look is done!

(Wig is from Ebay)


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I appreciate this for what it is, but I miss the more wearable looks that were on this site :( I need to be glam AND business appropriate.

Nice look! I would like to see you smile more or look happier – you have beautiful makeup on, so why not celebrate!?

This look is awesome!!!!!! Confused by the comments…..minus the blue hair, this can be worn to work! Also, I thought this was a makeup tutorial not a toothpaste or orthodontist ad! Why do people care if you smile? Your happiness shows in your artistry! Thank you for sharing what you do, you/it rocks!

Thanks for sharing! For what it’s worth, I don’t think you need to smile, smiling for cameras is always kind of painful, plus I do think it’s a little sexist that pretty women are expected to always look happy.

Beautiful as usual!! I really love it! Just a question: What lipstick are you wearing? It looks great! :)

I’d love to know what she put in her waterline. I never get mine that dark when I use a kohl pencil. Anyone have ideas?

Gel Liner (BH Cosmetics-Black) is what I use and it works great, but there are a lot of others out there. I have real watery eyes and using a pencil liner (even waterproof) left me with liner under my eyes instead of on my water line where I had originally put it. The gel liner stays in place and lasts all day for me.

Hope this helps Jody. ;)

Sorry I forgot to mention that you use an eyeliner pencil to apply. Just dip it into the gel and line your water line.

Beautiful! I Love It!
I work in a professional environment and I would totaly rock this look.
ladies just blend the purple a bit more or use a lighter shade and use a less dramatic lash.
Problem sloved.:)

I love this look, but I agree with the above comments about more wearable looks. I miss them. :(

Your looks really are gorgeous, though.