Step-by-Step: Poolside Glitter Goddess

Every girl loves letting her inner goddess come out to play, and this stunning look from Jangsara is an ideal way of doing just that. Perfect for a goddess Halloween costume, this look is eye-catching with cool blue shades gently warmed up with soft browns and coppers. This look is not just for Halloween however, wear this for a night out with friends or when you are wanting to get the attention of someone special. No matter when you choose to wear it, you are sure to look and fell like a goddess.

Contributor:  Jangsara:

Products Used:

As always, start with priming your eye with your favorite primer:

Apply turquoise MUG Poolside eyeshadow to whole lid :

Then apply dark brown to crease (MUG Bada Bing):

Blend MUG Goddess & Mocha upwards from the crease:

Then add a hint of MUG Corrupt to outer corner and crease to bring a bit more depth:

Add a hint of MUG White Lies to highlight:

Then apply sticky base for the glitter, I used Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.
I carefully patted Pixie Epoxy to the lid:

And then carefully patted MUFE Diamond Powder #008 to the middle of the lid:

Same thing over the brown shadows with MUFE Diamond Powder #015:

I also added a hint of black MUFE glitter (#110) over the black shadow.
Then I lined my upper lashline with black liquid liner:

Then I lined my lower lashline with MUFE Aqua Eyes pencil #12L:

I blended the pencil with MUG Poolside, and liner my waterline with black pencil:

Then I just added mascara:

And the look is done!




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Más que hermoso…..divino! Definitivamente que voy a intentarlo para mi proxima salida con mi esposito!

I love this color in the summer with a tan! Poolside in Las Vegas, at a bbq or just hanging out with friends!

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Oh for Pete’s sake…

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This is such a stunning look and I think it would complement just about any eye color. Love the glitter effect on top of it! Would also look nice with a dark blue liner – they are very on trend right now.

I tried this look on a teal and copper sari I wore to a function this past weekend everyone LOVED it
I told them about this sight and jangsara blog too :)